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Erian Rose May 2020
Her palm was a guide
lightning bugs stitched in the stars
July Gray Aug 2019
I had stitched every hole
Every worn down place
Yes, I was perfectly flawed
But I was sewn tight together

The waves could come
Shake me if they could
But my stitching stayed strong
I thought it always would

There's something new
Hunting me down
Sharp sharp claws
My stitches fall to the ground

Like a torrent of rain
Just enough to crack open
The floodgates

I am lost in the river and I can't see the ground
Praying for a hand to reach out but I won't make a sound
I feel like everything is great
Except I've had more panic attacks in the last week then the rest of my life?
And like I just don't want people to think i'm trying to 'be cool' cause 'everyone has anxiety sometimes you aren't special' but like, hahaha a therapist would be nice.
JayceeJellies Dec 2016
Back when I was glitched,
you found me broken
and you stitched me back up,
now I'm more than full of love.
Keren May 2016
I saw broken pieces scattered at the corner.

I picked each one.
Piled them up.
I put them all together.
It was challenging tho.
It was broken, crashed awfully.
Hard to find the right pieces
To place on the right places
But I was awestruck.
After a long try.
Finally, the pieces were beautifully stitched.

The broken pieces were her heart.
Hana Apr 2015
Girl with stitched lips, whats your name?
And who named you before you came?

Please tell me why are you oh so sad,
Is it because of the previous life you had?

From whom have you inherited your eyes?
****** and orange; the color of burning skies.

Your pale face taut and soaked with tears,
What lurks in your mind m'lady; what kind of fears?

On your lips; who did the needlework?
Dried blood glosses the black thread of the artwork.

O' who is the man knocking on your door every night,
For what reason does he give you a fright?

Who lets him in as you live alone,
Why don't you ever answer the ringing phone?

What are the secrets that you hide,
That has caused your lips to be tied?

O' what are these dark secrets you can not reveal,
That has given you scars you can not heal?
Hannah Holliday Sep 2014
The other day I asked God if I was fixable
If something so torn could be stitched back together again
He still hasn't answered me back.
Einalem May 2014
You stitched your name on my heart and in my brain.

It hurt but I wasn't broken...

So I tried to pick them out,

But I only bled

So I left them there

And took the scars instead.
anonymous Apr 2014
My heart is stitched
I no longer feel
Though deep beneath all those veins of hurt
I feel nothing
Nothing at all
But I still hang on
I hang onto people
People who couldn't care less
I seem sad
So simply sad
Though there isn't a word to describe my loss of trust
And lack of love
Because to me
Love is just a word
There is nothing behind it
Because every time I fall for it
I end up getting pushed back down
But back to reality
I've been stuck between two sides
But I no longer am part of any
My heart is torn
And now I have
Ripped stitches

— The End —