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In your eyes, I find a map,
And so far it has led me past the stars
Into a galaxy of happiness and joy,
Through my own heart and into yours,
And it has showed me
Our love is a universe,
Expanding and compounding continuously,
But this expedition has brought me no treasure to display in my trophy case
And that just wont cut it anymore.
So for now-
I'll just head back up to the stars.
Perhaps I'll find you there too.
Poetress2 Apr 6
Depression plagues this woman,
who can't find the strength to move on;
Stuck inside this Rabbit's cage,
exactly where she belongs.
She feels like her heart's been broken,
it's is damaged and torn to shreds ;
"Snap out of this sadness you're feeling,"
is what all her loved ones have said.
She wishes it were that easy,
but she can't control her moods;
She's tucked away in misery,
in the corner of her bedroom.
No happiness dwells within her,
no excitement does she ever feel;
No smile you'll see upon her face,
"Maybe this nightmare is real?"
She's everything she's hated,
everything that she has become;
And if she strays too far away,
back to the Cage she will run.
It's not like you knew
what you were getting

It's not like I drew
a map to me,

simple lines, certain
actualities like,

Oh geez, I do lots of drugs.
Oh geez -- and I love it.

Oh geez, I rent so I can
keep the better part of me.

As I've seen, city is no necessity.
But why not do so in good humor til I fold?

Until I fold. Until I fold.
Leo Janowick Mar 26
I have Poetry
   written in stars
      across my

You'll have to
   pull me open
      to map your way
         to my soul....
Lily Mar 21
If I ever found the map of your heart,
I would know it immediately as yours.
It would be on bright yellow construction paper,
The kind of happy yellow that almost burns your eyes,
And it would be crinkled and the edges worn
And ripped, with many tearstains
Gracing the back side.
There would be music notes sprawled all over the yellow,
Mingling with the letters of the many names of
Your family and friends.
Food would have a large section,
Filled mostly with French fries and Shamrock Shakes.
There would be space for glorious summer days,
Playing stupid games that cause teary laughter,
And cuddling with your dog during a storm.
But there would be
The space that used to be mine,
Where you doodled stick figures of the two of us,
Wrote fond sayings, your many nicknames for me, and
Our plans for the future.
But now I’ve been erased, and I’m just faint pencil lines
And a hurried scribble on the backside
Within a tearstain.
You wrote
Name in pen.
Zywa Mar 8
Once the earth was flat
under celestial spheres
then it became a globe
in the void

with countries proud
to be big bigger biggest
fighting together, up
to the planets

Some say turn turn turn
the world upside down
the Land of Fire on top
Thule at the bottom

but Bucky knew better:
with twenty triangles
he made a new model –
the flat globe

and it may be the future
he shows, with America
opposed to the rest
of the world
1943, World map by Richard Buckminster Fuller

(Pete Seeger released the song “Turn! Turn! Turn!” in 1962)

Collection “Different times”
Heaven up
And Heaven down
The moon rises
As the sun falls
Dark clouds fill the sky tonight
Let the rain pour
And let it seep deep into the ground

Give me life
Give me warmth
Give me a map,
To reach your world
I’m growing fast
And I’m growing old
The clock keeps on ticking
And the seasons come and go
Life is a trip
I don’t know who I am anymore
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