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Pizacas23 May 6
That is until
you look at me
nothing else
could compare.
Bullet Mar 28
I don’t need to compare scars to know how deep they are
Just know I’m hurting and everything is starting to break apart
Erian Rose Mar 5
Kisses don't compare
To all the little things we do
Singing in the car
Holding hands
Dancing in the kitchen

The little moments last forever
With you
Erian Rose Oct 2019
His wildflower heart
Set a spark in my chest
That no other could compare
To these October showers
And our unfamiliar bliss
Erian Rose Oct 2019
Your smile
It's something that no one else can compare

Your laughter
It brings out my worries and pains

If only you knew how much
You make my stomach flutter

I can't help it
Falling for your smile
Nylee Sep 2019
In the immense serene life
The world is unreachable
The fullest is a small me
For numbers bigger than infinity
I give so little, less than my capacity
I get the same back, why I complain
Waste more time in disdain
Cribbing about unfairness
Comparing me to them.
Mari Sep 2019
The person
who told
not to compare
yourself with others,
is comparing itself.
What a shame!
no truth login Sep 2019
ramble on to your hearts discontentment
for as long as it is discontented
rambling will be the cure,
poems deep rock sourced,
from sorcery, for good!

as long as spoke, needy needed,
their wandering brick path is
the road to a content finale
she’ll alone recognize
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