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Compare life
You frustrate
Criticize life
Tolerance you demonstrate
Condemn life
Damage you illustrate
Enjoy life
Living skills you indicate
Lydia Nov 2020
I can love myself so much better
comparison steals my ability to see my beauty
I spend so much time loathing
I don’t know what to compare myself to anymore
Nat Lipstadt Jun 2020
Preamble: Compare and Contrast

compare and contrast,
the teacher asks us to
do this,
on a mid-term
exam and I am
                                  struck-up by a resonance combo, a commandment
                                  compare and contrast, somewhere an ineffable has
                                  ordered me to love poetry, in all/only honesty,
                                  in that uncertain way. without surcease.

                 ­                    functional verbs that a button pushed,
                                            a non-rhyme that sang out somehow
                                                “this is the writing life, this way, yours.”
                                    live and last.
with that single directive,
compare and contrast.
without surcease,
                   and your poem then,        has no The End.
preambleto a poem yet unwritten
Daniel Pokorny Jun 2020
The nights are as young as we are,
The days, are as long as our nightmares,
Our dreams are short,
But long during,
To compare ourselves with others,
Is like comparing our nightmares,
They'll never be the same,
For one person's nightmares,
Are another's day dream.
Alexis Janelle Jun 2020
Born in unfairly world,
And words are powerful,
It will crush your soul,
Grow up with the idea,
People can't compare you if you're cool,
And maybe it tatooed in my head,

There's always a picture in my head of a Venn Diagram,
And i'll put my name, on it,
The rest are the people i ain't alike with,
Bothered with a thought, I ain't better,
But my mama, always says i've been good,

I'm obsessed belittling myself,
And flashback to that day i'm on my middle school,
Along with my memory of me being a 7 year old,
Bullies does this to me for free,
But i'd never knew i would does the same...
Maja Jun 2020
The moon isn’t meant to be warm
it’s not meant to be bright,
the reason we see it,
is because of a reflection of the sun’s light.

The moon isn’t meant to be warm
The way it shines is cold
a silver light,
not fire and gold

You don’t compare,
night and noon
the sun is the sun
and the moon is the moon
Pizacas23 May 2020
That is until
you look at me
nothing else
could compare.
Bullet Mar 2020
I don’t need to compare scars to know how deep they are
Just know I’m hurting and everything is starting to break apart
Erian Rose Mar 2020
Kisses don't compare
To all the little things we do
Singing in the car
Holding hands
Dancing in the kitchen

The little moments last forever
With you
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