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Their eyes were like the stars—
But stars are not blue,
Nor green,
Nor the deepest shade of brown.
**** watch people not read this note section, but this is another parody on those wannabe poets that think by making prose aesthetically arranged and making it look like a stanza is poetry. If you know, you know.
Also, watch this trend because it’s “aesthetic”.

Also, Shakespeare’s sonnet gave me the idea for this ****. Hence the title.
Ciel Feb 14
Stop comparing your pain to others'
Stop comparing your successes to others'
Stop comparing your life to others'
Stop comparing and start living.
This poem was inspired by the quote: "Comparison is the thief of joy".
Shofi Ahmed Jan 29
Perhaps we could picture
the pretty lady with a rose.
But I wonder what on earth
is more handsome that we can
compare with a beautiful humane!
Paras Bajaj Jan 17
It was not a long ago
when we were so close.
But people come and go
and that's how it goes.

Maybe he loved you more
and I loved you very less.
Maybe he gave you more
and all I can do is guess.

I hope he is the one.
Your moon and your sun.
But I love you more than you know,
that's why I am letting you go.

—Poetry by Paras.
Faith Jan 3
The cool girls curl their hair
The cool girls wear makeup
The cool girls wear tight clothes
The cool girls have boyfriends
The cool girls swear
The cool girls are thin
Why can't I be a cool girl?
Are you one of the "cool kids?"
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
The sea is deep or is it
compare to the deepening
drawing down moon upon it?
shiv Nov 2018
his love is like the sea
as uncompromising
and remorseless
as the current
tends to be
The other may be taller -
The other may be older -
The other may be more,
but that doesn't mean
that you are any less -
S/he loving you? All that
means that s/he sees more
so much more, in you too
so stop questioning the love
and just love, love them to death,
and so much more so beyond.
Scarlett Jul 2018
How come you call me when the rain falls,
And her when the sun shines?
How come you say you think of me when you pass a river,
And her when you pass an ocean?
How come you tore my heart to pieces,
And mended hers into a whole?
How come you said you loved me,
And say you love her?
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