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Terri 4d
I'm sick and tired of you
Not being there for me
But I'm always there for you

I'm sick and tired of you
Saying I'm important to you,
But you make me feel not
Cus you are to me

I'm sick and tired of you
When you sent me mixed signals,
But say it was natural of you
I just realized it now

I'm sick and tired of you
When you made me fall for you
But you was no where to be found
To be catching the fuck out me
And it fucking hurts
Just like falling from
A 10-storey building
But landing with my two-feet
And I'm sick and tired of you.
Hi nads
Maxim Keyfman Aug 25
my head fell today
she fell and rotated
around where then where and how
it is not clear how it was rotating
and in what place

she fell and fell
fell and fell as if forever
my head blushed
and blushed and sadness tore
tore my heart and light

but the rebirth of rebirth
all this was I shouted
this degeneration is rebirth
is a new and new harmony
new thoughts and new feelings

solfang Aug 13
I fell out of love
with the thought of
falling in love.
I think there's a phase in life where you'll stop fantasizing about love and focus more on what's really revolving around you
Diana Garcia Aug 3
Letting go of you means
letting go of so much more
you don't understand.
Don't expect me to change on demand.
This is by far my
biggest emotional release.
It wont be anything like taking off a fleece.
I feel it unwinding,
each memory rewinding.
Old times that cant help remindin'
how hard it is at findin'
real love.
At one point I thought
you were from
but then I realized
you fell
& you were supposed
to fall to
You rung my bell,
now I've got this story to tell.
You're another demon to fight.
while the rest
keep me up at night.
here we go again
Maddie M Jul 18
my plan  was
to not fall
in love
with you.
but everything back fired
Sunshine Jul 15
as if I almost fell in love
and the rain ceased to fall
like when a perfect halo forms around your head

as if you almost said it
and the words drenched your lips
like when the stars light up your dreams in color

as if they almost believed
and the world became heaven
like when all is calm and no fear ever existed

as if
but its only impossible
i meant to say this a while ago
but nevermind
you're too far away

crying was like rain
crying fell from the sky
and glass
and glass
tore up papers
tore hands

crying is unbearable
wailing tore my soul
and not mine and others
Chinese in one far country
somewhere in the future
or in the past

about crying
time you're crying
I'm you time
about crying

Today and tomorrow
I'm happy
Now and last minute
I was sad
I do not know what is what is happening to me
How can I be now
And why am I both happy at the same time
And sad


All the time I think about her
All the time she's alone in my head
Rain outside her voice window
Sunlight is her smile


I think I fell in love
I think I fell in love
I think I fell in love
I think I fell in love


Lily Jun 28
Did I fall for you the first time you said,
‘I love you’?
No, no, it was definitely before that.
Was it that time when you made
That corny joke, and your
Goofy grin made my day?
No, no, it was even before that.
Was it the time when you found me in the
Empty hallway, and brushed your
Fingers through my hair and told me
Everything would be alright?
No, it was still before that.
Was it the time that you told me about
Your struggling family,
And you looked me directly in the eyes and
I saw your firm resolve and your
Willingness to initiate change?
No, it wasn’t even then.
I fell in love with you when I was awake at 4
In the morning and I thought the whole world
Could hear me sobbing and I called you,
And you answered.
Maybe that makes me seem weak, but
I just wanted to tell you
When I f
alexa May 29
he said
you are so gorgeous in the way
you write yourself on paper,
i've never met anyone
to paint with words.
he said
the birds sing your praises
in the early morning sun,
the dew still heavy on blades of grass.
he said
i have never seen such beauty
grace my irises of green,
never known the word perfect
until i told him my name.
he said
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