Jazzy Rose Oct 28

This time, it's different,
My guard is up and prepared for attack.

My walls slowly crumble,
Your eyes destroying my army,
Your touch demolishing my weapons,
Your voice tearing down my every defence.

You've knocked down my guard,
This time, it's different.

Winona Oct 26

I fell into your black hole,
I fell into the beauty of your darkness,
I fell onto the cliff of your all mighty love,
but you didn't catch me,
no one did,
i picked myself up
all together,
with million years of standing up,
I became strong,
then you go back,
gave me signs of love,
and didn't even notice
I was holding on so tight,
I was a daydreamer,
a night thinker,
but you're a heartbreaker.

Kevin Onassis Oct 21

Two eyes
One mind
One heart
I fell in love

Eyes that never gets tired looking at you
Thoughts that you’ve crossed in it all the time
A heart that never stops beating for you

I fell in love with you
As deep as the ocean
As wide as the universe
As high as the skies.

21/10/2017 | 21.54 | Indonesia
Kevin Onassis Oct 17

A million feelings
A thousand thoughts
A hundred memories
All for one person, You.

Once I start loving you
It’s hard to stop

Ever since i met you
No one else is worth thinking about

I fell in love with you
Because of the million things,
You never knew you were doing.

17/10/2017 | 20.11 | Indonesia

I fell fast
and I fell hard
your night-stained hair
veiled my glowing heart
I fell through
the floor,
through my feet,
leaking from the
tips of my toes
seeping through the
cracks in the boards
like shadow
like light
my soul was
in flight
as I tumbled
way down
still further
to the ground;
but there is no ground,
no, none I can see
for you always reach out
just to catch me
but no matter
how tight
you hold me to your heart
I just keep falling

Mono Sep 7

I fell asleep on the Sun, it was warmer than any sensation felt by a hug
I woke up on the moon because the stars were telling me love stories about you
I walked on the ocean the breeze of the wind telling me the direction
I climbed the shore where they said it was your destination
I flew on the land they told you where there and she was there as well
I went back to space to learn how I can distance myself
I starred at the earth from mars and it’s funny I know exactly where your heart is beating
Not with me but with her and her to be
So I fell asleep at my bed wondering the efforts I wasted.

Yeah... I fell but I got up.
Poetic T Aug 29

Cover me in petals so
that the falling of my
body smells like perfume.

Not the hues of deaths
aroma, let me be in my
state, buried in colour.

For I'm but a petal that's
fallen, and so others cover
my decay in there beauty.

i fell in love with
the way you put your
pen to paper
so smooth, carelessly
and still so thoughtful

i fell in love with
the way you
looked at me when
you were around
your friends
it’s like im the only person there

i fell in love
when you ran to hug me
when the shooting was mid chaos
i was so afraid
but your arms were
radiating comfort

i fell out of love
when you brought
your girlfriend to the dorm
for the weekend
and she got all of
my attention

i fell out of love
because there was
never any love to give

for my freshman year love.
Britney Lyn Aug 15

The only reason the devil's still alive is because you keep protecting him.
He may have been an angel once but then he fell.
But not for you.

You're my devil. The evil I have to face every day.
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