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Neha Sharma Jul 21
What is love ?
I never knew.
Until I fell for you....

~your smiling queen :)
You made me understand the meaning of love.
I never knew how you cared-and never felt so
Loved, until I found I was out of control and
Fell from up above. You don't deny me you,
I don't deny you me-and so elated was my
Heart when you sat ahead of my seat. I felt
That day the bus ride would never really
End, and something in me never knew
What lied around the bend.
Our sunshine fell from the sky like sparkling
Drops of dew, and when I see the golden
Flowers I always think of you. I feel
This love I have for you is very strong!
As you called for a stop 'cause you got
Sick-we were at the mission just past dawn.
Why when you got sick I fell in love I really
Cannot say, but then again that bus ride still
Continues to this day...
I fell of the stairs for the 2nd time today.

(This is a joke ssshhh)
(I did fall off the stairs though)
A poem every day.
in love too hard
like from the stratosphere
the air is thin up here
I can breathe but shallow breaths

and she just has to watch her step.

on my way down
count the many ways
she will betray me
when I hit the ground
so instead of falling, I try to fly
but no ones ever taught me
I wonder why
Julie Rogers May 2
Juice from a fresh orange
Dripping down my fingers
Sweet juices
A flash flood
I think about
Last night
And lick them
Luna Maria Apr 17
I fell so hard for you
but you aren't there
to help me up
this time.
- LM
Erian Apr 13
"You're my sun,"
He murmured, picking up the traces of daisies
That scattered the ground,
"My moon,"
He caught the petals as they fell from the cluster,
"My stars,"
A sigh parted his lips,
Dropping the injured bouquet from his hands,
"And everything in between..."
The petals spread near him
Like diamonds flashing on the soil
Forming a cosmos around his tracks.
He lost himself for love and in return,
The galaxy lost him too.
Madison Apr 13
You went for it,
I didn't.
You loved,
I did too.
You confessed it,
I didn't.
You fell,
I did too.
You thought we could make it,
I didn't.
Luna Maria Mar 22
last night
I fell in
instead of
Poetic T Feb 27
The lumber jack, was on his way
Driving through a woodland of
                                creaking trees.

They found his car, the rooftop
         gusts of wind blew through
                                     the tree tops...

And the coroner and police officer
           they gazed at each other..

Is it me or does the wind blowing
             through the leaves sound like


And with that another branch fell
upon the already mangled wreckage..

             They had to make sure he was
                                  really felled,
                            there was no warning.

And as the breeze continued the noise
                turned to screams, whistling
                                                 around the pair..

Both cars where found later on
                                               the next afternoon..
                 hundreds of meters from each other with..

                                         Buckled rooftops..

Even there was no wind, the rustling leaves
                               sounded like far away laughter..
                                and the group just looked in confusion.
They where outnumbered and didn't even realise it.
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