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I could put in the words what I do,
It becomes so irrelevant to
what I say despite for it not be
It just deeply affected me.
I do what needs to be done
It needs not be said so seldom.
In the dark of the night,
From left to the right
Don't cut, no bite
I have to say to be in the fight
To be few and fortunate.
With the crimes increasing,
And people turning cold,
You need more to live by
Give more and try
To make this earth a nice place
All across
Bryce Sep 25
Could you dive
From the 29th floor of a building
Into the waters
And survive?
Nylee Sep 25
In the immense serene life
The world is unreachable
The fullest is a small me
For numbers bigger than infinity
I give so little, less than my capacity
I get the same back, why I complain
Waste more time in disdain
Cribbing about unfairness
Comparing me to them.
Bryan Lauw Sep 25
You'd ask me over again,
If it's okay to not want;
to not ask for more.

I would in turn answer again—
and over again:

"Despite the distances walked,
and sparing moments borrowed,

I don't—
I wouldn't mind,"

because to love is to give,
and that is all I know.
I wish I could do better. I really do.
Bryce Sep 24
This is poetry--
Unknown and discussed
In no particular matters
Until death
Doth part
the Poet from his art
And ought to be--

But the saddest lovers are the living--
Who weave dastard tragedies
In goldpence and fame
And in hope, break Foundations
on laureled mounts,
Calling desperate to empty crypts
Which once housed their Muses

Praise and please to you, Polyhymn
Us hominids speak so bold
In our kindness to you!

While this is computed
And tooled to the ringing of gold
And transitions--
Mere sparks
In the ember of forge

That these mint implements
Are the forgery of that art
Consumes Hephaestus in his doubts
Of a father's true fires
And the alchem of his own

Clio, remember thy crowning!
The doubts of this mournful sphere
And the pain of our pasts
Are yours to cast within the stele
And praise be, toward your simple carvings of man!

Doting and careful could I be,
Lashing my wrists with decay
Stash my words by the reeds
I could hold the world up to keep
Our own love of the earth
In the same way
she should be earned

There is a certainty of that
Loveless act, the plotting of land
To place corpses upon the earth
For circus and grandeur

This is ultimately
The fate of you poets,
Cast as stones amongst the stream
Blackened and cold

And you will not know but the soul of you in deed
And your words will fall Deaf
Upon these fears of the freed

When they devour themselves in the temples
And massacre the streets
Exhume worn roads
Which bridged their father's feats

And when it is done
And the words come to rest
In the ruins and the spires
All but symbols and jests

No more, no more!
For it is all in their speech
It is all in good kind
And all left to me.
Poetry is art and art is dead, and it cannot be resumed unless understood in its aesthetic. For rivival comes but once and only upon death can the world understand the will of the living.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 20
Give in love
but never give up!
acacia Sep 20
He even said it in the History Textbook, and he quoted this line,

"I heard you didn't like Drugs like me, I wish you'd show me how much you hate me and get down on your knees,"

and he continued to shut his Bible, and turn off the lamp on his right-side.

I'm swimming away, I'll pour my water elsewhere. I'll talk to
the word in the title is ' O-p-i-u-m' but censored for some reason. guess cuz itsa drugggg
Creator Sun Sep 16
The colour that flows through our veins,
The power that we keep in vain.

The one that spills out of our guts.
The one that power our hearts.

You have no idea,
How many times we've failed yet-

We should not try, we should do.
To keep the old, to strive for the new.

We will never surrender,
In the face of hope or never ending sorrow.

We have to accept the others that share our cause
The ones that help us, the ones who support us.

We will rise up,
Above the ashes.
A quick nonsensical one.
Juhi Sep 15
half moon, melting smile
all serene and
screaming limerence;
at times I feel my body
responding in kind
at times, at night, in the darkest moments
car lights travelling up the wall
incense turns into hallucinogens
body composition changes
arm and leg being replaced
with the frame of my bed
skin nowhere to be seen
eyes craving to rip the seams
and my mind?
deep underneath
the throes of need.
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