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Corona is taking
Its toll
It's now air borne
Don't panick
Act bravely
Stay at home
As far as you can
Inhale steam 3-4 times
Corona seriously infecting you
Chances you reduce
Don't dispense with masks
Make difficult corona's task
God helps those
Who help themselves
Keep it in mind
Give power to your will
Chanting God's name
Victorious you would emerge
Ending corona surge!
Annika Apr 14
No matter
how purely
or deeply
you love
You are only ever in conrol of the love you give...
Pizacas23 Nov 2020
I did not regret that I met you, I'd regret because I gave all my love for you. And you've never gave as what I did to you.
Aphasia Nov 2020
When the water reaches overhead,
Your lungs can't gasp beyond the dread,
You've broken down, you've cried and bled,
but don't shut down.

When the floor falls 'way beneath your feet,
Your dry mouth has no words to speak,
The rhythm fails, you missed a beat,
but don't shut down.

I coax you from your corner cave,
I drag your mind far from the grave,
And all I had to give, I gave;
Don't shut down.
I reach out to you again and again. I never gave up on you, and I cherish your growth.
When you have those dark days, it hurts to watch you shut down again.
Give endlessly
Blessed abundantly
Grow selfless
Cardboard-Jones Nov 2020
I really need some lovin'.
You really need some lovin'.
We all need some lovin', babe.
Show me how you lovin'.

I wanna give my lovin'.
You wanna give your lovin'.
We could use some lovin'.
Give me everything I want.

I wanna give you lovin'.
You wanna give me lovin'.
We could share our lovin', baby.
'Cause we're both done waitin'.
Cause we could use some lovin', love
V Nov 2020
we are b l i n d
to all the feelings
that take us to the
                unknown ending
Katelynn Oct 2020
I cannot give anymore
With the words in my brain
That call me insane
That makes me feel pain
Something I can not explain
I cannot give anymore

My heart is too big
But that’s not enough
My mind is too sick
Alone that is rough
My lungs that hold air
Are hard to compare
To make me aware
That I am still there

They say you are useful
When you are around
Filling their needs
Even when you are drowned
With water in lungs
Your heart on your sleeve
Tears that leave stains
You mind locked in chains
I cannot give anymore

And though my light is dim
And my life seems grim
A breath of fresh air
A break from despair
Where things seem calm
Time ticks like a bomb
I remember a day
A reason to stay

I cannot give anymore
A light that was dim
Shot off on a whim
Filling with light
Starting a fight
My lungs fill with air
My brain starts to care
Winning the war
I know I can say

I can give more
This poem is for the people that are empathetic. A person with high empathy just gives more and more even with they have none themselves. Feeling the energies of others they cannot help giving more. Just a big heart in a cruel world.
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2020
Of the good things I’ve known in my life
Best by far is you
You are thinking about leaving
Tell what you want me to do

I will straighten up my act
Stop ******* as much
Long as it means you’ll reserve
For me your touch

I miss sleeping with you
Nightly in our bed
I wasn’t harassed by crazy thoughts
In my head

Things will not ever be perfect
Despite how hard they get
Will always try to work it out
Please don’t give up on us yet
I hate this ****
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