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This isnt a poem of my thought,
Its a deep lesson life taught
In the darkest wees of the morning,
I woke feeling like ****
The previous day drowned me in defeat,
Weakness overtook me without  warning ⚠
The dawning morning was no better
Rats had eaten my drugs
I've never felt such bitter
I cursed them little thugs
The shouting and horning came within warning
In the background, groans of pain
I happen to be a staff of accident and emergency
Where we treat injuries of utmost urgency
Someone was dying at my gate,
I let them before its too late
All who brought him were more tensioned than power lines
I only had to look to understand their deep worry lines
A man's gut was outside, dripping red
This ain't just red, it's blood
Being military born and bred,
Emotions never Flood at sight of the red
Kidney, intestines, liver and all
Whose for rhymes sake i call paul
We're torn, even his bladder and gall
My legs shivered, I almost took a fall
My body shivered despite engine heat
I searched for the nearest seat
At the sight of man's raw meats
My heart skipped 10 consecutive beats
What made it even more touching,
Was what he kept moaning,
What he kept asking
He'd been climbed by a tow vehicle engine,
While sleeping,
His tow vehicle engine
A trailer that tows trailers
He'd been virtually killed by it
Partially killed by it
Yet he kept asking of it
Praying nothing happens to it
My eyes almost broke in tears
Something that hadn't happened in memory long years
Despite everyone's fears
This man had different fears
This was something he didn't value before
But as he laid on death's dark shore
He valued it like never before
This made me feel bad, then sad, then mad
Realizing I don't value enough, all I had
Always complaining things are bad, times are hard
But not anymore,
I won't get to death's dark shore
Till I appreciate, give thanks even more,
What I have now even before,
Every single scrap in my life store
Life is a gift I realize,
A gift, a trophy, a prize
Not by chance or a game of dice.
To live is divine consent,
Every second, years, every moment
It's a gift called the present
Life's too short to resent
Be thankful sister, be grateful brother,
And please share this with another
This isnt a Made up story,
It's a true life story.
Moral lesson:value what you have now,
                         Look at your life and say wow
Malina 2d
i give more than i receive
and i wonder if i deserve more.
but if meeting half way,
and giving less than i feel,
is how to gain equality in our love,
i don't want it.

i can't pretend there's no pit in my stomach
or tug on my heart
or smile on my face
whenever i see you.

no matter what i do,
i can't make your fire burn brighter,
and hotter
for me.

so am i naive to stay
for the affection i receive
when it takes more than it gives?
or is that just love:
it's imperfect.
and i choose it,
every day.
just thoughts- i overthink and overanalyse everything so i'm definitely creating a problem that's not there so it's better to write it down than dwell
He'd give her the constellations
bound amid every flower
to hold her close
Sovit Pokhrel May 19
I understand, everything is give & take.
But, how much must one give?
Give, in order to recieve.
I understand, everything is give & take.
But, whats there to measure?
For ones trash, could be the others treasure.

I understand, its give and take.
But how much, must i give ?
Give, in order to recieve.
I could give you, my everything.
But for you, it could mean nothing.

I understand, its give and take.
But what is it, that you take?
When you dont know, what you want.
You could give me, your everything.
But for me, it could mean nothing.

I understand, everything is give & take.
Human relationships are getting more complicated than ever, too much greed in this corrupted socitey forcing unrealistic expectations upon you.
But i shall give, give & give, everything i have without any intentions of taking. Even if it means, i have to break my self into a million pieces.
I shall give until my last breath  for there is no better feeling, than giving away.
Chelsea May 14
94 days ago I wrote a goodbye letter
94 days ago I nearly ended it all
The heartache I was in the tears I cried felt like a hole I couldn't get out,
94 days later I'm still here
I have changed as a person,
I'm in a better place now, I fighted through my darkest night.
I admited to my friends and they showed me care that I never thought I would see.
94 days ago opened my eyes to see the truth.
I'm glad I failed 94 days ago
I have that letter still and look at it on my bad days, to remind myself I'm worth something and loved by people
Pizacas23 May 5
Cry, my dear
But do not give up.
Angela Rose Apr 17
You know my secrets
I chose to give those to you

You know my pain
I chose to give that to you

You know all of my vulnerabilities
I chose to give them over to you

You have my heart
You took that from me

What else can I pass on to you before I become enough?
and maybe one day I will give up enough of me for you.
Sadie Grace Apr 13
I’m most comfortable at night
as the sun sets in a beautiful watercolor
darkness F
                        S     on me
Is it supposed to be soothing? It is to me
Rain comes and everything’s just as it should be
Too long in the dark makes one comfortable there
Don’t let your eyes adjust to the dark
Don’t get cozy in the pit
The sun’s coming up tomorrow
It's too early to quit
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