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Time is money
Every tick of an hand
Life runs away
Never know where it stands
Surely it’s not for free
1 micro-litre of blood per second
Invested in you
For I thought
Was worthwhile
You must know
And reassure
That it was not
For a waste

D   i  e.

W  o  rd  s

d i  
                    T oo.

If   I   live;
Some thing s
             Go t
                 T o
                 Gi v
if you give a kid a match
they will learn to start a fire.
How are you not with someone?
You're so beautiful and gentle
Funny and charismatic
Caring and unbelievably understanding
You’re like a singular sunflower in a field of roses
People always go for roses
Because they think red is the most
Love Filled color
A dozen roses does not compare to a single sunflower
Yellow means caution
This could hurt
But go for it
Yellow is how I feel about a sunflower

Do you feel it when you’re flying, or does that come naturally to you?
I swear I feel like I’m floating when we hold hands or kiss
How does it feel to be so precious and light?
That gravity can't hold you down to Earth
Such a genuine person
Really what's the catch

How does it feel when you walk into a room and time stops?
When you get in my car and my heart stops
A man who walks into a room and the walls collapse at the very sight of him

How has such an amazing person been hurt?
Who was in charge of that
I’ll never do it again

Have you ever met someone and just thought?
Is it you?
It must be because the walls have collapsed
“Hello,” I look up at you
i was reading ill give you the sun by Jandy Nelson 10/10
Oh how I intend to love
so sweetly and true.

Yet, I struggle to give
to anyone but you.

For all I observe and scrawl
in these pages
are but momentary actions fueled by a lost
and lonely heart.

My wish, my intent
is to continue
to give to you.

Though the ways
they may change

Ne'er shall you be
Bobcat Jan 7
I know you're hurting baby and feel like giving up.
You're building walls now baby but I'll climb on top.
I'll break them down now baby and lift you up.
You don't have to do this alone now baby, we'll partner up.
Don't think you feel too much now baby, I know it's tough.
I see your flame is dimming baby, I'll light you up.
You must be exhausted baby, you've fought enough.
I'll fight your battle baby, I'll take the blunt.
If I could turn back time my baby, I'd wind it up.
You know I need you baby, please don't give up.

Please don't give up.
Bryce Jan 6
The arrival of senselessness
Is a great shadow over the earth,
a cooling cloud in the summer
causation of looking up--

Gift-givers wander the slopes and with packets of thought,
They run their fingers along the stones and the trees and the fields
Following the trails of clouds wandering just as inconsequent
Leaving tears as rain on the steppes and letting them drain into the deathly floors
asking them to give the ability for new things to drink
This is the true Holy Water

And a patchwork soul seeks, fixated,
answers to the crackled nature of their vessel
Running into the same stone of them, cancerous
soon left to sands and dust

The blades of leaves rattle a sad salute
Their ragged branches sheathed xylem, a perfect skyscraper design
Preventing edema of the like kind

Show to me that this place in not but the momentary awareness of light, a stopping point in the infinite variation

To locate oneself in the rapid raveling of everything into one great big
Sorrowful tear, running from the eternal blackness of the night
that holds noting but the absence of itself.
Lived so much In dreams I'd forgotten what reality was, but now I'm back focused have a future no
I'm going In life
that a positive start to a new future at least I never lost the will to fight and never give till It's
Nevever give up till It's over keep fighting for What Is right
In order to survive
Lusy Jan 4
The world need a Dreamer
Who brave to create it

    "I don't care it sound crazy"
    "They can say i've lost my mind"

We can live in the world that we design....

Never stop believing in your self
If you stop and give up
You don't know how great you can be

Doubts **** more dreams
Than failed ever will

The more IMPORTANT is

Believe it, make it and happen it......
Never stop believing in your self, never doubts your self and never give up to creat your dreams!!
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