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Makayla Jane Jan 9
I had a feeling it'd come to this,
Yet I didn't want to accept such fate
Though I'm still confused,
As to what the **** I even did
Laughing and joking with all perfectly fine
A week of absence
Then suddenly years of memories thrown out the ******* window

Tell me,
Did I mean so little this whole time?

Nevertheless I laugh,
For I believe and trust you'll respect what has happened in our lives together
Realizing we shouldn't part ways;
Likewise that the first fight your boyfriend and you get into,
Will bring you strolling on back
Or even if your boyfriend and you break-up,
Shall do the same

Until then,
I mind to wait...

It's just a waiting game I suppose...

I made a public collection {Letters To Jennie Collection} so all further letter posts will be together if anyone would want to follow it and read them. Thank you for your time~
Makayla Jane Jan 9
I don't understand why you decided
That leaving was better than staying;
Or why you think
That you don't need me anymore
But its fine dear,
I can only hope this is temporary as usual
And so when you come back,
I'll foolishly accept it
And try to pretend and hide the reality

We've had many nonsense fights and periods of silence before and I'm hoping this seems to be so.

I made a public collection {Letters To Jennie Collection} so all further letter posts will be together if anyone would want to follow it and read them. Thank you for your time~
Hailey Nov 2019
roses are red
violets are blue
God showed me poetry
What did he show you?
MisfitOfSociety Aug 2019
There is something blocking the light in front of me,
And creeping up behind me.
A shadow without a cast,
Seemingly moving by itself.
Killing the light fast enough,
For the darkness to catch up.

What drives us to take our lives?!
What turns the hand against the one it belongs to?
Something we resist wants to bring us down.
It is creeping up on you.
I feel lonesome hands approaching mine
to walk me through the desert.
I tense my arms against the open night sky
which cannot be pushed away.

I want you to love my grey skies,
my pensivity that rolls across mountain ranges -
the same to me as sunshine igniting streams.
Just a different lens
through which my creature plays with light.
She is elemental
and sloughs skin off the earth like lava flowing
into the ocean to close its eyes.
I'll eat my own tail
to discover what I already know.
I first felt the ferrous fissures
Delivering shivering quivers
Down my spine
As each chime took the light
Outside of our present days

Then the shakes grew into tension
My naked, sobering suspension
Was left never to mention
Nor whisper what I needed to say

And when I asked you of this
You withdrew so quick
I only had time to trace the lines
Of your escaping shadow

Holding on to tentative strings
And all the small things
You left for me to find
The same gray forests of signs
And silent ways

Designs you used to craft and convey
With clever ease
Laughter beseeching my thoughts
Silence now haunting my dreams
They are now presently looming
Cold coniferous trees

It's not as if I can pretend
Like simply taking paper and pen
Could possibly remedy this
When I have to look down forever
At the ink staining my foot, leg, and wrist
I'm convinced that I created this fate
Because it seems in this picture frame
I'm the one who made a mistake

You carry the hate in your heart
like it's been priveleged to you

My misgivings have now adopted
the persona that I imbue

I faced the other way as we faded
when you withdrew

You suffer daily
and face this struggle alone

Claiming everybody abandoned you
and did you wrong

But you don't lose me
Like I've told you all along
"Smashing, watch the glass fly
Ain't no way, ain't no way you can go back
Float away, float away, float away yeah
We're frozen in this moment
Ain't no way, ain't no way you can go back
Float away, float away, float away yeah"
Pao Apr 2019
The vision is clear
Glowing like the sun above our heads
We have been escaping for a lifetime
Just to be
Dragged to where we started

Who are we kidding?
We are kids trying to grasp onto
The beam at the other end of the wire
Naïve spirits clouding our reality
We both understand the dangers of dreaming

Waking up to the croak of ravens
It’s time for us to craft a tunnel
Distant from our realm of possibility

Let’s escape to the sound
Of the roaring drums
Calling out our names

We will mount high
Higher than what we would call home
Climbing and passing by
The sea of children twirling to the hymn
The hymn of memories lost.

Flowers bloom and so do we
Sunflowers shine in their meadow bed and so do we

In this paradise
We are the rulers of our kingdom
With time we manifest our destiny
We control the man-made clock
That has so desperately tried to dictate our paths.

In this paradise
Houses clutter in rows
Damp shirts and pants sway lazily
On the wire connecting every neighbor
The language of love
Slips through the citizens’ tongues

The vision is clear
Fiestas are religiously thrown
Every weekend
Bottles of Sangria wine
Line the limestone streets
Families holler in laughter
In the joy of what it is to be alive
Nothing is sweeter than having a pulse
Feeling the sweat trickle down your spine
The children talking amongst each other.
Flamenco performers stomp
As people move from house to house
Never leaving a trace of unhappiness behind
Never leaving the group behind.

Fiestas keeps the city alive
The city of new dreams
The city where the man-made clock
Doesn’t hold anyone down
The city of fresh beginnings
And a destiny that can be controlled.

In this paradise
Waves silently crash against
The algae covered boulders
Seagulls sing their freedom cry

Give us hope
Bring us tangible rationality
In an era of irrationality
We need a savior
From fallen grace

Seashells adorn the delicate sand
That sticks to the soles of our feet
The warmth of the sun
Kiss our golden skin

Salty tears drip down our faces,
Is it the emptiness we feel?
When we are alone?
Or the realization
That we cease to exist.

The vision is clear
Our past lives
Become our past selves
And our past selves
Get lost in what we wished to be.

When will we learn?
That our vision isn’t clear
Twenty-twenty vision isn’t enough.
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
Take me to that quiet place
Take me to that quiet place
away from functions of the day
Both mindless work and child’s play
Oh! Heart and Mind both loudly say
Take me to that quiet place

Wishing for that quiet place
Wishing for that quiet place
Timeless hours stretch the night
Twilight filled with bright moonlight
Oh! I wish for life’s alight
For silence of that quiet place

Behold at last! That quiet place
Behold at last that quiet place
Silent air leaves soothing ear
A beating heart most scarcely here
Light descends and I call dear
Take me to that quiet place.
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