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Reading the front pages
Why? Because you’re beautiful
To an unread poet and Whipping posts away,
It’s untitled leaking..It’s just like water,
An October sky It’s just a memory
A cry for the quiet... Burns A candle
For the lost in translation about Fake love
Falling for If they wanted they would.
I care that Mars is a red planet
I’m still here is A suicide note
No one never seen a ghost
We believed, there none
even now we cannot see
Just watching mortality of human race
And humanity in crowd

Not to worry about

Mars is ready for mass
Or mankind is eager
To be alive there as the aliens
or living ghost
Svetoslav Apr 26
Blue sunset glowing
in the frozen red planet
brown dry dust shivers
Mark Toney Apr 19
sky is the limit
first historic flight on Mars
~ ingenuity

Mark Toney © 2021
04/19/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku - NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity successfully made the historic first controlled flight on another planet today, April 19, 2021, at 3:34 a.m. ET. - Mark Toney © 2021
Martin Boško Apr 15
Mars, I was named in your honour
Yet we are so different, on so many levels
Juxtaposed, like day and night
Worshipper of peace named after war and fight
That only inside can be found
For the only enemy I fight is my own mind
Red planet of war
Future harbour of humans
Patiently waiting
M Solav Mar 20
When within my cells there rages wars,
For a second breath I’d stare at the stars;

The old world thickened under my feet,
Yet across my sorrows the ends would meet;

So to renew these aspirations of ours,
Perhaps on a missile on its way to Mars.

  ("We are past the third wave,
   past the coastline,
   past the coral reef.")

No I haven’t always been there for you,
In these gardens we’ve walked around and through;

From green to red, vice-versa and so forth,
We’ve gone past Saturn many times before;

Now I’m on my way to a distant shore,
Paddling the bloodstream of my heart.

  ("We reach through the gate,
   the gate of no-return,
   far beyond Saturn.")

Amidst curiosity and its pulsations,
Of skies infinite, a stubborn astronaut;

It’s time to decline and lose it all
Or time to rise up and answer the call;

Fractions of a split-second, a trigger;
Wings spread to the dark yonder.

  ("Gone past the point of no-return,
   Cicatrize our scars as we sail
   Far into the night.")
Written on April 19th, 2018 - for a song that never was.
sergiodib Mar 8
In search of a new beginning;
Bare rocks and cutting edge dust dunes;
Frozen caps and veins of ice.
Pristine Marscape all around.

We start by leaving our parallel prints
As we sprayed our hands in the caves.
The human spirit ever soars
And always perseveres
“Dare mighty things”
Stirs vision’s wings
We triumph over fears

With unity - we act in faith
And step by step we build
Our aims attain
And then we strain
Toward goals not yet fulfilled

All obstacles - we push aside
We think and innovate
Reaching higher
With minds afire
Success becomes our fate

We can surpass our differences
United - Earth can stand
And then we’ll see
Increase across the land
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I wrote this on Thursday during the landing of the NASA Rover on Mars!  The landing was inspiring to me and to millions of others across the world.  It was fun to see the motto "Dare Mighty Things" on the wall in the back of one room during the landing.
We have come too close
To prove that we actually
Are bad—the aliens
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