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Sun stares at Mercury.
Mercury stares at Venus.
Venus stares at Earth.
Earth stares at Mars.
Mars states at Jupiter.
Jupiter stares at Saturn.
Saturn stares at Uranus.
Uranus stares at Neptune.
Neptune stares at Moon.
Moon stares at me.
Me stare at Sun.
My heart is a calamity containing calidity
I condone my situation because of what I view as justification... validity

I commence in feeding an ego that soon will be too immense for my own body

To lobby for draining more of who I was to satisfy a condition that should cease in existence...
(Who I am)
Has no point.

It's chronic to my health and as I continue to comment
I wish a cosmic allotment would hit me

I close my eyes and fade
Hoping to capture my reveries, but instead
I capitulate to the reality bleeding through my eyes

My insides dwell under a crimson sunset sky
How can the sun dare to shine on a place frozen over?
Ineffable and sublime

I attempt to open my eyes
Stopped by my bride, clinomania
She lies next to me in bed
I'd try to get out, but the only thing left is my head

Even then the dessert sand interior never fails to blow right through my hands
Binding my bones
Paralyzing my stance

I might be on Mars
That was never the plan

Yet, here I stand
Tongue in hand
Heart full of blood

Why is nothing ever enough?
Created 6.6.19
Summer Dawn May 30
I woke up this morning,
more tired than the night before.
With my eyes sealed shut,
I made my way to the bathroom door.
Rubbing my eyes, I saw stars--
I felt myself spin.
I opened my eyes,
but my dream state didn’t end.

Looking in the mirror, I saw my eyes black as space.
I would say they were just as captivating, too.
When will I merge back into reality?
When will this world fade back into
the deepest part of my subconscious?

I’ve been running all night in a vivid wonderland,
but now I should come back home,
back down to Earth.

I step into the shower,
and through the hot water,
feel my spirit return to my body.

As the boiling water
runs down my sore form,
I feel a piece of me come back,
and another disappear.
I’m not meant to be HERE.
I am meant to be there.

I long to bypass
this worldly routine,
to close my eyes,
and drift back asleep.

Earth is where I reside,
but Mars is in my mind.
I am an extraterrestrial,
among my own kind.
Alicia Moore May 29
Space is peaceful.
In space you can float amongst unknown stars.
But, in space, you stand as the open-minded Mars as I, however, caress the dust that are the no longer shining stars.
As another star bursts, so does a small fragment of me.
Though, little by little I wonder closer to your atmosphere.
Eventually, your atmosphere envelopes me.
An attraction develops and now I stand proudly beside the open-minded Mars.
I stand with a purpose and with every fragment lost, now found.
I now shadow you, as the open-minded Deimos; trapped in the warm embrace of your atmosphere.
Her voice sings out
As the nightingales stand
In awe and astonishment
Their own skill they begin to doubt

Gracefully she can walk
Step by step
Even the elegant deer
Look like bundling fools in shock

Her eyes glow brighter than the stars
And sparkle like morning dew
Her cheeks and lips
Are redder than roses and Mars
YY Mar 4
Stop living up to false enchanted dreams,
Look down from the high beams,
Are you a hunter, or are you a prey?
Don’t let your day to pass away.

Don’t reach for the Moon when you are going to Mars
Its not just some code that is easy parse.
Aim higher then your head,
Wine spilled - it’s cherry-red.

Don't let someone to whisper in your ear,
What's best to do, and when to disappear.
Just follow your instincts,
Your life will be unlinked.
Sudipta Maity Feb 27
Some times I wish
If I will end like a poem after couple of lines.
With broken stanza,  rhythm unfinished.
Some nights I found myself as extraterrestrial,
in Mars, in Jupitar then
lost across the Kuiper belt
So far from the horizon.
Some time I wish
If it's become true
that i never been here myself exist.
Cyrene Feb 8
You said you'd be my first
when you tested my innocence
with charms of a smooth stranger.

We felt the same as if we were here, in the moment.

The distance felt like earth and mars
would die to be close together.

Little did I know
that the wind would sweep you away
and you will forever be
my mystery.
Appreciate the people you meet, even if its just a few minutes,
Tonight we touch the stars
Trail our fingers over mars
Yellow moon smiling
As we skid along
The highways of the mind
Wide eyed and blinking
Under light of Venus and
Spell of Night
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