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Have you seen faded flowers in the night?
Where an unknown heart got burnt at moonlight.

Would they wrap pale sunlight?
Allowing petals to sneak into a treasure box.
She lay in her chamber in the sea mountain side..
Fire flame burns the window green...
Wooden floor danced on crystal glasses..
The wind rushes out of the cloud by night,
Stabbing and poking her, Madam Huang
Of those who were wiser than us---
Of many far talents than us---
Pray, neither for the angels in Heaven above
Nor the devil down under the tunnel
For the moon sunk in late November
Without interpreting her wonders, she left the sea bank,
Tears can ever dissolve her stories within the stories
Of the sorrowful Madam Huang
When the stars have not risen,
They gather in the chamber by the sea.
A falling star shining in the far and burst,
a bolide flames transmitted Requiem finale.
Of the sorrowful Madam Huang
May the sky award true colours of the dying night.

Silent prayers are kneeling there, they seemed to share the shame
Prior to breathing out the crispy air of Late November.
She asked him once Her name.

Of the sorrowful Madam Huang
from the chamber in the sea mountain.
By Angel.XJ 23/11/2019
Masha Yurkevich Jan 2019
And yet again
I hear that familiar melody
running through
my ears.
it brings me tears.
I close
my eyes
and take a listen,
to the music
that brings me to a
whole new kingdom.
But it's
nothing special
playing that music.
It's just a piano
that sounds so fantastic.
How much I love the piano...
Amanda Oct 2018
Wish I could run away from here
I am ready for an escape from lows
Hands habitually reach for your skin
I sense the danger when close

I know you are toxic and addictive
Exactly how bad you are for me
My heart always leads me back to you
With my mind it will not agree

I keep replying to your messages
They make me very sad
Showing how short of a distance we have come
In the five long years we have had

History keeps on repeating itself
The cycle is very clear
It's so hard to let go of the thing
More than anything else I hold dear

I attempt to remain your friend
We both want something more
We foolishly still pretend there's hope
To regain closeness we felt before

At times I feel strange around you
Most of the time I feel hurt
The passionate affection had for you
Buried under six feet of dirt

If I forget all the wounds you inflicted
Undo the pain I caused you to feel
We could start anew like the past never happened
Like the awful grey days wasted were not even real

The sorrowful memories persistently exist
Plaguing mind with nightmares dark
Try to erase the patient moments embedded
They will forever stay stuck in my heart
I could run away forever if I had you by my side
I can escape my problems if you match me stride for stride
In this sorrowful moment,
I just want everything to end.
My heart is about to break,
My brain
It hurts a lot,
But I know this is happening,
Because something good is coming.
I need someone.
Hug me please.
I need a hug and let all my tears out.
I need someone to help me get through this.
Hug me
I'll just pray.
Eleanor Sinclair Sep 2018
I feel the sunlight on my face
And it reminds me of your warm embrace
The one for which I long
When I’m weak it makes me strong
It was sad to watch you walk away
But I know we’ll make it back together some day
You don’t believe my words
How many times have I said it? Is it the second? Or the twenty-third?
I love you without earthly notion
You fill me with a variety of emotion
And I will always feel love for you and us
Love far deeper than lust
Imagine our island in the sky
On a single cloud floating by

We will make it there,
I swear
Darkness strikes
Nothing but a calamity
Anguish, sorrow, and grief sadly appear
What a major catastrophe
Through the hurricanes and earthquakes
Countries are in a state of ravage
Hundreds of lives have been lost
As a result of the massive damage
ShowYouLove Sep 2017
Mary, in your life there was great sorrow and pain. From the very beginning you knew it was going to be a long hard road. Seven sorrows you endured during the life of your son. You bore them all with fortitude and divine grace. The number seven is for fulfillment and perfection and it is through our sufferings and trials that we are shaped, refined, and perfected. Not once did you give up or give in to despair; rather through grace and faith, you remained steadfast. How your heart must break for your children, Mary. There is so much pain, violence, and hate in our world today. Grant a deep peace and love in my soul Oh Blessed Mother, that I may do what I can to console your sorrowful heart.

Pauline Morris Sep 2016
She stared out her window, it was scary and dark
Harvest Moon reminding her of all she forgot
The crickets sweet song, was a deafening roar
Harvest Moon calling, come and explore

This night and what would transpire, she already knew
The fear of it all, invaded her mind and grew
She decided to be brave and examine it all
It was the end she feared, not the fall

Harvest moon hung in the sky big and bright
She ventured outside in the soft orange light
The fireflies fluttered and danced under the trees
The leaves rustled with the chilly northern breeze
Her eyes darted and searched, fear clung to her
"why did this orange night occur "
She always thought this night would be red
Not this beautiful orange hue of the moon instead

The shadows reached out to her soul and beckoned
Feet hesitating for only a short second
Now deep in the woods no light escaped through
Harvest Moon not seeing her, once orange turned blue

The owls asked her questions
That we dare never mention
She answered them all with tears and with truth
Oooh those owls where such cunning sleuths
She walked on through the forest decay
Telling the shadows of memories to just stay away

She broke through the dark tree line
Leaving those deep inky shadows behind
She had came to a field of bittersweet wheat
Her fingertips brushed the tops as she walked with bear feet

Harvest Moon smiling to see she made it through
Her mind was the forest where the dark thoughts flew
Nightingales came to sing a song of rebirth
For that is what happens when you leave this earth

She stood in that field ready and willing
For the razor sharp scythe to do it's reaping
In the soft orange glow of that night
Harvest Moon made everything right
Her sorrowful life over with a whimper, not a boom
You'll find her up there visiting that glorious Harvest Moon
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