wyle tan 17h
Good morning from Chumphon, Thailand

I awake with happy birds
and country roosters' crow
lazy and slow

I pity busy morning
filled with noisy cars
rushing downtown
anxious and hurried with cares

By Wyle Tan
Written in bed.  22 June 2018
kk 1d
I heard the alarm burst last night
Put me in the driveway, the smoke in the sky
Veiled the moon and flames ripped the roof
House down, house down

I sat on the sidewalk, barefoot with crisp hair
Heard sirens scream and babies scared
Crying for holy water and the dormant gods
Heaven down, heaven down

They told me I would be safe
If I stayed put where I was laid
I scorned these streets and scorched the people
Who marched through puddles unafraid

I am the candle who’s met its match
Stripped down to the wick and molten wax
Smell the charred roses and barbequed grass
Woman down, woman down

I see red and feel the sting
Sparks dancing on my fingertips
Pinching them shut, they turn to ash
I refuse to burn this city down.
Even the most beautiful places can look grim when seen through a pair of resenting eyes.
Me, Blue and the Suit, crammed into a little waiting room.
The acid green wallpaper peels away in large pieces, and everyone itches to rip bits off.
It blends in nicely with the screaming red tiles.
A canvas dirtied by cigarette smoke hangs in a crevice,
A sunset scene that goes seen and unseen.
Blue has mousy hair and coughs quietly to herself every now and again.  She wears a blue trench coat and fussy little high heels that click idly against the floor.
Suit checks his tacky watch and bounces on the balls of his feet,
pinches his brow and yawns.
His hair is gelled back, spiky thorns, more like a member of a boy band than a businessman.
A window must be open, because a car alarm sounds outside,
startling at first. Briefly, everyone looks around at each other,
united in irritation and a strange sense of embarrassment.
Finally, it shuts off, and we return to our separate togetherness.
Inspired by the wonderful " The Lonely City" by Olivia Laing
Children loosing parents,
Parents loosing children,
A world of dog eat dog,
And man has never left this rule,
Even if we left the woods, plains and jungle,
We never left our animal side behind.
Haven’t talked to you since Saturday,
I wanted to call but I didn’t know what to say.
Did...did we make a mistake?
A mis-mistake?

In the morning when the liquor wore off
Did you remember the night before?
Or did that fade?

You grabbed your clothes in the glow of the morning.
“I gotta go, I gotta go”
Then you left frantically.

I pulled into your driveway today,
I wanted to talk but I wanna hear what you’d say.
Did...did we make a mistake?
You think so?

It’s so cold now but your lips are so warm,
And your fire’s enticing me.
Can you feel it?

You grabbed your clothes in the glow of the morning.
Hyper night left both of us yearning.
Awake in the twilight when you’re not here,
I’m gripping my pillow.

You could be my drug.
You grabbed your clothes in the glow of the morning.
I could be bad luck.
It’s so cold now but your lips are enticing.
This could be young love.
I’ll take that chance to see what we can be.
The cliché "contrast" is black and white
But in reality there is much more to contrast:
Success and failure,
Night and day,
Living and thriving.

Once living the dream, now living the nightmare.
That's reality's contrast
Once being confident, now being sceptical.
That's reality's contrast.

The only visible light and dark contrast in reality is whether you cry during the day where everyone can see you and your sufferings or during the night where no one can see the real you and what you have come to.

Darkness might be beautiful, but only when you see glimmers of light.
You'll go out into the city and describe the darkness as beautiful just because of the light you see within the darkness.

Darkness allows you to blend in
Your inner darkness escapes as you cry
As you express yourself to the surrounding emptiness
Eventually you become covered with your emitted darkness.

Cry during the day and the viewers will look, glance, stare


And they know what you're going through?

You get drenched in darkness by the actions of others and your own excretion.

Darkness can house beauty, but darkness is slowly taking over.
hxrvld 4d
Shoulder to shoulder
Finger to finger
Thirst of love
Filled with love
Overflowing love
City lights in Eden
Caresses somewhere hidden
Streetlight kisses
Walking beside the blue river
Lured by the old architect
Under the lost city of Pompeii
French kisses in the quiet palace
Sinless pleasure
Singing beside asphalt
Down to the town
Of dazzle diamonds
Lovely dinner
Fulfilled the hunger
Ends at the train station
With no kisses
& heavy feeling.
In this pretty,
But little city
People won't praise you for being witty.

If I have a chance
To experience romance,
I know I've changed
For fate has prearranged.

Walking down this lane
Helps me realize I forgot the pain.
Of my past
So it passes me so fast

Look back down that alley
I know I want you to be my finale
This is to my unknown lover.
Will you discover
Me this summer?

In this pretty,
But little city
Where people won't praise us for being witty.
Bryce Jun 14
Hello Chicago
Flat carpet-town of corn meal
steel spears at the northern junction
of Cahokia and some unknown dream

No lillies grow here sir,
no tulip fields
though there are many Dutch
a little up north
Wisconsin, dontcha' know?

Family blood rains through the Chicago river
named of the blood of a slain tribal wonder
with the roaming buffalo

I sat at the top of Sears
Tower and peered into the foggy distance
and made out the shores of Michigan
through Indiana
the leftover rains of a continental freeze
churned the earth to butter and carved the arteries
and bowels
of today's earthly body

And when we drove in from O'Hare
in the late hours on incessant stoplight highways
counting down the streets
thinking maybe they'll go all the way to
just a long row of

I saw the brick tower
of a decrepit Frito-lay plant
where they cooked their corn and potato
into succulent
can't eat just one
little snacks

for the whole of america
to enjoy in backyard barbecues
and convenience stores
and grocery outlets
All across the planet

Now with the trucks they come and go
up to and whizzing past Chicago
on to greener states with greater relief
with hills and lakes and winding streams

Different sections of the sculpture
Cities eroding into the pleasant coasts
quaking and breaking into tiny stones
a monumental David
cracked in the gallery
bird shit corroding the silicates
unpolished and immortal

oh you mighty city you
built from sod and sweat and dew
of new morning
I see your towers
you dreamer, you
But your towers are in Dubai,
and Taipei

The world moved on
and forgot everything about
that magnificent mile
burned to make you earn
new toys and fancy things
from far beyond your winding river streams

But you didn't die
amazing, how much they tried
to rust you out
to bleed you dry

you keep your dirty rivers flowing
all the way to the Mississippi
flanked by modern Roman concrete
all the way to the great green sea
out into the puddle that surronds
the Amerigo

don't you give up that river dream
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