Zoe 9m

Open the city gate,
Keep count of each martyr’s tomb.
Keep your head level between the clouds and gutter,
And try not to choke on censorship’s fumes.

Here lies the distinction between bleak reality and twisted fantasy.
Did that thing expire millennia ago?
Or was it us who dug its grave?
In an age of earned disillusionment, surely no one will live to know.

Hand over your eyes and tongue,
As you wander deeper into deceit and rape.
And don’t bother to ponder the point of a market,
Where we pay with our colours, lovers, and shapes.

But for those of us who live later,
Too late to pay lip service to crumbling creations,
Catch a glimpse of something primal.
Take comfort in a void,
And when you shatter the panes in your temples,
Please, forget how to feel like a droid.

Why not give yourself over to compost?
Free to grow with roses and thorns.
However tight you cling to your hubris,
Gasoline and lilies will conquer all.

I remember growing up in the city
I did not know where my next meal was coming from
Or if I would have boots or a winter jacket
But some things were consistent
My neighbors, shooting straight up in the street
My parents screaming about rat traps and paying last month's damm rent

And I come from nothing
And I ain't never gonna be good enough

And yo man my brothers and my sisters we don't got nobody but ourselves
But that's all we fucking need

Like, I walk in a joint but I don't smoke it
And y'all so inconsiderate and call it joking

You've never been where I've been
So you will never be where I'm at
And yeah it's hard to deal
But I ain't never finna go back

And it's fresh in my mind like air Jordan's till the day I die
Y'all watch me live my god damm life a way you will never understand why

Y'all gotta Mercedes you drive around there bendz
And all I have are my family and my fucking friends
But people will always be greater that possessions
Man things are shit compared to this life's lessons

And I wish to God I had someone to relate to
I look in the mirror and I say; this ain't me, this ain't you
But we from the streets we do what we do
Get in my way I still do what I gotta do

But it ain't my fault, I didn't chose the don't fuck with me life, the don't fuck with me life chose me
And now I make my choice, for the now and the tomorrow, I'll smile through all the pain and sorrow

Because you brought it all back to my mind like a whole ass fool
But bitch your a peasant so let the queen of the streets rule

Words came out like a half miles of unheard words to the English language. The real reason she was so unheard of was because like her she was such a rare sight. But she's not the kind of art presented in some studio. She's the kind of art thats scribbled on side of buses, train carts, and on top of buildings because she was all I wanted to present to the world the true raw beauty of her. As if she wasn't already wanted for stealing my heart she was wanted for being scribbled upon the walls. It soon she would disappear as if she never existed until she bcame scribbled with cans upon the walls of the city thousand times more in many forms.

Written to the girl who loves art so much she became it.
olive 3d

She had eyes made of stones,
She colored with paints,
Kaleidoscope bones,
With a smile for a face.

Born in a big city,
She needed to go fast,
She long for the world,
To explore the past.

Her feet always bare,
Her hands always cold,
Her bruised skin was fair,
She had hair made of gold.

She walked through life quick,
It was maybe too soon,
Her clock stopped its tick,
But her soul still plays a tune.

From up here I see clearly,
the landscape of what we might call home,
I see the millions of lights that belong to multiple lives
in this city

Don't let me be alone,
don't let me fall

From this towering height.

I'm trapped inside my dreams
I don't think I can find the door

Don't let me be alone—

I feel the billowing wind between my toes,
I cover my ears against the cold

Don't let me fall—

I think I hear your footsteps
I think I see your silhouette
But the sound and colors blur

From this towering height—

Break me from this dream
and I won't let go, I'll be all yours

. As long as you're by my side
I can be in towering heights.

Rough but that's fine

These streets I walk are all the same,
Like a stray cat without an aim.
Living here for so long,
Nothing ever goes wrong.
This city is a waiting game.

RC 6d

We're lights in the middle of the night
luminescent but not all that bright
yet still guiding each other home
A grip in the middle of the cold
strolling tight side by side
won't admit we're lost in the city
Skipping through skid row
I let you take me home
Past Whittier boulevard
towards the old houses
and past my favorite park
where we ran screaming from
the city's heartbeats pounding through the dark

a mix up of city memories

Zoned in traffic,
alone with the greatest hits of the 90s,
going 25 when I want to be going 90.
It's a two way repeat most days of the week,
and an unfulfilling repeat at that.
Back-tracking would hardly remedy.

Peddling into old things.

Daniel Magner 2017

Leave those New York blues behind
Forget the Chelsea Hotel
Living in LA's a lot like Heaven
With all the sins of hell.

The building's boarded up
The sign says ‘to let’
It’s from an era
We want to forget

It’s been left to rot
The place is a wreck
Not fit for a squat
Like an old bike shed
It’s from an era
We want to forget

The building looks sad
And sorry for itself
Just like your old books
On the back of your shelf
Covered in dust
And rust
And soot
And shit
This once former glory
Is now a sad old story
It’s derelict and destroyed
And no longer makes noise
It’s seen it all
Now it’s time for bed

It’s from an era
We want to forget

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