My upstairs spiraled to her looking glass
in those hand-me-down shoes alight
and would incline on the way down to the street
so this diadem could never faint
yet had swallowed ancient rouses
why he didn't die in a field of clover
with a herd of deer then
as they both arrive just to expose this simplex  
that may fold their wonder many times
but her entirely backless suit met consecutively
with spring base was tapestry in a town of such nomad
as fillies were finally exonerated by his demeanor.
a native Philadelphian could be in a park like Fairmont
Fire is raining down
Wickedness does not prevail
Lot finds a new home
K Paige Mar 9
there are bodies on the street
with alleyway homes and crooked teeth
their itchy stares cut through rain and stick on me
they are wavering somewhere between desperation and apathy
and i’m out of my head because i see their disruption in me

there is a crisis of coldness flooding big cities
there is a crisis of avoidance and a crisis of indulgence
and it’s typing people to anchors and making them sink

i must confess that i’ve glamorized my sadness
and look where that’s gotten me
the death drive has a hold
on the rich, the poor, and the in-between
fixated on an after-life that will never be
or crazed by a substance to bring them to their knees
this city is an ocean of people divided

but dying from the same fucking thing

Mike D Mar 6
In a crowd of people
Yet I feel so alone
Surrounded by people
But I am alone
How can it be
With so many around me
A bottomless pit
Inside I'm so empty

Hopeless, sadness, entrenched in despair
Feel all has been lost
But does anyone care?

No need for the question
With certainty I know
Those who feign interest
A performance they show
I'm forced to admit
It's obvious after all
How could anyone give a shit
Insignificant and small

Loser. Failure. Not one who has worth
A meaningless existence every day since my birth

A waste of space
Wasted breath
With this I'm faced
Will be 'til death
Why sit here and wait?
Might as well do it now
Express lane to Hell's Gate
Bound to flub it somehow
Just a single success
Have one thing go my way
No, instead it's a mess
Wish not granted today

Or tomorrow and every day following it
Living my life in this misery pit

A poor worthless soul
Not worthy of pity
Beatings taking their toll
Never leave Loser City
Not how I feel about myself now but depression is something I've battled with in the past and this definitely encapsulates how I can feel during those times.

Written: March 3, 2018

All rights reserved
camps Mar 5
my heart nearly stopped every time i had to cross the street
so let’s thank the queen for writing it down
before she’s just another thing i have to step over
all the rest have tickled my feet so far
and everything under construction reminds me that these days
the only remedy seems to be better luck and more cloud cover

i’ve been racing to crash on the couch
just to wake up to see if i have time for it all
and i want the stereotype to be true so i have nothing to cry about  
with the way things are going
you’d tell me not to be so brutal to myself
but the thrill i used to know is now paying its dues to the concrete

i was almost convinced i wasn’t asleep
when she whispered paris
nothing, everything may have changed
so this is not like anything i’ve never meant:

my heart nearly stopped with the regret of not talking to you
it's hard killing birds when you don't have any stones and
besides this time i think i've really done it
two days and this is already my favorite story but
second chances don't have to be so mysterious
maybe i just wanted to see you smile again

i should have said it w/o one of and the s after the L
still choosing o over x
and your pull showed my hands a home in the back of your denim
two across the channel makes the significant not so, if you want it
i’ll keep looking for you so long as you
don’t stop drawing me maps

if i died in my indecision then
your mouth showed me heaven
you’re the closest thing to purpose
i’ve ever tasted

i wish you knew how much i mean that
[plant-based positivity] | [london, england]
Middle of the night
LED lights
Displaying Silver City
The streets under it are too gritty
Is this what is comprised in the Central City?
Can't vent to the Committee
That will solve nothing
That's my greatest frusturation
Homeless number is growing
The only place to sleep in is getting in the towing
There's not enough ways of knowing
Due to lack of exposure
The only way I'll feel any closure
Is when they decide to take action
Put these sentiments intro traction
I've been solving the fractions
Days and days on
I will play on
This song
Because it has been far too long
Kicking the Homeless in tents
Yet allow these women to be around Men that could put them in a ditch
Harassed and disrespected
You can gratify away, defect
You can't always detect
I've been carrying these thoughts like a Hangar
And now it's time to egress
I'm not doing it to impress
I'm putting morals to the test
I vastly detest
These Men groping and trying to look under their dress
And allow it
When there's desperate people needing a place to stay
And they disavow it
Bulldozing old homes where they stay to build new ones
Instead of renovating them
These rich folks coming in
Voting Democrat
Which is the party of the Mayor
Who doesn't give a Rat's
About any of them
The effrontery to call this city silver
Is appalling
When there's people who need helping
And there's been nothing but stalling

Your perception of hitting the gold is rich cars, mansions and throngs of women
What an edged omen
Mine is a cheap and efficient car, modest house and a wife I come home to every night
That's my Silver City
Don't need to blow hundreds to celebrate
When there is much more important things in life to value

Forget being scared of the poor
Try to open them doors
Get the number of poverty off the floor
And into something more
That's the kind of life that is
KM Hanslik Mar 4

You first notice yourself settling,
sinking, like an old house
when the birds begin to fly and the robins build nests in your doorways;
You first notice the pale light
with your eyes closed, afraid that if you open them,
the sun will disappear.

She first watches you
lying, limbs sprawled, in the creekbed
your clothing muddy and your frame
all sunken in, like the old house.

She first loves you in the sunlight
her skin shimmering golden above you
and you first hear her name
when she whispers to you

that she comes from the wreckage of street-lamps and ashtrays
how the only lover she’s ever taken felt like
the scrape of bloody knees against sidewalk,
apprehension laying heavy in her stomach
and the nausea that comes from starvation.

She tells you that she
could never call the city home, never love it as she wanted
because every night her mother would scream at your father
something about a bottle and "you filthy lying bastard",
and every evening she went to sleep, and her ears bled
from the screech of taxi tires on the corner.

She wants a love that feels like
bonfires devouring kindling, spitting ashes up
into the sky, ablaze
with starlight and smoke –
mud oozing up between your toes as you run
and run
and run
from all the places that never felt like home.

She wants a love to consume all other loves,
a twisting, clawing, breathing thing
her heartbeats furiously pounding out a rhythm to escape
that place, and its stench, a rhythm
that implores the blurry lines of sunset to smother the land,
ethereal, burning
(burning you with it)

And so she first holds you
as the crumbling of her world brings a smile to her lips,
and you wonder as she sinks in her teeth
how many others there will be, after you,
and knowing that she
will be the first to ruin you
(And not caring if she does.)
KM Hanslik Mar 3
I can't rain on your parade
I'm tired of dragging myself down;
And we wrote it in sandstone,
So that eventually it'd wear away-

Is it enough that there's evidence
I used to breathe in this same city?

Cause it's raining in Manhattan again,
And I don't wanna add to that misery.

Do you wake and think of me
In the fumes of that city?
In the rushing gutters,
In the choking crowds?

Cause it's raining where I am, and I...
I often think what it does to you.
As I breathe in
The city exhales
As I breathe out
The city inhales
My heart beats
To the ticking of
Pedestrian signals
Which none of us obey
To parking meters
I dedicate time unpaid
From the saintly hobos
Who avoid my stench
To the college girl ass
I dare not to pinch
The bar drains my pocket
Traffic signals my soul
Just like the woman
Who left me so long ago
To the city, my cock
To the city, my soul
Fulton tower, our steel queen,
how you make me cry,
love at first sight.

You’re so high; fresh and standing free,
innocent, but we know your roots.

Black ashes polluting the street, debris clouds,
Those willing to jump. Those willing to die.
Those willing to take others’ lives for pride.
Those who didn’t have the choice.

Fulton tower, I cry. It’s hard
to embrace your beauty
while remembering the past.
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