Ya Boi 1d
The sunshine beaming from your eyes embraces every sight blessed by your gaze
However your sun shines on a bleak world
Dark grey and barren
Steeped in a cold uninviting air
I see mountains of bodies barely living
With black rivers running in the valley’s of men
But your light warms these bodies
And through your words my world changes
The slip of your tongue puts life in these men
Mountains of death fertilize seas of green hills
Black waters ascend up as clouds into the sky
Dispelling my fears of mediocrity and change
And If your voice could serve as my eyes I would happily relinquish my sight
My world would turn lively and bountiful
Your poems would paint the beauty around me
I wrote this for the girl who changed the way I look at life and everything in it.
With red-stained fingertips
I traced lines on clouds
to make them more real to me.

Penciling my eyes with kohl
I began to see
past their dark circled frames.

Laying my laden brush
to a blank canvas
I viewed heaven

as mine.
Aishah May 14
I will be
painting this city
with my handprints
I will be
colouring every inch
of it with
all the shades
of the rainbow
I will let
the world know
that I was
born into it
and I've survived
and I've used
all the strength
that was given
to my soul
by my mother
so I can
paint this city
with my handprints
Nel May 8
Paint me

With all your






For I do not care

About myself

What colors my body will turn

When you’re suffering like this

I would fuck up my sleep cycle for you

Go ahead and paint me

With all your colors

For I do not care about myself

When you are like this

For I only care about

Your safety

And well-being
Blue skies
green grasses,
golden sunrise,
umber masses.

Scarlet roses,
ivory clouds.
lovely aroma.
quiet sounds.

Liberty waves,
silver hills,
long days,
beautiful thrills.
Shannon May 5
I often painted,

I enjoyed the subtle hues in which such miracles were created.

I found the colors to paint,

And wanted to paint her like the stars in the night

and the moon that shone so bright.

I wanted to paint her like the sun shining on her skin,

and the heat that radiates from it.

I often painted
Deviate May 5
Here lies a blank canvas
On which you swipe harsh bright hues
and soft vivid tones
Of your thoughts, feelings, emotions

A flicker of paint across your cheek,
A smile as preposterous as your creation
Your brush swinging back and forth
Colours exploding everywhere

Colours imploding in my chest
Beating hard, reminds me; I'm alive.
A dash, a stroke, dabbling in my head
Swift touches of you,
A blank canvas no more.
Yusof Asnan May 4
Sometimes you
just gotta paint
it black and
start a new life.

anya May 4
we begin.
i am painted pink
and your hands are my artist.

we begin again.
and i might be hurting
and you never notice.

we begin again.
and you are running miles for the both of us
while i am hesitant to take a step.

we begin.
you and i, both shaking, letting go of holding on.
and i have begun not loving you.
Haleigh May 2
I will never be able to look at red paint the same way after that night

Okay story time. This may be triggering so don't say I didn't warn you. So one night after I threw away my blade I was falling and I wanted to cut. But as I didn't have a blade I couldn't so I grabbed a tube of red water color paint and I sorta faded out and when I came back I had red paint all over my arms and legs. With words painted on in black that read "if you knew how broken I was would you still love me?". So yeah that's my story.
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