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Behold the smooth transition of brushstrokes and bristles to the field of marigolds.
The sweet friction brought by divine hands, is the depth you were searching for.

And as the storm rolls in, high on the technicolor clouds, you take a moment to catch your breathe.
Next thing you know the rainbow wildfire blooms from the painted raindrops, setting the flowers ablaze.

It is a world created of mind made matter, and if you cannot see the parallels, then you lack the imagination!

Any fiction can carve its way into reality, that is the truth of all worlds.

That is the key, forge your ambitions and blow the doors wide open.
Thay say whole world is your canvas
Paint whatever you want
But no one's tell you
It has to be
Straight n perfect
Be my beautiful reader
On a blank space
    you were like the color yellow
as bright as the sun
that we share in this lifetime
       In open arms
  You have held me
while I was feeling blue
    together my love
Our green minds
   Made love
created another masterpiece
in this canvas of life
Mahal kita
July Gray Jun 12
from wanted to worthless
she didn't ask for this
they wanted a princess
she wanted the crown

they said they loved me
they said i was wanted
please if you please
she was Pretty in pink

now she's broken and beaten
and tossed to the side
America's golden girl,
wasted with pride

sometimes you win
and sometimes you lose
so defines life
you don't get to choose

she painted her face
with colors of the sky
got called a disgrace
whenever she walked by

Flowers can change
as flowers grow
people can do it too
I didn't mean to leave you

they said they loved me
they said i was wanted
please if you please
can i be Pretty without pink?

the world is trying to beat you,
to throw you aside,
but you've made it so far
hold your head up with pride
happy pride month losers!
yes. i am still active. sometimes. not often.
this is from a song im writing! i took out a few of the choruses bc the ratio of chorus:verse needs to be fixed and i think it makes more sense as a poem this way? idk lmk what you think <3

As I move over a grey road the feeling reveals itself,
I feel a tear form in my eye as I move further and further from home.
And as I move away from this happy place
A song is being sung, and you are it's lyrics.
The lyrics are your poetry, your love it's melody,
And your heartbeat is my home.


Underneath a fruitful tree I dream of you,
Your gaze fixated on mine, always and forever…
You're singing a song about our beautiful home,
And you paint my hands onto a canvas,
A rich and detailed canvas,
It imitates my every imperfection, but you move past them…
You love me.


While you can paint an imitation of me…
I am no painter, I cannot draw,
So here is our love in poetry.
My imitation is one of my heart,
An expression, an inherent truth.
Guide me to your soul, my Poppy,
There we'll stay. There we'll stay.


Here in this dream land once again,
A field of poppies, I take you there,
Sometime in time future.
There we'll kiss, there we'll exist.
We'll be present. You'll be in my arms.
For Poppy.
Lei Apr 29
Staring at the paint on my wall,
Colors of red, yellow, blue, black and all.
Different shapes, sizes, lines and angle.
Oh I wonder, how this masterpiece made in a paper so small.

When I stare at this paint,
I imagine I am inside that place.

Where the sky is dark and gloomy.
The sea is dark blue and shiny.
The buildings tall and bright,
As the people talk and ignite.

But the moon has finally came,
So I evaporated in this beautiful paint.
this poem is inspired of the paint my dad bought when he was on california. inside the paint is 9 planets and the san francisco bridge :> my dad knows how i really adore the galaxy.
Captain Trips Apr 27
the watercolor
clouds, they drift across the sky
paint the blue canvas
Paint your ink all over me
We’ll see how things go eventually
But I think I’m drawn to the way you breathe
To the way you see me

Pick me up like your paintbrush
Like a habit you’ve had though we just met last month
Now all I’m thinking ‘bout is us

We’ll get lost in conversation
The world’s so hurt but maybe we could change it
You know I’m drawn to the way you think
To the way we dream

Pick me up like your paintbrush
You know just how to hold me with the softest touch
And still make me feel so much
Brett Apr 3
Breathe in
Now count to ten
Ready your fingertips
Now softly stroke the pen,
Across the page

Don’t write the words
Paint for me
Falling autumn leaves a slight mahogany
Create the sky
Show me the technicolor dreams inside your mind

Call for thunder on stormy seas
Cupid’s arrow one snowy Christmas Eve
Make me believe
Now on my count,
Breathe out
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