The self is the spring of all things—
Of all emotions and feelings,
Of all wonders and dreaming;
Of all horrors and betrayals,
Of all evil and deceptive portrayals.

good and bad both
Tony Oquendo Aug 2014

I'd love to be an eagle, soaring through the sky!  Breathing in the heavens, an ever watchful eye.  Surfing all the currents, wings beating strong and proud  Witnessing a sunrise, high above the clouds.

I'd love to be a dolphin, gliding in the sea.  Jumping over waves, playing gleefully.  Racing with my pod full of life and song, chasing after sunsets to see what lies beyond.

I'd love to be a rabbit, I'd love to be a bear.  I'd love to be an owl with an ever watchful stare.  I'd love to be a monkey, swinging all around. I'd love to be a horse, racing on the ground!

I'd love to be these things and the greatest part of all, is knowing that I will, when asleep I fall

Donna Jones Dec 2017

A swan skims a pond
Lampposts brighten up walkway
Doors are everywhere

Earlier this evening I walked through park with 2 of my sons and we saw swan skim park pond it was lovely moment :)
Bye for nows x
sweet ridicule Nov 2017

furrowed eyebrows, dark brown like 80% dark chocolate
(and arching wind-blown tree trunks)
these songs are guttural
branching through my trachea like
sugar snap pea vines
erupting into my mouth
in the most untarnished manner you are
the grand canyon/the great barrier reef/mount everest
(natural wonders) and
nothing short of

Galbraith Frase Nov 2017

You're the code that I'm trying to figure out
You're the Pantone shades I'm trying to understand
You're the positivity and the doubt,
You're the missing element I want to cage a grand

I think I have mastered your patterns in crazy alternatives
That right now, I'm still arranging your unorganized buttons
I attempted to love you your likings, just to say that I am widely creative,
Though there are devilish and majestic counts for your respective reasons

Many mouths have delivered and said the same guilt of languages
Chaotic pasts and mayhems are hidden to remember
These wounds and emotions are no longer to be covered with classic bandages,
You're the holographic dream and the impossible to reach in all chambers

I have encountered broken  promises and I have trusted ranks of themes,
I guess we enjoyed the pride to where the roads will lead us to
Roses aren't that romantic as beautiful as they seem,
Orbs cannot unsee your inadequate schemes because boy, you're see through

My mind is floating twenty-four-seven like a gushing river,
Cues subsided in between unidentified hallucinations
Honestly, there are things that I insist to sugarcoat,
Scooping the factors that you have a bucket of reservations

Oftentimes, these glitches could appear in authentic waves
Feet are out of the box, searching for the valid sequence
My crumpled heart is the cursor and you're the file I still need to save,
This is the chronicle of how you became my iridescence

Which clasp am I going to choose and push then?
-- yours truly.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017

Can you kiss a mountain
when it falls to its knees?
Can a rose apologise for
growing strong?
Should the peacock weep
about its arrogant beauty?
Can you understand why
a caged bird sings?
Should dragons be blamed
for the suns in their throats?
Should the kraken sleep alone
in the depths?
Should I keep wondering why
I am that I am?

paperdoll Jul 2017

Her gaze had
where her heart
carried memories.
Her feet were
to the wonders of
To see a plant
where she never could
growing deep
with roots on foreign
Strange are life's
hidden treasures,
A mystery;
that love can be felt
while the heart is

- n. ib

Astre Wynd Jun 2017

Echo of wonders;
Unintended memories;
Maudlin mystery.

MU May 2017

Spring in the north
Fall in the south

Sky and seas, blue
Brown and green, lands

Sand on the shore,
Beneath the seas

Water on top
And under earth

Same heart that loves
Does also hate

Pain during birth
Release by death

Same child that cries
Shouts when grown up

Different skins
In different shades

Yet beneath them
Flesh, just the same

Different tongues
Different words

Yet all languages
Have ‘I love you

Wondrous world
Wonderful life

Yet we don’t much
Notice and care


Thinking about the seemingly little wonders in life...
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