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Fainche Nov 20
not because
you're experiencing
the peak of his love
doesn't mean that
he won't pour
his hatred
and anguish into you,
like a sudden
downpour of rain
in the middle
of the summer
Fainche Nov 20
why do people
always picked
the nearly thornless
and dull-colored flower
rather than a vibrant one
with lots of thorns like me?
siinli Nov 2
I admire how your light
Cast shadows in my heart
Like an endless poetry
Or a prose that may be.
Like a spark of light
in a wide oblivion
Take me to the muse
of your words
Take me to your
boundless thoughts
Let's get lost
to the wonders, and
fantasies of our hearts.
Let's get lost
to our words, and
Let's get lost
And never come back.
—Take me

baby suckles at her milky fingertips
sweet face of a new age smiling up at her
what wonders hide inside this tiny coffin?
death of the deathless,
seeds of fresh fire
sparks grow like flowers from lips
too small to speak
yet somehow she knows
child born of freedom and slavery,
you are her destiny,
you will set her free

growing to the beat of mother's heart,
swearing to yourself you never will depart
but lightning burning on a distant
battle ground
and when you look
it's nowhere to be found
light falls and you rise into the night
feeling all the stars that kiss your eyes
glowing deep within
body trembling with color and electricity,
gently it grows into a song
and you find that you can feel her
chanting inside of you again

woman walks outside to find
that everything is gone
and the world moves slowly,
all alone through the arms
of the endless, sparkling river
so she takes off all her clothes
and dances in the freedom
of a garden in the rain,
a garden of fire and singing stars
that burn so brightly that the night,
glowing like an unborn sun
in the **** of the wounded universe,
doesn't feel so dark anymore
jerelii Sep 25
as the day turn to grey
it leaves behind the sky
it becomes the past
and another day
to be glad
as the sun welcomes
you to hug
another opportunity
is waiting for you
to grab
with every routine
in the morning,
take it slow
and appreciate the
beauty of ***’s creation
as you deeply awaits it with awe
wherever you go,
there is everything in silence
when you look up in the sky
so calm and relax
moving forward slowly
and surely
taking you somewhere
that you’ve never been
or just here
being at the present moment of time
as the time arrives so fast,
take your pace to slow
and respect the full day
with glow in your eyes
that spark in the night
that shines so bright
and cease it
with a great life to be thankful for.
life is so beautiful to live with
if you learn to appreciate the beauty of everything, everywhere.

Sept 26,2018
Skye Aug 21
with you, i'll soar across the sky of wonders
without you, i'll drown in the sea of sadness
all i wanted was a little bit of love
from you- was that too much to ask?
maybe i was getting ahead of myself...
only voices,
and honoring cases
curing the sitting air.

violin in violets color.
shade's golden figure,
under the floral patterns.

and calm winds
that are flutes pipes
and thunders rumble.

earths quake.
damaging and denting
the dark places.

glory and glory,
glory.. and glory,
*** is Almighty.

choir flourishes
on humble stand
and sings to a mystery

an ancient anthology
born before the earth,
consuming elements.

wooden craft bending
the airflow, of
pure swamps tune.
Life Is Weird,
How it tends to sips deep into you,
Sometimes even when there is this doubt,
You just stay strong,
Because somewhere in you,
There is something saying it will be fine.
And tomorrow will never ends
Life is truly weird,
On how it makes you feel
even when many surrounds you,
as a friend nor lover,
You still feel a sense of loneliness
within your soul,
Life is Weird,
Sometimes even when you tried your best,
It end up in failure,
But only when you desire a true change
Will the star falls on your laps,
making you think is life truly a slaps?
Just another words passing by?
Life is weird,
So is Love,
When you say everything will be alright,
without her beside you,
You will started to miss her,
You will started to hear mumbles
from the air,
Maybe just maybe
Those words that sometimes looses your heart
Life is truly weird doesn't it?
A wind of change blew right true me
Alone under the moon
Just enjoying the scenery of the woods
As if the Trees are whistling in the distance
Whatever it is,
Deep in me still saying
I'll sway together away with this life,
Even if this journey does end up weird,
I Love it,
This Life
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Anne Jul 1
If I could go so far back,
To send a note that bears a fact,
That my past self shouldn't *****,
That I said I liked you from awhile back.

But knowing that you liked me back,
Gives me joy that I could *****,
I forgot to tell you that I still like you back,
And now you're headed towards the arms of another girl,

And now I regret and wonder of the things I should've done before.
Until this day I realized that there is no end of this suffering,
Day after day it still continues my sufferings,
From my past self the things I should've done
but I'm glad I didn't done it  
because _______________________________________________
you can figure out why
just comment or something
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