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Shadowhollow Sep 26
Sometimes I wonder if you’re waking dreams
Are about me
Because my wondering thoughts always
Wonder their way
Back to you
Lovelyn Eyo Sep 12
THE Omnipotent One
Makes one feel a
Potent change
For greater good

HE turns tears
Into ocean of joy
Always open HIS arms of love
To everyone of us
Needing any help

HIS power heals
HIS power seals
Every brokeness
Into wholeness
Every storm HE stills
They take cover
when they hear HIS voice
Bowing to HIS will

HIS power saves
Just as HIS love never ends
HIS love I crave
From beginning to the end
Cause HE is my Alpha to the end

THE Creator of life
THE Creator of you and me
Wonderfully changed my life
Power power is JESUS
All these
GOD has done for me

If you think
Am done with
All HE has done for me
You got it wrong
Tis only a Tip
Cause am just beginning
This I explain
For the depth of
HIS wonders
HIS power
In my life
And in life
has no ending
DivineDao Aug 14

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Joanna Jul 8
Watching outside, I see the sun begin to set.
Framing the horizon with a warm and misty
glow, I find myself, touched to my soul.

And as day becomes evening, I am filled
with delight, taking in an explosion of color
that will soon fade from sight.
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Aenri Sion Jun 30
My only job is to make you happy
Even though sometimes I become sloppy
Seeing you smile is a gift for me
My heart flutters, I'm in full glee

Impersonating cartoons
Making animal balloons
Are all the things that I do
Starting from daylight, ending in full moon

Kids and kids at heart
I've been with them from the start
If they are sad, wanting to break apart
They come to me and all will restart

However, there are times that they can't see
What is behind, what is happening to me
All the sadness and pain that I wanted to erase
In my heart, they all started to raise

The circle of thoughts and emotions
All coming out in different motions
Wanting me to break up, leading me destruction
Setting me away to a sadder direction

Although it comes, I won't let it be
Distract me from my thoughts or even hurt me
For their smile, whenever I see
The sadness and pain vanishes from me

For them, I promise to continue
The things that I do
Performing acts in circus show
That all the hearts would shine and glow
Aenri Sion Jun 29
At the center you could see

A huge cauldron that shines brightly

Full of colors gleaming playfully

Glistening off, far and free.


Look at it, be amazed

Be enthralled with every gaze

Popping bubbles, in a cauldron ablaze

Leyting you wonder, leaving you in daze.

Enchanting colors in primary

Adding of shades, analogously

Selection of colors in complementary

At the base of the cauldron it mixes wildly.


Come and you could tell

A cauldron that would let you dazzle

Gawking in awe as the eyes fell

Within the wonders and its marvel.
Nina Jun 26
Did you know?
When you left, i lost a part of myself
Did you know,
I've been crying myself to sleep everday,
I've been regretting every moment i couldn't control my feelings,
I've been thinking about you everyday,
I've been wanting to know how you are and what you're doing
I've been losing myself a little
I've been looking at your pictures
I've been trying to let you go but its impossible
I've been trying to hate you but i only fall deeper for you.

Did you know?
A month without you
Has made me lose myself.
Oh my little world
Tell me of risks in these twinkled eyes
Serenade passions of wrongs and rights
Shatter one's self with daylight's pride
Oh my little world
Where to, for peace from monsters that look alike
Where to, for strength to lift high this life
Oh my little world
Tell I of hope with silver linings
Help thou to make do with heaven's favours
Oh my little world
Carry I with thee to a world unseen
Summer time knows, of heated words
It's burning gleams and painful feels
It's unwanted endings and burnt out dreams
A validated life, by the changes of time
As winter cools not, but freezes all minds.

What a decision to comply upon
Of whether nature knows, its purpose
By feelings of fever, autumn decides
Now bonds are built with hallow seats
Leaving I, to reach for a life
The more life feeds
The more anger I create,
Humbly I cry for passage, through hard times
Devastation within ones mind.

I'm sourcing hope from unsure love
Begging reflections to adore little efforts
But a persons freedom blooms only from winnings
And I have kissed the devil, giving all my medals.

But anger not the doings of others
As I've learn't to kiss the dust walked on by false honors
So why seclude emotions that differ
When only hurt flowers upon both that whispers
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