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Ivy Chakma Jul 2023
I will love you when winters are old and summers are tired;
I will love you between all hours;
For my mind only wonders with you and what can I say about the heart, it’s fallen too.
dilshé Mar 2022
Amid the blue-eyed sky

& the sun-kissed sea

& the ethereal wonders -
held down by gravity...

beyond a blanket of night
- the great celestial mystery

& the unopen eye
of our ancestors history had the audacity
to discover boredom;
Mark Wanless Mar 2022
i am the dog that
sees and wonders to the end
and writes it all down
Erian Rose Dec 2021
I listen to your heart
Beat in rhythm to the rain
Pouring out somber melodies.
The world drapes silent,
Where your eyes sing
Meteor shower wonders.
It feels too much to grasp,
Tied to an endless
Invisible string around my palm.
Zywa Nov 2021
There are certainly people
living in fantastic cities
there, behind the mountains

Houses piled up
towers sevenfold
in the river, unworldly

rich with gold
which even upstream
silts upon the stones

where butterflies find flower pots
block after block, and leaves
for the caterpillars, their colours

a wonderful pattern
a familiar mystery
which the oracle does not explain

It is everywhere
if ever it should be lost
in the city of floods

and subsiding quays, which
in their collapse, can take none
of the wonders
"Eudoxia & Olinda" (2012, Aspasia Nasopoulou), for piano

"Le città invisibili" ("The invisible cities", 1972, Italo Calvino) about Venice

"Il Milione" ("The Million [Marvels]", 1300, Rustichello da Pisa) about Marco Polo (1254-1324)

Collection "org anp ark" #180
Mark Wanless Jul 2021
the wonder of spring
nothing but an empty mind
truly deeply is
Bardo Jun 2021
Do you remember the sweetness long ago
The sweet sweet Ambrosia that used to flow
Way back in the beginning, in the very early years of your life
Sweeter than the sweetest Honey off the comb
That used radiate like living colours inside of you
That used fill your mind and all your senses
Giving you a huge natural high
Leaving you in awe and in Wonderland.
Can you remember...can you remember back that far ?

Do you remember your parents trying to coax you to eat
Your carrots and your greens, saying
"Eat up now, they'll make you big and strong"
And do you remember you resisting, thinking
"I don't want to eat this stuff, it has no taste, it's like eating cardboard"
There was only one thing the very young child wanted to eat
Yeah! Sugar and other sugary things, sweets, chocolate and ice cream...
Anything to remind him of that sweet Ambrosia inside
Of that wondrous world within, where he came from.

Do you remember being out all day playing
And then being called in for your dinner
And how you felt - Dinner, huh! it was nothing but a tiresome chore
You felt you didn't even need it
That you could easily do without it
That you had something else inside that was worth much much more.

A lady I knew died, she used feel very empty inside
She used eat sugary things all the time
But sadly she learned to her cost
The sugar of this world is no Ambrosia.
Now I'm not a killjoy LoL, I like my sugary things too from time to time as a treat but not too much. And there's loads of non-sugar sweet things now with healthier sugar substitutes. Again I have vivid memories of the above.
To see You in victory
Regardless of my brokenness,
For You are my one thing.


War is a good language;
For in every war, there's always a victory --
A victory in a Name that's above all other names.

The Name who's good at defending,
Who's good at perfecting,
In drawing closer those hearts that are calling for help.
Those who plead and trust only Him.

The strengthening of the Lord covers all ages,
It's a transformation from inside out
And it's through the breath of life.

We listen to His voice like lullabies in our ears.
We need not pretend that we are strong by ourselves,
To stop taking the first steps
But instead, allow Him to take us to His ways.

When John saw the revealed Jesus;
He no longer is the wounded One,
But He is seen as the resurrected One.

Maybe we've been trying out too many schemes
And our strategies always lead us to an end --
The dead-end of our lives.

But tonight, God wants to remind you
That your ending is the new beginning
And that Jesus already died for you and me.

His death became the beginning
Of exchanging meaning of what "victory" is all about.
A beginning that sprouts like a new leaf;
A beginning living in His testimony.

He says, "Come up here and see."
See it for yourself;
Because the Lord already prepared a banquet.

Jesus has the invitation to see Him,
To experience His salvation, His blessings
And so we can be filled with wonders and awe once again.
God is just waiting.
Hebrews 12:1-3 (NIV)

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.
FC Azaele May 2021
The taste of butter
The shade of green —
All is a wonder as they seem —
The first taste of wine,
the feel from the textures of the vines,
and how sand slips through my fingers
brushing away as the wind lingers
Feeling my cheeks, a tender stroke —
It was... all a wonder —
Feeling through the woods, wearing my silk coat
Far out the distance, I hear the water stream
How it sings so beautifully, no ounce of demean
Life is all...
                      A wonder.
Pause once in a while and be amazed by the wonders and graces that God has poured on to thee.
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