paperdoll Jul 15

Her gaze had
where her heart
carried memories.
Her feet were
to the wonders of
To see a plant
where she never could
growing deep
with roots on foreign
Strange are life's
hidden treasures,
A mystery;
that love can be felt
while the heart is

- n. ib

By Cognoscentus on June 11, 2017
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Very gripping work of fiction, partly inspired by the authors own heroic journey of survival and triumph. Extremely well written. Real, yet creative.

Have a look:

I thank you for your words. I respect your privacy, dear Cognoscentus, but I would love to personally thank you for the compliments.

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Astre Wynd Jun 5

Echo of wonders;
Unintended memories;
Maudlin mystery.

MU May 4

Spring in the north
Fall in the south

Sky and seas, blue
Brown and green, lands

Sand on the shore,
Beneath the seas

Water on top
And under earth

Same heart that loves
Does also hate

Pain during birth
Release by death

Same child that cries
Shouts when grown up

Different skins
In different shades

Yet beneath them
Flesh, just the same

Different tongues
Different words

Yet all languages
Have ‘I love you

Wondrous world
Wonderful life

Yet we don’t much
Notice and care


Thinking about the seemingly little wonders in life...
Vexren4000 Apr 20

Monuments of long gone eras,
Pyramids, the sphinx, Egypt itself,
Its ivory grandeur ground away,
By desert dust,
The hanging gardens of Babylon
Whispered of in fables lost to the ages,
Its location muddied and forgotten,
Atlantis most likely swallowed by the sea,
Barbarians burned the Library of Alexandria,
To dominate and control,
Ancient wonders of the human race,
Of nature and of man,
Faded into the earth's crust,
Lost to the ages,
And to humanity.

Tay Apr 18

Going somewhere I want to leave
Gone gone gone
I'm going places unknown to man
Not seen by the naked eye I'm going to see World mysteries I'm
Going to see phenomens small and big
I'm going to see something even better
I'm going home and
Seeing my family

Family is always more important! :-)
Peter Balkus Mar 6

Waiting for Spring,
if Her wonders
are waiting for me.


Katy Miles Mar 2

why look upon the stars
when your eyes hold the same light?
i sail along glistening seas
until i'm lost, out of sight
look for the seventh wonder
through the day and through the night

years pass; i grow weak.

why listen to the sea
when i can hear you speak?
without warning, waves grow violent
shattering me, a deafening shriek

why try to brave the storm
when my heart's been tossed asunder?
it was only when you gazed at her
that i found the seventh wonder.

Kath Oct 2016

I like pretending I'm infinite.
Nothing can touch me.
Nothing can stop me.
Nothing can hold me back.
I move through the clouds.
I connect the constellations with my bare hands.
The wonders don't stop.
The happiness doesn't stop.
Only the hurt.


AD Fox Spirit Sep 2016

Oh miss mother you take on all the pain of the world,
And you put it upon your shoulders.

You always feel like your not good enough,
You always try your A+ best.
You push all of your limits,
Even though you already have reached them.

You let your love flow over your children,
You want them to know that they are loved.

Mother dear,
Those sweat and tears are not just for you,
But their for your children to.

A Mother Poem, perhaps?
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