dina 1d
the ocean is so idolized
she's what everyone wants to be

she can be patient and thinking
sitting still like a mirror
reflecting the great blue sky

she can be strange and esoteric
lurking like the creatures beneath
hiding dark and obscure wonders

she can be turbulent and rioting
frothing with intense emotion
howling in distress about her pains

the ocean's variety of personalities
can be seen in all the world's people
maybe that's why we like her so much
if we like her so much why do we keep dumping trash in her :(
Eric Angels May 24

they don’t know in our world we fly and angels walk
They think us silent but our hearts talk


it’s a world where only you and I reside
Nobody else knows of it besides
There is only love and us inside


in our world the unicorn is real
When we ride and fly I see the thrill
In your eyes


people think magic carpets don’t exist
It’s a fiction highlighted in Aladdin
Well then, tell them how I got you on cloud nine


baby your body features are like famous landmarks
And that’s why I’ll always love you to the max
Like the pair of dimples on your face love we match


you are the only girl who uses fairy dust for make up
You shine brighter than all the stars I see when I look up
And we share the most amazing love


people dream about heaven,
that’s where I stay
Your kisses, hugs, love and
Angel wings,
They take me there,
Told them I don’t need oxygen to live coz in our world love is in the air
PoserPersona May 24
This bridge spans two worlds... No, two realities, though where gone?!
Mirrors the mythological beauty of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Endorsing the clout and stoicism of Zeus's Statue on Mount Olympus
Parallels the grieving love that built the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
Evokes the envy of the world as did the Great Library of Alexandria
Rescues forlorn souls, unrivaled since the Lighthouse of Alexandria
Embodies Giza's Pyramid's genius and their incorporated golden ratios
Shorter lived and more vulnerable than the Colossus of Rhodes

      Most impressive, though, is that this bridge was only built by two
         Abandoned the 8th wonder of the ancient world... Dare who?

Horatius Cocles, sole guardian of its last half, despairs at the disrepair.  
  Mind forever enveloped and enthralled by shadow's legendary glare!

Horatius Cocles, despondent, knowing that glory days are long lost, 
  but more so bearing knowledge that Venus will never once more cross!

Horatius Cocles, tortured by this bridge, yet impotent to torch it ablaze.
   Disabled evermore by visceral love, yet would do it all the same.
"'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." -Alfred Lord Tennyson
Out of the womb into the microwave,
transforms you into a mindless slave.

Diet soda, chips with dip and a bucket of KFC,
sit next to me.
Black holes for eyes absorbant as a sponge to the colors in view.
The colors come to collide,
To whisper a message to my mind.
A message consisting of anime girls and talking animals,
not what people would call manly,
but it is a guilty pleasure,
so spare me the commentary.

So as I was saying,
I lay unmoving,
Licking my greasy fingers like a fat fuck,
strapped down to my living room chair,
whilst the colours penetrated through my eye hole,
cutting deep into my soul.
Sucking out my mother fucking brain,
clearing reality out and washing it down the drain,
The conditioning from the wash has left me braindead,
painted a picture I don't understand but I will remember what it has said.

of dreams and wonders,
grab me by the hand,
and whisp me off to wonderland.
It takes me,
Like a reaper,
out of my body,
to an obscure,
painting a picture,

Living in a world of simultaneous information,
Crawling inside and taking away my perception,
a part of me is taken away.
They have,
Taken my eyes, so I can't see
Taken my ears, so I can't hear
Taken my heart, so I can't feel,
Taken my mind, so I can't think.

Out of the womb into the microwave,
transforms you into a mindless slave.
What did I just write

Do you believe in fairy tales?
In sappy sugar coated dreams?
Do you live a life of illusion
where nothing is as it seems?
What fun it must be
to dance among ginger bread houses
Hand-in-hand up the hill
Best of friends and as spouses
Where the food is just right
and your bed feels like air
In straw and wood houses
and life’s always fair

In this perfect Utopia
you reside in your home
A warm place that’s inviting
and you’re never alone
Nostalgic memories
of Grandma’s house pondering
or trips through the forest
No set plan, just out wandering
Amazing fortuitous scenarios
A piece of clothing forgotten
Somehow equals true love
And of course it’s Prince Charming
Or perhaps it’s the one
where all it took was a kiss
And changed back from a toad
What an amazing wish

A fool you must think I am
to believe such nonsense
But I could dive head first into the pool
and still be frightened and tense
See, I think you’ll agree
Even in Never Never Land
Exists horrible threats
Things not always going as planned

Humpty might have his dance
but he still fell off the wall
Everyone tried
Even King’s Horses they called
A shattered egg he remained
of scattered tiny pieces
The contradictions carry on
seemingly it never ceases
For the town stopped coming
Even when cries of “wolf” became real
“What big eyes and teeth!” you said
As he ate you for a meal
Still he wasn’t done
His revenge he finally took
With a bellowing blast of air
Those house of pigs’ shook
Hay gave away first
floating along like tumbleweeds
Then wood framing exploded and splintered
Stabbing shards making pigs bleed

Next an anonymous tip
on the crime stoppers hot line
And the bear police showed up
Arresting Goldilocks just in time
A recent spree of break-ins
had the neighborhood rattled
Her accomplice, the Wolf
but she ditched him so he tattled
Spotted Hansel and Gretel
on their stroll in the woods
So he called the Old Witch
Knew she’d take care of them for good
Then he climbed up on the hill
There he sat patiently waiting
When Jack and Jill came up the hill
confirmed the brother and sister were dating
Saw them kiss and it grossed him out
So upset he nearly lost his lunch
With two swift kicks they fell down the hill
Their bones he heard crack and crunch

You can sell the Brooklyn Bridge
but I’m not the one who’s gonna buy it
Karma doesn’t always pay it’s due
Sometimes it’s good-guys who get bit
Fairy tales are for infant minds
Only those so young believe
Must be innocent and pure
Somewhat gullible and naive
Those long in the tooth
Perhaps like you and as is me
Life’s made us jaded and aloof
Shut off possibility
Dreamers appear to us as silly
and not set in time and place
But they are the ones whose minds are open
Challenges are easier for them to face
For when we close up our minds
and that part of us begins to shut down
It kills inspiration and creativity
Our thoughts are rigid; Our mind is bound
Life is full of awe and wonder
Not always fitting perfectly into a box
But the best thoughts come outside of it
Be a thinker; Shed those locks

Written: March 19, 2018

All rights reserved.
far beyond

she looks to the moon

thinking deep thoughts

about this mysterious lune.

she wonders

if the moon could be wished on

instead of a star

and would it take long?
The leftover of wonders in my heart
remain silent for long
somewhat tranquilizes the ignorance
of pain, of death and of betrayals
but one day it'd turned out to be
something really indifferent;
a supernova of little drops of water
under the power of subliminal soul
explosion of glittery violet's and blue's
bringing you into the 5th dimension
of drastically beautiful disaster.
the leftover of wonders in my heart
remained silent for too long
Solaces Mar 5
The shop of Little Wonders. Found with a hum that one can only dream of.  A song about how small things have a big effect on the world around us.  Today the lady bugs arrive with gifts of summer magic to this mini shop of little wonders under the grass.  

The Sun wax candle:
This candle has no wick.. But it still can be lit..  It is made out of sun wax.  Once lit the flame will float above the sun wax.  The flame will sustain the day so long as it is lit. A strong magic.  Only ones with true fire can light it....

The Spinner of forgotten time:
Looks much like a fidget spinner.  Created by lost time and time that flies by when you are having fun.  Can be spun once a day to stop time for 10 seconds.  Once spun the Spinner of forgotten time turns into a small galaxy to rearrange time in this galaxy.  A very strong magic.  Only those who have held the needles of time can spin it.
I was in this strange little shop in my dreams last night. I swear I was asleep for 2 days!
we are not infinite.

We tend to forget that
we die.

Our existence is a cycle.

We are not infinite.

Yet, the things we
The lives we

I like to think that those things are.

Just like, the ocean
and the sky
and nature.

Like the universe.

I like to believe that,
by watching the sunrise,
or the sunset,
by camping,
or planting a tree,
I like to believe that
THAT'S how we become

Becoming one with our surroundings.


Appreciating and taking care.

Learning, creating.

That's the way we become immortal.

We leave a mark, a trace,
a piece of our souls.

And so we keep on living...
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