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Skye Aug 21
with you, i'll soar across the sky of wonders
without you, i'll drown in the sea of sadness
all i wanted was a little bit of love
from you- was that too much to ask?
maybe i was getting ahead of myself...
only voices,
and honoring cases
curing the sitting air.

violin in violets color.
shade's golden figure,
under the floral patterns.

and calm winds
that are flutes pipes
and thunders rumble.

earths quake.
damaging and denting
the dark places.

glory and glory,
glory.. and glory,
God is Almighty.

choir flourishes
on humble stand
and sings to a mystery

an ancient anthology
born before the earth,
consuming elements.

wooden craft bending
the airflow, of
pure swamps tune.
Life Is Weird,
How it tends to sips deep into you,
Sometimes even when there is this doubt,
You just stay strong,
Because somewhere in you,
There is something saying it will be fine.
And tomorrow will never ends
Life is truly weird,
On how it makes you feel
even when many surrounds you,
as a friend nor lover,
You still feel a sense of loneliness
within your soul,
Life is Weird,
Sometimes even when you tried your best,
It end up in failure,
But only when you desire a true change
Will the star falls on your laps,
making you think is life truly a slaps?
Just another words passing by?
Life is weird,
So is Love,
When you say everything will be alright,
without her beside you,
You will started to miss her,
You will started to hear mumbles
from the air,
Maybe just maybe
Those words that sometimes looses your heart
Life is truly weird doesn't it?
A wind of change blew right true me
Alone under the moon
Just enjoying the scenery of the woods
As if the Trees are whistling in the distance
Whatever it is,
Deep in me still saying
I'll sway together away with this life,
Even if this journey does end up weird,
I Love it,
This Life
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Anne Jul 1
If I could go so far back,
To send a note that bears a fact,
That my past self shouldn't crack,
That I said I liked you from awhile back.

But knowing that you liked me back,
Gives me joy that I could crack,
I forgot to tell you that I still like you back,
And now you're headed towards the arms of another girl,

And now I regret and wonder of the things I should've done before.
Until this day I realized that there is no end of this suffering,
Day after day it still continues my sufferings,
From my past self the things I should've done
but I'm glad I didn't done it  
because _______________________________________________
you can figure out why
just comment or something
dina Jun 21
the ocean is so idolized
she's what everyone wants to be

she can be patient and thinking
sitting still like a mirror
reflecting the great blue sky

she can be strange and esoteric
lurking like the creatures beneath
hiding dark and obscure wonders

she can be turbulent and rioting
frothing with intense emotion
howling in distress about her pains

the ocean's variety of personalities
can be seen in all the world's people
maybe that's why we like her so much
if we like her so much why do we keep dumping trash in her :(
Eric Angels May 24

they don’t know in our world we fly and angels walk
They think us silent but our hearts talk


it’s a world where only you and I reside
Nobody else knows of it besides
There is only love and us inside


in our world the unicorn is real
When we ride and fly I see the thrill
In your eyes


people think magic carpets don’t exist
It’s a fiction highlighted in Aladdin
Well then, tell them how I got you on cloud nine


baby your body features are like famous landmarks
And that’s why I’ll always love you to the max
Like the pair of dimples on your face love we match


you are the only girl who uses fairy dust for make up
You shine brighter than all the stars I see when I look up
And we share the most amazing love


people dream about heaven,
that’s where I stay
Your kisses, hugs, love and
Angel wings,
They take me there,
Told them I don’t need oxygen to live coz in our world love is in the air
PoserPersona May 24
This bridge spans two worlds... No, two realities, though where gone?!
Mirrors the mythological beauty of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Endorsing the clout and stoicism of Zeus's Statue on Mount Olympus
Parallels the grieving love that built the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
Evokes the envy of the world as did the Great Library of Alexandria
Rescues forlorn souls, unrivaled since the Lighthouse of Alexandria
Embodies Giza's Pyramid's genius and their incorporated golden ratios
Shorter lived and more vulnerable than the Colossus of Rhodes

      Most impressive, though, is that this bridge was only built by two
         Abandoned the 8th wonder of the ancient world... Dare who?

Horatius Cocles, sole guardian of its last half, despairs at the disrepair.  
  Mind forever enveloped and enthralled by shadow's legendary glare!

Horatius Cocles, despondent, knowing that glory days are long lost, 
  but more so bearing knowledge that Venus will never once more cross!

Horatius Cocles, tortured by this bridge, yet impotent to torch it ablaze.
   Disabled evermore by visceral love, yet would do it all the same.
"'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." -Alfred Lord Tennyson
Out of the womb into the microwave,
transforms you into a mindless slave.

Diet soda, chips with dip and a bucket of KFC,
sit next to me.
Black holes for eyes absorbant as a sponge to the colors in view.
The colors come to collide,
To whisper a message to my mind.
A message consisting of anime girls and talking animals,
not what people would call manly,
but it is a guilty pleasure,
so spare me the commentary.

So as I was saying,
I lay unmoving,
Licking my greasy fingers like a fat fuck,
strapped down to my living room chair,
whilst the colours penetrated through my eye hole,
cutting deep into my soul.
Sucking out my mother fucking brain,
clearing reality out and washing it down the drain,
The conditioning from the wash has left me braindead,
painted a picture I don't understand but I will remember what it has said.

of dreams and wonders,
grab me by the hand,
and whisp me off to wonderland.
It takes me,
Like a reaper,
out of my body,
to an obscure,
painting a picture,

Living in a world of simultaneous information,
Crawling inside and taking away my perception,
a part of me is taken away.
They have,
Taken my eyes, so I can't see
Taken my ears, so I can't hear
Taken my heart, so I can't feel,
Taken my mind, so I can't think.

Out of the womb into the microwave,
transforms you into a mindless slave.
What did I just write
far beyond

she looks to the moon

thinking deep thoughts

about this mysterious lune.

she wonders

if the moon could be wished on

instead of a star

and would it take long?
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