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Erian Rose May 21
Her palm was a guide
lightning bugs stitched in the stars
seldom Apr 14
it's our laughter that
bound us;
the moment of camaraderie
new friendship being born
unsure whether this'll be thorn
or storm
and i sat there, torn
unsure where to go from here
a welcoming clasp
palm on palm, fingers
coiled around one another
a peace treaty, a clap of agreement
a silent pact between us
" i gotchu"
a " thank you"
a smile here
a couple more there
am offer for selfless help
and pride in me
pride in you
that forged out friendship
and i thank you
for all your help
all of it.
(C) Elissar Mustapha, 4 Feb- 5 Feb 2019
I’m forgetting the touch of palm
I’m forgetting touch of human
I’m forgetting the power of touch
I’m forgetting touch of will

only living is living inside closed doors
only living is living with hands washed long
only living is living within limits of the walls

For on the surface is always served living cell(virus).

I’m trying reflection flat and clean on surface,
I’m trying new doors and windows to be locked and sealed
I’m trying for things to not change much yet, it's being months and years I haven’t, purlieu and talk a lot.

I sit home just to tell something and I’m not so excited
Because I have a worry, with a trace returning with every cough,
just like something might happen and it's as bad as it is the feeling
that if I stay with you, you will die.

In my entire life, It pains me to imagine-Living with the Living Cell(VIRUS)
Dying is Living, Living was our choice, which we ….?
Das Lied des Bettlers (“The Beggar’s Song”)
by Rainer Maria Rilke
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

I live outside your gates,
exposed to the rain, exposed to the sun;
sometimes I’ll cradle my right ear in my right palm;
then when I speak my voice sounds strange, alien ...

I'm unsure whose voice I’m hearing:
mine or yours.
I implore a trifle;
the poets cry for more.

Sometimes I cover both eyes
and my face disappears;
there it lies heavy in my hands
looking peaceful, unafraid,
so that no one would ever think
I have no place to lay my head.

Originally published by Better Than Starbucks (where it was a featured poem, appeared on the first page of the online version, and earned a small honorarium)

Original text:

Das Lied des Bettlers

Ich gehe immer von Tor zu Tor,
verregnet und verbrannt;
auf einmal leg ich mein rechtes Ohr
in meine rechte Hand.
Dann kommt mir meine Stimme vor,
als hätt ich sie nie gekannt.

Dann weiß ich nicht sicher, wer da schreit,
ich oder irgendwer.
Ich schreie um eine Kleinigkeit.
Die Dichter schrein um mehr.

Und endlich mach ich noch mein Gesicht
mit beiden Augen zu;
wie's dann in der Hand liegt mit seinem Gewicht
sieht es fast aus wie Ruh.
Damit sie nicht meinen ich hätte nicht,
wohin ich mein Haupt tu.

Keywords/Tags: German, Rainer Maria Rilke, translation, beggar, song, rain, sun, ear, palm, voice, gate, gates, door, doors, outside, exposure, poets, trifle, pittance, eyes, face, cradle, head, loneliness, alienation, solitude, no place to lay one's head (like Jesus Christ)
Fleur Feb 20
Imagine we broached bulbs,
It’s just a flower,
Pink and purple; a sickle shower

No reason to wander now
It’s right here
I dug the hole; a triple tier

I think I’d like a lilly-fan
We’re too south
What a shame; ran my mouth

Redwoods up north, even pine
Just palm tree pews
Ficus freeways in the news

Lovely lotus and cactus blooms
Lead with latter
Too lazy for symmetric attar
Cacti curious.
annh Feb 19
A single feather falls
- down to earth -
through filtered light and liquid forest air,
landing softly in the palm of my hand,
a silver teardrop, a song, a memory;
the echo of a startled kererū.

E koekoe te tūī, e ketekete te kākā, e kūkū te kererū.
Not back - just visiting. Miss y’all!
Have just started Te Reo Māori classes. The last line translates as: ‘The tūi chatters, the parrot gabbles, the wood pigeon coos.’
angel dust Jan 5
what wonders exist,
                    i imagine,
                            behind your eyes?

what wonders exist
          the palm of your hand?

                        it would be miraculous
          if those wonders
your lips.
Donna May 2019
Coconut shampoo
and conditioner! Today
I’m a lush palm tree
Me and my fambo love coconut shampoo and conditioner x anyway inspired me to think of lovely palm trees , so today I’m a palm tree :-)
Nimrod kiptoo Apr 2019
there is beauty and peace in palm trees
as there is loneliness in a summer garden.
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