I am not who I seem
I am not a good thing
I am million broken pieces
I am an empty evil thing
I am a wall built around myself
I am protecting the things hidden
I have a million different masks
To hid a thousand fears
I have buried so deep
I will never find myself
I am not who I seem
I am not a good thing
I am a million broken pieces
Of a boy never seen

Jessica 3d

Hi, hello, good morning
Hi, hello, I miss you
Hi, hello, look at me
Hi hello I love you
Hi hello

Leila Shearer Dec 2016

Inscribed upon silk
Is your raw humanity.

Lessons have taught
That such delicacies
Cannot be caught.

Unless uncovered
From the tomb
In which truth lies.


Intro: (in progress)
Never a doubt, So Certain my hope
Only imagined once in a life
Regret not those things done
Surely and well  

Hiding behind Songs
I cried, wailed, and whispered,
Yet such agony burning
Our stone altar flamed

Chorus:  (In Progress)
Helplessly hopeful, Ran straight to my Winter,
Mirror- ball silently spinning my Fate
Relentless, and dancing, Glanced I the glamour,
Future so fine, mystery awaits

Left yourself, jagged: torn open, sad, gone
Nothing is over,Lay it all down

Just this one favor:
Feathers, talons, my weapons,
Broken on One rock Sunday
Sun melted All away

Helplessly hopeful,
Ran straight to you, my Winter,
Disco ball spun out
Dead silent reply

Centuries pass, glaciers
Melted and moved on:
Please stitch this wound
So we can fly

Nothing else to say, I don't do structure too often, gave it half a care on this, but still working on this one.
Vergil 4d

every move i make is violent.

i viciously rip my headphones from my pocket,
tear paper from its bindings with clawed fingers.
i toss and turn,
i drool and spit.

people ask why my bones creak
like the rotting foundation of an old house,
why my hands are never clean
no matter how long i wash them.

i keep my mouth shut.
i go about my business.
no one needs to know why
my eyes are never still,
why i jitter and shake.

but there's a thickness in my chest that contorts itself,
twisting around my lungs
and weaving through my ribs.
it threatens to burst into the air,
feeding on the horror onlookers feel
when they see the me that is not human.
the reason why.

i am starved.
i want to feel dirty,
to squeeze myself in both hands
and feel my humanity ooze out from between my fingers.
the thickness in my chest grows restless,
and my bones continue to creak.

i remain silent.

miguel Nov 14

i will love
you. i

know you
are hiding some-
where. for-

ever so far,
it is still
out there.

this is a play on lineation. i hope you find the deeper meanings.
Middy Nov 13

im hidden behind your phone screens
my only image of me
is a shade of a depressing grey
my hair hidden by a hood
my eyes were hidden too
behind my dark sunglasses

do you know me?
do i know you?
no one truly knows
i am not dangerous
like a tiger in the woods
or an aligator in the swamps
i am merely a nobody
a loser
a girl

but no one knows my name
probably for the best.

Nick Huber Nov 11

Our love was like a tablecloth.
White, pleated, and stuffed away for special occasions.
You wouldn't let me take it out, half the time.
I'm clumsy, and you didn't want me to paint it red.
Just let it's gleaming brightness adorn our table.
But keep it hidden.
As for special occasions, I can name three:

One-- The day I met you, while the flowers bloomed outside.

Two-- When we walked beneath the city lights, all in the dark of night.

Three-- The day you left, disappeared from my sight.

So today I'll bring it out...
That white pleated tablecloth,
You're not here, so I guess, I'll paint it red.

Quinn Nov 10

His heart was in the highlands
and mine was down by the sea.
Although we were different in every way,
I felt as though he was the one for me.

I gave him my heart,
I poured out my soul
I trusted him completely
and now in my chest, he has left a hole.

I felt betrayed and depressed,
but I forgave him all the same,
believing the fault was mine
and that he was not to blame.

My wrists are now bleeding,
staining my shirt red,
I know not keep my heart on my sleeve,
and hidden in my chest instead.

In case you ever see this Highlander, just know I have been hurt, I don't trust you, no matter how much I want to. I can't.
Eliah SolRae Nov 10

(L)ovely, you are as beautiful as the stars.
(O)paque, your skin is soft and alluring.
(V)ow I vow we will be together forever.
(E)xcite, you set my body tingling.

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