You don't know the demons he's fighting,
You don't know,
You don't know.
You don't know the pain she's feeling,
You don't know,
You don't know.
You don't know inside they're dying,
You don't know,
You don't know.

{ e.i }

Save them before it's too late.

My words fill you with emotions
The very depth of your soul aches for understanding
Yet no one sees the shallow waters we make
Never get to taste the salt we live in

To see the sky turn red
And fall to the ground in a pile of ash
We seek not the future of salvation
But the relief of our present

I'm crying right now..
That is why I'm letting my words ensnare
No one can heal this ache
No presence can fill the void

Ask us not for our sovereign grace
The shallow pools help so much
Feeling something rather than nothing
The only way for us to feel alive

Alec Jul 15

Perhaps the reason of why we hide
Behind our many masks
Comes more from the inside
The hidden does not speak
The hidden does not feel
A mask can be bent and broken
Take the blunt force of your opponent
Meanwhile you are safe
Watching, waiting, just to see
Is it safe to come out,
Or will they hurt me?

Nicole Jul 14

She is a tsunami,
A giant tidal wave of pure destruction.
At first glance you don’t see much,
for her long dark hair cloaks her face
and she dresses
almost as if she doubts her own existence.
Keeping to herself.
But if she looks up,
one look into her eyes of grey stormy weather,
and you see her whole twisted past.
She draws you in,
with whispers of a deep sadness
that begs to be relieved.
And you crave to hold this broken angel,
to wipe her tears,
and soften her sobs of agony.
But she knows who she is,
what she is.
So that when you get close,
you are pushed away.
No matter how hard you cling to her back.
She is destruction
and she fears destroying you
so she destroys herself.

Batool Jul 5

sometimes i wonder ...
if you read the words i write
understand the ones my pen fails
to compose on paper ...
or if you ever find yourself hidden between the lines ...
know it's always been about you !!

Porto Jul 3

I can almost expect
What you're worth to me
The search for something I care about
Leads me to consider some like you

To be honest, you're a bit of a plaything,
Some little dolly I can twist
To make me happy, one
Bird in the light's chorus

So the vanity in me congratulates you, you're in, that which I'm sure about
In my garden of the could've-beens
Where all is shelved and warm and no longer offensive

You can be great there, one of the best
And walk through the grass, the fountains of instinct
And meet the others who came before
As though you cared

There, you can taste the sweetness
Of pollen I scatter, brush past currents on the wind I send to ruffle your hair
Cus it should be displayed,
Hear the laughter of girls in the painted summer
And appreciate me

Nadia Jul 3

What evil lays in these woods i see
Luring all innocence to its immortality
Forcing me to possess thoughts of anxiety
Leaving no space for the likes of serenity
Slowly taking over my mentality

Janae Jul 2

your name tickles my tongue
lips quivering like it stung
hidden message in my eyes
to know that if my heart breaks
it shouldn't be a surprise

Hope Jul 1

Singing poetic melodies of death,

and life through whispers among truthful lies,

waves of pure bliss sent with each frail breath,

I wander to dreamless sleep in your eyes.

A cold chilling glow and solitude deep,

embraced in beautiful light so divine,

Dressed in midnight's silk, whilst our world does sleep,

solace in emptiness on us you shine.

But as dawn breaks, dear moon, you fade away,

Broken, you dissolve into the pale skies.

Although now hidden, in our hearts you stay,

as the sun's bittersweet rays in disguise.

You betray our weak hearts, dearest moonlight,

yet still we wait for your embrace at night.

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