In the midst
of waxing and waning,
of breezes that blow
in and out,
cool and hot,
you will still find me
in the same places
you left me.

Though seasons pass,
you will find me.
You will find me
in memories,
in touches
in things
that are less physical
and more intangible

I will be waiting
with red roses on my lips
and poetry in my mind
images of me
like I was painted
with darkness
on the backs of your eye lids
with all the things
you never saw
in my plain eyes
because I hid them deep
within an armored heart

I was for you
even when you thought
guilt laid heavy
upon my chest
I was innocent
and never once did I leave
I stayed here
or there
or where ever
you buried me

in books, under papers
in turtle shells
and dusty bones
on piano tops
inside boxes and prose
I stayed there
until you found me again
hiding in the darkened
corners of your room
losing my face
to dusty memory

fading only
because of what you swore
you would never see
nor hear me speak again
but I am still there
in all those things
and I'm sorry
I can't erase myself

enough to bring you peace.

You will never understand how sorry I am for the upheaval I have caused in your life over the last two years. Perhaps I give my discord too much credit, but I never did bring you happiness.

You are in the world but aren't really seen
and exist there behind a hidden screen.
Whatever that is seen no matter where
can't look back knowing that You are there.

You stay hidden in Your secret place
and look out at everything in space
that is known to be forever changing
which is why it's very wide ranging.

You come and go when the time is right
and avoid being seen in one's sight;
not wishing to reveal to them who
are thereby in the body caged too.

You remain out of all the limelight
that is at times so dazzlingly bright
where other people will not see You
yet from within all You do look through.

You have assumed many an identity
which are all shadows of One Reality,
thus displaying in Your imagination
all the vast live universe and creation.

You have to return to your pristine state
when people go to sleep and aren't awake.
This follows that very well known course
of all things which go back to their source.

You keep a low profile in the background
so unwilling there to be known or found
by quietly minding Your own business
as the unseen observer Consciousness.

Written in 2016.
Little Azaleah Jan 2015

My room.
Filled with things that I adore.
Captured memories within frames.
Books filled with many lives I've lived,
and still yet to born.
The closed boxes in the corners, in the dark, (trying to be) forgotten
Of memories I can't fathom.

My room, my sanctuary.
Where the facade breaks.
Where tears falls freely.
Where I lie bare.
Free from lies and expectations.
With the wish of a love that is honest.

{ E.I }

Nathan A 5d

My body has hidden trauma
In the eyes of passersby, I'm fine.
No visible signs of the fight I undertake.

They don't see the tears flow like a river
The repressed shouting of self hatred
Crimson cries of the conflict from self inflicted wounds.

Hidden behind a layer of clothes and skin
Hides the monster within, the one that causes the pain....

Of going twelve rounds with myself

Debanjana Saha Apr 15

Being a wildflower its not so easy as it may seem
its always unfit among all the weeds
and the beautiful flowers which leads..
Wildflower somewhere hidden
and never to be found ever again..
I wish the wildflower could bloom just for once
To feel all the feelings just for once
and never had to hide in solace!

Story of a wildflower which never seems to fit in...

Don't discuss
Your sexuality!
Don't reveal
Your true convictions.
Hide it!
Bury it!
ACCUMULATE it online.
Wait a sec,
All that Junk is becoming disorganized.
I'll DELETE it all!
Oh, no,
I deleted some GOOD stuff.
I need to prioritize.
I need to organize information
Find out What is essential
To my growth and development
And What isn't
Instead of being ruled
By this Psychology of Shame!

we spend time together laughing out all the time,
but you open up nothing just like a mime.
You seem to be a mystery without a single clue
You make me happy in just a snap
But I doubt whether I can make you happy just for a while?
I too wish to make you happy many a times
but something or the other goes wrong from my side.
I won't force you to be with me
but if you speak up nothing
I won't know how you really feel
all I know is, you hide it all beneath your smile.
Say whatever it is, whether you want to stay or leave
but just don't hide
as the dilemma is killing me from inside!

Hidden conversations about a friend.
maxime Apr 4

reading through the lines
desperately trying to find a meaning
a message
a long lost letter
a blip in the dead of night
you're looking where there is none
while the answer stares you dead in the face
yet your blindness is unconscious and overwhelming
your ignorance is involuntary and compulsory
open your eyes, little one
the outside world is more obvious than you think.

Poetic T Apr 2

Tenderness is woven in patches.
                          mostly on the lips of my expressions

But so you see them shudder,
as if a portrait of emotion is being taken.

Scarlet Rose Mar 22

You said you'd love me
No matter what I did--
I understand

You said it was alright
To have bad days--
I understand

You said that I could
Make my own decision--
I understand

You said it was okay
If we disagreed--
I understand

I understand that they were
Empty words
And that in actuality
You want me to be
A Sunshine Girl
All the time

I understand.
I'll go back to faking my smile.
I'll go back to crying in secret.
If you want me to be happy
I will be.
Don't worry about me--
If you ever have, I mean.
It's alright.
I understand.

If you don't want me to show you who I really, please don't say you do.
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