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Don’t quiet my lips,
free your ears.
Don’t deny my feelings,
open your mind.
Don’t fix your eyes,
expose your heart.
Don’t run your mouth,
give your arms.
And then,
I will share with you
my pain.
And only then,
I will share with you
the secret beauty within.
these past years
i've grown steel scales
sprouted wings
and learned to breath fire
baby i've become a dragon
to fight all this darkness
but somewhere along the way
i blocked out the light too.
now i'm just a dragon
with a heart a little too large.
i've become numb to not only pain but happiness.  what are emotions now?
Crow Oct 6
Forced by covenant to conceal
The wound you carry deep
Too dangerous far to now reveal
The secret you must keep

The truth, it’s said, can set you free
Whose truth, I ask my heart
Some truth must hide, to shadow flee
Or slay as a poisoned dart

A truth which must be guarded well
Though to be shouted loud it cries
Must be restrained and forced to dwell
Within a citadel of lies

A soaring fort of alabaster walls
Splendid turrets as disguise
Conceals pits beneath its gilded halls
Where love lies brutalized

Though we ache for all the world to see
To the heart, it matters naught
Two souls are not united by decree
Nor love with license bought

So truth must wait and a prisoner remain
In lonely cell, there to abide
Believe dreams of freedom are not in vain
That gates, one day, will open wide
Winston Churchill wrote "In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies. " Just as in war, so it may be in love.
Jordan Ray Oct 5
You're keeping secrets under your pillow,
They slither through the gaps in the duck feathers,
Until they reach the cotton barrier,
Trying to claw out at your head,
Ever wondered why you get those migraines?

You've tricked yourself into wearing a halo,
Crocodile tears with an alligators grin,
As fake as the make-up you wear,
A smile and a twirl,
Is that all you think it takes to fool a crowd?

You're not an angel, you can barely fly,
You may see clouds, but your feet are on the ground,
It's only your head that's where you think you are,
Your wings are sown on, and the stitches are weak,
How many have you tricked in total?

You think you've won but I can see the devil in your eyes.
A lingering dark stare, puffy and blood shot,
Claws at the ready, tearing into flesh that knows you well,
A war raging on your tongue when you've been found out,
You think I'm docile to every thought you have?

You seem to forget.
Grace Oct 4
Your life is so “Perfect”
Because I have a great boyfriend
He’s so sweet, why aren’t you
Because relationships aren’t everything
Your life is so “Perfect”
Because I’m thin
You don’t even work out, why aren’t you Excited
... I  don’t eat either
Your life is so “Perfect
Because I have a big house
It’s huge, so much space, why aren’t you
Because my house might be big
But so are the Fights Inside
Your life is so “Perfect”
Because I have The grades and no homework
Why aren’t you
Because I have homework, just no Energy,
After crying every night
But I can’t tell you that
My life is so “Perfect”
Merwin Nikad Oct 4
To be something
Everything that was
Never could be
Doors dont always answer


Perchance you could
Open a door
Ear for an ear
Moss for moss
Sleep for sleep
Sneaky sneaky
Nina Oct 3
Have you ever contemplated yourself?
Looking at yourself
Learning the little details
Personality traits
Behaviours that you bear

You think you are the person you want to potray
But it's all a lie
You're broken and sad
Hiding behind a fake mask
pretending to be someone else
Someone who is happy
You build up a character For a play
Wishing it was something real
Nina Oct 3
Filled with mysteries
Filled with secrets
A book so thick
No one bothered to read

Wrapped with the wrong cover
Mistaken for something else
An unread book
Never discovered

Such a pity,
For she hold memories
All because of a wrong interpretation,
She was a lost beauty.
s Oct 2
i looked in my mirror and saw you in the reflection
all battered and bloody and clearly infected

by the demons who sought to poison you each night
and the venom i'd spit whenever we'd fight

so now you treat me as your dirty secret
but i'm not some drug that you can keep hidden

and i won't stand here, alone and awaiting
a love that is pure, because i am not patient

still, since you've left it only ever rains
and i stand outside drenched in shame

cause you used to kiss me extra hard on these days
           you used to kiss me extra hard on these days
wake up vomiting
wake up alone
who knew this love
would turn heart to stone
it's much too late
to ever atone
for all that is lost.

i'm already gone.
I never told anyone about my secret.
Secrets, rather.
Some secrets should just stay hidden within you.
Never tell anyone all about you.

My secret? Very shocking.
Do I have a plan to tell them? No.
Not even my family knows.
Do you wanna know my secrets?
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