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Broken from inside, heart full of scars...  
Pretending to be alright while battling several wars..!
Who once was full of fire, now longing even for a spark...
Everyone thinks he's a laughing clown, but he cries alone in the dark..!
Comment if u can relate or if u've seen someone relatable to this...

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Am back here again... Let's explore each other once again.

Feels refreshing to be back here😊😊
Alone she sits upon her dusty throne.
Her eyes sunken and her long moth bitten gown hung lifeless to her ashen skin.
The unforgiving chime's of time pass her by. Dripping with jewels her boney hand still clung to the broken string of pearls as they roll between the cold stone cracks beneath her feet.
Secrets layed to rest long ago with no voice to tell.
She who has been long forgotten dwells in the silence of her chambers for all eternity.

Lost to the darkness.
Shane Lee May 19
it was a dream Within a dream
that My heart quickened,
my Soul shivered and shook -
Quivers. A beautiful and vivid
dream Lie within my dream!
there are no limits nor frames,
I am young but old, aging
quickly but Wish for four
more seconds To keep my
eyes shut and Hide away in
this dream within my dream.
© Shane Lee
We say a lot within the things we say.
Enjoy (:
Jekyll &
Yes, I agree
that my mind can be both beautiful
Yet, grotesque at.. the same time
not on
the same side
flash-back  and  re-wind
as I  R.I.P  the flesh
Because I'm really not feel'n fine
Because I'm really not feel'n fine
as I  R.I.P  the flesh
flash-back  and  re-wind
not on
the same side
Yes, I agree
that my mind can be both beautiful
Yet, grotesque at.. the same time
& Hyde
Not on the same side but two sides of the same coin
Nathan Apr 29
thinking alouD can be dangerous
it can causE anger and strife
but i'd rather be honest to People
than tReat them like fool's
if you ask what I'm fEeling
the anSwer remains the same
you juSt have to find it
although hIdden through words
my expressiOn says it all
is it obvious Now
Dinamus Apr 22
It takes more than eyes to see
beyond the veil
what is underneath
this path you sail

You have eyes
they won't help you here
The blinding light
the ultimate sight
we don't look
too closely
and certainly
don't look
directly at it
it's something that
as far
as we are aware
has always been there
always will be

it sends us
its warmth
its light
from this
     and peace
will be shared

by eyes
that are
to look;
at its surface
is a storm
of fire
a raging
that cannot
be controlled
with the power
to destroy
it all

don't look
too closely
smile back
My Dear Poet Mar 4
I lost two lefts
and was left
with two rights
A right
on the wrong foot
hid from sight
It fit neat
in my boot
and sweet on
on my feet
but what may be left
may not be right
and yet still
meets the need
My Dear Poet Dec 2021
You ask me
”do you love me?”
I reply
“would you like that I do?”

I ask
”do you love me?”
You say
”would you want me to?”

We wait for the sunset
silently we stare out to the sea
and I’m thinking just how much

I love you

and only if you knew
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