I once knew a butterfly.
Her beauty knew no bounds.
She glided through the air and encasulated my every thought.
Her delicate wings flapped away any discomfort.
But I was naive and turned away from the butterfly.
I was young and I wanted to see what other creatures the world had to offer.

I then knew an ox.
She was strong.
She faced up to challenges most would cower from.
However she didn't realise how heavy handed she was.
She broke things without meaning or realisation.
Including my heart. I missed the butterfly.

Finally I knew fox.
She was pretty.
Her paws dragged mud through the house.
You tend to forget the sharp teeth when they're hidden by a smile.
I found that foxes are sly.
Very clever creatures, I missed the butterfly.

I missed the butterfly. But she had flown away.
Her majestic flight continued even with my back turned.
I didn't realise at the time but the butterfly,
Was stronger than the ox. And Prettier than the fox.
But I missed the butterfly. She had flown away..
Like the life of PI up in here haha!
I pray for an eclipse to hide you, Sun.
For I can’t hide this look on my face.

I hope for trees to shades your rays, Sun.
To clear my head of your haze.

I search for water to quench my throat, Sun.
The words get stuck on my lips.

I count down the hours until you set, Sun.
A bittersweet release from your grip.

I wait with the Moon for your dawn, Sun.
The stars know my secrets too well.

I fear the whispers in the moonlight, Sun.
With morning birdsong, my heart swells.

I see your light on the horizon, Sun.
Facing me East, so dear.

I realise the strength of your power, Sun.
My feelings burn so clear.
tiamac 2d
I am a crustacean
stuck in my shell,
hard to crack open,
and softest at my core

I am a crustacean
buried deep underwater,
difficult to catch,
and palatable only to a few

I am a crustacean
hidden inside my house,
impossible to hold,
and shyest face to face
Shyness is not my best quality.
veritas 7d
there is a place i have to go, where i will always have to go.
and it is a place you cannot follow, because only i know how to find it.
it's a secret, but it's everywhere, and it lives in the groves and bowery inside me,
flourishing and green and quiet and steady.
its lungs are my lungs, so i must go to give it air,
but to also breathe a deep breath of life back in when i feel most stretched or worn thin,
and especially when life has been quite through with me.

but it grows cold and lonely at night,
and i have to visit it then, too,
when fell things awake and bright suns slumber in their shadows,
because im just as much a part of the day as the night.

if you will wait for me, where i've left you on the edge;
if you will trust me, believe in me, even when you don't fully believe it yourself;
if you promise you will leave me my hidden place,
then i will always, always, come back to you.
I pretended to be in love with him,
since love is a life’s game.
I was only doing it for fun,
and I thought he was doing the same.

I have hidden my feelings by wearing a mask.
But deep within, I loved him...at last.

Through time, when I knew, he loves someone else;
A quench in my heart and sadness...fell.
Lydia Aug 7
There are women inside of me screaming to get out
Figured it was worth posting. Sometimes I write little things and then keep them on hidden
Red Scales Aug 4
I am false
I hide behind my smile
My eyes
My skin
I hide my scars with
I am false
I hide my true self
A psycho
A weirdo
A nerd
someone broken
Someone scared
Someone lovesick
ready to kill
But I hide all that
Or I will never be cared for
And loved
Thats why I hide
And act falsely
I am false
A lie
A illusion
water body bobs,
with hidden intentions;
good, bad, neutral..what?
Steve Page Aug 1
I'm completely honest but I'm not completely true
I'm true to my heart but not always true to you
Some of my words will reflect much of what I feel
while you'll find that other lines are more contrived to conceal
You see a poet can use their words to bear their deepest feeling
but look again and you may see something deeper redder bleeding
Read again between the lines of the fresher tender cuts
and brush a slower finger over old wounds long untouched
You'll disturb my untold stories seeping weeping through the pages
and you'll find a heart more like your own where an older passion rages
Hidden rages don't often find words
Kelsey Jul 31
How many of us are trapped?
So little are those that make writing
A career
So many of us
For an opportunity

How many of us are Nurses?
Retail salesmen?
Business people?

Life is so different outside of
The four corners
Of our screens

But here we are
Forgetting the day-to-day

These 5 minutes of

Goodbye society
!! Comment what you do for a living !!

*I am a nurse
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