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Armand 7d
When the clouds moved away
I could see the sun again
First the rays carried words that
Spoke in a form I cannot give
To the paper I write on.
You made those words clearer,
I had to utter them in a way, I
Knew others could understand.
I started with the things I
Wanted, but ran empty again.
You gave them more meaning
In my head, than I could on paper.
My poem had to end, but my
Heart kept those tiny whispers close
Read only the first words of every line
Estel Jun 2
Yeah I don’t know how to quite explain it
Why I do the things I do
You wouldn’t believe me if I told you
But it’s a whole mess up inside my head
Some days I don’t wanna get out of bed
I’m my worst critic
Always being so cynical
Sometimes it even gets physical

Inside I feel so dull
Not pretty like a doll
I’m no genius
And I got a lot of missing pieces
I can’t take a joke

And last time I spoke
You might of taken it the wrong way
But no blame on you
I know it’s all on me

I try so hard to keep my emotions at bay
But if you said “hey
Tell me what your feeling”
You might see what I’m concealing
So don’t look too far
You’ll just see scars

It’s a waste of your precious time
Just ask me “how are you”
So I can say I’m fine
It’ll do.
Dark Dream May 21
I want to been seen while I hide in the cave
To have some drama as I dig my grave

Exposed in all my own shadows
As I dream in your forgotten gallows

No other stoppages breaking free
I want an experience that’s not about me
alaska jade Apr 26
It's your forbidden touch that I want the most
it's your distant glare that touches close
Oh your smile, I'd love to boast
Secret love where no one knows
KyleB Apr 11
The earth feels small,
loosing size constantly as the sun lowers herself
the world is immersed in her ****** streams of warmth.
It is fading
the sky becomes stronger, rocks us in the darkness of minor stars
- so big, so far away.
They matter so little
It is far away, yet so big.
We think of it as little.

What do they think of us?
Stars are suns
But are they all the same?

Millions are sweeping around the universes
so big
So hot
Far away
Looking small

They are hiding their meaning
.. You have to find it

Do you want it?

The stars are suns
So small
But they are big
If we let them be
If we explore their truth

Do we mind the darkness around them?
Do you see it?

Our eyes are meant to find light
We focus
Nobody minds

Nobody wants to find darkness
We are all looking for another sun
Lost in the cloak of darkness we want to escape from

Shooting stars.
The most intimate thing you can ask a poet,
Is the meaning behind their poems...
PhoenixTetra Apr 6
Why is that i find refuge
When I’m consumed by solitude
In a complete stranger
I see once or twice a week
Do you see me?
Can you feel me?
I’m tired of hiding.
Flo Apr 4
The pursuit of individuality
Covered skin, a form of art
Special meaning hidden
Behind a colourful facade
Evelyn Ann Feb 24
I hope that someday I don’t hesitate
Even if I say the truth
Even if it all ends in tears.
Samantha Dies Feb 24
A world beyond the dreams of mortals,
filled with passages and portals.
A magical place, of hope and grace.
The unreal is real, the real is unreal.
A constantly turning wheel.
A place I could only dream of,
the spreading wings of a dove.
The perfect place for all magic admirers,
a space where my dreams burn like fire.
But this such place, could it be true?
A place I know, I knew.
But this haven, it comes with a catch.
For it bears a key and a latch.
And now it can't even be found,
the wild vines that bind it can't be unbound.
Will I ever get to open the gate?
Could I discover it, before it's too late?
If I cannot my heart, my dreams, all will be shattered.
And people will laugh, like it doesn't even matter.
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