follow me
if you can
thru tortured paths
and wintered lands
where the sun is lost
the moon unknown
beyond this dark
encroaching gloam

follow me
if you dare
where voices speak
in whispered layers
of external wars
where twisting turning
bodies play
on silken sails
on captured waves

follow me
if you would know
where silver rivers
sometimes flow
and flying angels
falling lay
sweetly laughing
in their gentle way

follow me
if you wish
and play in childhood's
autumn mist
where paper dragons
fill the air
and broken hearts
still beating share
a love for passion's
written snare

follow me
and I will show
how wounded heart
now mended grows
where many paths
once hidden glow
and light the way
to where I go

jh 3d
I don't know if im in love,
but I know that the love is there.
And I know that because every time I see you, the sadness I've had goes away.
But the more I looked at you,
I realized that the feeling was just hidden,
Hidden under the feeling I give everyone when I first meet them: hope.

And I don't know if its the idea of love I fell in love with,
or the idea of loving someone who loves me more than the angels love heaven,
but I soon realized that the love I had for you was just love
and nothing more.
I wasn't in love with you, I just loved you.
- but i still miss you, even after the second part
Finding a pure path, one untraveled.
                                             Made to be sacredly ones own.
                       Unexpectedly finding serenity and peace.
Hidden in the most unsuspected places.
Written 9-14-16
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ©️®️
I will forever be a mysterious creature forever keeping you at bay to my sorcery.
Peel away my Mask,
Reveal my skin.
Can you see the girl I hide within?
Or do you see what the world chooses to see, the girl that isn't me
Hidden Art…by Jessie 04/2011
A famous piece and work of art
Was hung and faced a wall
Hidden in a room so dark
Never seen at all
Although the strokes were bold
The colors intensely bright
The art was sold
Forever more kept out of sight
What a shame this piece of art
Once hung for all to see
A jewel amongst the other art
Interpretation free
The art inspired those who looked
Warmed their hearts inside
Canceled reservations booked
Empty space…all cried
Where is the art that occupied this space?
The wall sits white and stark
A hook now hung the only trace
Art… hiding in the dark
frankie Feb 2
he's near sighted
everything from afar seems blurred and people seem to be
masses of motion in huddled crowds

he can see things up close
everything that's five feet in front gets noticed
i guess that why he never noticed me until i popped up on his phone screen
admiring from the mass of motion that he can't see

it's so easy
to fake a smile with him
i'll give him the signature "i'm dying inside and these tears aren't because i'm tired but look at these pearly whites" smile
and he'll belive it, but only because he can't really see  the falters in it

he's so pure
so golden
it makes me scared to hold
his hand because i wouldn't want to turn that gold black
or the diamond into coal
i'm scared he'll run if he ever saw my cold beating heart

he laughs when i shake, he jokes that i'm always cold
i mean what else would he think, i don't "look like someone with anxiety"
he thinks it's cute when i get all lustered and when my mind runs a mile a minute and that i worry consistently
but he doesn't know that these tendencies are due to the constant churing of gears in my head, working overtime and constantly leaking oil out
a working machine of overthinking

he doesn't know all of what makes me.. me
every flaw
every diagnosis
every scar
every puzzle piece  
every event
nor does he have to
he'll learn as time goes by
but for now he can think that i'm fine
Dustin Dean Feb 2
Cracks in the walls
Understand it all
Beneath saturated shrubs
I found what was once lost

An experience bequeathed
By the highest mercenaries
So come with me
And let’s pretend

Let's sink to high places
While no one is watching
Brian Hoffman Jan 31
Hiding the hurt, hiding the pain
Hiding the tears that fall like rain.
Saying I'm fine, when I'm anything but,
This ache in my soul rips at my gut.
My skin is on fire, I burn from within.
The calm on my face is an ongoing sin.
The world must stay out, I've built up a wall.
My fragile lie will collapse should it ever fall.
Loneliness consumes me, it eats away the years
Until my life is swallowed by unending fears.
Waiting for someone to see I wear a mask
And care enough to remove it, is that too much to ask?
Sometimes I wear a mask
Tori Schall Jan 25
beautifully serene; waiting to be seen
through the eyes of those who wander
through the mystic night, it brings
about the change of turning paths

And crossing roads that may or may not cause the words to repeat,
spinning and dancing across oceans
of well-constructed thoughts that fall,
into the waiting ears of the world

But only in those who have seen
the nature of all, and the singularity of everything;
only then can you witness the truly awe-inspiring world that
was hidden behind the gaze of those unseeing and unbelieving
Relevant then hatred,
All at once in a different state
Portals and doors,
Your love for someone
Nobody can duplicate

Assorted adrenaline
Filed up in a contrasted room
Primal theories,
For selections that we may and may not pursue
Planets unite,
Though a few should be kept hidden
They stumble forwards and get installed in a granite,
Enchanting, yet a fearsome tinted enigma

Bolted in the word, "privacy",
And the key was a puma's race
Infidelity democracy,
Saved but aren't erased

Archived courses shall remain
May the forgotten be remembered in drunk mishaps
Only my feelings for you are sustained,
Permanent nor Temporary,
Located in the district called; a file of drafts
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