Awtumn 5d
You think I'm perfect.
I know that I'm not.
I hope you're starting to see it too.
Can you see them now,
All my demons and monsters?
They're a little shy,
So they hide at first.
But every so often,
I get into a fight
With my parents
Or sometimes a friend,
And those ugly little things
Make their first appearance.
They hold my heart captive,
Use it to control my mind.
They tear me to shreds,
And I let them.
Because if I don't,
They'll find a new victim.
And I'd rather they hurt me,
Than someone I love.
Meera 5d
Behind the courage
We hide our fears
Below the laughter
Are hidden tears

Beneath the skin
we hide our souls
Behind the faces
we are acting roles

Inside every gentleman
there lies a beast
Behind the calmness
there is passion unleashed

Behind the robes
priests hide their desires
Beneath the smiles
We hide our fires

Behind the makeup
Women hide the man inside
Underneath the beard
Men hide what's feminine

Underneath our love
There is envy hidden
Beyond the showcase
There are things forbidden
All of us are hiding one thing or the other.
Everyone thinks you are a demon-
because of your dark wings and cold heart.
But they don't realize that you are only a fallen angel,
broken and lost,
cast out and alone.

People look too much at appearances,
and they don't look
for what is really hidden deep inside.
A little draft I did based on my characters Alex and Jonathan. This i s supposed to be written form Alex to Jonathan.
D A W N 6d
you said you didnt love me anymore.
yet your face tells everything we steal glances if each other.
how your cheek grazes my eyes, burying every sinful lie within each and every moment.
you try to hide your feelings inside and pushed the love i gave to you
that you denied.
i see light in your eyes, darling.
now why couldn't you just let it be and see how you truly mean to me, see the countless times, the consecutive tries of trying to make you mine again.
now darling, i'm waiting for you. waiting for you to take me back one more time. i just need one try to prove to you that i was worth it all the time.
and i dont know why youre fighting back the truth and burying them with distinctive lies saying that i never loved you and you never loved me too and that we were never meant for each other but deep down you know it wasnt true.
so doff your pride and don a smile,
run to me with my arms open wide
and accept me back
with the love
that never once died.
grammar errors and idc
Pardon me
of such cruelty
But where is your blood?

You stand with bare arms
naked, staring between your fingers
your gaze sliding through a prison cell
Bones for bars, caged behind ribs
Your eyes, like drops of religion
Of culture camouflaged by laws
A vail by human efforts

You portray to me
What was once in extremis
the evolution of extinction
A morsel for the master
And a portion for the priest.
Zee May 18
I held it all within my Speech
O sweet, honed Forbiddance
As if the Chains were meant to teach
What hums in the Distance
Aa Harvey May 16
Lost in holes.

Shattered memories; cast my life aside.
Living inside a hopeless hole I begin to die.
Lost in a moment of bliss inside a song;
What went wrong? What is going on?
What is the meaning of a life without meaning?
Nobody ever cared about me, before we did it.

In sin we discover our lover wrapped up tight;
In love we are never truly happy in this life.
In pain we protest and banish your kind words;
What kind of world would let me fall in love with her?

Tear me apart with every tear that drops;
Cut me off from any chance of reaching the top.
I drop.
Now here I kneel praying for more pity;
Discover me, empty.

Through slits in the atmosphere I find a new way to escape.
A place to hide; a place I can play.
Because of holes in my soul, I can no longer pray;
In places people live, I hide away.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
i want to,
but i can't.
and the only person
holding me back from myself,
is me.
There is a box you cannot see
But you can imagine it open
If you pretend there’s a key

Whatever you imagine, you’ll find it there
Imagine it empty,
the box will be bare

Only imagination will reveal inside
what seeing with eyes
will often hide

Oh the gifts and riches, you’ll surprisingly find
When you close your eyes
and see with your mind
Poetic Surgery, Copyright © 2018; All rights reserved
What is Beauty?
The origin of Art they say
Word to the wise
that's bit of a cliche
May I ask you again
Oh cynical human
Is it beauty you see
with these lustful eyes
Or is that greed
cloaked as desire
lurking in disguise
Let me just say outright
Love makes you see
what's really beautiful
Hiding in plain sight.
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