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Louise 4d
You are my summertime,
my burning sun, my tropic,
my morning dew, my sunshine.
You are the reason why
my sunset and sunrise became one,
meeting in the middle of my equinox.
You are the reason why I felt again,
why I can feel the seasons all at once
like feeling both pleasure and pain.
But when winter swings by,
I'd hold your hand close
to my chest like a locket.
and pull you closer to me
like my favorite jacket,
take in your scent
like my mug of coffee,
consume you
for your warmth and ease.
In the morning if our porch is piled in snow,
we'd greet the cold with laughter and glee.
I would wrap you around me
like my thickest scarf,
hell I would even be
the fire to keep you warm.
You are my summertime,
but when winter and cold comes around,
I will stay beside you in the blizzard,
eternally blessing the day
that I have ever walked your ground.
This is a promise I am making
right in the middle of summer,
that I would be with you
in any season and every weather.
The writer dedicates the piece to her lover, promising that even with the threat of cold and winter, her love and committment would stay like the warmth of the summer.
Jim 4d
Close the window
For the wind echos my name
The snows have passed but the cold remains
And I feel the distance of summer again

I am held lovingly in the arms of the season
But at the mercy of nature to do what it pleases
And the winter knows better than to argue or reason
Ivy Chakma Jun 20
I feel like a flower that blooms with every lover that looks into my eyes;

But then the fear the engulfs me is that I will die as the season ends.
Robins call
Chickadee bleats
The aroma of summer peeking through
the gentle mist of morning’s blue
Dandelions push through concrete
Trees are lush and green,
pink petals sprinkle like snow
Invasive flowers stretch and grow,
to roadways and ditches
Joggers emerge once more
for only when weather adorns
Cloud cover appears at 9 am
Then rain at 12
And sun at 3
Never a dull moment in spring
Louise May 25
I said,
"This is only gonna be a summer thing".
For six weeks, you can have me
as your shiny bling.
I would let myself get lost
in your ocean's blue,
but only until the first drop of rain in June.
I would let myself drown in joy,
be your new toy, but boy,
I never thought "summer"
would be our most favorite ploy.
"This is only gonna be a summer thing",
But then we live in far-flung distances,
stretching and bending from east to west.
Summer is here, spring is his,
when it's rainy where I am, he's at ease.
And when I'm feeling the summer breeze,
It's as if I could almost hear him sneeze.
And when summer comes where he is,
I am the one who's cold and about to freeze.
"This is only gonna be a summer thing",
but when my summer is over,
his summer is just beginning.
And when his summer is around the corner,
my summer is yet again just starting.
"This is only gonna be a summer thing",
says she who lives in the tropics,
where summer is all-year long.
"This is only gonna be a summer thing",
says he whose heart she has melted,
summer is forever and winter is long ago.
Seemingly unsure and shallow at the beginning, the writer writes of how she and her lover experiences summer at different times of the year because they live in far, different places from each other. The promise of a "summer love" type of relationship can be read repetitively, almost like a reminder to the writer itself... but the writer realizes by the end of the piece that this relationship has the potential to last a long time,
if not forever.
Kassan Jahmal May 19
Her lips were cold as a Winter’s bone, sending sharp chills down your
spine. His kiss was like a Summer, with it’s sun warming up the days.
A Spring of blossoming scented flowers, no longer shy to be openly

The butterflies in search of nectar, being the ones in her stomach. As
with the fall, they had both fallen in love during the Autumn.

He would forever be her seasoned kisser.
My Dear Poet Apr 29
She said, “I don’t like talking about my feelings. My feelings are as fleeting as the season of summer”.

I told her, ”I never had a problem ever talking about the sun and temperamental weather”.

She said, “I don’t like talking about emotions. My emotions are as dry as autumn leaves”.

I told her, ”I never had a problem with a blowing wind or whirling breeze”.

She said, “I don’t like talking about my fears. My fears are a looming dark sky for a winter storm”.

I told her, “I never had a problem finding shelter and a place to keep her warm”.

I smiled and said, “Let’s just walk and talk about spring”.

…she left me there planting seeds.

while all along, I never had a problem picking her flowers away from the weeds.
like the seasons she changed
Anais Vionet Apr 27
We (Lisa, Leong and I) attended a cross-campus Health *** seminar the other day. I have to admit to some self-consciousness. I was worried that some professor would see us and judge - I still have some self-work to do. I’m fighting to be freer, to be well.

In an effort to destigmatize ***, they gave out vibrators - over a hundred in ten minutes - they ran out - there was a demand. That was pretty sic. I guess no one wants their dad to see a ******* charged on the family Amazon account (again).

Which got me thinking about how sexuality is different throughout the year - by season. Of course, this is the pandemic era. The last two freshmen classes have been the most isolated in history.

Which brings me to mask-crushes. Early on in the year, you may have had a crush on someone whose face you hadn’t actually seen. That girl mask-crushing on you might not think you’re as cute maskless but then maybe she’s not as hot either.

By the seasons. Admittedly, this is a cerebral look at a hot subject but I’ve asked this around and within my peer-group these are the agreed upon numbers.

Fall is when college began, summer tan lines were fading but the cafeteria was still full of summer stories. You were meeting new people or perhaps missing someone. You might have gotten a little flirty after you settled in. Still, temperatures were dropping and it was time to start covering up. ******* was recommended as the safe pandemic alternative but in some cases, new freedoms were too much to resist. ******* - 9, hookups - 1

In Winter things really slowed down, we got out even less and classes got grimly serious. There was a seasonal effect to the darkness. Of course, we needed to stay warm and maybe we cuddled up more. We’d met people by then and hookups happened but usually within our own social groups. ******* - 7, hookups - 3

Spring came in with a sneeze as the world brightened and those thoughtless plants pollinated. It was almost shocking to see how many people there were on campus. You tend to forget how many are around because everyone was sheltering or using the tunnel system. There were chances, on nice days, to get out and have fun again - just as those clothing layers started coming off. ******* - 5, hookups - 5

Then there’s summer - in my experience, summer sexuality is different - everyone’s freer, less stressed, the clothes are thinner, smaller and more revealing. The world is greener, brighter and hotter. Everyone’s making their critical summer decisions now. Some people I’ve talked to can’t wait to go home and get laid - not me - but some pretty explicit plans have been laid out around here. ******* - 3, hookups - 7

What are your ratings?
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Cerebral: intellectual in nature.
When the ice princess rejected her Romeo
A warm, heavy heart treaded on snow
Nothing to hold, nothing to let go
Freezing, she prayed mercy be shown.

Reflection, behold:
A sheet of ice protected warm water below
Life underneath safe against winter’s blow
But above the ground was a nonchalant midnight glow
Nights ceaseless, did days even flow?

Struck, stuck in winter, her heart did not know
That the icicle was already out, a long time ago
That time passes slow, and summer trees grow.
this shall too pass.
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