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I keep chasing lightning
Trying to catch it, lock it in a bottle
but when I do the bottle cracks
and I’m left empty-handed

Maybe I just don’t have what it takes
Maybe it’s not meant to be
Maybe I don’t know what I really want
Maybe I should let the passion wash away

I keep trying to start over with you
You say I need independency
The decisions should be mine
You say, “Maybe you need love too”
And I realize I don’t think I could take it if you walk away
But there ain’t nothing to do
And I should let it go

I keep trying to start over with me
Maybe I should listen
Get some medicine
Make it pink, I’ll swallow it
But would I be me?
And would you still love me?
And will the sadness go away, or will I just be numb to it?

Lightning brings thunder
Lightning brings grey storms
Why can’t you love me like lightning?
Because I keep losing track of you
And I, I don’t want to listen
Because I keep losing touch with you
And you, you don’t want to listen

I keep chasing lightning
Trying to catch it, lock it in a bottle
but when I do the bottle cracks
and I’m left empty-handed
Nicole 5d
She closes her eyes and dreams
Dance sequences, walks on bitter nights with coldness on her breath and *******
And she hardly even realizes
That her dreams were right there
Planted in front of her
The whole time
Because her eyes are closed.
She just needed to open them.
Nemis 7d
Broken clocks fixing the time,
The elegists are singing the hymn.
The sky shedding its tears,
As for who will bear the bearer.

The ink is fading as the time is near,
The ticking of the clocks is all I hear.
Second-by-second, minute-by-minute,
Can't let them be my source of despair.

Running before time to end up straight,
Just to find it was written in the fate.
I hit them hard they hit me back,
Gained a moment, lost a million days.
I wrote this by imagining what it would be like to fight the time, the clocks. Clocks gone rogue and pardon for mistakes, as there'll be...
LC 7d
the breeze tickles her hair 
and takes her worries with it. 
the sun wants a break
just for a little while.
she misses the sun,
but knows it needs a minute.
she'll be here when it's ready.
Poetic T Sep 28
I'll swerve in to the path of your lane,
your words are never enough
             to make me hit the hard shoulder.

I'll 911 your **** into the submission,
     you'll never swerve by..

I'll make you,

        barrel roll in to the suburbs
                          you watch....

With a pipe
                       and smoke, submit to my rule.

You'll never drive your words like my rules,
                          Irregular rhyme,
  that the wheel will lose its traction...
                                and you'll lose,
        the tread of the road..

Only the tarmac holds the tread of decent,
                      wording that doesn't slip...

You cant hold any traction on the words that
                drive faster than anything you try...

                                to grip beyond the first red light.

I'm green but I run faster then anything
        that you have in park..

              you'll try to rev, but you stall before
         I've even passed you on a repeat...
the same round,
                    That you were playing when I
started this course,

                                    but you haven't even started.

Just park up,
                  you haven't got the petrol to race my words.
                            your engines  already stalled...
Erian Sep 26
"Can we start over?"
"So we can just be."
Bhill Sep 14
Mornings have become a starting point
A starting point for everything
I mean everything

Don't start out without coffee.....

Brian Hill - # 230
Start it up...
writingsolo Sep 12
she realized she could write & that's where her troubles begin
Oscar Sep 3
life isn't a poem;
you don't choose to
or start or
pick up where you left.
we do not hold the remote
or the pen
or the rope.
we hold on and we travel
with the wind.
Found my peace after twelve years
A life I will not get back but now I can move on
Anger, regret, have no hold on me
Today I start anew
For now I know what I am
True bless and feel hard to describe
Solace in the fact that I must die
And begin anew.
To recognize fully what one needs to do.
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