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things are so hard to do
because we never try to start.
are always important
for finding patterns.
Like writing poetry.
I have sat alone
in front of  the paper
on the table
many times
with a pen.
I thought about
what I really needed to do first;
beautiful words with parables.
I've been sitting for hours,
walking here and there,
then sit back down again
to finish composing a poem.
But I've never finished it
until now.
Indonesia, 5th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Zack Ripley Aug 29
The willow stood tall
Then it watched us from above
And started weeping
You never can go back
Back to the beginning
Begin and end again
Again where we started
Started this mess
Mess of a romance
Romance is dead
Dead is my heart
Heartbroken you left me
Me and her together
Together we’ll be fine
Fine, you win, I love
Love who I thought you to be
Michael H Jul 8
The problem is I start things,
But never seem to finish.
As soon as I put pen to paper
words start to deminish.
Motivation nor determination
never seem to lend
me the gumption or the grit
to ever reach...
The morning start ...

morning ...
just start now ...
because of you ...
the sun smiled ...
the bird singing ..
even all trees ...
dancing now ...
happily ...
with all butterflies ...
because of you ...
as my heart now ...
it's beats ...
to welcome you ...
to start this loving morning ...
because of you ...
sweet angel mine ...

it's an awesome morning ...
my angel ...
let's both enjoy this day ...
let's get our happiness ...
as the sun and birds ...

good morning sweet girl ...

hazem al ..
Zack Ripley Jun 11
Things are bad.
They've always been bad.
And I'll tell you a secret...
Bad things will keep happening.
But life is too short
to treat it as a spectator sport.
So don't wait for the bad times to end
To start living again
Carolina Jun 7
My eyes, wet.
My lips, dried.
The fantasies, they're all about a new sunrise.
And I wonder why
you play with my mind.
Your screams echoing at night.
And, again, I cry.
The pain is only mine.
I hate this confessional poetry style,
but it lets me fly
as I was high.
And once again I stop the time;
you're warm for me to remind.
I find the light
within my sight;
On a sunny day
I pass you by,
and I reach the sky.
Me and I,
we unify.
My only thought
I should retry.
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