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Jeremy Betts Feb 2018
No place for me to fit in, sometimes not even my own skin
The 65th crayon on the floor next to the 64 count special edition tin
The two dollar DVD bin is even out of reach, at a loss as to where else to begin
I guess it's back to the drawing board to start over once again
Not a chance of bein' normal as an outcasted heathen
But that's never been a why for me, to fit in is not a win
I've been sittin' in this same place like a mannikin with a phoney grin
A clothespin holdin' together the fabric of my being with such discipline
But a strong gust of wind tears through like blowing your nose into a cheap napkin

Patched together like a quilt of sin read like a story board of which I'm a star in
Stitched together by not giving in, givin' it all I can, taking every shot to the chin
But life's not getting the win by KO or even by decision
I'm gonna need to be taken out the ring on a stretcher with blue skin
But the goal isn't really to win but to survive this doomed zeppelin
I start thinking maybe I can take this aggression and passion and turn it in... a winnin' combination and spread it through the nation
Empower an entire generation, awaken an entire population

But all they'll see is Frankenstein's monster
leeaaun Jul 30
i am grateful of the answer
that i got

"it's okay, if things take time."
the real problem starts, when it stops.
Ghxstcxt Jul 5
It all started with a quote I wrote on a post it note.
I stuck it not for show, but for hope on this road I'm bout to solo
I'm not alone though
In fact the quote I wrote that thought provoked I got told.
I've to say it once inside my mind
Then again to make it twice
Out loud the second time
Bring perspective to my eye
No joke
It's so I can focus through this hocus pocus
I've conjured on my own, that's slow eroding soulful in all the places that I don't go.
So, here's to a better day tomorrow
And every one that follows...
Zywa Dec 2022
I am that woman
who takes a few steps and then
stands still in the wind
on her face, my skin

feels the world
new, the cherry trees
this walk to the store
on the corner around the corner

cars parked next to the sidewalk
are so much more than the view
of the windows all around, the gardens
chimneys and clouds, the wind

on my face, my heart
touched, pounding
in my throat, three times
I take a deep breath, only then

do I walk along the traffic
away from the cherry trees
to the store on the corner
around the corner
For Maria Godschalk (January 12th, 2021)
Zack Ripley Dec 2022
Days used to start with a coffee
and end with whiskey.
Those were the days I thought
"if I left, would anyone miss me?"
I don't look fondly on those memories,
but those were the days that taught me about empathy. What I've learned
is that there are 2 types of days.
There's the days ahead and the days behind. You can be afraid of the past,
or you can use it to change the future.
Stand up
Start taking chances
Any chance greater than zero is something worth trying if it can possibly make a difference
to your cause
Don't sit
EmVidar Apr 2022
always feels like
the end

-em vidar
Angellah Nyamai Apr 2022
I wanna let my pen bleed words to the world,
I wanna tell the broken to open with a reason for the season,
I wanna write light to your night,
I started the journey anyway....

I was blind about it,
I turned all way all round,
I was never told what I required,
I packed my bags and took the way,
I started the journey anyway..

Whirlwinds blew me,
My skinny body almost left me,
Unfamiliar and terrible paths I walked,
I cried when it got tough,
I took the journey anyway...

Here I stop to look back,
Here a beautiful way is created,
Here I write for you know,
Here I am is not where I was,
I am in the journey anyway....

The journey to success is faith, hope and action
Some stages are fearful, but you have to pass them,
I write to you for you are strong,
Strong to take your journey too,
Strong to hope that it's a good destiny,
Strong to start,
And so I write to you
Take the journey anyway
Zack Ripley Jan 2022
Someday, I may start moving on.
I know that's what you'd want.
But I need you to hear me when I say
"I ain't going nowhere."
I may grieve, but I'll never let
the memories leave. I'll never let the music die. And when times get tough,
I'll never forget I have an angel on my side
Erian Rose Dec 2021
To you,
Where your smile meets the gaze
Of blizzard-still byways -
I'm scared of losing you somewhere along the lines.

To you,
Buried barriers trickle moonflower skies
Two years apart from being miles away -
I'm scared we'll fall when it's too late.

To you, From me,
A friend who wishes the very least,
To spend a little more chapters in your life.
I'm scared we'll be over before we even start.
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