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PM Oct 5
Just stop and take a second to enjoy it,
enjoy the rainy days for they are the best.
The rain just seems to wash away the day.
Making it all new, a fresh start of sorts.
Taking the bad away with just a swift.
O to sit back and see it all fall away.
With a warm drink and fuzzy socks all day.
To sit and watch it pour is what I want.
Wary Oct 4
When you be depressed and feel alone
Just be with yourself give time to your own company and.... when u start enjoying yourself  that you will be the strongest among all the rest.
Self love is the necessity
PiLomus Sep 26
It snowed atop the mountain,
a cold wind blow,  
in the meadows the winter has said hello.
First hello of winter
Maria George Sep 9
Today is a new day
a fresh start
breath in
breath out
a new opportunity
Accept that yesterday is gone
Live now
Live today
Live forever
When choosing a new course
And you’re not sure where to start
Call upon a faithful guide
Your energy of heart

Your heart - it speaks the truth
And will make your fear depart
So always lean towards love
With the energy of heart

When life weighs upon you
And you’re feeling pulled apart
Healing can come quickly
Through your energy of heart

Your heart - it shows the path
And will help - to you - impart
Ask then - to be full of love
With the energy of heart
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You can rely upon your "Energy of Heart" to guide you in helpful and creative paths! Read this poem and let the words impact your day and your life. The initial idea came from my friend Rikka as she talked about how we are made of love. Then I gained more inspiration from a favorite scripture.

Trust your energy of heart. Connect with your energy of heart.
Bhill Sep 1
when the moon is full and very, very bright
you have to look twice and respect the sight
it's been coming around, since the start of it all
when it's at it best, it appears like a ball
that ball is bright if the clouds are just right
shining in the new day as it completes its night's flight

Brian Hill - 2020 # 240
Zack Ripley Aug 4
They say things change.
And that's absolutely true.
Money. Entertainment.
Clothes and shoes.
But the thing is, none of that matters
Unless people change.
The same people are still screamin,
Still fighting for the same reasons.
We've built a world where words
Have as much power as angels
And demons.
I'll be the first to admit. I have no idea where to start.
But we need to change now
Before we drift even further apart.
undermyfeet Aug 3
I feel my heartbeat
In the thrum of your fingertips
Against my chin

I feel my ascending breath
In the brush of your lips
Drawing things out of me

It's hope, that you will love me.
It's worse, when I don't know what to say
It's an end, of some sort, of an hopeless kingdom of uncertainty

And it's a start
just one of the countless
to come.
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