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unloved 5h
his soul leaving my body
left me with a cold
that turned into a
black hole
Becca 6h
I feel like I need to spill my feelings
into some other coffee.
If I could, I would,
make you happy, make you smile.
But I will not be your entertainer,
just to be here for awhile.

I am the wind, blowing through sails,
from places left unknown,
to linger by your side,
the place where I've flown.

And I try to prove, to provide,
to create my happiness through you,
but the longer that I stay and fight,
the fast you're proving untrue.

So I'll leave soon, garner peace
in another land with new folds,
to see if you'll chase me,
just without being told.

Because if I am your provider,
you breath of air, your kindle,
I expect at least your gratitude
for my presence, just a little.
be thankful for those whom you have.
Hayley 7h
Who could ever love a girl, who wears her sadness on her face like makeup?
Who could ever touch a girl, with scars all over her wrists
When you want to make love, you might be turned off at the unattractive scars that are scattered across her body.
Who could ever sleep with a girl, who has nightmares of her demons eating her alive?
Who could possibly ever love a girl who once every few week
Sits in a stuffy cage with a specialist trained to eat away at her brain piling her tired mind With questions?
Who could touch a girl who’s stomach rolls like two hills to the point where just looking at them makes her
And you
Who could cuddle a girl who will just use your chest as a prison for her tears?
Soaking the fabric of your clothes in her sadness till you both drown?
Who could ever, run their fingers through a rats nest of blonde hair?
Who could ever bring themselves to love someone like this?
Who could anyone bring themselves to love me?
Lydia 11h
Think yourself to death
Take every word
Twist it
Change it
Until it haunts you
Every breath
Now has a meaning
That nobody intended
Punish yourself by overthinking
Every conversation
Every look
Nothing can remain happy for long
Because I am so good at this
Taking kind words
Turning them dark
I wish I could stop
But you can’t
I won’t let you
You won’t let yourself
Can’t you just be happy for once
Can’t you just let it go
Not everyone hates you
You can’t convince yourself of that
But I can
All words can be twisted in my mind
Turned into knots
Hangman’s knots
And tied around my neck
A noose of my own making
I think myself to death
Some prisons use steel bars;
others merely use
flesh and bone.
Gino 14h
Time is so cruel
Aggravating this feeling
Agape I stare at the stars
Loneliness rules my heart
Am falling apart
Love, come back now to my life
All alone,
Sitting there in her pain,
She strums a guitar
And smokes away the day.
Phone calls come in
Steaming with disdain.
She's broken now,
Her heart's stop beating again.

Out and back home,
Rushed away to the ER.
No one comes to visit,
Their jobs are all too far.
All alone,
She thinks it's time to die.
Her last words shown:
"It isn't Suicide if you cry."
Erika 16h
you stayed long enough to fill my lungs and left as quickly as an exhale
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