This thunder
reminds me of the old times
when I would climb into your bed in fear.

I sleep alone now,
for the same thunder  
is now the lullaby
you sing for me
from heaven.
In memory of my late father
The smell of rain
A constant reminder
Of all the pain
About the lovely moment we shared
At the park
Hand on my damp face
And a passionate kiss
That’s when i realized
I only want you
Telling myself lies,
With my smile as a disguise,
Through tears in my eyes,
I hope that it would suffice,
Until my heart turns to ice.


Completely honest,
I deceive my empty heart,
That it is now filled.


White lies fall like snow,
In this tundra of a home.
Snow now piles on high.
I tell myself I’m just fine,
Ignoring planks in my eye.


I’ve been honest right?
About my lies and deceit.
Putrid honesty.
Tanka, haiku, freestyle, and lies
Ricotta 2h
you make me feel whole

I fear the day I'll stop loving you
just thoughts. I love you and I never want to hurt you, and that scares me so much
Kyte 2h
Las pestañas del jardín,
extendidas sobre las tuyas,
protegen  tu aurora tierna
de la brisa despeinada
de una tarde de Abril.

Mientras sonreís distraída y sin mirarme,
con tu andar tranquilo y desgarbado,
mientras me alejo entristecido y sin olvidarte,
el mundo se destroza de a poquito.

Ni los árboles florecidos,
ni el tibio aire de esta tarde,
ni siquiera las colinas esmeraldas,
nada es rival de tus ojos verdes.

Anoche hablé con el Sol,
él, que sabe los secretos de las musas,
me contó que la Tristeza
un día te miró a los ojos
y no pudo más que morirse en ese instante.
Trying to capture an instant of beauty and sadness, in the mild Spring of the Northern hemisphere.
one forceful burst of holiday wind
makes me glance passively to the left,
tracing the lines in your ponytail as you
continue to stare beneath the pier. the
void silence between us is normal; i shiver
and you follow suit. you’re wearing triple
layers and i’m wishing i would have been
more prepared.

the seals suddenly go belly-up and you call for
the others. they come over; one is embracing
the other from behind; arms bolted to hips.
in the right angle, underneath the lamp post, i
pretend to unsee a slightly fresh mark on her neck.

i sense the awkwardness drifting our way as if the
white fog in the night had suddenly come alive. i
inch a hint closer. enough so you wouldn’t notice.
in fact, i’m not sure what would have happened.
i wonder if you would have stopped me, having known.

there’s about three inches and four centimeters between
our arms now. the others have gone upstairs and the voices
around us have retired. the small voice beneath my ears is
pressuring me to shoot my shot but my being remains stagnant.
we observe the seals dance joyously within nature’s boundaries.

you’re still shivering.
from my poetry book, Bravado.
instagram: matthew__chau
I looked through a make-believe mirror today,

And saw what I have forever longed to see:

Myself in another person.

Our souls were of the same colour, and our thoughts swam at the same depth.

Our lips formed the same words and our faces shifted

the same way through conversations,

Even though I am a ship

And my reflection, the horizon.

As I am, so was my reflection cold and distant at times,

Though she was right next to me.

And I have never been good company for myself;

neither was I for her

For she was cold and I was cold

So she strayed towards warmth and

Away from herself

Towards a happiness that I could not provide.

She found it among other souls and

They made a rainbow through the night.

I found my dream and lost it too;

I see my reflection every day

But now my heart is broken.
How do you bring a person back to you when you see them drifting away? Let them find happiness for themselves.
does chocolate save lives
if it does
let me save yours
let me give you
my love
wrapped in a chocolate box
with a red ribbon
and a note to remind you to
because I can’t
Aa Harvey 11h
United States of Aa.

United States of apathy,
United States of anger;
United States of a bastard,
I am the United States of Me.

United States of love,
United States of trust.
United States of dreams,
But I am never free.

United States of disharmony,
United States of tears;
United States of sorrow,
I have become united with my grief.

For attraction leads to speaking
And speaking can lead to a kiss.
A kiss leads us to touch each other
And to touch can lead to sex.

Sex can lead to love
And love can lead to a need for each other,
That is incomparable,
To anything you’ve ever felt before.
For each time you fall in love,
It takes over you like the most addictive drug.

It’s somehow better than the last time,
At least that’s what you think.
But sooner or later you’ll realize,
The pain you felt the last time has reared its ugly head.

United States I wish to heal,
But only I can heal me.
United States of empathy,
I am the United States of Me.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Natasha 17h
Instead of counting sheep,

I'm counting all of the sleepless nights

I'm alone with my bleeding heart

and aching feet.

and all of the mornings, where I

wake up and I can't breathe

where the sun streams in through my window panes

and I can't bear the stifling inferno of my own sheets.

I'm drowning inside, and I'm burning all over

and I can't stop.

I'm slowly wasting away.

I'm only breathing just to prove I can live another day.
I'm sorry I couldn't be any better than I was
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