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mollie 16h
Oh, hello itch,
I've not missed you!
Nor your pleading, uneasy,
Eager smile,
Wicked begging eyes,
And hungry open mouth.
I've quite enjoyed this past while,
Lacking your insistent whispers.
Your lustful face
Looming round each corner of my boxed up,
Broken brain -
'Fragile do not break'
Ignored by the world -
Allowing you unforced entry,
You made a home
Hidden in the shadow
Of my unconscious darkness.
Fitfully coming to light
To remind me
Of yours and therefore my own;
Plea to die.
you say that I'm wrong,
but you've never known right.
how pretentious of you,
to stay in my sight.

you're entitled to your opinion.
but truth is, no one gives a ****.
if we were all like you,
we'd all be full of it.
That moment when someone crosses a boundary to share their flawed opinion with you.
Cody Haag Nov 30
I'm caught in the middle,
Of someone else's game.
Twisted as hell,
I stay the same.

Try as I might,
There is no reward.
No lover to hold,
No future to look toward.

How long can I last,
In this diseased state?
How long can I pivot,
And avoid my fate?

The road will end
With an unfulfilled dream.
A man torn asunder
By his self-esteem.

Tears will be wept,
But nothing will be lost.
For I am an empty vessel,
Battered and tossed.
This one's about depression, suicidal tendencies, and looking toward a future you're certain will be desolate.
Cody Haag Nov 26
There are many things to desire,
In this world of frost and fire.
I know not where to look,
Who is friend, who is liar.

Many paths exist, calling my name,
Some born in modesty, some in fame.
Despite this, I ignore them all,
Buried deep within my shame.
relahxe Oct 24
Moonlight sneaks through the crevice of her sorrow

"It's all a lie
Love cannot die
He'll come back tomorrow"
Rosa Nov 17
I keep rotten food underneath my bed
Maybe it’s because my head tells me i’ll be better off dead
That underneath the ground there i’ll lay
Rotting like all of those flowers
Soon to decay
Someone deeply in love with once said
I quote
"You like being sad"

Give that thought
Doesn't make sense
Oxymoron at best

Eventually he will realize sometimes sadness sits inside of you and it burns like a flame no amount of laughter or love can extinguish
How do i make everyone else understand?
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