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might as well call me josephine
it hurts to love but it never hurts to leave
i'll be twice as good drowning in the coldest sea
go find your love and call me, pretty

some days i dream i'd just fall into the beast's mouth, i
feel so afraid of the rain that's heading south in a couple days
it might wash away the warmness of your voice
when i would cry from the motel into your phone

and you were there when i realized what happiness was
and now it's sadness coupled by what a slow month does to you
do you hold on to my ghost now too?
i've never felt lower

we spot the same photo in the glass
a soft reminder that bad things will always pass
away from what it had become
i'm down on all fours just begging for a touch of

time, however short it is and
space, how little there is of it
i'm always spinning in the dizziness of the world but
now without the presence of a cotton candy girl

and you were there when i realized what happiness was
and now it's sadness coupled by what a slow month does to you
do you hold on to my ghost now too?
i've never felt lower

nothing will ever make sense
unless you take my amends
oh, just gun me down

and when you lock the door
i sink into the floor
oh just pull on me and take me out

and you were there when i realized what happiness was
and now it's sadness coupled by what a slow month does to you
do you hold on to my ghost now too?
i've never felt lower

and you were there when i realized what happiness was
and now it's sadness coupled by what a slow month does to you
do you hold on to my ghost now too?
i've never felt lower
this accidentally became a song
I had a wall so high, the top you couldn’t see,
and in front there were trenches in the ground.
It had stood there strong for all of my memory,
no one could lift it or break it down.
Then one day you strolled up so casually,
you were so stealthy I didn’t hear a sound.
You asked I could remove it completely
and I suggested going to the next town,
but you knocked and you climbed so persistently
to get inside it seemed you were bound.
Finally one day I opened the gate very cautiously,
then my wall became just a brick mound.
My stronghold had revealed it’s vulnerability,
you had conquered and taken my crown.
Then you said “nevermind, this place isn’t for me.”
after only a short glance around.
Artem 3h
Fate is cruel to us and unfair,
But the truth in the words that I'll say:

Only way to be noticed -
Is to completely ignore,
Only way to be loved -
Is don't want to love anymore.

If you want a girl of your dreams to never love you

Tell her,
That she's the point of your pointless life,
and without her you feel like dead inside

That you would like embrace her all the time,
That for her you'll burn in any fire,
That without her you'd rather die

And whisper:
«i'll never let you fall
For you i'll give my all,
i'll never break your heart
Let's kiss without any sound

i don't care for any scar,
i love you as you are
and love stronger than ever.
Can we be together… forever? »

Say so, and you will lose your girl.
Don't even try to understand,
But if you wanna hold her hand
You not destined to be good friend
Just break girl's heart and start depart,
Break apart, without a doubt.

Destroy girls inmost hope and dream
And make her cry and wanna scream.
This way is very strange, i know
You need to tear her heart and throw
away, if you want to feeling love.

But as i said, tricky fate is cruel and unfair,
And when you make she love you this way
You'll no longer need your beloved,
You'll no longer need to be loved.
Poem is inspired by song Good Charlotte - Break apart her heart.
And by my life.
Depression is like a having a sweater on, yet still feeling chilled to the bone.
It's like having a raincoat on, but water still manages to slide down your goosebumped back.

Depression is putting on a wet bathing suit.
It's that cold clammy feeling that makes your every hair stand on end.

Depression is driving down a road in thick fog never knowing when the road curves, so you drive like ever yard could send you careening off into the endless abyss.

When you climb out of the pit of melancholy that is depression, you think how could I ever been that sad, yet there is always that gnawing in your mind that you could be right back in there tomorrow.
Tribhu 6h
Oh! You're a dilemma,
Left untouched,
Pages covered in dust.
If I wish to tear off these sorrows
I only hold them closer, thinking maybe tomorrow.
And if I wish to burn thy pages
I burn myself instead,
Oh, it's been ages!
Should I cover you with flowers?
Or should I bury you deep beneath the ground?
If you'll ever be lost,
Can you never be found?
If I let you go by mistake
Won't you ever come back?
If I wreck my withered soul,
Will this red rose turn into the rose of black?
Tribhu 6h
I have a fear,
A disease you may call it,
Whenever there's soothing silence
I fear of tormenting violence.
I suffocate,
There's lack of air in my soul
Whenever you leave me here,
Darkness consumes me whole.
I fall and break,
Now there's a scar inside of me
Whenever I try to ignite my soul with light
I'm burnt out of flames,
I can't breathe.
You may call it a disease
You may laugh about it inside.
But dear,
Have you ever fought your own demons?
Tell me,
If you ever won
Against the darkest parts of your life!
Surviving our own demons is probably the hardest thing to do in life. But what we think is we are in this all alone. We may fight our demons alone but we are not alone in this. Every one of us suffer and yet survive. Not only survive but live. ❤
Arke 10h
your spark was so deep, intense and warm
you defied the gods and gave me your fire
I had wandered through frozen wilderness
couldn't remember feeling heat against ice heart
I melted, held to your words and arms
didn't even consider that I could get hurt
your body gets used to always feeling cold
but the fire restored feeling in every finger tip
skin against skin where you healed my frostbite
so of course, when you left and the cold set in again
I felt the sharp curse of a million needles piercing me

your spark was so deep, intense and warm
that I never noticed when everything burned down
creating another frozen wasteland to navigate
the difference is now I remember that fire exists
even if I don't have a paper map to find you
or enough dry wood to hold a flame of my own
with the memory of you, I can recreate a fire
for the next person who has lost their light or spark
I guess I should have known better
than to let you in again, right?
I guess not.
No matter how many times
you leave a hole in my chest
leaving me to pick up the pieces
I always find my heart crawling back
to you to give you another chance
that you don’t deserve.
My heart, the fool, thinks that maybe
this time you’ve changed for the better.
Maybe this time, you really mean it.
Maybe this time, you will not repeat.
I have spent so much time
caught in my own head

Trying to merely tread water
preventing myself from drowning

Losing touch with reality
my life lacking clarity
as the edges of each day and night
are dulled

Confined to a certain haziness
Caught somewhere between

                               Floating and ......
Bitter words are so many
They've never grew fond of ones emotions
Their roots grows stronger every time they bloom
Such they became one of the famous theme in the society
Sadness crawls to every corner of my bed as i try to deny my feelings
Tears withdrawn from my eyes all lost to my pillow
Gone are the one i failed to love
And here lies the pain I can't defeat.

13 October 2018
If the clouds cannot hold the rain and, how you suppose an eye can hold all such tears?
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