Rain rain go away, come again another day...

When we were young we'd tell the rain to go away,
but now the rain is sadness and today's that other day.

sun come
                back to
I can't
             the light.
unnamed 3h

Bury my soul in autumn leaves
So that the wind might blow away
Memories of mistakes I made
That breaks my heart today

Sticks and stones may break the bones
But words can crush the spirit
Raise the bar but once again
And I’ll still try to clear it

You sit alone and stare at the wall
And darkness is all that you will find
Messing around with narcotics
Is sadly destroying your mind
Just get yourself some help
And take your life back
Remove yourself from the negative
Move towards the right track

such an unfathomable concept.
what lingers in
the blackness remains
a mystery.
yet beautiful.
it’s like
so many secrets
hiding in the
and anxiety
hidden from
because out of sight
out of mind,
if somebody cares
all that’s needed
is a candle
to brighten,
all of those secrets,
now exposed,
to anybody
who just bothers
to look.
although darkness
seems like
an ever-expanding
it’s easy
to figure out
if YOU just try.
such an unfathomable concept,
and yet i think
i know it better
than anybody.

You pulled me close and I smelled leather,
the scent of rain clinging and weaving
through you like ivy. Your breath rustled
like the trees we climbed together, laughing
and carefree. My eyes were blue as the dead
sea and yours only looked at me. We
sat in those branches, warm and safe.

Sometimes in the dark the smell of morning
dew and fresh leather hits me and I feel
a melancholy too intense to understand.
I hear your breath next to me. My eyes
used to be blue as the dead sea, yours
are a distant memory. Now I sit in these
branches, cold and alone, wondering
when you will come home to me.

~~ Ah, the shivers of loneliness along my arms. ~~

when i love
i throw myself in flames

but i've learnt that
i don't need to

i can save that passion
i can save myself for someone
i choose

i am my own hero.

DJColzz 17h

O sweet melancholia
                                                  ­          Why do you taunt me so?
                                                Why do you look for me in still waters?            
When I am willing to be happier than ever
The escapism from your clutches
Never seems to materialize
The ache that dwells within a sombre mind
A heart that is pure
Dwells there
You cannot haunt the fearless for long
As quietly
And predominately
I will turn my back on you
One day I will exculpate your haunting moods
And in that day...
..... I shall be vindicated ~
There will be freedom from you

Do you think she’ll witness my downfall
When she goes to hell?
Do you think she’ll feel the anguish of empathy?
Do you think she’ll find a way to introspect
Instead of projecting?
That would cause her suffering.
I won’t be grouped in with fools
Who discharge ressentiment
With dreams of those who’ve wronged them
Suffering more than they have...
But I know it must discharge somewhere.
What constrains me?
The stunted superego
Suffocates the id
Holds it down and kicks it;
A child beaten
Tells itself
It doesn’t want to hurt its family
Until the day it’s realized
That it can’t.
And then, its spirit broken
Lays dormant, a pressure cooker
Tells itself it doesn’t want to rise
To cope with having fallen.
It stays silent and still long after left
Retreated so far into itself
That now it fails to recognize
The threat is gone –
The abuse goes on
Long beyond it’s ended.
She told me she loved my poetry,
That I inspired her to write
About her father.
I should have seen it coming then
It was no different from before -
I let myself be used again
I have no excuse.

max 1d

its too loud
too loud too loud too loud
the room is filled with sound
and focusing on that
just makes the thoughts of you
become more vibrant.
why don't we laugh like that anymore?
why don't we sit and talk like that anymore?
why don't we share memories anymore?
where are you? its too loud.

Saw you in my dream
We were laughing in pure glee
Woke up so happy

The past few months I've had so many dreams about a girl I use to be close with. All of those previous dreams were either very awkward or just sad and depressing because all we put each other through. This was the first one that was just pure happiness and joy. It was just filled with so much life and the feeling of being free.
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