I am weak, I am old.
Death is the gateway  for the bold,
My body shall just decide to leave one day.
It will happen sooner or later,
But is the fate of all.
I can go peacefully in the day,
Or fight through the night.
But it will get me.

I will walk through the archway
Into the new, land.
Where is it? A boat?
Will it be a castle surrounded by a moat?

Wherever it is I will wait for you,
I will always look for you.
My love...

I hardly knew my great grandfather, but he was a great man...

Raindrops and falling leaves:
all one needs to be happy,
yet the people here are so sad.

You broke my compass.
Don't just stand there,
Pretending you didn't leave
My arrow a mess.

Like you didn't push
Your magnet closer and closer
Until it spun out of control,
Like an ambush.

Like you didn't grind
Your knife into it,
And watch me scream
As we would forever be entwined.

Every time I look down at my compass, you see;
The lost arrow,
And your wicked smile,
Are staring back at me.

you know who you are
Leila Shearer Apr 2016

I try my best
To make people feel good about themselves
You could say,
I'm trying to spread happiness like it's a disease
Hoping it will catch on
Then spread through the masses

Sadly a lot of people
As they grow older
Become immune to true happiness
That alone,
Is one of the saddest things to witness

I try my best


be desolate

when words
are matchless

they only go
so far

but your heart
like the tide

water cemented in
your throat

clouds give you snapshots to heaven

you stare too much

you really do

can't we all disappear
it would be
and we would
lose ourselves
to nothing

i was called autistic as an insult
throughout school
and i thought it was a bad thing
like i was deformed or
just because of what those girls said
before i even knew the meaning
they didn't see it wasn't an insult
but when they made it one
it hurt
and i cannot explain how their words
affected mine

Dawn 11h

All White

Such a long walk
That took seconds
Down the hall to see
White is all I saw
Head to toe covered
Except your reddened face
The crematory man
Said you'd be discolored
All I saw was you
In the yard
Sitting in the Star Wars room
Blue electric guitar
And bass lines
With or without you
And I learned
That life is fragile
And you looked it too.
I prayed and prayed
And sent my words
To the heavens
And felt the sky
Open up and swallow
My tears and pleas
Some writings
A Lock of hair
And a visual memory
Is what I left with
And will carry with
Till my day comes
When they all walk in
And all they see white
All white...

About seeing my cousin in the crematorium before he was to be cremated. We were allowed a viewing. He died from hypothermia because he was homeless and a vet. He had paranoid schizophrenia which is why he would not allow us or docs to help him. He thought we were trying to kill him. He was in the Air Force for years and developed it during that time. He was only in his mid 40’s and we were very close bf he became ill. Rip Corky.

Who will remember
The days of those snowy Decembers?
Or the pale orange glow of fading embers
Under the canopy of dark timber.

Who will remember and be glad?
My, The Times we had.

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