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Jehzeel 20m
Finally, they were both in love with each other.
Unfortunately, the other one is taken.
They met in the most unexpected way. Their worlds were like South Pole and North Pole. They may have different worlds but they have the same feeling, just not the right timing.
mae 40m
i always had my suspicions

and now i know for real

that it was all a lie.

when you were kissing me,

it was her you were picturing.

holding my hand,

wishing it was hers.

i slept with you

out of love.

while you slept with me

to fill the void

left behind by the space

between you and her

that i can never fulfill.

you admitted it to me,

told me to my face

that you lied.

she was never just a friend,

but the girl I will never compare to.
when you told me to truth and my heart broke all over again
Georgia 7h
You should smile with your teeth.
I’d make you cups of tea half smiling with sleep
laugh sweetly when you spoke from fuzzy dreams
And measure the dimples in your freckled cheeks
When my eyes have betrayed me
I try to turn you inside out
But I haven’t found my reflection in your bloodstream
Though you are running through my veins like hot coffee.

You shouldn’t look at me
The buttons on your coat make me jittery and uncomfortable
Because I want to pull you by your hair
I want to meet your hazed stare and imagine me there
Living in the catchlight on the reflection of a hotel window
While you take off your clothes behind me
So I see your skin in the fogged up glass
shudder while your eyes burn into my back
and smoke rises from my spine.

You should love him a little more
He’s been on the phone since four and I hear his yorkshire accent from before
like an axe being jolted into the dip of my chest.
Bouqets of roses by your door and I’m the crippling thorns
I feel like shaking hands between my knees
the blood dripping from my sleeves
How cruel I have been
Although my heart is by my feet and ill at ease
You should smile with your teeth
Even if it isn't for me.
hi I'm back!

I found out that the word catchlight has been added to the dictionary and it means the reflection of light in a person's eye - I rly liked it so I thought I'd incorporate it here!

I hope you enjoyed this poem :) the girl I wrote this about will probably (hopefully) never even know how I feel but honestly I don't care anymore.  I hope he makes her happy.

it feels good to make a mess of a situation into words. I hope you could see the soft progression here from happy fantasy to painful reality. if my poem makes you feel something then it's a success<3
You are a blank rose doused in wine;
Too thrilling for my pen to hold,
You shed your petals in my mind.

I want to freeze your face in time
But flowers blister in the cold-
You are a blank rose doused in wine.

My morning sunshine makes it fine,
Repaints the waste in liquid gold-
You shed your petals in my mind.

I'm veering off the railway line
Grasp out for hanging vines to hold;
You are a blank rose doused in wine.

The thoughts dissolve in seafoam brine
As if my memory's been sold;
You shed your petals in my mind.

But I still hope to find a sign
A crumpled map into your soul;
You are a blank rose doused in wine,
You shed your petals in my mind.
I tried to write a villanelle haha
This was pretty fun
Mire 11h
I am aware that relationships form. You date people but it won't always work out. You may like someone very much or even love someone but it won't always be returned. I'm aware that moving on is part of the process of healing your heart. I know that I can and will move on, eventually. But the main problem is: I just don't know when?
There you are, three steps away from me
There our eyes met slowly in the middle
I hardly noticed your presence minutes ago
I’d turn away as if I never intended to do this

There you are, three steps away from me,
Denying I felt something when we were in the room
I sat at the corner of this crowded place
You came in as if something has to bloom.

There you are, three steps away from me
We’ve been in this side before, lost in crowds,
The only difference a year and eight months from now is...
I was once the one beside you.

There you are, three steps away from me.
There I’d find you in a short long distance,
It’s hard to walk there at your place,
I’d rather run miles away from that smile I used to know

There you are, three steps away from me...
I am seeing an invisible wall
You’re painted on it
Oh hello, aren’t you the stranger I used to know?

There you are, three steps away from me,
Still can’t believe I couldn’t walk up to you.
Even just to smile and say a little hello
Even just to ask how you’ve been all this time

There you are, three steps away from me.
Can’t believe I’m writing ‘bout you
A year and eight months from now
Realizing you still mattered to me somehow.
Hey, this love is forbidden.
mae 22h
you admitted to knowing
that in the end
you would break my heart
and i think
that is
what hurt the most.
when you told me the truth.
wren 23h
i am not yours
you are not mine
we can never be together, enveloped in the soft warmth of each other.
you will never hear the music that sings me to sleep in place of you.
the serene morning lights will never shine on us as we slowly shift awake, still intertwined
for my Moon
ally 1d
she sobbed on her knees,
begging to the heavens and the flowers and the trees.
she let the emptiness fill her slowly like poisoned honey,
let the silence scream louder than the wind.

it was a song and dance she knew quite well,
she stayed afloat in rough waters,
forgot to feel the heat of the sun on her face.
calm pools of blue came and swept her away,
and in his eyes, she slowly drowned.

it was fate, she thought, to rest in this abyss
to be still, to be content, to be quiet with him
he carried her softly, careful and delicate.
the universe laughed.

she stayed too long,
forgot to come up for air,
& what seemed like fate,
was really a cosmic joke.
- don't forget to come up for air. -  this is about putting too much of your happiness into a person that you're dating. working on yourself and giving yourself respect is really important -- not settling because you're comfortable or because things started off good, but are rapidly changing. it's about not holding out until you drown in another person and completely lose your dignity.
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