Nightsung 18h

I took a gander to the sky
The indigo and pallid lilac lights
Indulged in my resting place
Concluding my days, I was imbued

Lush and vivid strands of white
Pierced valiantly through my view
The solemn celestial light
The forgotten lights renew

Frigid hands reached out to me
They left me there, in perturbation
Of many mysteries I ceased to see
The enigma of animation

Reminiscence of a jagged pass
That split and converged
The contorted trails amass
At its beacons they emerged

In a symphony of light
It descended
Fervent ascension
Beacon of the night,
Praise be with thee, demon.

An angel descended from heaven today
It carried the key to my heart
The blessed remnants of love to sway
The notion that hailed their depart

Of many caresses that stroked my soul
The mirror that reflects my own parole
I rest there in trance
Embracing their dance
Alas, I perished to their words

An abrupt realisation unfolded
As I found myself dropping to the surface, embedded in crimson hue
The darkness flooded the gates I forgot they existed
The numbness never recollected my will
Alas, I dropped into their world

An angel clad in crimson rags
Obsidian tattered wings grasp
A gaze so sharp pierced my skull
Mourning on my plagued remains,
On a scaffold of birch

For I wished to see the light
For I descended once more

Praise be with thee, demon.

Inspired by mythie's poem 'seraphic', I decided to give it a twist of my own.
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A million miles may pass between
The place I sit and the place I dream.
My heart calls out; its hears no answer,
all tangled up in the twirls of the dancer.
And then when she sings, no ear can deny
Those heavenly chords, tears of joy in her eye.

Yes a million miles may pass between
You and I while I steep in my dreams
So that when I awake, alone in my bed,
At least I can still hear your voice in my head.

Moments soaked in passion,
vibrations between our hearts
felt deeper than the marrow of my bones,
and unforgettable memories of your smile
still bring me to my knees.
A part of you will forever glisten upon my lips
just as a part of me will upon yours,
and despite you having shattered my dreams,
let me say
the lights in Paris were never as stunning
as the stars I saw twinkle in your eyes.

bubblegum girls do not love lemonhead boys,
yet puckering lips sounds oh so sweet,
and sugar does not mix with sour in my
candy land world
but how I wish your tongue to graze mine
against cavity teeth and silver finishing,
and all you want is to chew me up and spit me out,
the way all lemonhead boys do,
but bubblegum girls crave those
stupid, sour boys
and wonder why they spit them out, too.

Because not everyone can sit in sugar and have a sweet ass.
Tea 4d

How do I unlove you?
I'd really like to know
I have all these thoughts in my head about you
but I can't express them in any
or form
and it's taking a toll on me
On one hand, I want all these feelings to just go away
and I keep wishing that,
if I ignore them enough,
they will.
But on the other hand... I just want to go outside and run,
run uphill, through the forests and meadows
run until I can't feel my legs anymore
run until I reach the top of the highest hill
surrounding this beautiful city of ours
and just
s c r e a m
at the top of my lungs
about how much I can't get you out of my head
how I think about you all the time
how you make my heart sing and how you
understand every single dark part of my soul
that no one else before you did
I want to stand there and look at the lights
colliding with the stars
and scream until my lungs collapse
about how I'm painfully,
in love with you.

it's been a very, very long time and a lot of things have changed since then
it's been a very tough year for me and as I've been battling my own demons, I haven't had neither the time nor inspiration for writing
but it's coming back to me now
if this feel rushed or messy, I apologize, I just needed a space to let out my feelings, as they have been pressing on my mind for quite a while now
I hope you enjoy

i’ve become comfortable with the way your ripped t-shirt hangs off my shoulders, and the way your detergent mixes with your cologne,
so you smell like home,
even if i’m not supposed to live there,
or love there,
but constant nights i wish for the older times where you took me into your room; crawling on the twin bed with breath reeking of beer and bad decisions,
but i didn’t want to regret you,
so we kissed cheeks and whispered secrets, and shared gazes i’d never tell to anyone,
for it was ours.
and now i wear my own clothing, yet i yearn for your shirts every time i enter your room,
where you used to whisper down my body,
and trace your fingertips along my waist like butterfly kisses on gentle skin.
and we find ourselves back in that room from time to time, no longer sharing,
no longer having something that’s ours,
but i see you in the familiar light,
against the familiar linen sheets,
and i fall into the comfort that is a dangerous fault,
for it used to be ours; the comfort, and silence, and goofy laughter i’ll hold close,
because you were you, and i was me, and i was yours, and you were mine, and each night was ours.
so promise me to never give away those shirts i once wore to someone else,
i think we will find ourselves back there in that nostalgia,
and find each other in the dark,
with yearning, excited hands,
panting breaths with the need for one another,
where we fall together and fit like lock and key,
though sometimes i wish we weren’t,
and it makes being uncomfortable without you that much worse.
so please keep the door open, we will be back to what we once were,
and i will sleep in your shirts as you whisper “i love you” low enough where you think i cannot hear, but like my heart; my ears, and arms will always be open,
to you,
to the idea of togetherness again,
to everything that’s ours.

Must hold on,
Closer, until, meld ontop of-
Body against, heat of body,
Holding on, to someone,
Someone I love - like a ladybug,
Like a lizard, so cold, just want,
Body heat. Just need reptilian comfort,
Drunk, cuddled, human to human,
Hold me. One sec more. One more minute-
Such strong arms-
Wrap around me, I drape across you
You don't mind? Do you?
Only us, no other, no one else in all
In all the city, the country, provence, world
Just us. So just. Please
Remember it was just us, once.
And you, you couldn't tear yourself away from me and I
I tried to slip away but now I
I can't move away for all the
Motivation in the world
Let me be a lizard
Let me be dependant upon your warmth
Let me

As the air stills,
Take hold of your breath,
Make a stand, be at the ready,
Hold my microphone,
Eyes and eyes, locked on my lips
As mine look at you with such passion.

I look away now, frozen in my tracks,
My mind isn't listening, it keeps spilling
and tripping
My heart is a glacier, the room feels
closer, and colder
It has been far too long,
Since my love has seen the sun.

Like a sunrise you were shining,
A face sculpted fine with perfection,
An elegance would best describe you,
Surely angels would envy you.

If only I had been someone,
Instead of this heathen I've become,
It only takes someone,
To melt the ice my heart's become.

No written poems,
Nor lyrical prose left unsung,
Such beauty confine.

Longing is the home,
As punishment to who steal,
The art you behold.

for that one person that you may or may not like. somehow, the reason why they can’t be your muse.
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