I thought time will be on my side,
but it turned its back on me,
and shattered my hopes and dreams.

In time you'll see me eye to eye,
I thought. In time you'll learn to lean on me,
I thought. In time you'll catch up;
in time you'll fall just as hard;
in time we'll be destiny realized—
but I was wrong.

It was my denial unrecognized.

I did not see the dead end,
until I was far too deep.
Like the fool I was, all I saw
was you, and I was blind to the hints
of this hopeless love; however
much hope it had given
me, and however
farther that hope might've taken

Lost before I even fought,
yet I'll still lend a hand so
that you'll attain yours.
i walk inside the cathedral
and take a breath
you crashed my heart
so i'm crashing yours
Michele 1d
The thought of your kiss.
How every day I miss
you and your stupid shit that pisses
me off and I remember I
have to stop loving you so I
can stop hurting so bad, but why
can't I get you off my mind
and just spend one fucking evening not feeling left behind?
I feel like I'd,
just to be with you again, die.
Just to see you once I'd
rearrange a sky so I
could sleep soundly without having to cry
myself there. Personify
my optimism, turn a blind eye
and satisfy my tongue-tied
thoughts that just want to find
some peace of fucking mind
away from the "goodbye"
that repeats like a broken record inside.

Love on standby.
Love gone awry.
Rachel 2d
i received a bouquet on sunday.
with scarlet carnations, ruby-coloured roses,
calla lilies, a single red tulip
a few clovers scattered haphazardly along the sides
and a velvet ribbon tied to the right
a postcard was attached

i sent back an anemic yellow carnation.
I am the rain,
Holding my skirt,
I descend from my abode,
To be with you.

I tap on your windows,
Hoping you'd see me,
Waiting for you to embrace me,
So I could be with you.

I wish you would want to listen to me,
To the secrets I have to tell,
And I uncomplainingly wait,
To breathe songs into your ears.

I slide down your hands,
Savouring every little inch of them,
If only you'd wrap me around your fingers,
And make me stay.

But you don't,
And I slither down you,
I glide past your windows,
Flow down your walls,
Drip down every thing that's yours,
I slide away
I was the sadness of the heavens wrapped up in the tears,
You, the happiness of the earth curved up into a smile,
Maybe we were never meant to be.

© Semicolon
Don’t leave me loving you
Here alone.
Prick my finger, at least,
And lull me to sleep
Before you go.

If I dream of you tonight,
Don’t be flattered.
I care too much
And dream of everything that matters.

Don’t leave me loving you
Here alone
In my imagination
Where it will feel too right.

If I’m looking ill,
Leave me to die.
Otherwise, stay the night.
It's never the same without you.
I promised I would never go back
to this sanctuary of memories
you so heartlessly gave to me.
Why? Why now?
I can hear my heart screaming
in agony.
I said I wouldn't let you get under my skin.
Now my own blood is no match for you.
Even now, with no hidden carnal desire,
I can't stop.
The brakes are broken in this carriage of pure desire.
Stretch your hand
and I shall cherish it forever.
How could you?
You don't know
She Loved Him
In that Place
Where Only The Soul
Knows The Secrets
Of The Heart
ph 4d
The boy with
amber eyes
destined for
glorious things.
And all those
he met could
he had a special
in his eyes.
but the girl he
dimmed his
she fell for another.
Sequel to "Velvet"
my love, can I ask you why?
why the stars I wait to see keeps shining even when the moon goes faint
why the stars last so long
why some die a quiet death, but some fall
and why it was easy to say you no longer love me the way you used to?
even when I chose to love you everyday, even when it hurts–especially when it hurts.
Hey, been away for a while from writing in general, but I guess when people are hurting that’s when the words come out right? Do you ever wonder why pain creates beautiful things?
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