I'm chasing my dream
You're chasing yours
So why do we fall
through this damaged door?
You sing songs
about broken glass
You're still bitter
but my thirst never ends
You still drape yourself
like you never left

whispers through
the autumn night sky
“its getting colder”
i say as i shiver a little

“I was just thinking
the same thing”
you say as we walk
towards your car

loud music blaring through
the speakers once again as
the bass vibrates through my
body although this time was
different you had turned it down

i took a hit of my electronic cigarette
you instantly knew what flavor it was

you said with a smirk
i felt a blush creep
upon my cheeks

i replied and took another hit
letting the smoke enter my lungs

“can i hit it?”
i nodded and handed it to you

watching you take a hit
was mesmerizing
the way you inhaled
a perfect cloud of
white smoke into your
lungs then ever so
slowly exhaling
gave me shivers
down my spine

our night drives had turned
into something more
slowly but surely

we talked about other things
just simply getting to know
each other

i look forward to our
small talk conversations
every time you take me

he took me home last night, took a hit of my juul, and I have gave him a juul pod :)
cole 1d

grass scars your knees
from begging for his name
to appear when you check
your phone screen
but you know it's never there

there's remorse
under your fingernails
from clawing at the earth
digging to find remains
of when he cared

the fire in your throat
from flinging back tears
will make you strong enough
to love the broken glass
he left behind

Dedicated to girl diffused,
my good friend who is getting over a heartbreak.
Abraham 1d

My baby left on a train
To another town,
And with her finger she wrote
"Maybe" on the glass
Then pulled the shutter down.

How long is a "Maybe"?
When will my baby
Be coming home?

My baby wrote only once
In sixteen years
It was the cruelest thing
You ever did see,
'Cos at the bottom of the page
She signed it with a -

My baby left on a train
To another town,

My baby left on a train
To another town.
(Fade out)

Tori 1d

Those three simple words
The "I love you"
You didn't mean them
And this I knew.

But I cared not then
For I treasured them so
In my minds great museum
I'd revisit the show.

I thought this would pass
But the feelings remain
Years have long past
And I still feel the pain.

You never knew me
For I loved like a shadow
Going unnoticed
All empty and shallow.

I watched you find love
As I prayed that you would
Though it makes me ache more
I know it's for the good.

Unrequited love is
Like a flower without sun.
I cling to a love
That had never begun.

An idea of a person.
A feeling. A hope.
I hung from the cliff
By an imaginary rope.

I found I wasn't hanging
But falling....for you.
I shot down. I plummeted.
And you never knew.

But it's really okay,
If you never know me
For all that I want
It to see you be happy.

Dedicated to my unrequited love....Some people start a fire in you that never burns out.

let me write beautiful poetry
onto your skin with my lips

each kiss represents my words
my lips represent the pen and
your body as my paper

let me create something
so beautiful with you

I want him to be mine

So i am not surprised,
how your silence has pained me.
Hit me in the heart
with the force of a thousand needles.
As if i would have been trapped underwater, holding my breathe,
afraid to let go.
Trapped, helpless and vulnerable.
You can make me feel loved and wanted,
as if this world is our sweet haven.
Then you bring me down.
As if all love, all my etheral fantasies and futuristic dreams,
are but a moment's charade.

My love,
i am trapped in your love.

she was poetry
but he hated
to read

why doesn’t he like meeee
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