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Andrew Crawford Dec 2016
Your company's like nighttime sky over sultry summer days-
long arms embrace afar across the cooling humid haze.
The heat still broiled into pavement now evaporates the rain
but at its core, the asphalt molten, still sweltered and sunbaked.
I chain smoke my way through another five minute mistake-
again now in tens, I'm alone, still awake;
sometimes, shallowed breaths, then wavering, shake
and unresolved, unrequited, in between aches.
You love to get the words out of me
The words I wouldn’t use, they sound *****
You love the way I look at you
I look into your eyes, and something sets free
You love the way I listen to you
I remember everything, Mr. Perfect doesn’t
We both love crushing
I crush on you
And you crush me  

You call me your tomboy
And get so possessive
You say that you need me
And then act submissive
I adjust your dresses
Sometimes your shoe laces  
When you keep me waiting
I say you are allowed
Don’t call me bro
Babe, what is the ground  
We both love crushing
I crush on you
And you crush me  

You say you love me  
Every time you text
I say, “I love you”
You shoot hearts and rainbows back
You want to know about my crushes
If I ever loved a girl
You wink and dance with me
Say I’m the only one to make you twirl
We both love crushing
I crush on you
And you crush me  

You love when I play gentleman
Opening the door
Letting you lead
Walking you back
Paying you heed
You  gush about  my  skills
The  way  I  move the  swords
The  way  I  calculate
The  way  I  play  with words
Close  discussions  and debates
And  then  we discuss
How  Mr.  Perfect  and  you  are  hanging
We both love crushing
I crush  on  you
And  you  crush  me

We are best friends
And you want us to be, forever
You want to hang out
And go abroad together
I would stand by you
In all platonic capacities
Even when Mr. Perfect marries you
And claims you stupidly
We both love crushing
I crush on you
And you crush me
I thought it was the molly,
Your hands lazily in mine,
Your whispers tickled my spine,
Swimming laps inside my mind.

I thought it was the wine,
That flushed my cheeks,
Turning my stomach to knots and my heartbeat to peaks.

How silly to convince myself,
That it wasn’t you.
Betray, betray, my heart betray!
You beat so loudly she might hear,
Then she would know I love her so;
I wish my heart would disappear
And seek no thrill from Cupid's dart.

Betray, betray, my heart betray!
You let me love who loves me not;
You never catch me when I fall,
But only taunt me once I'm caught.
For once be still, betraying heart.
Copyright © 2018 Wayne Wysocki
We miss out days of our lives
Slipping into oblivion
Of unrequited words
That were better off unsaid,
Screamed our judgement
Every time our eyes met.
Not a word escaped
Through the iron gates.
Our inhibitions,
The castle’s gargoyles.
Holding us back,
Holding us down
Till the world turned ugly,
Bleak and stinking
Of death;
The same as how you lay
In my arms
Unmoving and unfeeling
And now, now,
Those sly words break free
What use are those barriers now,
When you don’t exist anymore?

/written at the loss of a love unsaid/
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How does it make you feel?

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To the girl who writes,
My love,
My life,
My heart beats,
For no other.

To the girl who writes,
Her love,
Her life,
We could never be together.

For in her words,
She thinks of someone else,

For the girl who writes,
Loves another.
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imagine if we had a small flat
buried in the middle of the city
like i know you want
away from the sky.

living together and dancing
drinking mocktails and laughing
i want to see you happy
just once. just once.

we could have a dog or a cat, because
we'd be in a penthouse suite looking
over the rainy cityscape
up high in the thin air.

there would be dreams experienced
side by side in the night
and when you say my name
i won't miss a beat.

it's just a fantasy, a novelty
afforded by imagination
so that when i hear your voice
i see our flat in the city
and not what you wish
had said
to me.
What I feel for you is akin to how the floorboards hug the wall at the corner of the ballroom.
Smothered in gleaming tile, I lie beneath, fighting to breathe at the very seams, so close to you.
I am worn, and old, and my nails are ripped to shreds as I claw my way through the throng of porcelain pink people to you.
The touch of me against the very smallest part of you is enough for me to fall still and gaze not at the dancers in their gowns but the unassuming dark corner towards which I endlessly reach.
helena alexis May 19
i always fall for the bad ones

the ones who arrived from the shadow
the ones who lurk in the darkness and
flirt with danger
the ones who allow reality to slip
through their finger tips
the one whose pale face shone
in the golden sun

you see the bad ones aren’t
afraid of sampling death
they are risk takers

the bottom line is
when a good one comes along
i push them away because
the bad one still needs fixing

the bad ones do have
a way with my heart
and it gets broken
over and over

guess who comes running back?
i can still fix them if they’d let me
the bad ones have my heart
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