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A genuine connection
has drawn me close to you
all smiles, same vibes
I thought you felt it too
Sirius Aug 1
Sometimes I sit
Staring at the ceiling
Wondering how you would react if I told you
Just exactly how I feel
Back then you'd probably have said you felt the same
Maybe you did, that was a lifetime ago and I can't remember
But would the response be the same now?
If I told you that you're on my mind so often
When I listen to love songs they're on my mind
But so are you
I don't think you'd feel the same
But that doesn't mean that I still sit and hope
Gabe if you ever happen to see this. I love you just as much as I told you then.
Eli Jul 21
Dancing amongst the dandelions,
my hands placed at your waist and
yours draped around my neck.
us? I keep imagining,
us, when I kissed you,
on your lip the way you liked,
us, when we swayed,
with everyone watching.
Then, there, I want it, again, now,
because baby, the universe dims,
galaxies contract, and life loses
all its pleasure when compared to you.
I want it.
We decide where to go right before we leave
In our hurry we forget the keys
Want to hang out but we only have an hour
Do you want to buy me a whiskey sour?

Keep me in your pocket until you need a ride
I just keep on falling into your landslide

There's a place I go in the back of my mind
Where I feel your love and I know you're mine
Believe you me, I know it's a fantasy
Give me a second, I'll come back to reality

Keep me in your pocket until you need a right
I just keep on falling into your landslide

These hands haven't been held in way too long
These lips forgot how to sing your song
Knock down the cobwebs, shake off all the dust
My throat's too dry to talk about us

Baby, Bourbon, St. Peters, to Tchoup
There's nowhere in the world I'd rather stop
I'm not as dumb as I used to be
I know you're using me
But don't stop using me
Ode to New Orleans
little lion Jul 14
you are my favorite part of my mornings,

and the hardest part of my nights.

Maybe someday,
I can brew enough
for two.
I long to spend my days with you.
MsRobota Jun 21
"I miss you" is a pointless exercise
And "I love you" is a sandstorm that never settles
I have no idea how to be something you miss
I have no idea how to be something you love
And I don't think I want to try anymore
Rhea Jun 13
There are ways in which I let myself indulge in your presence
And when I can pretend that were more than what we are
When I pretend to absentmindedly move my leg so it just so happens to touch yours
And I feel the burning of the contact even through the fabric that separate us
It feels as big of a declaration of love as screaming the words out loud would be
I find myself creating and following these intricate rituals to create contact when I know there shouldn’t be any
I pretend to forget things at your house just so that I may see you again even for a moment
Today I drank alcohol even though I knew that I shouldn’t mix it with my medications
I fell into a dream state where the world felt warm, and right and in that room alone with you I knew I belonged nowhere else
In that dimly lit room I saw you in the light that I’ve been avoiding seeing you in
Because when I looked at your hands they seemed so soft and like they would fit perfectly in mine with interlocked fingers
I saw your skin glowing and as I looked at the way you shined I found my self unable to concentrate because of how in love with you I felt
Rhea Jun 13
I’m drunk on peach wine
And you’re just a text away
I don’t know why you went back to them
It hurts my heart to see
That taking a break didn’t change anything
It breaks my heart to see
How you’re treated when you show any emotion
It breaks my heart to see
The ways in which I could do better
It hurt terribly when you told me that you had gone back
To where you were once so miserable
Every time you tell me a new wrong
It makes me see red
Because I know you deserve so much better
Than to be ridiculed and used as an ego boost
I am so full of these secrets
And it feels like they may leak out of me
I feel like I can never tell you any of this

A few nights ago I made a small confession
And just that felt like I had gone too far
It didn’t change anything
Except to make everything uncertain
I hate not knowing could have been
Or what could be
Because every time i turn around
I see a new memory that we made
And it reminds me of the gentle love you radiate
The love that I crave more of

I don’t know

There’s a hole in my heart that you would fill
But I can’t overstep
And risk losing what we have
I’m lonely as it is
I couldn’t take losing you
It would **** me
Both figuratively and literally
I would die if I didn’t have what I can get
And that feels manipulative
And I hate myself for it
I just
I just love you
I just love you a lot
I just love you a lot more than I should
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