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Ms Ann Thrope Aug 28
Have you ever seen the way
A bushfire sets beautifully ablaze
The deepest, darkest forest trees
A melting-orange intensity
It brings about an ash of gold
Like the smothering dust of charcoal
The wildest destruction ever to see
In the eyes of a son who came from me
Written 2021
Dedicated to Knox James Alexander
Starting fires
and suggesting that they sit
in flimsy metal pits
from hardware stores or such
is all well and good
until flames remind you
they have no gods,
no morals, just free will,
while the smoke marks you its own
Ashley Kay Jul 25
Surefire burns
With deliverance

Old growth forests
Stripped to
Their core rings

Ashes turn a season
Of fire into spring
Vellichor May 18
Look at this girl
With wildfire eyes,
Beautiful flames
That will burn you alive.

Look at this girl,
A tornado in skin.
She tears through hell
With a bone chilling grin.

You think you know
That she’s numb to the pain,
That novocaine
Somehow runs through her veins,

But her wildfire eyes
Hold tales she won’t tell.
Her bone-chilling grin
Is just to spite hell.

You’ve become passive,
So absently blind.
Her fiery facade
Has convinced you she’s fine.

But her wildfire eyes
Can’t relieve her lament.
Her bone chilling grin
Can’t change hell’s torment.

She’s dying alive
As the fires of hell churn.
She’s not fireproof,
And she feels every burn.

This girl that you see,
And her wildfire eyes?
They’re beautiful flames,
That burn her alive.
Captain Trips Apr 10
after the wildfire,
you can expect to find me
sprouting in the ash
Out of truth,
You started wildfires across my heart.
The noxious fumes choke me.
I'm blinded,
But dance in the flames as we persist.
AllyRose Dec 2020
No matter what I do
You know what are
You know what you did
I say farewell to
My fighting chance
It didn’t matter in the end
No matter what I did

I sold myself for your life sentence
I carry the burden of your sins
The end was already written
No matter what I did

My branches are heavy
I’m not ready to start over again
Nothing survives the winter
Looking through the window
I hear the voices of my past
Laughing back at me
I will never forget
The wildfires

There’s no way out
I am a shell of a the person
That I used to be before
No matter what I did
I never had a fighting chance
I say farewell to my chance for peace
Robert Watson Oct 2020
Sinuous the smoke
tainting serene summer sights
flaming, scourging plight.
Blazing wildfires thousands of miles away. The smoke engulfs the flaming eye of heaven, Minnesota observer.
Thomas Goss Oct 2020
drooping animal eyes made of

forested heartbeats
spun into magma seas
of future regeneration

carbon crisis kindling

extinguish me
with the balled-fist
of the angry present

morning dewdrop

surrounding us

pillars of infant dust

sweet starlight kisses
arcing over the meadow

as we race into
the smoky twilight

and aware

I spoke
to your body
with only my eyes

cardboard cutouts
of childhood

softening in the rain

a simple gingerbread house
inside my head

a rippling pond
thirsty with relaxation

******* rings
easing into oblivion

as we touched
and told our skin

everything we ever
needed to know
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