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I say that I am uncomfortable
being around a strange man.
they call me a ***** and say,
"don't you know that it's not all men?"

I am drugged and assaulted by
a man who I thought that
I could trust. they say,
"you should've known better."

they say that my scars are ugly.
they say "you should hide those!"

but when I cover them up, they say
"women shouldn't have tattoos.
why did you ruin your body?"

I wear shorts and they say,
"what a *****! those are too short."

I put on long jeans and they say,
"what a *****! you're no fun."

I care too much about
their opinions and they say,
"you're too insecure! stop caring!"

I stop caring and they hate that
they can no longer control me.

you can't win, darling.
they will always hate you
for one thing or another.
at least let them hate you
for being too real.

be you.
life is too short
to fake being
anyone else.
Nora Mar 15
It changed with a look, a touch, an attempt.
What we see in someone's eye.
Or we feel under someone's palm.
What we go through, if we try.

Like a seed.
It is once invisible in the earth.
Then it comes out of the darkness and sees the colors.
Then everything becomes equal to her.
And eventually it flies away and changes.
Everyone has times, when they think their cool,
Other moments, they feel like a fool.
After years of time, has passed by,
Which days, are you proud of, which ones make you cry?
We create our future, every day, do you want respect,
Are, a name, that just, fades away.
Some of the things, we enjoyed, in our past,
Should just be left, as memories, that will last.
Our bodies, what we think is fun, will often change,
If we ignore the signs, our life, could be rearranged.
To change anything, in our life, during this stay,
We need another plan, how to spend those days.
You have to want, make new goals every day,
Nothing in your life will forever stay.

                                                                   Tom Maxwell® 10/21/05 AD
Those close to you now,
An unknown future friend,
Who will you remember the most,
When this life, comes to an end.

Life is like A book,
Chapters change, along our way,
Along with the characters,
Those you see, every day.

Every one came into this life,
For A special reason,
We are not to judge, each other,
We all have our change, of seasons.
Tom Maxwell. ® 03/07/2007 AD
I often day dream, what this life, plans,
Have left for me.
There is A reason, I have the freedom now,
To let the inner me free.
Sorting incoming energy, mixing together,
With my emotions, in my mind,
Always, listening for, guidance,
Am I right/ crazy, anything could be A sign.
Looking beyond Days and nights,
Never realize, what my inner powers are ,
Pulling more in, from out of body sights.

                                                                          Tom Maxwell 
                                                                                               3/2/19 Ad
                                                                                              1:10 Am
What is reality, in our life each day.
I suppose we know, if were happy, or sad,
We can see if the weather, is good, or bad,
Is it real, for politicians, never to agree,
and the news media, keeping us sad.

The daily soap opera, is it all false,
none of it true,
Everywhere we go, cameras, recording you,
A few commit crimes, were all watched, accused,
This don’t feel like, reality & freedom,
More of A dark feeling of blue.

                                                                            Tom Maxwell 
                                                                         3:00 AM
One year from now, where will you be?
Will you choose? Or just wait and see?

Choose to act - create some changes
From small steps, life rearranges

One year from now, will life be great?
Will you take actions that elevate?

Read new books and learn handy skills?
Or just cruise along to pay the bills?

One year from now, you’ll be the same
Unless you act to increase your game

Think new ideas - meet some new friends
Better thoughts lead to better ends
This is Prosperity Poem ** at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).

I often share with people the general idea, "One year from now, you'll be much the same as you are today, except for the books you read and the people you meet."  

Sometimes I use "Five Years", but the idea is the same.  And it's true!  You can choose to make changes.  Get those new ideas!  Read those best books and listen to life changing audios. Meet new people.
Denicel Mar 1
If only I could travel through time
and try to change my mistakes overtime
hardships, I see throughout my lifetime
time- the word I could never define
Delyla Nunez Feb 23
Oh how this could go.
One way it ends in your favor.
The other in bane.

Nervousness and thrilled.
Butterflies erupt in a way that haven’t before.
I’ve seen you thousands of times,
Heard your words.

So why does this feel different?
I do not know,
But life is a risk.
I suppose I’ll take another one on.
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