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My hair grows
Like patience
against my will
  behind my back
yesterday's destiny
jungle long
in time for every
  sunrise and sunset.
I sing about blooming under the same moon. You need a full moon to bloom.
EmVidar Sep 26
I'm learning
I didn't deserve
your type
of love

-em vidar
Harry Roberts Sep 26
Any day, any way, if we change we can't remain,
Change it all, tear it down, now the fires do surround,
Chuck it in, feel it burn, see it brighten watch it dim,
Any day, any way, let things change we cannot stay.

A changing cycle and an eternal dance,
We're caught between both in a cosmic dalliance,
A fertile promise procured by chance,
But only obtained if they contain vallience
Bongani Sep 22
Season comes and goes
Leaves fall and grow
What was there is gone
Love held you together but now you are alone
Things change and re-arrange
Then life goes on...
Season changes
fraudelle Sep 21
She changed my clothes
She changed my pose
She changed my hair
She changed my prayer
She changed me
Like iron to rust

But like other girls
She did the same

In this story
You are the medicine
Who Created mr.  Hyde

Sorry? To late
Jekyll taking his grave
I'm already dead
Zywa Sep 20
Beyond the Gateless Gate
I gave my stuff away –
homeless I roamed under Pisces
in the sky, their time is a long
time on the clock of the earth

The cities were founded quickly
in Aries' short hour –
but Aquarius, your centuries
are still far in the future
after the strong men

You and I don't wait anymore
we are ahead, in our meantime –
which cannot be otherwise, changes
take place gradually, even
what dominates is only partially there

Now we have some stuff again
and we no longer roam, we are –
stronger than the strong men
water carriers for each other, at home
beyond the Gateless Gate
Collection “Different times”
Angel Hendry Sep 3
I used to sleep with my doors unlocked , now you check them twice before We go to bed  , I used to show my body to feel vailidated , now I use my mind to show you I’m more than that. I used to cover up with makeup because I didn’t like who I was , now I haven’t wore it in days because you kiss it all off anyway. I used to beg for a lovers attention , now I need to tell you to stop squeezing so hard.  I used to believe that love meant shouting , now I like sitting in silence in your company , I used to think I’d never have anyone, now I have you.
Written for my boyfriend David.
Marina Sep 1
feels freely
filled with love and youthfulness,
I tend to to get out of hand
with new recipes and crafts,
journals with coffee
fill my mind with inspiration.

Wishing for brown and red leaves
feeling the cool air of fall
wrapped in warm clothing
and scarfs.
the feeling of hot coco
running inside my stomach
as I sit alone
fully overwhelmed with joy.
- This is what fall feels like
Words turn to flesh
Fabricated by the many times you wished
For another daughter to exist
Utmost confession in its midst
I know your darkest secrets.
Wild eyes have seen, what wrongs you have entailed in
Another life will hear of acclaimed achievements
But the truth grows all fruits
And roots are always true.
So be wary in how you choose
To treat a human as equal as you.
For Patience knows how, to play along too.
Iz Aug 24
You can’t tape leaves back to trees to make the seasons stop
Sometimes all you can do is watch
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