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You used to kiss my scars, used to cherish my broken pieces.

You promised to always be there.. to always listen.

Somehow it's changing..

"Honey" is now replaced by my name.

Your voice sounds cold on the phone, "low battery" you said.

I can't deny it, my gut is screaming.

I am losing him.

Left alone,
the way he said my name still echoes in my head.

When did your promises turn fake?
That changes almost everything! The majority of the word preaching the Truth, and in it the compromise that lurks in the depths of the words! And since it is appropriate to fight for Being, even a toad-weaning baby who demands love-hunger on a daily basis with legitimate selfishness, I weighed the uncertain risk of days as someone who knows what and how to do it - and yet I didn't get past the sure Yesterday!

And even now I have to live: A tempting Tomorrow with a promise of uncertainty will weigh me over! Did I do well and worthily that I didn’t waste the details either? Or should I have paid attention to the more meaningful forms and the ancient secrets of the intellect?

In intertwined chains: Bustling, bongling, intentionally and most importantly - crowded to each other in interest and deliberately repelled by human figures, the eternally dissatisfied instincts of the World. - How almost everything changes! Recently, my half-naked childish self snoozed in bed - and today, everyday, repetitive worries tear the load on my shoulders!

What I used to be: A dreaded fugitive, a frothy prisoner of compulsions — perhaps it will change and take away the bittersweet noises of imperfect tutu — which many have already whipped, and the lesser joys of Existence will be richer with it!

Our brains — as intricately tense, strange machinery, are straining, struggling daily with the Gordian knots of conscience on fine strings — and suddenly the secret of the only final meaning of Life opens up to us as a decipherment: Only then did we not live Fatally, and in vain selfishly, yet adhering to unconditional morals,
as an immortal transcendence: we also slowed down the fragments of the minute, and we brought happiness into our medium, even half-naked.
It is so strange
to see someone else
reliving one of your past lives,
spitting out the same words
you once spoke.
I think of all the different lives
I have lived over the years
And I mourn the losses
of all the personalities
                 that I will never get back.

Time is cruel like that;
it just comes barreling through and

But I suppose what comes along with the taking,
is also the giving
of new faces
    new blood
    new love
    new heartache.

I cannot say that I wouldn’t have it any other way,
For I think we can all agree
that we aren’t given much of a choice,
Lyss May 20
That destroyed me. Destroyed myself at the core. Who she was, all she wanted, what she loved. Changed 10-fold.
Erian Rose May 20
seasons pass
months fly by
crisp November air
trembles bittersweet
changes go past
from streetlights on main
to budding riverbanks
a love lost
for something and somewhere
far out from grasp
Nicole May 16
Love got lost
In the sea of sorrow
And hopes were crushed
Like there's no tomorrow

Everything changed
That one midnight of summer
When I confessed my undying love
But you replied with "I love her."
Rebecca May 14
How can something that once had great power over me,
Now means nothing?
The same thing I used to cry over
Because I wanted it so bad,
Now means nothing.

The man I once loved
I now see for what it was...

Amanda May 7
It is a brand new year
Time refreshing once more
I wonder what changes lie ahead
What 2020 has in store
I wrote this at the beginning of the year obvs haha
Time, an ever flickering flame
Makes you wonder where you stand,
If there was any other way around
To control it, mend it, change it
So that it won't rebound
The vibrations of time make you astound
It hasn't been kind, you say
Another minute, an hour, a day, an year you thought was there to stay
You didn't know when it flew by
I guess we'll wait for some time until this storm subsides...

Are we all meant to walk a path or should we strive for changing it?
And in turn, changing ourselves, with this passage of time
Pondering about the past and future from where you stand is itself a crime
So are we the criminals or were we robbed of time?

A moment of pleasure, a moment of pain
Ever wondered what's the last stop for this train?
Dust of the future, landing upon us today
The chaos and havoc of the present making your plans sway
Is it time for a change?
Is there any other way around it?

Time, for ever-flickering, is also ever-changing
Changes for the good and the bad
There's no hiding, but maybe we're on track
To drive the winds of change
By embracing them ourselves from the inside
Devoting it towards self-growth and development
Maybe we'll mentally hold on to that idea while letting destiny drive us
Towards a brighter future or a bitter end.

Move on, all alone, if you have to
There's all too much of this agony
The world is suffering but what's there left for you
Let that drive you towards creating a difference
And march closer towards your victory...

As I climb, as I rise high looking down upon the vibrant haze
I'm preparing myself for the next phase...
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