RebelGirl Mar 7
when your young your innocent
then one day that gets taken right out of hands
and we have to choose the path that we take in life
some of us choose good lives
while others not so much
some of us start down that road then reality hits us cold in the face
and we choose to change our lives
but some of us walk down that road and never change it
Arcassin B Mar 6
By Arcassin Burnham

Behave, like angels,
We can't,  be able,
Provide,  the Lord will,
Changes , are not made,
And people , will be fake,
See now, we change for,
A worser , endeavour,
I feel this is forever,

Unless , we do something,
The end, only ends you,
The choices , you will make,
Make sure , you care for you,
And build , a better virtue,
Write a , four page letter,
To a , misguided lover,
That will go on forever,

Palm Coast , city of twos,
Based , in a state of reckoning,
They will, forget you,
No time , for all the moping,
To search,  while hoping,
Hope you , could stand the weather,
Will my family be here?
But they won't be forever.
Kim Essary Mar 5
My life has been more than empty for so many years;
  Filled with so much sadness as I've  cried lonely tears.
  Allowing myself to feel this for so long I had given up on me;
  I was coming to terms with my life and accepting this harsh reality.
  My dreams that I would some day be loved, For Better or For Worse;
  They were all fading away now and being replaced by a curse.
  Although I wanted to place the blame on someone besides me;
  The truth is the Choice was mine of how my life would be.
  The Lord gives us this life with free will to decide the paths on our own;
  I probably would have made different choices if I would have only known.
  So cherish this life, for you only have one;
  Live each day like your last, learn to walk before you run.
Kim Essary Mar 4
Can you tell when I'm happy or since when I'm sad;
  Does it matter that you've hurt me just because you're mad.
  Does it make you feel big to make me feel small?
  Are you not concerned that I'm building a wall?
  A wall to  protect me from feeling the pain;
  A wall that s
aves me from going insane.
  I don't want to lose you, I love you with all my heart;
  I can't imagine life without you, I would just fall apart.
  Must you walk in front of me and not by my side?
  Is the price of losing me worth all your pride.?
  Are you so consumed with your own hate and anger?
   That you treat the woman that you love worse than a stranger
  I do have feelings contrary to what you may believe;
  Are intentionally pushing the limits to see if I will leave?
   I'm tired of being taken for granted and stomped in the ground;
  You act like you saved me from some lost and found.
  You're pushing me away that Much is a fact.
   I won't take this forever, can you live with that?
  I'm not claiming to be perfect in any shape form or fashion;
  I'm not asking for much just for you to treat me with respect and love me with pure passion.
  If that's asking too much, then I must be on my way.
  Everyone deserves to be loved and respected, if you can't do this  there's nothing more to say.
Never take love for granted
One's creativity
Can implode.
I had to get a divorce,
But I really fell apart.
Don't even know who I am any more.
I'm unrecognizable to myself.
History contends that on that score
hing hot summer at 6:00 pm June sixteenth
in the year 666 after the Devonian era,
two lovers - a Mister Belmont Me

and Missy Bryn Mawr Hu felt the call
of the wild within the wilderness
in virgin hinterlands of Penn Valley
and supposedly got cannibalized

by a Hottentot Mailer Daemon named
Manayunk Yahoo. All plugged stoppers
got pulled as the passionate children
of Mother Nature and Jethro Toll

rumbled, fumbled, bungled in
the jungle, and shook the firma
ment echoing subterranean cat a
combs with their private feral

Carnival antics.The ensuing Millennium
spawned one bizarre tale after
another each appending a more
farfetched tail spinning embellish
ment from the preceding legend.

Mary Waters ford considered as
the first person to record the shroud
of mystery lurking in the hollows
of sleepy hills, which rumor harbored
this legend of lost Lower Merion lovers.

Even to this day (one eerily similar
at that fateful bewitching hour)
one can hear the blood curdling
and hair-raising bacchanalia under
ground Brahmins deep pounding
beets on their crude ovens deep
purple within the bowels of the Earth.

Many believe present day tremors
that line the main tract hearken
Earth linked presence of sinning
wood nymphs and elfin grots continually

being birthed within many gnarled rocks
causing groundswell similar to
a Welsh Valley overtaken by hocked
conch blowing Harridans. Some
of these hardy adherents corn beef

hash tagged as unprintable expletives,
whose self-righteousness bound
by unwavering assertions of Woody
Woodpecker apparition. Visages of
fearsome flesh eating muscle bound

underground golems toting haversacks
as big as a town (surpassing the likes
of 1148 Matthew’s rolled into one)
sustains longevity of ogres not even

all the brooms could sweep away far
as next square rush new town. Although
rarely seen, but more often heard
tectonic vibrations that shake and bake

like local crowded house special chicken
Radnor (often cleft fissures upon flint stoned
layers of bedrock comprising Delaware Valley)
infuses imagination of (top notch pugilists)

bravely ventured into this haunted haven
and vanished without a trace. Most likely
their fate became a gourmet meal i.e. tasty
as Salad Augustus with seven season Caesar dressing.
My two best friends,
They've changed so much
Since we first met.
We once were close,  
Though really,
Who isn't?
These are my
Two best friends.

I still see them often,
Each morning
Or evening.
When I drive home.
They always stand
On the same corner.
Not quite dead,
But not alive.
These are my
Two best friends.
Too sad to even describe,  really.
Tash Feb 19
Time goes by and people change
Friends turn into strangers and fade away
Forgetting all that was said and done together

Time goes by and people change
Life changes
But better yet you should still remain the better you than you've ever been in life

Change is inevitable embrace it...
lins Feb 16
temptation pulls at me
but what would people think
would they stare
maybe judge with their eyes

today I'm not sure if I care
I could give in
just once
how bad could it be

it calls out to me
begging me to come closer
I take a single step
then one more nearer

with a youthful smile
I crunch the grass
where the ice has been collected
skipping while snapping each blade

I run through the frozen field
enjoying every second
I don't care who judges
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