Tyler Man Dec 6

The echo of your mistakes rippling like the wake of water from a single drop of rain. One after the other you see the pain. Knowing the things you did the things you said have brought you to now and now you see how

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ky Dec 2

It's a Friday night
and here I am,
writing yet another poem
About you.

You and your brown eyes,
You and that smile I'm still not over,
You and the way you used to look at me.

But you're not the same you that you were before.
You're too busy pleasing everyone,
Letting them change you into a you
that I don't even recognize anymore.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is,
Why did you let them get in the way
Of what we could've had?

Because I'm not really writing this poem
About you after all,
I'm writing it about the you
You used to be.

Yajushi sinha Nov 28

She was standing in midst of a grassland
The sun was going down the horizon
And the sky was painted with a beautiful orange colour
She was there; standing alone,
Wearing a beautiful silk dress which was flowing like her golden locks as the strong wind blew
She; adorned the scene
It was just the scene a painter would love to paint
But if you looked closely it was not a beautiful scene; it was eerie
She as standing with her hands drawn close to herself
Her expressions showed malcontent
Tears were streaming down her beautiful face
She; was maudlin over her miserable life
She looked up to the sky and saw a meadowlark and thought,
'why cant I fly away fly away from my problems like her?'
She then looked at the setting sun and thought, 'why cant my problems disappear like the sun is'
She was there alone; no one to help
But then something changed...
The tears stopped and she wiped them off fiercely
She gathered herself up and said,
'I will be strong and face my problems, I dont need anybody to take them away!'
Then she smiled and that smile changed everything
The scene lost its eerie look and became beautiful
She was still standing in midst of the grassland
But; not alone and malcontented
She now had found herself ; the new her which was hidden somewhere inside her
Which was,
More fierce,
More strong,
Not alone
And more Beautiful.

Guess you are never alone..

A girls world in a man's imagination,
Just hang in there.
I once saw a fairy Kiss the ground and a Flower arose
Even from the murkiest of depths there will always be a twinkle
Especially with How you look at the world with those big brown stellar eyes
The sunsets smile surprised me
“I still can’t pull your heart out of the ashes anyway” she said

I Have too many thoughts in my Mouth

“The greeks did not believe the gods created the universe,
It was the other way around:
The universe created the gods.”

Sherbert filled skies
With gleaming helicopter eyes
Cashmere fields to rest your head
Even the heavens cry sometimes

these are all individual segments of poetry that I have written in different times through out this year and I thought it would be fun to put it all together and maybe create a story, enjoy!

quoted from 'mythology'
Oculi Nov 12

Just lies
Both sides
Who were you to me?
I've died,
Why do you hate me?
I tried
I tried
When did I hurt you?
This odd norm
I transform
Did you ever love me?
I did love you
But no more, you
Knaves, stabbing my back
Instead of just loving me back
Do I deserve this?
I do deserve this,
I don't deserve this,
I am eternally puzzled.
One thing's for sure:
For all I care, you can rot in Hell.

I love the butterfly
It's beauty & grace are easy to see
But hidden a plain body
Hiding under vibrant wings
She wants to be loved
So she shines her beauty
Not letting anyone see
The struggle and the pain
Endured for those wings she's gained
For so long she was held down
Dreams shattered she almost drowned
But the butterfly was given wings
And now with grace, She will fly

Wala na ang dati
ang natira ay pighati
mundo ay nahati
at naglaho ang buwan

Anino ay lumisan
humalo sa kadiliman
ulan ay tumahan
ngunit ‘di ang bagyo

Kulog, kidlat, alimpuyo
tangay ay laman at dugo
mga baling buto
lagusan sa hangin

Naroon ang dating
ngayo'y isang pangitain
bilanggo ng salamin

Dahil wala na ang dati
Gabi sa panghabang-panahon
Aasa sa mga bulong
Lalakad, tatalon...

31 October 2017

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.

                          SCENE VII
        The Front Seat Of A Large Car
Rose Is Sitting Cross Legged And Broken

Rose. From the first moment I cast gaze upon you, you were my muse. For eyes so hauntingly green and empty never had I seen before then. Raven hair furled around the backs of your closed ears - in that moment I wanted but to take the lobes between my teeth and hear your heated exhale. Love ought leave bruises and reddened bitten flesh behind; be not a gentleman to me now and at your will please remain by my side which you left marked in true colors of your passion. These are those things that I once asked of you.

James. Maiden I remember those words passing through your pomegranate lips; yet I fear they hold no significance now. Explain your ramblings or fall silent - I have lost my taste for riddles and games.

Rose. Dearest James I mean only to remind you that you and you alone have ripped from my chest the rhythm of my stuttering heart - with the intention only of tucking it under your pillow to hold near as a keepsake of moments passed but not forgotten. Though those moments you cherish not; you remember only as a convenience for you, not fondness of my lingering memory.

James. Ramble further and I will be forced to make leave. I will send only one warning your way beyond this point.

Rose. Your impatience has been unaffected by the moons that have passed over us in your absence - though my lament has nearly found it's end. In swift conclusion -
You will haunt me till the day I find; my place of final rest for you, the muse, have brought upon me the type of pain that makes poets such as myself sing- Or perhaps scream. Pleasure and agony both have intertwined under your fingertips, yet you intend only to leave. Bless your travels and your new wife - love; love never will I know. End me and my suffering I beg of you. Take my life in exchange for creating existence from stardust. I wish not to continue -

James. Gang;Gang M’lady

Happy Ending Oct 20

As I drove through a small town in oregon, I couldn't help but pull over and stop.
I don't know what came over me..
But I had to stop.
I got out of my car.
Stood next to a lonely and deserted highway.
And took in everything around me.
All the trees were different shades of red..
Some were yellow with hues of orange.
Simply put, it took my breath away..

I listened as the wind picked up..
I listened to the rustling of all the fallen leaves swirling around at my feet.

I listened to the stream that was nearby..
The urgency of water rushing over bolders and rocks..
Oh, My Beautiful oregon..
I'm going to miss everything about you.

It was a rare moment in my life where I felt completely conflicted...

This was my home...

How foolish of me not to realize I'd actually be this torn.

I knew that with me closing the final door and chapter on a part of my life...
That space needed to happen for me..
I knew..
I couldn't stay...
In beautiful..

It was this truth that brought tears to my eyes..
As I watched the sun rise...
It was a truth I guess I let slip my mind.

So I made a silent promise to myself..

I promised myself..
That someday...
Someday in the future..
I'd return...
To the only place I ever really considered home.

My Sweet Oregon.

I'll miss you.

Things come and go
Tides ebb and flow
Simply how life works
For better or worse
What can I do to change life
It can’t be altered by strife
No matter how hard we try
We don’t decide how to fly
The birds in the sky fly their own way
And the humans don’t get any say
Tides keep moving
We keep grooving
People continue to live on
Water continues to go strong
Tugging and pushing don’t do a thing
Yanking and clawing can’t touch the string
We are all tied together
We will be tied forever
That fact will never change
But life will rearrange
Remember that every day
No matter how long  you play
The bad won’t stick around forever
The good’s there whatsoever
Something happy will return
Fires of sweet hope will burn
Fires so sure will burn and never go
Just as tides so strong will ebb and flow

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