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Phia Oct 4
I wanted you to love me
so I tried to play your game
I changed everything about myself
but for me you never changed.
I wanted you to love me
so I made myself so small,
but I loved, and cared, and nurtured you,
I wanted you to have it all.
I wanted you to love me,
I became a chameleon just for you,
I thought the harder I love, the better you'd be
but in the end that wasn't true.
I wanted you to love me
I changed my attitude, my clothes, my hair.
I  became so unrecognizable
you didn't even ******* care.
I will never be enough for you
no matter how hard I try.
I think it's time to let you go
I think it's time to say goodbye.
But God, I wanted you to love me
the way no one ever had
but now I've come to realize
loneliness doesn't sound so bad.
Just a late night thought. I **** at titles .
AE Sep 9
This grief changes shapes
It runs and comes back to me in different forms
Sometimes it's angry, sometimes sad
But lately, it's a sweet melancholy
That drifts along with the wind
Carrying the scent of pear trees and spring
It has lost its pain to the December freeze And now, it's a reminder of circularity
And the transience of this little life
Orange Jul 9
Kept my heart cold,
Numb in zero degrees.
Taught myself to keep it lonely,
Views of white snow.
However snow still melts,
When sunshine like you appear.
With my season changing,
I breathe in our spring.
Mark Toney Apr 22
Time moves
Sunrise reveals
a new day
People scurry
anxious worry
get in
the way

In the midst
of the dawn's
hopeful rays
Seasons changing
Minds in
perpetual daze

No time for
caution too
close to the
Our lot numbers
soon will display
Our main
too close to
the action
"Going once!
Going twice!"
as they say ...

We've arrived
at the end of
the day ...

Time to
finish our
final melee ...

Contemplating our
Fabergé egg

Mark Toney ©️ 2023
Poetry form - Lyric.  Living a cautious life can be beneficial, but there are times when it’s best to throw caution to the wind.
IP Oct 2022
Long sacred
It now is unguarded
A sacred discarding
With allies now caving
I ask in this world
Is our nation worth saving?
Evie G Sep 2022
I cannot wait any longer, a prisoner of dreams.
In a state of nothing, hidden from view
With only a glimpse of sun beams

Held back by the thing that pushes me forward,
Stuck in a stasis,
The hurt inflicted, only a dream could.

Stuck between a want and a need.
Hating whomever planted the seed
The need to be something more.

I can’t sit and wait like a stupid star struck school girl,  
Simmering in a boiling *** of childhood ideologies.

This time, the lobster escapes the *** before it burns its shell.
This time,
A taste of heaven will not drag me to hell.
Anais Vionet Aug 2022
Fall semester starts tomorrow. It’ll be exciting - for a few days - but it won’t be long before we’ll miss the tanned bodies of summer, the cool, clear lake-water or lounging carefree, on bright, sand-like gravel beaches.

Tomorrow, things will be different. Our days will start earlier, they'll be a value - a new currency - to morning hours that went wasted on unproductive summer vacations. The change will be sudden, herk, there may be an audible pop of some sort, somewhere, in tonight’s darkest hours.

We’ll be going to the gym so early that we’ll be done and leaving before the first, lazy pigments of sunlight weave morning.

I imagine my room looks like backstage at a new Broadway musical, the very first rehearsal - when nothing’s set in stone and everything’s a mess. My clothes are everywhere. Why did I decide to reorganize tonight? Brilliant.

Peter wants to come over but.. “No,” I say, sighing, overwhelmed. “Look,” I say, as I slowly pan the Facetime camera around the war zone that my room has become.

“Oh, my GOD,” he says, jerking back in horror, like a Californian seeing a fur-coat, “Was anyone HURT?!”

“Ha, Ha, I say, sarcastically, suddenly too tired, “Breakfast at 6:30?” I ask.

“Sure,” he says, taking a tucked pencil from behind his right ear. “Guh-night,” he says.

“See-YA!” I say, pressing the red button and letting gravity guide my phone to a gentle rest atop the clothes-pile that’s concealing my bed.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Overwhelm: overpowered by feelings

Herk = heck
Priorities, we each have our own,
We each have a different list, we keep in our mind,
Certain events, around us, can change, one’s way,
Of life, fast, at various times.
It’s happened before, just look at history, of the past.
When the economy, money, is flowing slow, to keep,
What you own, and  spending habits, have to change fast.
Some retailers, and friends, may frown when you slow down,
It’s a must if you want, your lifestyle to last.
It’s harder on the older folks, unlike the younger generation,
They do not have, the time in years, to earn more, and turn,
Their life, back around. Society today, so many living their life,
Un–needed enjoyment spending, they never try to save.
Many will have to, adjust, their life, staying home more often,
Entertaining  themselves more, plan fewer trips each day,  and only,
Buying necessities, when they can get to town. How long,
Will it last, no set date, or time, our politicians,
The players, continue keeping their mindset, leading,
Everyone closer to insane, this life is real, not a game.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/28/22
Always Sulking Jun 2022
Why are you afraid? Afraid of letting the world have your taste!
Zipped! Living in a bubble. No acquaintance with the world!
When did you lose the curiosity? It makes you alive

Your veil of ignorance makes you think they are monsters out to get to you
Look deep! Look deep!
The world is you & you are the world
It's a mirror reflecting back what's inside of you

Bring clarity! Bring clarity!
And tear away that veil
Look within, then look away
You may find yourself in a different being!
Relating to the world
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