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Why are you afraid? Afraid of letting the world have your taste!
Zipped! Living in a bubble. No acquaintance with the world!
When did you lose the curiosity? It makes you alive

Your veil of ignorance makes you think they are monsters out to get to you
Look deep! Look deep!
The world is you & you are the world
It's a mirror reflecting back what's inside of you

Bring clarity! Bring clarity!
And tear away that veil
Look within, then look away
You may find yourself in a different being!
Relating to the world
For the past few decades, life on this, planet,
Has slowly turned upside down,
How many more years will there be,
Knowledgeable humans, standing on the ground.
People use to be known for their good qualities,
Honesty, talents, and other personal ways,
Now almost everyone you meet, asks what you do,
How much money do you make, not much interest,
In the person that is you in any way. The internet,
Has almost eliminated, children’s outside  games,
While making their manners, and actions, rude to insane.
No one seems to have patience, they want it now or yesterday,
Most stories, in the media or you, hear on the streets, are,
Negative, it’s almost sad to say, if you are happy, Smile,
All of the time, others think you’re up to something,
In some suspicious way.
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 5/6/2022 AD
5:01 am
stanzas that flow from the tongue,
sweet, but subtle
I enjoy their richness,
the raw emotion.
the beautiful path,
these words of his created.
His river of love,
a window to the soul.
Snapshots of him,
I travel through them
See how he was,
who hes become
Cursed as he was,
he spoke beautifully.
he loved, he hurt,
I witnessed it all,
seen the boy grow.
A man now, proud and grounded,
The best version of him
I'm glad to have lived,
been able to see it all.
This river of his
Once frozen,
May it melt
His words, fresher than ever
Beautiful changes and syrupy taste of poems
With a little patience, taking the time,
Writing a story that rhymes, then mixing in music,
A few people can create a song, thousands of people,
Without reading a verse, can sing along, with every line.
Everyone has a style they like, each generation, tweaks it,
Their way, the ones we enjoy, can pick up our energy,
During any slow day.
Music seems to have a direct route to our personal database,
We can live for years, without hearing, a certain song play,
As soon as we hear the first note, we start singing away,
Even moving our limbs, from playing air instruments to a crowd,
That sways!
Our society can learn to remember, many important things,
While having fun at the same time,
No one looked at it as work, or school, the first time,
We heard and sang, happy birthday, and the ABC song,
Now they are a perpetual fixture, memory in our minds.
As we age, many decide to stop listening to music,
And moving around, to a sit and stare, then sooner or later,
When you're talking, others are looking at each other,
Pointing at their head, he’s losing it up there.
Tey Mar 25
handshake with the devil
and breakfast with angel
night turns to day, either way
I shall define the way I pray
I lost myself
Few years back.
Who am I now?
I can't identify?

I am a person
Who fears all the time
Who doesn't make art
Who doesn't write
Who hardly discovers new places
Or enjoys going out all alone.

Who am I?
Who have I become?
I was not this
Few years back?
I never liked being at one place
Liked going out every other day
With shine in my eyes
To explore and talk to new people.

Who have I become?
Completely quite
And dimmed!

Has this tough times
Changed me?
Is it only me?
Or has it changed everyone?
I can't feel me?
Who am I?
I can't relate to myself

How to find me?
Maybe I should start looking
For me...
I lost myself, or time has changed me. I don't know how to find me. These tough times have changed me. Today started writing again after
Who is the captain, of our ship,
The engineer of this train,
The person in the director’s chair,
The ones that make the most gains?
Our vessel,  a round mass of dirt,
Rocks, the center full of fire,
Water and sand, knowing,
Our lives are limited reservations,
We never totally own our land.
The people should be happy,
It seems like old history,
Many welcomed strangers, to their town,
Introduce themselves, invite them for vittles,
A shot of moonshine, truly kind, not a plan,
To rob, or hurt them, they enjoyed company around.
Every generation, learns, from what they hear and see,
Those at the wheel, need to change direction, a different way,
Robots are we trying to eliminate ourselves, the future will it be.
By The Original Tom Maxwell © 1/30/2022 AD
There is much good in the world how does the media miss it?
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