it is so, so easy
to write about cold beds
and tear stained cheeks
yet, it is difficult
to write of memories,
                                       of thoughts,
                                                       ­      of happiness
the things that could illuminate city streets
so for now,
i will lay my head to rest
and come morning
i will write about the bright,
the stars that shine despite the night
Ben Reilly Jul 7
What’s trust, when you never want to feel the bottom, oh no

What’s trust when you never want to feel the bottom, oh no

As I tried my hardest to balance out the signs, while trying to draw between the lines, that were constantly changing with the times

But who knew, I could turn my pain, into something beautiful but yet

What’s trust when you never want to feel the bottom, oh no

When searching for something more, meant offering up your soul for something worth more than gold

As we all hope to escape the illusions, caused by those that hope to confuse us, and love those that wish to abuse us, while we search for the thing, that will forever eludes us

But it’s once we learn to embrace the pain and smile through the rain,
We’ll find the means to get past even the darkest of days

And though I tend to try and lift the world with all it’s weight, deep down I know I’ll always be straight cause I chose to let go of all this hate
Pat Adamek Jun 29
She said “I wish somebody would have told me then that we were living in the good old times”

Here’s the trick
These are the times, right now while you’re alive

These are the times
They don’t have to be old to be good
And it may have been a long time but it must be understood that even up until then
it’s not the end

The only guarantee about time is that old friends are good friends
You don’t even have to be good friends
By good I mean close, or speak often to know
How the times have changed you both

so much

I think of you often but never draw you close or touch
Or come close to the words I want to find so much

You are living in the good times now

If you choose to let nostalgia become the largest component
I’m not living in the moment

It’s standing up and not using your feet
It’s thinking these thoughts and not choosing to speak
It’s feeling this love but choosing not to believe
It’s different for everyone
Its here before me

These thoughts may seem scattered and why does he keep changing the pattern?
Life is a quilt of different times that I quit
Then started again
Getting back to your friend
Give her a call, you promised
LUNA Jul 5
Why does that girl come here so often with those sad eyes? She passes by and stares deep into the café, always seeking for something. She does not seem like be looking for someone, it is more like she is looking for herself reflected on the glass. I am so sorry for, she is not gonna find anything more than some broken pieces of her old self.
Perfectly imperfect
I’m that kind of man
Happily unhappy
That’s how I stand
Chaotically peaceful
That’s my jam
Jovial anger
Is that what I am?
Obedient resistance
It’s time for a renaissance
Time for some changes
ethan gaskill Jun 24
wearing funeral black;
inside the casket
an old friend of mine lies
to my horror
i don't recognize you
your identity changed
but you still used
the same name

i'm saying "goodbye holly wood"
i hope everything turns out good for you
Tribhu Jun 23
The universe said that I will change,
My heart shall break, I cannot mend
As pure as I'm inside
Just a kid of five,
I laugh away their words, I shall be the same.
My friends would say that I will change,
Distance might break us, only the memories will remain
As youth flows through me
Just a girl of thirteen,
I ignore their words, I shall be the same.
My parents would worry, did I really change!?
A reckless mind inside, a wrecked heart in pain,
As frustration invades my spirit
And I'm just a girl of eighteen,
I break down and cry
I claim that I've gone insane.
I told myself that, "You have changed,
You have a broken heart that will never mend."
As lost I was, I look for a way
The universe conspired against my soul,
And I know I've failed to stay the same.
"So what? You shall break free and find your soul!" Said a voice from deep within.
As overwhelmed as I was,
Just a girl from the past,
I find that kid inside of me again
And embraced all my fears of change.
Changes are inevitable in life. But it cannot change your root if you desire to stay the same in your heart. The universe may scare you, blame you even break you, but you hold the power to make the changes worth your life.
"The Perfect Storm"

The rain won't last forever,
The light after the dark, sign for the better.
Constantly stressed and feeling alone,
Going to your house, that's not a home.
I understand your emptiness,
Wanting love, a little tenderness.
You're Craving consistency,
Giving love, receiving differently.
You have so much to offer,
You're writing the perfect story, you just need a co-author.
The storm is just passing,
Starving for love, feel like your fasting.
Work is stressful and taking a toll
Taking a part of you, making you less whole.
I know what you're going through with family,
It kills you, like it kills me, but zero casualties.
Because we're stronger than we have to be.
Full of stress, reaching full capacity.
Looking up to sky, and the sun's shining,
Once the clouds clear, you see the stars aligning.
Just know there will always be better days,
The rain comes and goes...
                     but it never stays.

I’m going down the highway
driving really fast
Abruptly swerve
I loose control
Can not avoid the crash

Next thing I know
I'm on my side
rolled over in a pit
I cough and choke
lost in the smoke
some blood I start to spit
A 'fog of war'
It's difficult
For me to see and hear
This title bout
I won't tap out
But then a sudden fear

Slight clarity
Returns to me
Put pieces together
My passenger
I'm not quite sure
What has become of her
Was in the seat
right next to me
I've certainty of this
But not there now
I don't know how
A magic trick I missed

Fumble around
Inside my truck
I'm trying to escape
But I am stuck
Inside I'm tucked
Seat belt on shoulder draped
My cries for help
My screams and pleads
They fall upon deaf ears
Engulfed in flames
Start to feel pain
Realize nobody cares

And when it seemed
the end was here
All hope of rescue lost
Then somewhere near
A voice I hear
Thought life had been switched off

A calming voice
within chaos
tells me that it's okay
Don't be afraid
You will be saved
We'll get you out someway

Twisted metal
glass shards and smoke
I'm finally pried out
On tears I choke
Then mind awoke
With panic start to shout

Where is my wife
she was with me
Both of us in the car
But then I see
can't be unseen
Did not have to look far

Part of the car
was ripped away
It was severed in two
Utter dismay
Words can not say
Horror was living through

Was maimed and skewed
No longer knew
Could see torn limb from limb
A werewolf's howl
This scene is fowl
My life brought to an end

Written: April 15, 2018

All rights reserved.
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