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Like the guileful maneuvers of a jellyfish

Unpredictability and flexibility of having no backbone

Your poisonous, opalescent, electric tentacles

Were pernicious stings camouflaged as jellyfish kisses

πŸ’™ πŸ’‹ πŸ’™ πŸ’‹ πŸ’™ πŸ’‹ πŸ’™ πŸ’‹ πŸ’™ πŸ’‹
I'll take my last kiss
and pin it on the wall
- light pink, tinged with red
around the edges -
never fading
and it will stay there
as long as the tack will hold,
a darling memory
Skins touch with a shocking wave of electromagnetic beats,
the tempo of our hearts sync in melodies.
When you kiss me with your tender lips, my mind becomes...
Earthly fields summon my spirit when you come unto me with your sweet lavishing ways.
You lay there...on my bed, with's just us 2 alone with the TV on and when i turn to look at you, your eyes are more of a sharp blue than the daylight brings.
I laid there with my eyes closed and felt the gentle grasp of your hand massage my ****, when i slowly opened my eyes around the room...i see you, staring at me with those Electromagnetic eyes and once again we fall into a trance for loves best symphonies.
Whenever you're with me,
The room,
My soul,
Our bodies...become...
Romance between 2 people
Cherry juice and sweet surprises,
how wonderful it is that you light up my eyes.
Cold and refreshing, sip of juice, like the sugary kisses that bright up the room.
Lick my lips, smother me in your lavishing desires, as for one day we will have forever eternal love.
I love to love you.
Lewis Sep 22
The gods they yearn for mortal malice
For the heartbreak and bittersweet
A god cannot win nor lose
pining for mortality like a child at the windowsill

While gods wage war with fire and stone
Undressed heroes embezzled in golden lights
They know that forever is an enchantment
For a memory holds no power in a life without death
Even stars flicker into darkness
Life cannot be sweet without the wrongdoings of time
Like the sourness of an unripe berry
And the death of a fallen chrysalis

Time electrifies love
Pricking it into existence through forbidden kisses and secret notes

that's where true beauty hides
One must lose to know it is love
Kyra Embers Sep 22
Let me sit on your lap,
my legs around your

Your hands tracing
my back, tugging
at my hoodie.
Reaching my neck,
fingers tangled in my hair.

One palm cupping my
A thumb leaving caresses,
lips, jaw,

Your eyes hold mine,
and my breaths come
in sharp bursts

Move in to kiss my lips
Adorn my neck instead.
Pepper me with kisses
Pamper me, into becoming
a spoilt brat

Hear me sigh into
your ears.
Hear me whisper,
"Can we do this
all the time?"
little fantasies
Maria Mitea Sep 24
swing your
wings in the rhymes
of a longing song.

Water’s mirror
splashes you with
silvery kisses
when your wings
become a vesselΒ 
in the wind.
Summer gets darker,
Sun begins to fade,
Our lives get more wise, through the dances of autumns haze.
Leaves fall off and a charmed aroma of sweet cider symphonies come down the trees unto hearts that bleed.
Enjoy the rich colors autumn brings, deep burgundy red, grape purple, golden bronze and chocolate sweetness floats into the air of a summoned season that we call Fall.
Delicious treats on our tongue touched pallets,
soft, warm, chewy cinnamon buns, red stains covering our lips from that glass bitten candy apple we bought at the fair. Smells of apple cider and maple syrup and our lovers kiss that is smooth like a pumpkin spice dream when my chap stick smothers your face in such delightful ways.
I love the fall, it is my favorite season. What is yours?
agatha Sep 8
and what of the moles
littered on your neck?

they are tiny stars;

fear notβ€”
i am a cartographer
utilizing kisses.
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