Romanticize our problems
Until they are colored in pink and purple hues
Baby blue mornings filled with you
Fantasize our perfect life together
What if reality is the fake
Coffee, music and solitude can be found
In any Saturday safely in your arms
Awoken by kisses soft and gentle
Until clothes end up getting lost somewhere
Dancing around the livingroom
In our pajamas's, without our masks on
I wish this was still true
But this is not reality this is not truth
This is me romanticizing past loving
Like dreaming of Paris in the rain

inquiries of heart

from summer red lover's lips

float like butterflies


rob kistner © 2008
A hsiku about summer love.
EP 5d
condensation on the window,
follows my finger how a lover would follow another
his kisses fall upon her neck
smitten and in love
one day, the love's just a speck
one day they're done.
the condensation's mist floats away
to perhaps a better place
leaving her neck so cold and his
heart so empty.
oh, what a waste...-

now you can't even see the foggy messages, they, too, left long ago
Ashley 7d
Here in the morning gloaming
my skin flaming
as I imagine red kisses
from smouldering lips!

How easily
in anticipation
you make me wimper
before with pleasure
making me simper -
each kiss
another hot coal
placed on my rawness
with searing softness.
I was not alive until my first breath,
Inhaling the spirit of the divine.
And yet I was alive without living
Till you kissed me and your breath became mine.

Each breath I took filled my lungs with stale air
But my heart remained dark as an eclipse.
Now the quickened breath that lights up my heart
Is the moment I seal my mouth to your lips.

My mouth only used for meaningless speech,
With a tongue that had no reason to be.
But you kissed me and its purpose was clear,
My tongue dances with yours delicately.

Breathing was just my excuse to survive
But I breathed in life that was less than whole.
Now I survive on the breath of your kiss
Kiss me again and breathe life to my soul!
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If you've ever had the pleasure of kissing a poet, you'd know just how adventurous they taste

The saltiness of the seven seas mixed with the sweetness of the stars

They taste like tsunamis and high tide

Like black holes and supernovas

Like flowers and forest fires

They taste like heaven with a dash of hell

Like a tall drink of inspiration and a shot of death

They taste like late nights and early mornings

Like old night-time and burnt toast

They taste like new experiences

Yes, if you've ever had the pleasure of kissing a poet , you'd know just how much you crave for more
marïama Jul 28
How can I ever I forget the kisses, our lips raw with love
How you gave me everything you had
and how I offered you all of what was left of me
This love is
so violent, so fragile, so tender, so hopeless
but so true.
so sure of itself like a mad man standing in the midst of a storm waiting for lighting to strike the earth before him
This love is
what makes them whispers tales of what they think they know, makes them intently watch because our love demands attention.
This love is
something that cannot be undone.
This love was
capable of carrying life, a seedling hidden within.. sent skyward towards the sun of better things.
Trying to describe this love I’ve experienced
Although I may try to write about it
I am rendered helpless;
my pen breaks and the paper slips away
at the ineffable place
where our hearts meet.
"Days without you are torturing, nights without you are grievous.
I look for the comfort that I used to find in your lap. Where will I get you mumma? Where?", a scream lashed in despair echoed.
"I'll be the gallop to gash the dormant twilight,
I'll be the golden rays to snog your sleepy eyes,
I'll be the stretch of vitality,
I'll be the aroma of your morning coffee,
I'll be the shower of sprightliness to drench you with new zeal,
I'll be the savour of your breakfast and joy of a full square meal,
I'll be your steps towards glory,
I'll be the sigh after your every failed story,
I'll be the hop of excitement,
Acquainting a flunk, I'll be the screech of your lament,
I'll be the bliss you find seeing the sun going down,
I'll be in the sloth dispelling plangent words of azan,
I'll be the spectator of your big bright smile,
I'll be the witness to the every tear you wipe,
Never in your life you're alone,
Be it your hearty gale or saddening mourn,
Walking by you like your shadow,
Even beyond the eternity I'll follow", whispered her mother. :')
-Aparajita Tripathi
I yearn to drown into the deep pools of his gentle blue eyes,
I want to dive into the depths of his beautiful soul,
I hunger to taste his firm lips on me,
Get lost in our desires,
That is where I am alive.
And hang on to every precious moment of it.
While they noticed the stretch of kohl in her eyes,
I could see a pacific of emotions trapped.
While they admired her blushing cheeks,
I could read the paleness she painted red.
While they were going gaga over her smirk,
I could fathom the depth of pain that debarred a hearty gale.
While they were lured by the cascade of her hair when she unscrewed the bun,
I could feel the onus of the tantrums she wanted to turf out.
While they were hypnotized by her mesmeric curves,
I was stunned by the withstanding efficacy of such a fragile body.
While they adored her attire and scarves,
I could trace the bruises she carried with poise.
While they were hung up by the glory of her face,
I could do no help but ride out at the scars she concealed with sprightliness which was the most beautiful thing my eyes could ever have a view of and it left me dazed...
And my mouth wide opened.
-Aparajita Tripathi
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