so that summer
we fell in love
all of us

and none of us were ever the same

and how the music filled us better than any
meal we had ever eaten
and how the smile of a friend was the
only success we'd ever needed
and how the first kiss was the best
but every one after was as soft or hard as
the love we thought we'd lost when the
lies they told us lowered our eyes
and how I thought I knew it would never end
and how I knew it would
and how the music filled us better than any God

so that summer
we fell in love
all of us

and none of us were ever the same

Aynjul Oct 2016

Your kisses made life easier to solve
that not even time can replace,
the sight of your up close forehead
the fulfillment of empty space.
I am so glad you were mine
I lost you again
I am so glad we stopped time
more then a friend
I am ruining your life by staying around
I know now that I should leave town
This song I sing has a great sound
"Does "I love you" change a thing?"
"Does "I love you" change a thing?"
but lets be real.
Your kisses shouldn't be wasted
Don't put your heart at rest,
Don't waste your love on me,
Because whoever loves you better,
Forever, deserves the best;

Life is a puzzle
your kisses;
were the greatest pieces of my life.
I will never be complete again.

Let her grow

I painted my lips
In the colour of your love.
Dark, everlasting,
On the show, for everyone.

So deep, it burned.
The desire scorched deep into my bones.
Passion was a feeling,
I showed everyone what it looked like.
With you.

Every night, you took my breath away.
Every morning, made me glow with grace.
In your company, I knew what happiness is.
Your kisses so ferocious,
They made me dance on thin air.

Your touch so gracious,
It made me tumble into a pool of heated mess.
Oh, what are you doing to me, love?
It's driven me senseless,
I'll try to contain my longing.
Till the next time, I paint my lips red.

Miranda 5d

the thing about me
is that I crave intimacy.
but I've grown up in this way
of believing that two people can never really connect
when there's fabric between their bodies
so I part my lips,
and I kiss your skin,
desperate to feel like I am part of something.
I listen to our breaths
and feel our bodies synchronize,
reaching out with my mind,
hoping somehow it'll mingle with yours.
But two souls can't connect
when it's just another, "fuck."
and when I open my eyes,
I allow guilt to settle in
vulnerable and naked,
with remnants of burning fingers on my skin.

Take me to a place where I can be with you.
A place where the ocean meets the sky
And the sunset on the horizon is painted by God's best artisans.

Take me to a place where you'd hold my hand
In a deep evergreen forest,
Lush with thick foliage and dewy from rain.

Take me to a place where I can taste the sweetest fruits on your lips,
Where my senses are overjoyed by a multitude of flavours,
Each one reminding me of you.

Take me to a place,
A field,
The moon and stars shining
And a night as clear as mountain waters.
Take me to that field,
Where the grass grew tall
And hay bales were laid alongside us.
Where the ground was mostly dry
But still damp,
Where regardless, we laid down among the carrot lace
And you were beneath me,
My very definition of beauty.
The moon in your stormy-blue eyes
And a smile playing at your lips
When suddenly,
Your smile disappeared and you looked right at me,
Lips parted.
Instinct took me,
And although inexperienced,
We worked together like oiled machines
With all our gears functioning.
It was the first and the last time,
Coldest and hottest.
It was a raging inferno
And an arctic storm.
I felt like I was stolen of breath
But given new air.
You filled my lungs and intoxicated me,
But I could have never been more sober.

Take me to that place again.

Cait May 9

This rare moment belongs to us.
Key lime scented breath fills the air of this
on fog slowly creeping up these windows
the snow outside barely visible
and the whole world is white, but strangely dim
and your voice softly recounts trivialities in
an effort to steel your mind, your resolve
to the decision to lean in and softly take one
kiss from my smiling and incredulous lips
(They knew a secret.)
Your instant regret cause me to boldly
counteract a faltering confidence
and this warm, lime-filled, breathless moment
belongs to us
and it always will.

Just because I enjoy your sultry kisses
and the hardness between your thighs,
it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy your personality too.
Because you are more to me than someone to squeeze
or someone to get my fix with.
I look at your inner beauty just as much
as I grab hold of your hair and never let go
until my eyes roll back in my head.
And I mean it when I say you are beautiful,
one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen.
Your vibrant visions and technicolor thoughts draw me back in.
It's those beautiful, somber moments
when we are exhausted and talk about our hopes and dreams
when I love you the most.

written 5/8/17
Priya Nayak May 6

Your palms caress my face,
the tips of your fingers
drawing contours,
figuring out the minute details
almost as if you want to memorize
every thing about me.
As your fingers slide down to the back of my neck,
drawing circles,
s  l  o  w  l  y,
my breath catches
like a cornered prey.
Your lips,
so close to my face,
seem almost within reach
as I stand on my tiptoes,
waiting for the inevitable kiss.
I quiver under your touch,
gentle, firm,
demanding, giving,
just another touch,
at timed intervals,
knowing what makes me tick.
My arms wrap themselves around your neck,
as you ravish my mouth,
again and again.

Did your kiss feel anything like this?
Sonia Thomas May 5

"I miss you a lot these days."
"I like you. A lot."
"I would take you out if I could."
"I don't know if I can say that because I have never felt it. I don't know what love is."
"My feelings for you have changed since then."
"What do I do?"

"You're the only friend I have."
"I love you. I love you so much."

Missed opportunities or near misses
sweet lip caresses or betrayal kisses

Some enjoy monogamy while others swing
many people yang while the rest ying

Some morals are loose while others are tighter
someones terrorist is anothers freedom fighter

Some always judge without a jury
same in Manchester as well as Missouri

Do what you will just don't harm others
you're all my poetic sisters and brothers

*Manchester and Missouri are just 2 arbitrary examples
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