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Sweet vanilla kisses, amid an explosion of bubblegum sauce.
With lips now blue, we break and share a flake;
The chocolate melting in our mouths,
Like my heart, the first time I met you.
“You’ve got a bit on your nose," I say.
Laughing, you wipe it away elegantly.
Fresh strawberries planted in eager mouths,
Excited eyes blazing in the sun.
This love is intoxicating.
Sinking satisfyingly into a strawberry bliss,
Summer love is planted on the tongue.
Savouring: the taste, the moment,
savouring the one.
©️ Joshua Reece Wylie 2021
All rights reserved

A love poem with a summer-vibe.
Niranjan May 1
Kiss me she said,
I kissed her hard.
Now with more effort
'My Lips', she said.
I kissed her hard,
but shook her head
and came more close.
"The other lip", she whispered.
Long and lithe fingers,
comfort moulded into cones,
is where art kisses geometry
and meets one of its own.

Her hands are to touch
manicured and glazed,
you feel home and lost
a Pharaoh now, and next a waif

The nails, you find and wonder
filed for a student and trimmed.
Not a wisp of colour
bare as a bone, naked and skinned.

Snug in a life song,
a pallbearer of untold griefs,
they are a stark sight
of colourless coral reefs.  

On but a blue moon,
they’re a savoury rare,
when hungry eyes feast
on the riotous fair.

Why, one day, I ask thee?
She would smile and wouldn’t tell.
‘Never felt like’,
is her No Comment.
Dew drops placate
the hungry grass

Sun--breaking night's serenity
leaving us forgetting ebony

Fire bugs breathing
in star luminance

Moon--who prefers to assuage
lovingly dims the Sun's immanent rage
tia Apr 26
she looked at me with interest
inevitable, i suppose
she had lavender kisses
and honey filled whispers
that stuck to my neck
she told me that i was lovely
and that the lovely get crushed
but i surely felt nothing
and smiled all the while
it was not my innocence
ill play the game she asks of me
a liar's entanglement
i do not know the meaning of this one ****
Sal AK Apr 12
Give me a thousand kisses
In the midst of the darkest night,
Find the bridge from my heart to yours
Let love be your guiding light
Kylie Apr 9
bid me goodbye
through your promised kiss
and maybe,
it will fuel my bravery—
i shall follow you
where the skies never meets the sea.
deadhead Apr 4
pineapple kisses
in the middle of summer
taste so bittersweet
Achick Apr 3
There are soft kisses
Hand kisses
Forehead kisses
Playful kisses
Goodbye kisses
And hello kisses
You spoil me with so many kisses
You have given me
Passionate kisses
Loving kisses
Good morning kisses
Good night just as we are about to go to bed kisses
When we were apart, you always gave me air kisses
But there was this one kiss
I never felt before
This particular kiss
Gave me a vision
That kiss made my heart leap through mountains
when it returned to my body
It made sense
Your hands were in your pockets
You looked just as shy as me
The vision I had, could it be?
A glimpse into the future?
This would be the only kiss you haven’t given me...
This is what it feels like to be in love.
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