hxrvld 2h
Shoulder to shoulder
Finger to finger
Thirst of love
Filled with love
Overflowing love
City lights in Eden
Caresses somewhere hidden
Streetlight kisses
Walking beside the blue river
Lured by the old architect
Under the lost city of Pompeii
French kisses in the quiet palace
Sinless pleasure
Singing beside asphalt
Down to the town
Of dazzle diamonds
Lovely dinner
Fulfilled the hunger
Ends at the train station
With no kisses
& heavy feeling.
His eyes, his lips.
His hair, his kiss.

Hand in hand,
Soul around heart.
How in the hell, did this all start?

Perhaps a single look, one word spoke.
Darling, our love has been awoke.

His soul, his laugh.
A word, his touch.

Baby, one glance, and I'll completely fall apart.

A kiss in the dark,
Hands through his perfect hair.

Does he have any idea how hard it is to not let him see me stare?

Two hearts, both know,
that with time, their love grows.

Who knows were this will lead them.

Just a stupid girl, dumb and in love.
Just a perfect boy, do you think he knows?

All she is, in her twisted, crazy, wild mind,
is thoughts of

Love is wild man...
kiss the lips
of the man

you love so

you would curl your fists
and fight for them

you would sit by their side
until they were better

you would hold them
for however long
they mourned
kiss the lips
of your man
who leaves you
as they leave for work

soaring because
they love you so
kiss their lips

never forget
he bring

kiss their lips


i love you so

so so much

your lips
i remember
your taste is
my most favourite thing
Sylph 1d
It's been
seven days
since I last
got high
from the
taste of
cherry red

When will I
see you
emme m Jun 9
why do i like the pain
it's all the same
repeating nights
repeating days
repeating kisses
and repeating shame
feel no ways
vodka bottles and a song by drake
Poetic T Jun 2
We ponder the last
            thoughts of winter.
Gusting frozen kisses
            as a last verse
on its cheek of reflection

towards warmer visions.
Louis Archer Jun 1
Kisses on my lips
Kisses on my neck  
    Laying in the back
Thinking — what the heck

Stars in the night sky
Above the truck bed
    Thinking of the things
That I wanted said

I think back to that night
It was so so cold
    I thought when clung to you
Of growing old

I don’t regret that night —
I regret things now
    So, I am wishing the best
The best for thou
We live in the future. Everything we do now is just a memory of something we have already done.
Mrs Robota May 31
We stood together quietly
Staring at the painting of a woman with olive eyes
I hear myself say I wish mine were as beautiful as hers
And find myself engulfed in light-blue skies
He says they’re darker…repeats the word
At times he pauses as if trying to find another word to describe my eyes
….but he doesn’t say it
I’m wondering does he want to say Beautiful
Or is it just that I want him to say beautiful
But he continues to smile as he says
And continues to get closer as he says
I wonder if this would be the part of a movie where the characters kissed
But this isn’t a movie
And I turn to walk past him
Across wooden floors
Towards anything else that catches my eyes
I can feel his stare
And the space between us feels
If I could taste your kisses on my tongue,
Then I’d be stealing nectar from the gods.
Your kisses like ambrosia keep me young,
Like bloom of endless summer goldenrods.

In this, a moment calls our lips to meet,
To kiss like kisses are the only touch,
Your lips the honey nature made so sweet,
A sweetness which can never be too much.

Our kisses in our intimate embrace,
Without a thing to come between our skin,
Our immortality is face to face,
You open up to me and let me in.

If life is never-ending when we kiss,
Then let us not that moment ever miss.
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