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Karliah 1d
"Just one more",
Then he kissed me,
Many more times,
Each sweeter than the last.
sitting on a fence
realm of stásis
heart floating in one direction
common sense in the other
eyes stay wide
deep and far reaching
universe just outside my reach
fingertips yearning
someone there
no hoops to jump through
circumstances appreciated
never expected
rising in the moment
appreciation of gratitude
sparkle in your eyes
your touch
meandering kisses
oral rapture
touching my heart
vibration a ripple
far reaching effect
brilliance of you
I find you against the shimmering moonlight
That dowses the scene in a serene glow.

I hear your soft breath in the dead stillness of night
Softening against the natural sounds of the night
The crickets whirring and the wind rustling the leaves.

I smell your sweet perfume, invading my nostrils
Giving me that comfortable feeling of being with you.

I feel at home when you are here, tasting your kisses
Noting that your mouth tastes like milk.
i miss him. everything about him. his hands on me.
his kisses.
at least i can remember the last time we kissed
the last time we hugged
and it all makes me wanna cry.

i want him. i want all of him. his love and affection. looking at his face and into his beautiful beautiful eyes. the lull of the silence which was so perfect.

i want to be his again.
i want him to be mine
but he already belongs to another.

i keep replaying it in my mind, over and over and over. i didn’t know it was the last time. did he know it would be the last time? it was a thought stuffed into the back of his mind- always there-like the crumpled up pieces of gum wrappers you stuff in your pockets.
or maybe he didn’t.
i don’t know
it doesn’t matter now
i just miss it.

i miss you.
Falling in love with him terrifies me
But not because I am scared of heartbreak
Her and I are quite intimate

I fear that this is the last first
last first date
last first kiss
last first I love you
mumbled from nervous lips

I worry that we will fall so deep into each other
that we won't be complete without the other

He might just be
the love of my life
and I don't know if I am ready for that
In 6 months when he moves away to his new job hundreds of miles away and we can't make it work, I will feel silly about this poem. But right now he makes me feel thing I have never felt before
My eleventh toe is green.
    I take it out at Christmas,
Hold it above my head,
    And ask around for kisses.

Abril Oct 26
your kisses make me feel at home,
make me wanna stay at that moment,
pause my life in that instant
our lips touch with love
and not separate them never again

Your arms are the warmest thing that hold  me ever
I can feel our hearts meet and start beating at the same time every time you hold me
And I smile
there I feel safe and small
like nothing matters beside us

Mornings are better if I wake up by your side
in your arms, nothing can hurt me
your love surrounds me
and your kisses are the cure of everything

But your eyes
I can’t translate into any idiom what they make me feel
because instead of butterflies I can feel all kinds of insects rebounding in my stomach every time you look at me with those brown eyes
Leo Janowick Nov 30
Come enjoy together
Of these lips
That die
For feeling your kisses
That every one I feel your breath
Wish to bite
To every encounter
Kiss me with passion
That I order
That your night is your
Greater illusion and your best wish
Mister J Nov 29
Its been a long time since then
When my hands held someone elses
Its been a long time when I last
Felt my heart yearn for someone

Awkward smiles flashing at each other
Flirting eyes staring towards one another
Hugs exchanged like there's no tomorrow
My kisses marking your cheeks and forehead

Emotions are in overdrive
As you look at me with your playful eyes
My heartbeats are skipping erroneously
As my lungs are gasping for breath

Your hands felt soft and sweet
As you happily laced them around mine
Your fingers touching each of my own
Each ****** sending jolts down my spine

Whenever you stare at me I want to melt
Ten seconds in your eyes feels like an eternity
It makes me want to pray for Time
to freeze
Whenever I surround you with my embrace

My words can't express how much you mean to me
My body can't endure such sweet emotions anymore
My time that froze when love was taken away
Moves again when you suddenly came
to my life

I love you Babe
No matter what they say
People will always have doubts
Even you may not believe me
But when I say that I'm in love
It is rare that I say it
With full and conscious conviction
Just like this one
So please
If you may grant me
Just one wish
No matter how long it will take
For you to reach a decision
Even if you make me wait long
Just please consider this
Please choose to stay
Here with me
Stay in my heart
Hold my hands tight
Embrace me fiercely
And never leave me alone
I love you
Hello Potato.. Err. Hello Poetry!

I am having difficulties in writing, I can't think straight.

Is this the effect of being in love, and that love being slowly reciprocated?

I dunno about you guys, but this has been the happiest I've ever been in a long time.

To my dearest Babe/Potato
I love these feelings
I love your company
I love the way you smell
All your good traits
All your bad traits
Even if I haven't seen them all
What's not to love?
I love how you stare into my soul
With those piercing eyes of yours
I love how you hug me tight
And how you hold my hands sweetly
I love every single moment with you
Everything we're having right now
I love you. :)

Thanks for reading Everyone!

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