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Ordinary mortal
Ordinary show
Don't miss me
Let me go
My dear friends
My dear foes
Don't miss me
Let me go
Ordinary mortal
Ordinary show
Don't waste
Your precious tears
As I go
Ordinary mortal
Ordinary show
Don't miss me
Let me go
Look around
So many gems
Take care of them
This dry stem
Belongs to urn
Don't miss me
Let me go
Thank you for finally ending things between you and I
Because I never would have found the strength in my heart to say goodbye
As much as it has broken my heart and shaken up everything I thought I knew about the world, I still am grateful to you for finally cutting me off and giving me your cold shoulder instead. Because you are no good for me, and although I have known that for awhile, I didn't really care because you made me feel SO amazing just with one touch and when we kissed all surroundings melted away and you were the only thing that mattered. But I care about you so much its unhealthy. And I would have put up with any amount of ******* because you were worth the pain to me. I cant honestly say I am happier now and I dont know if I ever will be as happy as I was with you again. But at least this way I can be respected by the next person I choose to share my life with. You will always have the biggest piece of my soul but you don't have all of it anymore. I need to work on bettering myself as a person and I can do that now as hard as it is. I may be lonely, but you aren't, so I am happy that one of us has found the peace we both craved so badly.
George Krokos Dec 2020
When the subject and object in love are united
there isn’t another around at all to be sighted.
And where oneness prevails love eternally flows
from the One to the many that of illusion shows.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Those who lie dearest to your heart
Care for
All we have is now
Might not get another chance to express feelings
Time may not allow

Strong since I met suffering
Visions of future bright
Silent but risky assumptions
Have more than just tonight

All I do is wish for forever
You never truly know
How many moments remain taken for granted
Or chances left for love to show
So tell those you love how you feel before it's too late
Kyle Mouat Nov 2020
I sat staring at the wall
No expression upon my face,
As I contemplated the life I lived
And remember that it's just been me,
All alone behind these empty eyes;

No one knows that there's nothing there
Because not a single soul has gazed into
My eyes to see the pain that I am in
And how I am in need of their help
So I wouldn't feel so alone;

This leaves me setting up barriers,
Not wanting anyone to gaze inside;
So I put on a show for everyone;
I think positive thoughts,
Dreaming happy dreams,
Hoping to pay no heed
To the dark reality;

I put on a wide smile
And laugh a loud laugh,
To put on the illusion that
There is not a thing wrong with me;

But I leave a hint that I am in need of help,
It's behind the gates that are my eyes,
The emptiness shows the lie that I live
And the battle that I fight every day;
But no one cares if I need help cuz they're blind;

I put on too good of a show;
Smiled and laugh more than I should have,
Listened and cared more than I had too
I did such a good job that no one
Knows that there's something wrong with me;

I've become consumed by this character
I have created within the confines of my mind;
I don't know where I am in this empty space
And I don't know if I can get out of it

The only thing left to do is the embrace it,
Until it ends the rest of my sanity;
So I must follow the old saying
And keep the show going.
Betty Nov 2020
Calm on the surface
Frantic paddling underneath
Ducks mirror the world
Cardboard-Jones Nov 2020
I really need some lovin'.
You really need some lovin'.
We all need some lovin', babe.
Show me how you lovin'.

I wanna give my lovin'.
You wanna give your lovin'.
We could use some lovin'.
Give me everything I want.

I wanna give you lovin'.
You wanna give me lovin'.
We could share our lovin', baby.
'Cause we're both done waitin'.
Cause we could use some lovin', love
Yachika Sharma Oct 2020
I think nobody understands the pain,
of living with constant fear.
I am tired of seeing women oppressed,
being hit, only bruises to show.
It is not okay to seal her lips then question,
why she took time to come out.
I will lose it if someone says that home
is where I'll be safe, oh I am not.
She is not, She is not, Oh she is not,
she is not, she is not, Oh I am not.
Moonlight Oct 2020
One morning, I sat at the window
And observed the clouds floating in a row
As I sipped my coffee, watched the show
Wondering if they were clouds or giant ***** of snow

Got lost in the moment, I didn’t know
Time flew by and I couldn’t follow
I still kept gazing at the sky though
Until I got distracted by a cawing crow
For the love of words that rhyme :)
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