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The audience goes silent
As the curtain starts to open
There on the stage is a whole other world
Maybe one from this galaxy
Sometimes from the next
But nevertheless the actors preform
The characters evolve as the show goes on
Then comes the ******, you thought we were done
So many twists and turns until a conclusion
Oh, the scene is now over
The curtains have shut
The drama is done
These actors take off their makeup
But still inside them lives
The character they played, the character they once lived.
Jenna 23h
Your voice floats
with a refreshing confidence
Directing your own show
in front of others
Yet, I cannot seem to do
the same, when
I stand in front of you alone
Wobbling with syllables;
I feel like I'm learning to talk again
making me take a couple steps back;
mastering how to communicate, more
than what I hope my eyes can convey
Bryce 4d
I'd traveled the distant vessels
of many an emptied lake
Sojourned fallow desert paths
praying for ancient rains

Great clouds in graceful conduct
Danced their lonely lover's gait
Quenching thirst of other grounds
With such a timely rain

I found upon a poesy
hidden in the shade
Took them gentle to my breast
to kiss away their pain

In creatures here the loss is felt
In summer sun the byways melt
No place for sacred waters run
When Her decisive motion's done

Placed beyond this bowl of stone
The ordered clasts of city grow
On mausolea of daffodils
Her voice forever ceased to know

The glow of sun in zenith speaks
To Her and me through haze and dream
Through knotted rock and speckled sky
I came undone in Her sweet eyes
Living from day to day by opening cold every morning;
The comedian, in no mood for leisurely reminiscence
how ironic
Jenna Mar 13
I want to be someone's love song.

Listening on repeat
Their heart dancing to the beat
Smiles and blushes hearing my voice
Wanting to be near me by choice
My unstable infectious feelings
Makes them think they're dreaming
Jumping with glee
They couldn't have felt more free

This heart makes its own tune
It felt like we were in a sappy cartoon
Your music haunts my ears
And steals my soul
A staccato whimpering glow
The audience claps
The show's over now
Go home to danger
And commune with your total stranger
Everyone is putting on a show, whether they mean to or not
Amanda Mar 4
How many of our smiles are fake?
How many of us wish our own lives to take?
How many people out there feel alone?
Or even worse feel like they are just another clone?
How many souls are crying out for another?
And how many of them will meet each other?
How many loved ones have passed away?
How many deal with depression each day?
Or another mental illness they carefully hide?
How many of you out there are broken inside?
How many humans are truly at peace?
And just when will that contentment cease?
How many of us have cut out our hearts?
And destroyed it so no one else could hurt that part?
How many of us have watched those we love the most,
Change over time into an unrecognizable ghost?
How many people have each one of us used?
How many words have we said that left others ego bruised?
How many friends have we drifted apart from?
How many of us are horrified by what we have become?
How many goodbyes cut good people open wide?
Leaving them gutted by the empty space by their side?
How many hours have been wasted by sorrow?
How many todays ruined by yesterday or tomorrow?
How many questions has mankind really asked?
How many people walking by are wearing an ornate mask?
How many of us are able to say the smile we don is real?
And mean it when we tell another how it is we feel?
The answers are only numbers with an unimportant sum,
They don't matter because the tragic fact of every last one
Is that they all show us our harsh reality;
The truth most people cannot accept or see

We'd rather make-believe our lives are as happy
As we know they will not ever be
Actually thinking about other people's problems for once..
yes you.
Please show me the way
to happiness.
I'm having a hard time to find happiness right now
Time will show
the path
fit for me.
My only hope is that
it puts us
Then I'll be both happy
and lucky.
chloe Feb 7
Why don’t we have show and tell for scars?
They are more important than materials we show
They show the memories we can’t explain
Scars last forever, but memories will eventually fade
This world only looks at materials
Some things you can’t hold but love more than the things you can
Scars show how strong we are
Scars show the hardships you lived through
Scars show all the mistakes we did
Scars show that you got back up again
Scars are beautiful so embrace them as you do to your items
I need feedback so please don't hold back I am entering a poetry contest for school and need help
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