elise f Sep 6

I need help
This isn't me
This isn't who I am
Who I want to be
Fix me
Someone show me
What is real
What is fake
Why I live
Who I live for

I need to change
Viany Sep 1

Do not give me empty promises...
Fill up the space with your actions

Be lost in the ways of the world
For get what you know
Let your story unfold
Life will put on a show
Just for you
Only you
As it is, and always, will ever do

H Phone Jul 31

Tell me you like me
I wish not to bother
Tell me that there is no other
Who you’d rather be with
Don’t show, just tell
You are my world
Am I yours as well?

I think I know
but I want to hear
stay near
Don’t leave me alone
with my fear
Of being abandoned
on my own
I may look hard
But my heart is no stone
No brick in the middle
But a fleshy core
Weak, frail, strong no more

When did I lose
Lose that edge
Of confidence, I feel like I’m wedged
In between a rock and a hard place

My heart and my self-hate

Why am I like this?
Why can’t I change?
My need for those words
Is almost deranged
Am I loving myself?
Am I losing myself?
Have I already lost?

Tell me you like me
I need you the most

Nothing is the same anymore i just hope one day i will find someone that will understand me and will love me for me not just sex or plastic body parts, what happen to the late night conversations and childhood stories and your likes and dislikes? what happen to the surprises and flowers or showing up at work the little things matter always show your girl the attention she needs or someone else would ......

Sun Jul 8

I can't count the moments
         To see you again

In those dreams we're together
That we don't forget
           can't even remember
         Or the days yet to come

When you hold my hand
     Take my forever

          We are not the lost winds
         nor the rain drops
          crashing on each other
          We are not each alone

 Just on the way back to home
From two directions of the world
Remind me you are there
    And we're in this together

     I want us to know
        what we could be before
        Promising forever

What If?
Chan S Jun 22

I apologize,for blaming you.
Because I can only blame myself
You see, all along it's been me.
Me allowing you to treat me the way you've been treating me.
Me allowing You to take my voice away.  
Me allowing You to touch me in ways I did not appreciate.
Me Allowing You to hurt me with your actions.
I should have spoken up.
Used my voice a long time ago.
Then you would've known my words now are not for show.

I apologize, for accrediting you for my life's work.
When I can only accredit myself.
For all my pains and all my strife.
All my wins in my whole life
For my loss' penetrating knife.
It's always been me.
I should have spoken up.
Used my voice a long time ago.
Then you would've known my words now are not for show.

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Ivo Jun 20

Every time I miss her,
I suffer from a single thought
every time I kiss her -
she loves me,
she loves me not...

Travelled from a distance,
a single glance just to be cought,
for my precious mistress
she loves me,
she loves me not.

Qustions like these warring -
for my sanity they fought
Her feelings never showing,
does she love me...
...she loves me, not.

adeline Jun 12

The city lights and the people in the street
Here am I passing by expecting that you and I will meet
It's crowded here again, and I can only see my shadow
Oh wait! There you are, in the crowd watching a show

“Excuse me.” I uttered in every people who's passing by
But the show is over and they already said goodbye
You're running away again from me
Shall I chase after thee?

“Lady! You might get tripped!" shouted by a child
“Watch over!” he added, and I only smiled
I can't lose the guy whom am I chasing after
I shouted in the middle “HEY STILL REMEMBER--”

You ignored me and people are laughing
My love, am I really annoying?
You said you'll comeback to me
But I was left alone under the tree

I asked myself “Am I existing?”
Or to your memory I'm slowly disappearing?
Before I forgot I am only your shadow
Who's always chasing you after the show

He set a motion that tied the night
with a surge of peace through flight
A walk at pardoned him for this fight
the doorway sought now
as his fortune with the moon!

And a primal scream that retaliated fraught
but down by fairgrounds his doggy run
still furry friends rode in heat,
and they couldn't be sheep in these latitudes that wool adorn
when a caper was a precedent.

If ghosts perched upon the cases
where sprinkles attended from where they stay
but they must defame those breeds
with suggestive wiles they rehearsed.
furthermore their embrace did employ
what dignified lust was another cornflower day

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