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Ander Stone Feb 2
don't lie to me.

I've heard those echoes
with every setting of the moon.
I've heard those whispers
with every sunrise
that's ever kissed
the parchment of my skin.

don't lie to me.

I woke up with the constellations,
remembered in the silken threads
of mother time's embrace.
I cleansed my eyes of the gossamers
when starlight was but a distant promise
of a reality yet to burn itself into existence.

don't lie to me.

I couldn't cut it as a weaver
of honey ladened words
heaped upon the nebulae,
derelict between the flowing stelar algae
and that roaring darkenss from which
all things come.

don't lie to me for I have bathed
in the cold light of eternity.
Eera Apr 2023
Let me daydream in this cosmic abyss,
and lose myself in its magic and bliss.
For in the space between stars and dreams,
anything is possible, vivid as it seems.
I dream of planets with oceans of gold
and moons with mountains that are extremely cold;
of nebulas that paint the sky in hues,
and black holes that swallow entire views.
Beneath the stars, a deep vast ocean lies,
teeming with life that I can only surmise.
On a distant planet, so far from our own,
an ocean of mystery lies unknown,
with waves that crash upon alien shores,
and secrets that hide beneath the ocean floor.
I sit and gaze into the endless expanse,
and let my mind take an astral chance;
to travel to worlds beyond our own,
where the mysteries of space have yet to be known.
am i ee Apr 2022

Lantern light

Star light
Moon light

These are the lights I love!

Soothing light,
warm light,

peaceful light,
Natural light.

Mother Nature
Designed by her,

Her grand plan
Utter perfection!
Jason Apr 2021

I want to wrap myself around you,

My entire self, my spirit, all my life,

I want to cradle you in the arms of my galaxy,

Serene in the timeless embrace of our fusion,

The rest of the universe spinning around us,

Starlight fireworks dancing to the beat of our heart.

© 04/27/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Catalina Feb 2021
The safest place in the world is my front porch at 3 in the morning some hot July.

Where I’m from, the heat never has a chance to leave you. It curdles the starlight. You breathe it in like when you were 8 years old and stuck your face too close to an easy bake oven.

Out here, the world is only as quiet as it needs to be. You learn to recognize each streetlight by their own glow.

Soon enough, it will be time to walk back inside.
Connecting starlight over rooftops,
Pleading to save my soul.
I look to the night sky to make me feel whole.
Perhaps it's the beauty
Or is it its presence?
When all else fails to be,
It is.
Orakhal Dec 2020
Hello my friend
I see you shine
yet dead a trillion year and more
I see you now at this here eye
as true a bird do fly to shore

now tell of me your time and space
so far away yet to my face
a galaxy of inner space
not out there now no holocene
apocalyptic in between

no trace to you but dust and bowl
to mould eternal to this soul
beyond me and inside my flesh
before my ever afters yet
a ripple on the fabrics net

infinite a mind am I
to you star light held in its eye
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