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there was no escape
your soul bewitched mine
the instant our eyes met
on velvet nights
our bodies bled into one,
moonlight kissing flesh
a love so full of fire
the stars themselves
faced inwards to watch
our nightly worship.
- my heart still remembers your touch, does that make me wicked?
Bryce Sep 19
Like cattle,
It is hot and dark in there
An anti-amniotic sacular
Pulsating through the tube

Here the humans brood
Awaiting destinations carried to
Pressed light against the walls of their cage for rest
The flashing of distant lights behind the darkness
go unnoticed

The stars are hidden by our feeling
Disguised by the more important sun
And our spires cast their cold steel shadows
Giving us none

The light is cast and we accept its sadness
For what it is-- pale limitations
And the decay of its photons
Give us space to call it names
Here, this is where we are

A far away from the stars.
Autmn T Sep 9
Starlight boy, made of constellations, you are my guiding light. You carry the sky, or are you the sky. The waves of purple to navy to black, a collection of your shades. Every one as beautiful as the last. Your night sky never gets tiring to look at. Shifting, moving, covered, but forever there. Within and without, miles from where we are but so close I feel like I could reach out and touch you. So present and so distant, you my starlight boy are a collision of feigned hearts and scrabbled messages. You’re so hard to read, but it’s all never made so much sense until I saw you. So sing me sleepy and say goodbye before sunrise interrupts your melody. But I’ll see you again my love, every night I have left on this Earth, I’ll look towards you.
You will be with me forever, every night.
Abby M Sep 9
A spiral of light, like music to my eyes
I spun out into the golden grass
The stars shining brightly above me
Only seconds ago the vortex that seemed to knock me down
I heard a laugh, but no one was there
Maybe it was the stars
The moon was too kind to laugh
My silver feet began to work again
Daring the stars to tip me twice
The dampened earth beneath my twirling soles
A cushion when the dare was done
I laid there then, but
Only long enough to find Pegasus
Until I heard the muffled steps and swishing grass
As others wandered from the trees
Their candles sad mirrors
Of the vortex in the sky
One by one they challenged the stars
That tucked them all in to a bed of laughter and golden grass
I watched as they disappeared beneath the waving fronds
Until I could feel the hands of the stars readying the finale
Pulling me into a spiral of sweat and lazy zephyrs
They too knew that this was the last dance
But still I whispered up to their shining choir
Daring them to stop time.
Their hands were on their pocket watches
Pulling out the gears
A wish so close to granting you could hear the crickets pause
Yet soon they stirred
The spiral pushed, but laughter pushed it back
No longer harmonizing to their melodic lights
I fell again
This time over a root
My silver feet tarnished to grey
And lost their shine walking back through the woods
Anastasia Aug 24
i will bathe you
in my starlight
like the stars
bathe the soil
Seanathon Aug 22
Is the darkest singular star
Behind the sun in the known night sky

Is the sea in the sight of it's beholder
And long as the day is young and green

Is the order of man unknown
Tall, as it shoots and sparks into the fall of being

Is the starlight and seabed alike
As awakening grasps at the spark of meaning
Tuesday 12 - Because the vastness of life all around us. Ever waiting to be explored. Both above and below.
shamamama Jun 11
poppies and poodles
puppies and puddles
into my soul
strung these pearls together into a poem song....
Anastasia Jun 7
Dew drops
Whispering to starlight
Never told
A  small girl
With hair like fire
By a lake
With water like the night sky
Emerald frogs
Ruby roses
Crystal violets
And a pearl moon
All of this
Could be hers
But she just wants
To make friends with the fireflies
Enjoy <3
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