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shamamama May 8
Some strong sensations on my ankle
Unravel me
Dissolve me

Remind me
When pain and suffering
Led the path

I thought it was real,
Was the only,
Was the only way--

And now I wake up to ten thousand
Hairs on the soles of my feet
Tugging me
Into the day
From starlight
And ancestors
Going my way

Remember, remember
I walk on these feet
With curiosity, flexibility,
Wonder and love

Grandmother Earth
Is right down below-- So
Today I can step on
The ground with pure joy,
Embracing this place by
Loving breath from my soles
A Long while ago I was challenged for a few weeks by my legs, I learned to approach life and "my doings" with reverence and love to ceremony, intention, and awareness.
sushii May 5
And then my heart stopped short
As the rest of me rushed to keep up
And your face held placidly in the moonlight

You’re so very dark with your eyelashes and hair
I could steal it all away for myself
As my tears slowly crystallize

Your skin glows faintly
In the begging starlight
Calling me, beckoning me
For just one touch

Oh, how I would have you
If it could have been the other way
I could hold you in my arms
As I cherish your warmth

Oh, if only you knew how I love you
I wish it could be the other way
I wish you knew how I would hold you
And how I long for you day after day.
UGH, the cringe

Starlight, March/11/2014, 167

1Doo doo doo, doo doo
Doo doo doo, doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo

2Sparkles in the sky
It makes me want to fly
Fly fly fly away
Somewhere up so high

3Dreams beyond the stars
Somewhere up so far
I wish to go to them
To meet a new bright end

4Twinkles so up far
I will wish upon a star
Making my dreams come true
Oh what shall maybe I do

5Starlight passes me by
It makes me want to cry
Cry cry cry away
And share with all my fame

6Flames of the harpy’s heart
Will beat at each new start
Shining with each new night
To breathe in all new life

7Shine glisten sparkle and loom
For each new dawn, brings a new moon
But as to each beginning, comes the end
The end of each night, becomes day’s friend

8Where the sparkles in the sky
Belong to the ever crescented night
Hold those wishes ever near and dear
And your future dreams will remain forever clear
xD one of my favorites was a cheesy song, with a beat in it.
so terrible

The stars were the angels of old.
The sun and moon, were the eyes of God
Our ancestors looking down on us
Watching over us, comforting our souls at night
ollie Mar 12
I write this passing by a house from the town of my childhood
Two floors
On the second floor there’s a door
No balcony
Opening onto the roof
I wish this was my own home
So I could invite you onto the floor of the stars
Watch with me, please
Because in this house of memories I had a lot of time to ****
Let me **** it with you
Because I’m much too hollow
The stars
The sound of your music
They just might fill me up with something warm
Seanathon Feb 8
Tears for clouds
Snow from eyes
And shines
Oh the outpouring of light in your luminous eye
And your mind, your mind
Like a scintillating star in the night sky
I blink
And like a shot like in the dark
You pass me by
Quicker than the realization of time and light combined
Starlight Fast
Euphie Dec 2018
Paper planes, falling

Into the starlight,
that is upside down.

In my heart, it’s beating

The street lights are blinking,
in the upside, down.
My world is red, it's shadows.
Raven black.
The treetops are swaying,
in the upside, down.

Black on red, it’s pattern
tartan plaid.
Who’ll be my lover?
In the upside, down.

As above, so below.
Touch me until my bones
grow cold.

I am a dream so, shut your eyes.
And hold me close—
in the upside, down.

Till the music stops playing,
and the sheet music
is scrolled across my lungs.

As though nothing could fail
in the upside, down.
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