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Glory Jul 2018
"I'm sorry"

"What for?" His whisper was too far to touch my skin. But I heard it.

"Melancholy is contagious,
latching on to vulnerable,
lovely hearts,
passing by.
And sometimes,
after a while,
on a frosty, lonely night,
just like this,
It's starts to itch a little"
Anastasia Jun 6
his cheeks were rose petals
soft and pink

his eyes were the sky
velvety blue

his smile was a disease
contagious and heart-stopping

his laugh was song
i want to hear over and over again

his touch was fire
warm and colorful

his lips were candy
sweet and soft
c.b. ♥
It all started
with one kind word.
Just a thank you,
a you are so kind,
a you made my day
that ended up
making my entire week.
Pass kind words on :)
Kee Nov 2018
is what i want to say
when i look at you
in your eyes
the curve of your lips
and the color of your eyes
all of you is intriguing to me
and like a nightmare all at the same time
i can never get you out of my head
in my mind is where you have always nested
images of you
playing over and over again
and although its haunting me
its not really like i want it to go away
because you are a beautiful but bitter sweet memory
and in my mind is where you have always nested
why would i take you away from that?
why would i take me away from that?
maybe i could rip out whatever you left in me out
and watch myself bleed tears
or i could continue
because you are a beautiful but bitter sweet memory
because in my mind is where you have always nested
because you felt safe enough to close your eyes
because you felt safe enough to lay your head on my chest and finally rest
but its not fair to either of us
i noticed you before you noticed me
and i begin to wish that i never looked your way
or gave you the time of day
because now everytime I think of your name
my body is set aflame
Grace Spellman Oct 2018
she is like wildfire
contagious -- burning
everything in her path
to ashes

she is crazy
she fears no consequence
of her actions

she knows -- she won't get caught

do not try to contain this one
she will break free
of any walls you build around her

do not try to understand her -- she does not need your understanding

embrace her
tag along

or get burned in the flame she leaves you in
its me, and its you, and its us,, because we are all flammable under her touch.
AditiBoo Sep 2018
She curled her lips upwards
They parted slightly
Unable to be contain the joy within
Wanting to contaminate the whole world
So she grinned
Ever so foolishly
Ever so naturally
Whoever met her gaze
Could not help but catch
A tiny bit of her euphoria
And, in turn, smile
Without even noticing
Part of their sadness lifting
Karisa Brown Aug 2018
What common forms
Do you flow from

Down stairs or from above
Or in your own galaxies
Do you run?

What's on your lips
Cotton candy
Or sour gumdrops

Do you savor each flavor
Or simply let them drop
Like acid on paper
Like rain from above

Where is your gravity
Where do you run?
Sadistically speaking
You're out of time
The world is shrinking
You've lost your last dime

Sadistically speaking
You've played your last round
You should stop seeking
For the approval of the crowd

Sadistically speaking
We are all dead
Or breaking
Just a group of empty heads

But if we're speaking sadistically
What's the point of anything?

If you can't look at the bright side
Why look at all?
Does it hurt your pride?
Is negativity some kind of protocol?
Look on the bright side, jeez
Glory May 2018
everything is falling apart
the pieces of my life crumbling in ruins at my feet
i can taste the leftovers in the air
it hangs onto me
reminding me of my failure
i didn't pay enough attention to the sagging sides
or the ripped edges
instead my goals drip in my mind like a windshield in a storm
melting away potential
blurring what i wanted and what i didnt
there are no cures for pain like this
the numbness will continue to be
no medical advice can stop it from catching other hearts
walking by
no, this failure, this pain, this travesty
there is no hope for a sadness like this
there is no reasoning with the mind
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