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Jules Oct 25
You saw a blueberry
On the corner of the sidewalk
Something you shouldn't have noticed
But unexpectedly took interest
In a blueberry
On the sidewalk

With each passing day
You'd see that blueberry
And with each passing day
You looked forward to it
To a blueberry
On the sidewalk

But eventually, the leaves will fall
And the snow will come
People will move on
And nothing will be left
Nothing at all
Not even a blueberry
On the sidewalk
Jaxey Oct 8
If love is a two way street
I'm the person on the sidewalk
the third wheel
Aleena Jun 11
Walk simultaneously
Feel the rhythm
Feel the beat
Symmetry and shadows
Follow as we speak
I walk on the same path
I turn at the same corner
Everyday feels the same
But the leaves still fall, then return
Just like how they came
I walk along the sidewalk
An empty gap remains
Half full of presence
And half full of reminisce
As I walk down a sidewalk meant for two
Matt Sol Jan 26
Closed and opened
Enter, Exit
The yesterdays
Of fluorescents
Passing headlights
To a stranger
(Flash and heading)

Conscious flutter
While time doubles
KM Hanslik Jan 23
How long does it take
for the words to travel from your brain to your vocal cords?
How long does it take
before you realize scratching names into sidewalks
is not enough
the stone will wear away
and your fingernails are ******
and you are walking home alone
and you can't save anybody?
Kora Sani Sep 2018
how much
of your life
has been decided
for you?

by the passing faces
on sidewalks

all life travelers
traversing dual rivers

what is
what shouldn't be

how often
do you enter
siinli May 2018
I wish it is an endless sidewalk
So I can make every step out of it
I wish the rain won't stop
So the droplets will keep touching my skin
I wish the breeze stick around
So I won't stop breathing
I wish the cold wind keep blowing
So it can whisper through my ears
I wish you stay
So I can live forever
Please leave any comments or suggestions if you like my poem. Thank You.
Antino Art May 2018
There's hushed aesthetic
to store signs passed on sidewalks
Empty neon words.
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