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Jack Jun 2022
Place me in your heart,
I sacrifice my soul to be one with you,
Hold my hands,
I'm yours as long you want me,
Kiss me slowly,
Love me like nothing else in this world,
We'll be in an endless dream,
Keep me forever I shall be,
Close your eyes,
Because I'm the one who shows you there is hope even if it's only a dim light,
The scent of yours I remember,
It still lingers in my nose now,
When both our eyes met,
I believe there is something deep inside you that is special,
It is your heart I wanted the most,
Without force, it will come sincerely as I do.
I love you.
Ron Gavalik Sep 2021
sidewalks appear
as graveyards
full of open mouths
and closed eyes
beauty goes unnoticed
and love

–Ron Gavalik
Just a thought.
Erian Rose May 2021
Autumn mornings filtered
gentle daylight on sunbeams
across cityways
and warm-tinted sidewalks,
upbeat lofi humming
with the dove's sorrowful song,
while weaving past
the struggles days bring.
Hi everyone! I finally got down to creating that lit magazine :) The Instagram is @autumnmorn.mag
It's still a work in progress, with an official website, logo, and application/submission forms in the process, but within a few months it should be up and running!
Sarah Pavlak Oct 2020
When he’s standing in your doorway
Clean-shaven, distanced,
Recognize that once he was
Scouring the cracks in the blacktop,
Picking pansies with the weeds
And clumping them together to declare
The love letters he had written along the sidewalks,
Blue chalk sprawling beside her walk home.

And one day he was standing before her desk,
A medley of a bouquet lodged under his fingernails,
That he took to be the most beautiful piece of art.
Lips slightly chapped, chest rising quickly,
In a moment of unadulterated courage he ****** his arms forward
To present the best offering he could.
And all she saw was the dirt.
Garrett Johnson Sep 2020
If it weren't for the pillow.

Moon gum.
Pick your nails.

Garrett Johnson.
saw it coming.
Amy Perry Jun 2020
You are the most beautiful,
Exquisite, exotic flower
To ever grow between
Overlooked sidewalk cement
And I adore you.

I wonder when the rest will see.
Casey Apr 2020
Take me to where the sidewalk ends.
Past the dark streets that wind and bend.
Return me to what I used to know.
Bring me to the roads diverged into the wood.
Let me take the road less traveled as I should.
I refuse to stay along this normal path.
Our prompt was to pick our favorite poem(s) and write a response.
Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
Possible titles:
storm colors
Concrete chameleon


I watched the sidewalk
Go from light to spotted grey
Sudden rain shower.

A different version:

Watching the sidewalk
grey spots growing together
Stone chameleon.
I like the idea of this one it's been rattling around in my head for a while and I've written it down in various forms can't quite settle on the finished version though maybe I should ask for some input ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I really like the comparison of the changing colors to the chameleon but chameleons have no place on a rainy sidewalk so it's kind of a weird connection and it also reminds me of painting so yeah rain painted chameleon sidewalk mess hahaha...
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
Walk all over me
Why don’t you
And feet
The rain will chase
You all away
Then it will repeat
If sidewalks could speak. Katy Funke elegantly wrote “pavements”.  I goofily wrote this. Thanks for the inspiration.
Mamta Wathare Feb 2020
The flower on the sidewalk
was uprooted ...
planted in a garden

From the dusty road
to a safe haven

as if it were the summer season

Where I have arrived,
is a story I long to tell

Take a slow walk, beloved
Enter the garden
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