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Brave sky under mine.
Beautiful light.
Warm Earth above mine.
Fresh freedom.
Calms guide.
Silence air .
On one side.
Open mind.
On other side.
With clear brain in my pocket.
I go to walked it.
Sally S Ali May 12
Under inlaid sky
by emptiness
paved floor
with coldness

bright colors
of pain

I meet you
you are sitting
at the edge
of the abyss
swaying your legs
as if it is
the paradise

We stared
at each other

this is an invitation
to expected end
may be
unexpected salvation

Stared at the silence
rejoicing the loss
singing the pain

This pathway
opened by blood
and human cell debris

We paid
our debts of emotions
and walked
Like a smile
to be planted
in the ground
of the freedom

1 second
the apocalypse
Johnny walker Apr 19
A 29-year journalist by name Lyra Mckee murdered doing her job
I feel so sorry for her family, for this
stood for what she believed and paid the ultimate price her life, murdered by the **** of the earth who
people cruelly lay pipe bombs **** children they disgust me frankly I don't give a dame who they are nothing but
crawl out there holes ****** then crawl back In disgusting excuses for humans
I don't give dame If they are IRA  Provisional or New IRA or any other terrorist organisation  whatever they belong to  I write In Big words for all to see and hope they do "THEY ARE All COWARDS"
sure they could shoot me or ******* to **** but I promise I'll waiting for when they arrive for sure as
**** they
I Fear Them Not For They Are cowards All Terrorists no matter who They Are And Where They From, They Could shoot me put a bomb under my car Send Me To **** that  For Sure But I'll be waiting for them when they arrive as surely will
fiachra breac Apr 13
oh but for a moment of sweet, foolish fun.

smouldering coals glow bright
with gentle touch.

a moment of young, lovely bliss,

a kiss shared -
a real one,
not the farce of hours prior -
from one who is interested.

conversation spills out,
and with it,
admiration, affinity,
some sense of belonging.

silly things, not heavy,
but light.
float above the damp night grass -
soar amongst the clouds gathering above.

push past the smoking remains of
the fire

up the stairs

laughter, smiles, warm skin

nobody's business but ours
nobody's business but ours... a kind face and listening ear
Six feet under,
Down the drain.
Lie my feelings,
Is my luck.
Six feet under,
Under this dirt.
Is my hapiness,
Is my love.
Six feet under,
Or hidden anywhere.
Depression is here,
Right inside me.
Six feet under,
Where we live.
I try to
Cover this sadness.
Six feet under.
I try to hide,
Alcohol, Drugs, Cigarettes.
I'm slowly suffocating.
I write a small poem every dat, about how I feel or the world around me. This is #7
Just smile baby, smile.
Just lie baby, lie.
That everything is fine.
Whatever you broken.
Just smile baby, smile.

Don't cry baby, no cry.
Somehow don't be angry.
Hold it inside.
Just smiling baby, just smile.
And everything will be fine.

Just smile baby, smile.
Whatever, some hurt you.
Don't cry.
Just lie baby, lie.
That everything alright.

Just smile baby, smile.
Just pull a smile on your face.
Just lie baby,lie.
Don't cry baby, no cry.

It's such a shame.
It's such a lie.
It is okay to not be fine.
It is okay to cry.
It's not okay to lie.
It's not okay to hide a pain under fake smile.
Irene J Mar 12
Under the night in Paris,
I dreamt.
The man that I love came to me,
giving me all the hope that I've wished,
a love from him,
from his whole heart.
Bohemian Mar 11
°                °       ☽     °   °              °
      °   °          °     

If you feel free
Being wicked even,that you've turned
The acceptance may begin to vindicate the sins.
I am currently
under construction.
Thank you
for your patience.
I know
I'm not always the easiest
to deal with,
but in my defense,
teenage years
aren't always the easiest
to go through!
For all those who deal with me on a daily basis.
Many times of late I've been unable to sleep and laid In the dead of the night awake like all the other creatures of the night so quiet one could hear a pin
Time passing so slow as If stood still hours before the morning my mind starts differing back to my childhood a coldness runs
down my
For I can see the cupboard understairs to where the mother would throw me
and lock the door after hitting with a wooden brush she would walk away laughing
I was no more than a toddler what could I have possibly done that deserve that kind of punishment
I'm dammed If I know even after all these
I supose Its long ago since I stopped asking why ?
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