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Nat Lipstadt May 26
I under stand!


perhaps I do
not fully,
but nonetheless,

I under stand!

Legs locked,
shoulders set,
eyes ahead straight,  
mouth firmly wavering,
range bound, between
a back n’ forth,
from grimace
to smile resolute,

my support promised,
here beneath,
is where I am,
you, set upon
my frame,
you, for,
to surmount,
rise above,
see farther,
vision clearer,
any troubling
fray and say!
I am risen,
with help
of friends,
to place
my reach
never touched,
or exceeded…
until now!

2:34 pm

walking on the beach,
musing, scheming, always,
writing, grabbing words
from sea breezes,
and gusts that
order plain:
now, now,
is the
to share
that load

May 26 2024
you have my number
Seeing you and her together would certainly scathe a lot
It is seeing the epitome of everything we're not
But may be better than not seeing you at all
Except in the photographs hanging on my wall
You sent a message (I haven't bothered to read)
The first three words;
"Amanda I need"
No apology for torturing me bad
That made me pretty mad
I've liked always talking to you
Was on a ledge with a helluva view
But I am determined never to jump
I'm not going to hit the ground with a thump
I will not let you control me anymore
Best way to do that is to ignore
I hate the way I am under your magic spell
There's nothing that can save me from this hell
Seeing is believing...
Àŧùl Jan 14
I shall marry you one day soon,
To bring you to my world.
Then take you out to the hills,
To make love in the snowy whorl.

You might lose something,
But me you shall gain.
We'll make love under the moonlight,
You'll experience no pain.

I have a dream about us,
To bring new life to the planet.
We must become united as one body,
And one soul for this one love.

That one love will be our daughter,
Who we will kindle as our love,
Then we'll not deprive her of happiness,
We'll give her a sibling as well.

I am so sure that we'll have a daughter first,
Well, that's because I have a lot of love inside,
Such love for you and my future,
And we'll always thank the Moon for its love.
My HP Poem #1795
©Atul Kaushal
emru Mar 2022
under all this pressure
do i crack and sink lower
take shape and start all over



Good~things then,

under the sun!
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
The person you are is not right for me
No matter how fiercely you want to be
The strongest word is love
One I fear
Under it's influence hard seeing clear
You perceive me as someone better than I am
If I was
Would give a ****
I used to care but that was quite awhile ago...
aspen wilde Jan 2021
i keep forgetting to breathe,
forgetting to take in the oxygen
that keeps me alive.

the world doesn't know,
doesn't know the pain in my chest
that drags me under.

will you listen please,
my heart echos like
lightning and thunder.
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