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jasmine wild Jan 4
i keep forgetting to breathe,
forgetting to take in the oxygen
that keeps me alive.

the world doesn't know,
doesn't know the pain in my chest
that drags me under.

will you listen please,
my heart echos like
lightning and thunder.
Hannah Oct 2020
I don’t have time to breathe.
I feel my heart beating between my teeth.
It’s beating...
It’s beating...
It’s beating...
Until I can feel no longer.
Water is slowly rising above my head.
Nolan Willett Oct 2020
We live in a world of lost and found
Get lost so we can be found again
And then retreat back underground
Until the process ends
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2020
Use caution! Work zone!
Active poem in progress
Under construction
Wear helmets on site please or should I say on "cite" bahahahaha
Erian Rose May 2020
her eyes shielded the pain
under ocean waves
setting dusk of sunset haze
she saw the world
at a different side of things
Mayara Giorno May 2020
I see the rain

pour from your eyes

And wish only to hide

behind your scented leaves

your rocky plane

Under the water

under the rocks

under the tons and tons

of air.

I will stay right there

between your thumb

between your hair

So let it be known

I am not gone

I am only in hiding



for my oceans to reach your toes

once again.
Erian Rose May 2020
Under the streetlights
on the corner of 11th
autumn turned into showers
your pupils reflected
seasons becoming racing beats
hours stumbling out of reach
Radhika Krishna Apr 2020
Under, under, under the sea
Under the sea
Oops, I meant under the sky
But it's all the same
I'm happy and free
The sky will melt into the sea if it must
I'm under the sea, under the sea
Because when the rain falls down
My hair will be matted and wet
Water will cover the ground it met
Just like under the sea, under the sea
And when a warm current flows on my face
I'll feel the heat
Like the sun I'm beneath
The fish with their open mouths
They'll remind me of the people I see
Walking among the trees
Then throughout the day,
I'll close my eyes and forget to breathe
Like I'm under the sea, under the sea
And long after when time runs by me
When I haven't felt a single breeze
I'll wonder if I'm really under the sky
But for now since I'm filled with glee
I'll just pretend that I'm under the sea, under the sea
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