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I take in the
Taste of prisms
With a tender tongue

Blue,  violet, verdant green
Magenta marvelous
Yellow, mellow light
The flavors of the sun
Shining through crystal
Covering my lips
Cherry red

The Taste Of Prisms
Enervated inspiration
And the ecru canvas
Comes alive with color!

I've joined several artist's sites on Facebook and I'm getting very inspired to paint and draw. I want to see my canvas coming alive! Thus this poem...
Ed C Mar 29
I looked in your eyes and they were moonlight,
piercing the darkness, unlike sunshine, unlike
the burning you feel when you get too close to something
fake. I looked into your moonlight eyes and I saw pools
of blue cascading like a waterfall over crystal, distorted shimmer.
It wasn't even like looking at eyes, it was just looking into something
I wanted to steal and lock away, in a corner of my closet
where no light could scratch.
Keyan R Mar 13
The darkness clouded my head thoughts of sad misery casting a forecast of despair and mercy
I saw her, that night with a pack of many, she explained to me she wanted nothing to do with me
I chose this path and plenty of time escaped the gasp of breathes within me
The reality I sought out for was right beneath me, I refused to see it
I refused to know the feelings of the one I called home
I turned my back on her on my own,
Now I have nothing a black sunken hole, I did that to myself
I chose to take a path by sipping the poison-filled glass
How long will this feeling last? He said eternity

I would rather die, but she takes away the ability
I would rather really die, no lie; Is the fine line with no strings attached?
The pain is buried in my chest...the anxiety layered note shoved inside a bottle
I bottle my feelings every day. No one knows how I really feel...I lie, I cheat, I steal, I envy, I regret so much that I let it take me to the edge
I drowned at the beach and the sea spit me back out, to endure the hot sands, sinking on land is the defeat?
I asked how she was and they said it's a blessing she's feeling the best she can right now
Moved on in a months time why didn't I see her in my right mind
I refused to even budge only relied on resources outside of me
Listening to the voices of others as I lost my main focus
I went to see my ex. She had a boyfriend, 7 years means nothing to someone constantly depending on others instead of learning to grow without the wooded post to keep you up. It was only a month...still how can I be the one to be upset when I broke up with her.

They both insisted on the use of crystals and tried to sever the bond between our souls. How odd...
pa3que Feb 13
wrapped up in caramel daydreams,
trying to resolve the screams,

down the windelstán, below,
is someone that he used to know,

one reached for a grip,
a one cold water sip,

but one could never hold,
as he was far too old,

nor old of age, nor old of gold,
but blood dripped down and it was cold,

thee chateau, a ****** mine,
crying crystals over wine,

given screams, now, louder tune,
mixing sugar with a spoon,

he can’t get them out his head,
wrapped, in bed he’s turning mad,

spiral staircase leads to cache,
he’s stabbed by guilt, gone in dash,

thee chateau still there remains,
screams still whisper, leaving stains.
Becca Dec 2018
I dove through a deep sea of myself
to find the crystal
I had been looking for all along
Anne J Nov 2018
Little insect that dwells into the dangling cocoon
Lend me your silk that is enhanced in voodoo
Look at the beautiful crystals that are above
That traps the angels and their golden harps and doves
Enhance to me your white smeared poison kiss
And I’ll be sure to melt with not even a hiss
Unravel your gown and engulf me into the silk
That’s already lost its flowers and gained its milk
Made off of two antagonists, who are mother and daughter in my story. I guess you could say the first four lines are for the daughter, and the four are for the mother? They're evil butterfly fairies with the power of making crystals, trapping people in their hair, and I guess some poisonous attack with the "lipstick" they use?
Becca Nov 2018
watch the ball of fire
slowly trickle into the rubble
as the young lady’s
smile turns upside down
her crystals lay so peacefully
upon her cauldron shelf
the book in which her spells lay
is magic like the stars
the candles are dancing with fire
around the a big book
watch the ball of fire
fly above the rubble
spitting fireworks
into smoke
and her frown into a smile
tizzD Nov 2018
jade filled dreams and ruby sight,
don't want to be stuck in this onyx night.
awaken me under a citrine sun,
where crystal clouds have their fun.
sapphire birds singing in emerald trees,
that's where I want to be, that's what I wish to dream.
a precipice
of Werner
whereas pitch
was dire
of his
slot save
primeval isn't
wood and
whether his
blocks haven't
exclaimed that
he's solemn
or the
tundra is
still frozen
crystals and
ice house
A. Gottlob Werner  was a Neptunist
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