Sanny 3d
With my archangel by my side I'm fulfilling my dreams.

She's whispering me towards the right direction.

I feel empowered next to her.

We have a lion's strength and courage.

I know I'll be exactly where I need to be.

I don't doubt her power for a second.
Blinded by the radiance
Of your supernova drawing me in,
Moth to flame.
Glorifying the bravery shown by few
With nothing but my courage and adventurousness,
I fell for the dark distant sun

A self-proclaimed devil;
I looked into your eyes and all I saw was red.


A crooked smile on your face,
You tore me open with your pitchfork.
One look to stop my heart,
My life flashed before my eyes as you sucked away my last breath:
You were a black hole all along

Yet above your horns I see a fading halo,
On your back, lifeless white feathers holding on like the last leaf
And they wonder why I'd follow you to hell and back
Over and over
Letters I never sent - to my first heartbreak
D A W N 6d
ive always envied you
in stormy days like these
youd hold the umbrella
and wait for the sun to comeback
whose patience empowers the unforgiving storm
its back to school ffs
I hear all the time
People saying to me
“You’re so brave”
Am I?
I don’t feel like I am
People say I’m brave
For facing THEIR fears
Speaking in public
Holding snakes
Being constantly poked with needles
These things aren’t frightening to me
So I don’t feel brave
I hold a lot of fears in my heart
Some more trivial than others
My insecurities play into my fears
Holding me back
Keeping me from fully experiencing life
I don’t climb too high
I don’t initiate that conversation
Because I’m afraid
So I don’t feel brave
Somewhere out there
Possibly in an alternate universe
Someone thrives on my fears
Loves to do the things that scare me most
But fears the activities I find commonplace
Are they brave?
Am I brave?
this starts out weird and only gets weirder enjoy
CJ Jun 13
In your eyes, who am I ?
A friend, a brother or just a passer-by

Is there someone you want me to replace?
Or im here just to fill up your empty space.

Im afraid, I will just be treated the same
As if this was a role playing game

I don't have the courage to confess
As im scared that you will not say 'yes'

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm blinded
But I love you, and that's what I have decided
Sam Jun 12
Hope, like a steel tower we cannot climb. In sorrow we confide.
Dead, like the way I feel inside. A rift torn through my soul.

Cold, like the way you chose to say goodbye.
Cold, like the day you walked into your grave.

Empty, like the way I am without you.
Warm, like all the memories we shared.
Courage found in the will to carry on.
Your abuse broke me into pieces and left me suffocated by pain,
but I have risen stronger and I’ll never be defeated again.
The spirit of a lioness flows through my veins;
with courage and strength now ravaging my soul like a hurricane.
Signed and dated that pink vacation form
Slipped under that dark locked door
Standing in the hall watching
Shouted “You know she doesn’t work here anymore?”
Searched for someone with the key
Solution found and paper retrieved
Stated “Me standing there was fated.
Should you miss with not a soul knowing
Spells trouble, it could of been ugly
Saved you I did. I tell you its fate.”
Staring me down those blue eyes glimmered
“Sophia is my name.” left your lips.
Stammered back “My guardian angel, thank you.”
“See you around.” you said disappearing through the door
Softly whispering “If it's up to fate.”

Sloshing around in my head that lovey name
Soused on the memory of your features
Scribbled down these intoxicated words
Stuck on that whisper “If it's fated.”
Stimulated I have never felt at this place
Searching always for that lovely face
Stars aligned on a late office night
Smile so lustrous so euphoric
Struck my ears with a voice so fine
“Seems as if fate has us in her grasp once again.”
She did, that beautiful fate, I will never forget
Sharing our stories
Swapping our laughs
Sobbing about ennui

Springing up with newfound courage
Stuttered “Do you want to go get lunch tomorrow?”
Started a new chapter in this book
Showing up to work now a new joy
Sitting in the office chair, usually in despair
Swiveling around, thinking of your name
Syllables echoing
Sweet Sophia.
J Jun 5
Her eyes mimicked
the beckoning moonlight
refracting in the
stillness of the ocean;
revealing a wondrous
depth, and all the
walls I built came
crumbling down.

Fear and courage
skirmished inside
my head as I drift
deeper into the
dark of her eyes;
equally liberating
and terrifying,
knowing I might get
lost in it...

...but I won’t close
my eyes, nor will
I ever look away.
Beckoned by the moonlight.
Learn to live without love
then you will not be dissapointed
Learn to live more than love can teach
and have no unmet expectations
Learn to give your life for love,
because you can and are stronger
and fearlessly learn from life
because you are growing
and becoming wiser

Learn my Love, to live
for love will not die by being lived
and you will not die not being loved

Learn to know and not be known
To judge and not be judged
To be fuelled to love, not forced
To be drawn to love, not dragged
To be taken by love, not pulled
To receive without taking
To have without holding
to keep without hiding

That you may find Love
waiting and not wanting
and you my Love...

not be misunderstood.
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