My doc martens are made of courage-
Leather plucked from a vanquished dragon
Dyed with the boiling blood of a fallen angel
Threaded together with the metal hairs
Of a con man's highway violin
And laced with fibres of immortal truths
From a holy book nobody will ever find.

I tell you, nothing could ruin these beauties
They've marched me through torrential rain
Through murder and lust and badly settled arguments
Through mountains of love and pits of despair-
None of my friends have stayed long enough
To taste the intensity of my emotions in the same way
As these century-old boots
And certainly none would have lived to tell the tale


As soon as they danced me into your light,
I could feel the leather snapping
The laces unwrapping
The heels gently slapping
On pavement, unattached;
I think I flew off somewhere
Without the boots to hand,
And this is where I have stayed,
Finally settled, with nowhere left to walk,
With your soul in my arms,
Made of bravery and stardust and independence
And the most tantalising beauty
I've ever come across in all of my adventures.

It's been a few years now, and I haven't bothered to get my shoes fixed.
But I don't really need them anymore.

Nowadays, I walk barefoot,
And your shadow follows me along the surface
Of our very own moon.
Sometimes I learn to stay awake,
In dawn some falls says ''It is the fate''
Running past the wall of hardship that you make,
Thinking of giving up every hour that i fail,
But looking up ahead i see the birds
Free, Flying past that wall that seems high without a trail
The sound of freedom rings in the distance,
The wind of change whispers within the walls
Slowly gone without a trace,
Somewhere in me,
I know there is something that kept me back
Something that lock me in my track,
The old me that use to say No
The one that laugh that say No
The one that say they care about you,
The Inner me that spark me to go,

Lift up my eyes,
I grab the first rock,
It Hurts,
It Hurts,
Slowly i whisper, It Hurts
I felt alone,
I felt hopeless,
I felt useless,
The dark hands that strangle me from within
And somewhere within this journey,
I realise i was not lost,
I was not beaten,
For None are worthless in His eyes,
For those who had give up hope,
For those who had lost in darkness
Shall found light,
And In you hope lives on.

I lift up myself,
I grab the second rocks,
I saw you,
Trying to carry all the burden alone,
And you were whispering
You were worrying of how Others will think of you
You were worrying how Others life are so perfect
You were worrying how Others look so cool doing it,
Unrealising you are drowning in pain,
Deep in you slowly rotten away in vain,
I close my eyes and whisper to you,
Somewhere in you The You has decay,
Hope has no where to stay
And All I can do for you,
Is Pray.

Sometimes life is weird,
Life is hard,
Life is scary,
Life can be wary,
And it can drown you,
Life is like the rail in the forest
Dark in the midnight
Unknowing where to go
Or where it leads to
So many tracks
So many ways
So many walls
It just a matter who or which
Track will you chose?
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Mountainous caverns
And cavernous depths
Plague and pillage taverns
Bridle beleaguered breaths

Forward the hour
And hoist the scattered skies
Time not to cower
Behind blatant lies

Prepare for the downfall
As the mountain gives way
Gruesome, thunderous brawl
Is my death in this day

If an avalanche is hell
Then I am surely home
Brokenly beaten and well:
Where chaos freely roams

Forget not our rise
For we are not our sins
But saints in the skies
Banefully, bloody kin

I am a vagabond in hell
And a vagabond: I am free
As heaven rings a final knell
While the mountains collapse for me
Random write, I might come back to this but I enjoyed writing this. Please let me know your thoughts
People fear Love
As if It was a Terrorist,
And they embrace their Fears,
As if their Fears were Love.
Omni 2d
Yeah, it’s somethin’, ain’t it?
…That liquid courage voodoo.
Blunt instrument, ain’t it?
…Rather be burgundy than blue.

Burgundy & blue,
burgundy & blue,
I’d rather be burgundy,
than burgundy & blue.

Yeah, it’s somethin’, ain’t it?
…That liquid courage voodoo.
Blunt instrument, ain’t it?
…Rather be blunted than lucidly abused.

Burgundy & blue,
burgundy & blue,
I’d rather be burgundy,
than burgundy & blue.

Yeah, it’s somethin’, ain’t it?
…The black and blue of the soul.
Blunt instrument, ain’t it?
…The hidden trauma under the stole.

Burgundy & blue,
burgundy & blue,
I’d rather be burgundy,
than burgundy & blue.

Yeah, it’s somethin’, ain’t-ain’t it?
…This blah-blah-blackening and bluing of my soul.
Blunt instrument, your words, ain’t-ain’t-ain’t it?
…I ra-ra-rather be blunted than out of control.

Bluesy poem/song without a tune.
Listen to “Dazed and Confused” by Led Zeppelin while reading this Blues poem.
The Sufis say
That Love is the essence of the Universe.
I'll believe It when I see It!
People have to have some courage too!
Never mind all this flowery,
Lovey dovey rhetoric.
The Proof is in the Pudding!
Someday, when I'm old and gray,
I'm sure to regret what I never did say. And sometime, true,
before it's through,
I'll regret even more
what I never would do.
April 4d
I dreamt a dream last night
That I was brave
That I could ask the questions
That I need to know

But I am weak
And scared
Of losing what I have if
I push too hard

In my dream I had courage
But dreams must end
And this was but a dream
I'm a force to be reckoned with,
And I don't recommend crossing me
the wrong way.
I've been holding in this fire for years,
So I don't set fire to the world around me.
I don't know how much longer I can hold it in.
I don't want to be known
as the criminal in this town.
The one's who provoke
never get punished.
It's the one who are pushed
over the edge that
always get blamed and
imprisoned for others actions.
Fools always rush in
where angels are afraid to tread.
Just don't take it with a grain of salt.
We're all hanging on by an invisible thread.
The innocents cannot be unpunished,
If you beat them down until they are as good as dead.
Alyssa Underwood Jun 2016
go on your way
My beloved child
turn aside from
the swerving path
untangle your gaze
to center on Me
stand in courage
hugging wisdom
guard all thoughts
leaning upon My love
release what's behind
and walk on in joy
Proverbs 4

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