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EveOf 2d
They'd look at my broken face,
cracked with sorrow, torn with anger,
Look at it, and tell me to smile.
Someday, I'd be a star to many,
a shining light, beautiful, graceful,
In the dark, dark sky.

I'd smile, willing the cracks to disappear,
Turning them around, so they're in my heart,
Hidden from sight and sympathy.
One star in billions, in the dark, dark sky.
Twinkling forever, graceful, beautiful.
I, I will be furious and blinding,
Powerful and fiery.
Not a star,
But a sun.
EveOf Aug 24
I'm almost underground,
Gasping, struggling to move..
They've buried me.
Covered me in what they think is true,
Little things about me they've assumed..
And hidden almost all that's real.

I'm fighting.
Struggling, kicking out.
But there's nothing to hold on to.
And I'm almost underground.

I'll climb out.
Sanny 1d
How do I ignore the calls from death?
It wants me there.

On the other side of life.

I see my own tears in the mirror.

I feel life leaving my body.

I don't want to be here anymore.

This life isn't for me.

I've fought long enough.
I've always known this is the way I'll go..

Do I finally have the courage?

To leave this all behind, to watch my loved ones from the other side?

If not not, when?
This life isn't for me..

I'm sorry.
Renhui Oct 9
I walk
towards the sun
leaving behind
fears one by one
I want a man
to be a man.
A man who knows
what to do,
exactly when,
and knows
who to do it to.


I want a man to be a man,
meat mountain in motion,
so little body fat
        I. . .

Can make mixed drink rivers
flow through the cracks of
his ****** abdominis.

dance 2 it.

dance 2 it!

I want a girl
to be a girl.
Her, tolerant,
and knows
how it goes, because.


I want a girl to be a girl,
Youtube tutorials,
one of two: **** or ***.
  want. . .

Long hair and circus paint
on a few warm holes,
willing and wet, or, at least

dance 2 it.

dance 2 it.

dance 2 it!

It's raining money
where it rains.
In the open.
It's raining respect
where it rains.
In the light.

Where am I?
(Where am I?)

I'm. . .         here.
I knew help was needed
when I laid down my sword
felt like I was dying inside
enslaved by insecurities
abused with lies
I pushed myself to the side
to ride for the wrong one
thought I was meeting HER,
then I ran into you
my hairs gray but you’ve dyed my soul blue
the mad man blows me east to west
The great spirit, My abba,
in my soul, He invests
I’m ending my complaints
learning to play the hand
keeping my eyes upon the sand

-Ashley R Wright (@wisecurls)

you came to me
deep in my summer
on the wings of spring

filled with hope and wonder
fresh and sweet
as nature's nectar

you brought my heart to quicken
breathed new life
to fill my soul

awakening forgotten passion
the stir of dreams
the fire of joy

we've lived life in celebration
touched mystery
embraced the awe

never ran away from trouble
the good and bad
we faced head on

we've traveled now into my winter
a place of challenge
a time of change

no matter the shift in weather
we're ever warm
in love's embrace

side by side as was our promise
together true
to journey's end


rob kistner © 2018
I am blessed to have known love.
Zandrew 4d
I've put courage in my heart and lightning in my hand
I strike the ground with enough force to topple buildings
My war cry is heard from every mountain
My spirit, an eternal flame burning as bright as the sun
And my tenacity, equal to a thousand lions
My war mask hides all fear
Any advice helps, I plan on rewriting this, thanks
Once I met a great wizard who had a bag full of gifts,
some would make people strong, some would make others swift.

I asked what he'd give me, if it be a heart, a brain, or some dough,
but he simply smiled and said to me "Here's what you need to grow".

"I have a heart but you don't need that, I gave it long ago,
you may not see but it glows with me, and it always greatly shows."

"I'd grant a brain to ask the rain why it gently flows,
but you have a pain that itching stain that can't be fixed with know."

"All the riches in the world wouldn't help with this disdain,
and fame beyond all measure is only but in vain."

"I have exactly what you need, oh kitten, to replace your flimsy mask,
the roaring courage of the lion is yours, all you have to do is ask."

Yes it's sad believe me missy,
when you're born to be a *****,
without the vim or verve
but I could change all my habits,
never more be scared of rabbits
if I only had the nerve.
Eglu 5d
Love is the courage to hurt, and beauty a gift,

A gift and curse, 

Cry in the present, because the future is certain,
Love in the present, because the future is certain,
Risk in the present, because the future is certain,

Hurt in the present, because the past is a scar of a life lost,

Learn in the present, because the past is a scar of a life lost,

Be in the present,
because the future is certain and the past is a scar of a life lost,

Shadow and vision, 

ghost and premonition,

light and source, 

I am a star, 
I am, I was, I will be

Love is the courage to live, to receive, to lose,

Love, hope,

Love, shadow and vision,

Love, ghost and premonition,

Love is the light that will flow long after the source is gone,

It will hurt, it will be beautiful,

it is a gift of life,

no end, no start
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