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preston 1d

Draw them out--
away from their machines
out into the open, abyssian spaces;
free from shadow
or  the never-ending  self betrayal
of manufactured, image

Away from walled, fortification..
or the alliance-based,  ever diluting
accolade  of the crowd
Bring them out,  in to the open
that I might heal them

And you will be hated for it..
                               just,  as I

I will rise up early
and dress myself up nice
And I will leave the house
and check the deadlock, twice

And I will find a crowd
and blend in for a minute
and I will try to find  a little comfort,

in it

And I will get lonely,
and gasp for air
and send your name up
from my lips

like a signal flare

And I will go downtown,
stand in the shadows
of the buildings
and button up my coat--

trying to stay strong,  spirit willing

And I will come back home,
maybe call some friends
Maybe paint some pictures,
it all depends

And I will get lonely
and gasp for air
And look up  at the high windows,

and see your face up there

Slime-God Sep 18
Reshaping my time
into that of a Tiger.
I feign at courage.
Zack Ripley Sep 16
Every day, you make a choice
To stay silent or raise your voice.
And that's your choice, and I respect it.
I just want you to know
That if today, you decide you want
To be a lion
and let people hear you roar,
I'll roar with you until you don't feel alone or broken anymore.
NM Sep 14
"I'd rather let drugs ruin me than any person!"

Wake up.

A person only ruins one, drugs will ruin an entire family.
Keep fighting.
I'm trying.
one day i will finally
have the ovaries
to say all of this
but until then
maybe youll find
my hello poetry account.
A portion of a previous poem.
NM Sep 10
We didn't chose to admit that we were broken.

However, you can chose to admit if you are defeated.
For anyone out there who has suffered trauma of any magnitude.
Stay strong, courageous, growing and the remarkable person you are.
Your past does not control you, there is a reason it remains only in memory.
Keep fighting, I will always believe in you as you have me.

As you perceive the world, so it is.
Percieve it above your pain.
Keep the crown upon your head.
LAICEY Aug 2017
it is:
when lovers sit underneath the stars
and talk about promises;
when we let ourselves taste
the bitterness in rehearsing love,
only to learn to let go.
© 2017 August LAICEY Poems
Tizzop Sep 5
an old, decayed mine, far from civilization
psychotic warriors occupy alleys, resolutely
this here is their last match, the death match
only one survivor remains, bloodbath

walls are covered with intestines and *****
fuckburst killed five, a female voice moaning:
double ****, multi ****, mega ****, ultra ****!
each increase is arousing our speaker

unreal tournament, land of fun and gore
your addiction is called "flag canon",
"rocket launcher" or "monster ****"
i'm all in now, no worries, no regrets

bloodshed covers you in bloodred
but i don't know the truth, barktooth
we are drinking silver-blue fantasies
as bullets spraypaint your apartment

you switched the game off, but the
monsters are attacking you, warrior
vibrating echoes and their dark voices
in rainbows, in rockets, in repetitions

shadows eat up your courage
motionless, swooshing swoosh
you are trapped inside their thoughts
no chance to escape, you get crazy
Derrick Cox Sep 2
I march through a thunderstorm
the same way I marched before
to face my enemy, the devil.

The wind is heavy and violent
trying to knock me off my feet
like a bully I dealt with in school.
But I stand my ground
And keep marching forward
as I have against them.

The sky is full of dark clouds
much like OCD, depression, and PTSD
looming over my head.
But I know the sky will change color;
a beautiful one.

I pass by people running
For their homes to take shelter
and wait for the heavens to have mercy
so they can roam outside.
All my life,
I’ve been running away from my problems
hiding from my enemies.
I have business to take care of
in this storm
and I will get it done
whether the light breaks the fallen sky
or not.
I wait for nothing and no one
And I will fight anything or anyone
that stands in my way.

I’m a stormbreaker.

Thunder strikes
Cowards quake at its roar
The sound reminds me
the clap of the whip
made across my back
as a kid growing up.
But thunder tells me
To be strong and mighty as Thor’s hammer.

I’m offered an umbrella,
but I’m not part of that academy.
I was always shielded from the world
I never took a risk.
I want to live. Freely.
I let the crash of rain
pour on my body like a shower
cleansing me of the filth
I’ve sustained from today.
Drenched from head to toe.

When my business is done
and this storm clears,
I finally rest
and watch the sun rise
on a grateful universe.
I’m aware there will be another storm
worse than the last.

People are fools
believing there’s gonna be sunshine and clear skies for the rest of the week
like the rest of their lives.
They don’t know struggle or pain.
It’s a storm approaching.

And while they will hide,
cover and fear for themselves
I’ll be ready to march again.
Because this ain’t my first rodeo.
I won’t let a storm break me.

I’m a stormbreaker
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