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Ella 2h
believing when the world crumbles
She won’t crumble with it
The girl in the red dress
A wild horse- a beauty galloping at full speed
Never forgetting her worth or her means
full of fireworks
With a passion overwhelmed
by the aching love of the world
The girl in the red dress
Who is freer then any being
Because she lets herself be
Yet more tied down then she seems
The girl in the red dress
Who will fight ferousicialy for anything
And anyone
To the girl in the red dress
Who has the wisdom of the moon
And the brightness of
The sun
The girl in the red dress is the person I want to be.  She is  the person who is me, but it’s taking me a while to find her vibrancy. This poem is about finding yourself and being brave. One day, I will be the girl in the red dress. I dream of that day.
I’ll never start a fight
Indeed you start the flame,
And I’ll explode
Perhaps it’s my crimson hair that attack’s my soul
But stereotypical propaganda aside
I have nothing to hide
Indeed you call me out
I’ll trash your name
I live for love and peace
But there’s only so much hate one woman can’t escape
I beg for release
And pity your air
You walk with your noise so high
All just to hide your shame inside
All while making me look the fool
But I refuse to take blame for something I didn’t do  
I’ll never start a fight, it’s beneath me
But I will finish it
And sometimes it’s in the unlikeliest of ways
But the best part is really just not caring what the **** you say
Your words rot and decay like ash to the wind
I like to blow them and spit fire, it’s just the way I am
I don’t take any kinda mess or fuss
It’s beneath me

©Jessica Stull
Waiting Waiting

slowly fading.

From everything that used to make me.

I'd come around but then you'd hate me.

Not in the mood to entertain thee.

Neglected pain, but now I face it.

Trapped in my mind, stuck in the basement.

Hoping that I'll better with renovation.

Took out the doubt, and put some faith in.
J 6d
Love is a **** of a drink.
One sip and it makes
you brave enough to
think you can win
against the world.
It also makes you
paranoid and panic
out of your wits as
you stare into the
eyes of obliteration.
But that’s what love does;
it musters courage and
summons the monsters,
then mixes it into a terrifying
concoction called risk.

I know you’re scared.
I am scared shitless, too.
What do you say we
get drunk together?
What do you say we
get drunk together?
Kenji 7d
In this coffin I lay, eyes shut and mouth open wide.
Strangled to death, but alive.
Barely making it, but taking the stride.

Why hide?
She walks with so much confidence
She's so beautiful
She's so inspirational
WOW, I wish I had that much confidence'
You not like other woman
How is she so fearless?

My past is dark, my body is bruised, my skin is scarred, and my blood still leaks.
Taking me years to get to this stage of self love, I've been through battles, days where I thought I was about to die.
Days where I thought nothing could help, punched in the face and defeated to ash, sleepless nights and robbed of all dignity, and days where I only slept and drained myself.
My battle wounds are still visible, I live for the fight and I will die fighting, never back down.
A black panther walks with grace, handles with strategy, and fights with integrity, still holding it's head **** high, a beautiful creature, they say.
Tougher than a lion, effortlessly, without even trying.
The animal kingdom has a new King, and it's me, the alpha female.
I ain't like other woman, I embrace and devour courage, strength, bravery, fearlessness, independence...
Staring death in it's ****** face and ripping that **** mask off and whispering, "who's the coward now, beautiful"
laughing sarcastically, DEATH does not exist, nothing ever really dies, a soul lives for eternity until the journey is accomplished, a champion never gives up, determination and pride, a self encouraged vanity.

So, in this coffin I lay, eyes shut, mouth wide open, strangled to death.
But somehow, through all the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental pain...
(Laughs in sadistic mystery)
I am still alive.
The soul of a black panther, a feline of mystery is within me
Nathalie Dec 8
True vulnerability

Is having the courage

To be open

And receptive

To the voice

That guides from within

It is stepping

Into the unknown

And not always

Having the answers

Before the leap

Surrendering to

The natural flow

Of unveiling trust

Allowing it,

To be as it

Was intended…

c Dec 6
most days
i tend to bottle up my emotions
until the glass
isn't half full
but full and empty

today i am pouring it out
in the form of liquid gold
burning my lips
and biting my tongue for me

am i too strong for you?
you sip slowly now.

the way your soul ignites
tells me not
if it is passion or pain
that you taste on my lips

it seems you care not for the taste either way.
Lily Dec 5
It was us against the world…
We could have won.
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