Be happy lovely one
Don't let the cruel world outshine your smile.
Always look for hope in places your heart never got the chance to open
I love you.. it pains to leave you
The shortest moments makes the bruise heal less
As time goes by I wish we may end up happy
but I always pray
you'll find your happiness
Arianne Carmelotes
take care
Sitting on the edge
Angel water fountain flow
A sweet wish per coin
Been a while since I did a simple haiku!
Got more poems on the way! Got something really special planned too! ^-^
Lyn xxx
Oh, Rizal, hear our plea
For in our country's reality
The corrupt grow more powerful
As the elders become boastful

Pinned down condescendingly
By others buzzing like bees
With this ignorance that doesn't die
We feel that we can only try

But we will fight even as we cry
Our voices put down, may it never be pried
Away from the truth, we are shied
Now await our pent-up battle cry

We will march along the over-trodden streets
Along with the sound of where our hearts beat
For justice and for fairness
We bear your wish with gladness
Response poem to Jose Rizal's "A la Juventud Filipina" written in the Classic Style.
Bethie 1d
I used to say I wanted friends
To have a person to the end

I got my wish, just this past year
But now that wish has changed, I fear

For in my life these people came
And then they left me still the same

So now my wish has changed, you see
I still want friends, but I want them near to me
Amanda 2d
Let go of the problem weighing your soul down
Lay your head on your pillow; rest
Listen to insightful words
Let my advice help you do what's best.

Slowly moving between dark realms
Tingling with faint apprehension
Entranced, stumbling in a clouded stupor
Ravenous greed beyond my comprehension.

What will it take to open your eyes?
Days are fading fast
Insecure about how many tomorrows you have
Or rather, how many you lack.

We have little time on Earth
I am screaming but you won't wake up
Hearing same opinions repeated
Broken spirit remains stuck.

Center of your universe
Drugs have your mind caged
I cannot tell which parts are real
Which are perfectly staged.

Your forgery is well-crafted now
The world is starting to see
The way you live not good or right
To speak then act differently.

Could I aid your hand somehow?
Each attempt met with resistance
Say the same phrases each time
From each other grow distant.

Honestly it has been over for awhile
I have given our love my all
Though I wish we could be together
It hurts too bad to sit back and watch you fall.
Its painful to watch an angel fall
if i die tonight
suddenly in my sleep
remember that i love you all
writers are like family to me
take it in stride
start living again quickly
it's okay to cry
but i'd want you to keep living
tell whoever delivers the eulogy
to riddle it with jokes;
because when i'm looking down from heaven
i want to see all of you smiling

make sure to pay attention
to all the things
that i meant to do
but ran out of time
always spread love,
because i didn't spread enough
and stop using plastic straws
to help save the wildlife
everyone bring flowers
and sing beatles songs
and finally, when you arrive at my grave
bury me with:
                          a pencil
                          a notebook
                          a baseball bat
                          and a bouquet of roses
then light another on fire
and drop it into a vase
and let the ashes of beauty
follow me to a better place
i'm not planning on going anywhere btw, but it's good to be prepared
Sarah 3d
You listen as blood-stained lies tumble from my lips
Skin splits and rips apart as I keep a tally of every time I've broken my promise to you
My weary eyes watch my life from afar and all I can see is impending disaster
Too many times I've wanted to disappear from my own life
SO I do not understand why you haven't left me yet
I drift in and out of my own consciousness when thoughts of losing you consume me
Heart beats grow faster and breaths grow shallower
I falter often in this world
But you are the only mistake that I haven't made
selfharm depression loss selfhatred
Running On The Star Beams
The Sky Is Just To Vast,
Running Out Of Breath
It Never Seems To Last,
If I Could Have One Thing
You Know Just What I'd Ask!

Will I Still Be Flying When I Chuck Out That Old Flask,
Will I Keep On Lying Or Fuck Apart The Mask.

I Know I'm Not Deceitful, I Know I'm Not Insane.
I Just Forgot The Rules, I Know I Should Refrain, I Drown Out My Own Voice (.) & Say Goodbye To Pain.

If I Had A Choice Then The Sun Would Just Rain.

If I Had My Way Then The Grey Would Turn To Black,
Restart At The Beginning I'm Glad To Have You Back.

That Is Just A Fairytales Ending Of A Wish.
Life Isn't Simple No Rest When You Finish.
Harry Roberts - A Wish © 16/08/18
Last night I saw a shooting star,
and it made me think of you.
Brilliant white, and trailing light,
against a sky of purple blue.

I wonder if you saw it,
and if it made you think of me.
I wonder if you smiled,
as it burned, and ceased to be.

I wonder if you made a wish,
and what that wish could be.
I know it's wishful thinking,
but did it involve me?

Sorry, I know, I'm just wondering,
you probably missed it anyways.
I'll  still hold on to my wish though,
of long forgotten days...
I wish I’d known you longer,
Met earlier, been stronger.
I wish I’d not spent those years,
Without you, with all those fears.

I wish that our paths had crossed,
Met earlier, I’d been lost.
I wish I’d have had the chance,
Without you, knew not romance.

I wish I had known your name
Met earlier, it’s a shame.
I wish I’d known who you were
Without you, past life’s a blur.

I wish that though we never
Met earlier, forever
I wish endless love and so
Without you, I never know.
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