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Zywa 4d
Life is beautiful,

that's why people are longing --

for La Merica.
"La Superba" (2013, Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer) - La Merica

Collection "Palace of the Night"
N May 21
The piercing sound of
your silence pains me

I wish to hear you speak
for as long as I live
Shorter version.
Zywa May 8
Beyond the ideas

of we and they is a field --

where I wait for you.
Ghazal 171 'A great wagon' part 3: 'Beyond Islam and unbelief' (Rumi, Quatrain, Isf 158 / F 395,13th century)

Collection 'SoulSenseSun'
Zywa Mar 25
Differences draw boundaries
and there are words for it:
baby, child, man and woman

red, brown, yellow, stupid and smart
black, white, compatriot, barbarian
We know all about it

there is a reason
that we are innocent
and others offenders

There are words for it
and answers too: punishment, pest
crash, bombs and grenades

manslaughter, hunting, gas and fire
all within the boundaries
of own laws first

At home, on this side and
at home, on that side of the border
people wish for peace
Collection "The drama"
Leah Carr Mar 4
I'm sick to death of the heartbreak poems I write
I'm sick to death of thinking of you as I fall asleep every night
I'm sick to death of the knowledge that you think what you did was right
I'm sick to death of not knowing if you're coming back, because you might

I'm sick to death of thinking "but what if?"
I'm sick to death of sitting and staring when my mind has gone adrift
I'm sick to death of waiting for my mood to somehow lift
I'm sick to death of realising my death
Is probably on your wish list
Persephone Feb 27
Today I wish to not wake up
I wish to go from yesterday to tomorrow and forget that today ever exists
I wish for the sun to stay below the horizon and the song birds to sleep past noon
I wish this world to skip today

Today I wish to be nothing
I wish to not be a mass of energy or to take up space on this planet
I wish for Einstein to be wrong and Newton to be full of sh*t
I wish this world breaks physics today  

Today I wish for fire
I wish to have water scald my throat and for food to become ash on my tongue
I wish the air I breathe turns to smoke in my lungs and my skin to char from the heat of the sun
I wish this world to burn today

Today I wish for ice
I wish for no smile to melt my bitter heart and no embrace to warm my calloused soul
I wish for Arctic wind to bring forth a new ice age and for frost to encircle my home
I wish this world to freeze today

Today I wish for disaster
I wish for my tears to flood the highest cities and my screams to cause cracks in the sea floor
I wish for wild fires to incinerate all forests and global warming to melt the icecaps
I wish this world to destroy today

Today I wish to have a chat with death
I wish to be kissed by the lips of a viper and down hemlock until I’m no longer parched
I wish for the gods to send down a new plague and Mother Nature to take revenge on us all
I wish this world to die today

Today I wish for you to not care
For today I wish that you turn your check the other way when you see me and you don’t whisper a word for the wrongness I am causing
I wish for you to let my anger consume me until she can see it from the heavens and let me destroy myself until her absence feels less empty than I do
I wish for today that you let me embrace death with open arms so I can be close to her once more
Because Today I wish to no longer exist

But if you refuse to grant me any of these wishes than grant me this one simple request
That today of all days you let me have this hate
You let me have the same hate for myself that I have for this world on the day that it took her away
Zywa Feb 2
Again no message

in a bottle, no true love --

beginning for me.
"Vindeling" ("Findling", 2019, Vonne van der Meer)

Collection "VacantVoid"
carolina Feb 2
He says he’s the moon;
doesn’t have a light of his own.

i agree,
he is the moon.

but not for the reasons you presume:

he is the moon.
in the midst of a black sea;
a blazing of silver,
a flash of hope
in the vast darkness of this world.
this poem is about a person who doesn’t see how much they are worth, who I very pure and kind, and how much you wish they could see themselves the way you see them.
Zywa Feb 1
If only love was

contagious, only too bad --

only bacilli.
"Vindeling" ("Findling", 2019, Vonne van der Meer)

Collection "VacantVoid"
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