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i wish
i wish
i wish
but wishing never works.
i wish
i wish
i wish
until i can't.
i wish...
you know, i don't think they can hear me.
or they're just not listening.
Arise son laborers!
Come forth,
Listen, to the hush clanging bells of praise.
They sing unto you
Slave of Jesus,
For today, Yahweh has made known in
Heaven on high and earth down low,
That you his son,
Alloted for salvation; free from the wrath
To come, will taste 24.

A fresh breath of birthday air
Has extended the pages of my life,
With wisdom leading the way up
The stairs of raw experiences.
Though i longed to sleep
In the bed of death; to flee from
Life's flogging,
You cradled me, while i was in anguish
And grieved with me when i drew near
To suicide.

Will you become the compass of my boat,
Stirring me away from septic vipers,
To guide me to the land of my passion;
My long awaited tears?

I'll wait for thee.
In the summer heat,
In the winter snow,
In the dead of night,
In the harsh rain,
I'll wait for thee,
Till my prayer is stamped
With thy approval.
What's there in a payer?
Fooling yourself you can will
There will be a wish fulfilment
Overlooking, it's just a coincidence
His Will coincides
With your will
Prayer is granted
Then you tell
Otherwise, your prayer
Goes to hell
His Will prevailed
You regret to tell
I give here a link to find out what scientific research has to say about prayers ---
Osii Sep 17
I sincerely wish for you happiness
Because all I gave you was sadness
A simple message from me to you.
Imagine an enchanted;



A flourishing verdant
evergreen grove,

oxygen-filled particles
of Wish Light

A vintage letter falls
from the elder oak boughs;

Floating to your feet

Sonorously you read,

After a week sheltered inside from hazardous wildfire air in the Northwest, it's time to scribe a change.
Aahi Sep 13
Take me to the place,
Where none will present to chase
At me!
Just wanna stay alone
And come up with
My own theories..
None will be there
To knock me
With the term
He has tread his path alone
He will tread his path alone
You know he hates name and fame
He wishes to remain unknown
For You too are Unknown
He wishes to go towards You
Please don't stop his heartbeats at this juncture
He wishes to fulfill his some important responsibilities
Later if You willed he wishes to be a wanderer
Moving across lands and oceans
You know he doesn't  even wish to put the burden of his death on anyone
He just wishes to get lost and vanished in unknown trails to be one with You
LRF Sep 7
One so steady
and constant
as to guide and navigate
to be the source of sighs of relief
at the nightfall
it brings
and the day it
puts to sleep,
a signal to the wild
that it’s time is now,
and a glint of opportunity
to the many
who lay alone
to wish their loneliness away.

Yet, all the time,
a planet in her own right,
spinning and orbiting
in her own habit,
never knowing
how we gaze upon her
with a will
to make her our own.
September, 2020
bahulakaji Sep 7
I just have a wish in a wish…
A wish which never gets a finish…
All dedicated to me all given for a kind miss…
Just may be a tasty dish, sweet kiss or anything just which never ends as a wish…
May be ur arm or god’s embrace so warm…
May be anything just getting into me as a pure swarm…
Just leaving me in such a land never ending happiness and far from the world so selfish…
I just have a wish in a wish which never gets a finish…
luciana Sep 6
3 days
until I'm on the road
back to you.
I come
carrying some hope
that "we" are not overdue.
I begin
to remember all
of what we used to do.
the day
finally comes to leave so
I set to depart in a few.
the road
induces me to play
Suncity, a go-to.
passing lanes
under a tangerine sky
wishing you could see it too.
I begin
to notice glimmering
lights out of the blue.
stepping out
little did my heart know
what it would go through.
a feeling
helpless against heartbreak
please, maybe we can start anew...
this does not sound like closure
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