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8M 2h
A sweet sponge cake
With snow-white icing
And a single candle
As big as a basketball

The table's covered in silk
Confetti all over the walls
And the floor, too
It's time to celebrate

The candle lights up
They're hesitant
Too good to eat, they think
Noisemakers distract them

But there's no noisemakers to be found

One of them grabs the knife and sighs
It has to happen
The other make a wish
And the room goes dark

The knife makes a deep cut
Unexpectedly, jam comes out
They're scared
Invisible noisemakers continue to play
The cake remains still, unaffected by time

The one with the knife did not know what to do but throw it
And it hits another, but not the cake
Jam falls, drop by drop

The silky tablecloth gets ripped
It was never strong enough
Noise grows deafening

The birthday child cries
This went in an unexpected direction.
OpenWorldView Sep 29
Every day and night
my thoughts are on your lips.
That crimson temptation
and source of my life.

They smile in gentle red
and speak with unique truth.
So, there’s only one single wish
I beg you not to refuse.


Quench my heart’s fire
with sweet tender kisses
and revive my wilted soul
with dew from cupid’s bow.
I wish it would rain forever
When you are standing
Under my umbrella
My heart starts to beat faster
Your eyes begin to shine
When you stand on your toes
To touch my lips I would kiss you
Until the sun rises.
Bright eyed boy
with stars littering
his midnight sky mind
I could never tell him
how he meant the world to me
Or the way it took everything in me
not to run and wrap my arms around him
All I want for him is clarity
but that is no something obtainable
with my moonlight beams blinding him
so I try to create distance
I try not to fall into the gravitation
Of his orbit
but it has never been my nature
to run away from the things
that set me on fire
but I will not give into my desire
of the feeling of skin against skin
and lips intertwining
not when it comes at the cost of his sanity
siinli 4d
I'm lying if I insist
that I never loved you
I'm lying if I say
that I wasn't happy
when we held hands
I'm lying if I deny
that I'm still
wishing for your
Just please
Come home, my love
For all the fragile hearts that were left broken and still waiting
Haylin 6d
Sometimes I wish I were invisible
Sometimes I wish I I didn’t care
Sometimes I wish I was stronger
Sometimes I wish I you were still here
Sometimes I wish I was younger
Sometimes I wish I was older
Sometimes I wish I was skinnier
Sometimes I wish I was prettier
Sometimes I wish I was taller
Sometimes I wish I was shorter
Sometimes I wish I better
Sometimes I wish I had confidence
Sometimes I wish I knew myself
Sometimes I wish I could go back in time
Sometimes I wish I speak up
Sometimes I wish I met you sooner
Sometimes I wish I loved you more
Sometimes I wish I had more time...

Sometimes I wish I....
Haylin 6d
if i had only one wish, i would wish to be with you forever
Faith 6d
my fingertips are warm...
like i dipped them
into a hot bath
or ran them under
a heated faucet

like you took them
between your hands
and absorbed their chill

but you are not here
and they are warm
from the tequila
Steve 7d
Merry Christmas everybody
Merry Christmas everyone
Peeping through the darkness
To see if he has come
You need only close your eyes
And dream a little dream
The magic that is Christmas
Is everywhere you’ve been
It’s knowing where to look
i wish i was waking up in your arms today. i wish i was kissing you good morning. i wish i was with you already. i'm tired of the distance.
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