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Owen 6d
Melting snow and chill winds.
Wisconsin spring days,
where the only heat is the sun's rays
through a clear sky.
***** snow piles
on the sides of the street in the city.
Puddles on cracked concrete.
The scent of unveiling foliage
on the breeze.
Quiet moments alone,
the calm before the storm.
Dead to the world
but never feeling so alive
as thoughts creep in.
Wishing things could've been different
Wishing no one had to be wounded so.
Take me back to slow life.
Take me back to no cares.
I wasn't planning to survive.
beginning like spring you defrosted and delicately painted sweet colours

swiftly turning to summer overflowing with light and warmth

quickly you turned to autumn, bringing a brisk chill of amber


ending it your winter stripped bare your blistering cold freezing

and now I wait

patiently for next spring
Betty Sep 6
Zéphyr soft upon my cheek
caress my face with spring
dance with me
wash me with rain
bring warmth
and swell the grain
oh fortunate wind
blown from the West
of all the breezes
I like you the best
Allesha Eman Jul 11
To the distances I could not go for you
I will say a thing or two
Maybe you will find in the vast field of canola
The same sun kissed reasons
For leaving behind the love of all seasons
To tremble in the wake of one

To the white noise we befriended
You hand-in-hand with silence
Wear the stars like midnight bloom
The sun avoids our encounters
And we become the founders
Of bordered misunderstandings

Blooming flowers, spring's demise,
Winter creeps inside your eyes
I would have left everything behind
If it weren't for this unsettled mind
But these vast fields of distances grow
Through the skies and soil above and below

And I, drowning in dreams of tomorrow,
Have lost the map I was meant to follow

Tell those distances I have yet to know
That I'm still learning how to let go
Stone Jul 9
I was standing in the rain
So used to all the pain
It was all for your gain
In my eyes you could see the strain
The light was out of reach
In fact, there was no such thing
It was dark
I was alone
Then, in came a spark
I found my way out

A friend reached out not long after
I was pulled into his arms
I felt safe
Away from harm

He held me tightly not letting go
I was no longer part of your show
Things started to grow
We fell in love in March
Not knowing where to start
All we did was talk for hours
Staring at each other like towers
It became clear
We wanted each other near

My mind started to wander
All I did was grow fonder
At the same time the doubts crept in
Not knowing if I was growing thin

He looked in my eyes
he said he knew something was wrong
He read me as if I were a book
That made me even more hooked
I finally understood
Just how love actually looked

We fell in love in March
Not knowing where to start
Now it's July
I no longer have to hide or lie

I think it's safe to say now
The worst is over
I find myself in the clovers
With you only closer
My dearest friend and lover
Metal heads and dreamers
neth jones Jun 28
Man enters the tavern                            
Claps down some cash and outbursts ;
                                                       'Thirsty Things Firstly !'
The barman evaluates his condition      
And provides a session brew

Man tilts toward potential company
(a ferrety bloke in the shadows)
"Pull up that stack of milk crates        
                 And halve a heart with me"
(he earns a quick friend                      
                         in a tolerant stranger)

Soon fellow gaspers fill out the gloom
And an eve of humour descends
Though soon upending
Gourds downed the gullet
Sunk ugly into the scene
The tippling wit drags the night
              to the Slurry Pit

things turn Psychologically Rugged
his Mates soon round on him
bulldozing at the Elbows
saying he's a Cheapskate
they Berate him with rigorous Rattleprat
he's been goated with the Cain's mark
they tousle his crown malicious
Thorough in his cups and eaves
he mumbles and leaves
heaving up bile words

outside is dark and harsh
Outside the whole wild world does wail and weary
he sings to match its melancholy
but sadness lifts with his altered view
he sees 'a flock of moons' weigh down the sky
and natures churn                                    
                     makes a phosphorescent stew of it all
... decay                        
                 to lifes' celebration
'to see a flock of moons' is an old saying meaning drunk


decay to life (first part)

the scentless winter over
snow melts            
evacuates into the ground                        
                   under Spings attention

Springs arrival elevates mood
alleviates the heart halved by Winter

our strained eyes are relieved
                                  with the dismissal
of reflective snows

'thirsty things firstly' ;
from the groundswell and sponge
the air is steeped with earth ;
decay to life
Eloisa Jun 16
Like Japanese iris,
she shines with raindrops in the sun.
A blossoming grace in silence.
A new butterfly in flight.
Robins call
Chickadee bleats
The aroma of summer peeking through
the gentle mist of morning’s blue
Dandelions push through concrete
Trees are lush and green,
pink petals sprinkle like snow
Invasive flowers stretch and grow,
to roadways and ditches
Joggers emerge once more
for only when weather adorns
Cloud cover appears at 9 am
Then rain at 12
And sun at 3
Never a dull moment in spring
Vishal Pant Jun 2
She was in green, like the approaching springs

Her allure like the blooming flower it brings
A short think image poem.
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