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Hunter 6h
Think of it like a bunch of dreams
Where nothing is as it seems
The wind blows on the green grass
And suddenly everything stops going fast
Flowers come and flowers go
But my love never fades though
It is peaceful out, it is perfect
The blue sky looks like you could surf it
Maybe that's where I would rather be
But it's not where I belong you see
My place is here with you
I hope you can see it too
Just as the green grass comforts me
There are days still full of glee
Its been awhile
A comely rainbow
spanning the wet, sobbing sky;
colours showering
mesmeric pearls of teardrops on earth.

Many subtle shades of marvel
unfolded  on that day.

Elegance of burning splendour in sun’s soul -
earth treasuring the seed of first rain
in its womb for a new birth -
Spring’s svelte fingers
painting brilliance across the droning vale -
mist of radiance of a gorgeous moon -
stars sparkling to a melody
flowing from the divine harp -
sea breeze carving
shifting sculptures on sands of gold -
amorous mirth of sea waves
rushing to the hug of a waiting shore.

I stood there,
a trance benumbing my senses
to an hypnotic bliss.
How many Springs have visited
this wintery desolation,
painting it gorgeous with its enchanting glory!

How many Spring flowers have mesmerised
this arid wasteland
with its ethereal beauty!

Tell me, why the Spring has not visited me,
why has it not mixed its soothing colours in my dreary dreams?
Why has it not left its splendour
on my parched longings?

A garden I didn’t ask for,
but only a slice of its colour.
A garden I didn’t ask for,
but only a single flower –
to treasure in my mourning soul
the life that Spring brings to
the winter of my frozen dreams.
faeri 4d
Later, she came to me.
She had flowers in her hair
and wore a yellow skirt.
She approached slowly,
asking, "Are you hurt?"

Spring lifted me off the frosted floor.
Her touch immediately melted
the ice that I was trapped in.

Slowly I began to bloom.
Vines entwined my arms.
I was crowned with petals
and I smelled of roses.
Suddenly she was gone.

A voice whispered in my ear,
"You're Spring now, dear. Smile often until Summer comes."
Happy Spring everyone!
Anya 5d
The air is thick with tension
Limpid red rimmed eyes, ready
for waterworks at a moment’s notice
Hands repeatedly
Clenching and unclenching
Feet drumming
Lips pursed, turning white
Stomach clenched
Wound up
Like a spring
Permeating sense of foreboding
As the teacher hands out our history test
A beauty meant to be
Like a snowflake in the spring
She was dressed like a queen
Faith 7d
I close my eyes and feel a breeze,
Then hear the buzzing of the bees,
I touch the towline of the swing,
Then toss my head and start to sing,

"Oh joy! How much I love the air,
The wind that tangles up my hair,
Oh yes! How much I love the grass,
A panel of fuzzy looking glass,"

I wake up to the sun and clouds,
The sound of water and roaring crowds,
The water burbles quietly as it passes by,
I sigh to myself and look to the sky.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 6

Spring, how gracious is your name,
full of light and life and colour.
Songbirds in their woodland nests
emerge and sing, feeding their
chicks or teaching them to fly
The coat of white has become a
soft, healthy green.
At the sound of her sweet laugh,
swallowtails, each a shade of
a rainbow, flutter around her and
into the distant glades.
Her olive skin drinks in the gentle
sunlight, her pink silks flaps around
her small breasts and hips, her
bare feet crushing the grass.
She twirls, her arms outstretched.
With the jingle of her bracelets,
a warm breeze passes.
A flick of her brown curls,
flowers burst into the bloom
from the earth, filling the air
with their sweetness.
A snap of her slender fingers,
the clouds split in two and
with her gaze from her emerald
eyes, there is no discord;
harmony in the air.
Harmony everywhere...
'Hear me, Sisters,' she chimes,
'Hear it all, hear the cheer of Spring!'

Enjoy the song of Spring!
One more season to go now! ^-^
Lyn xxx
Lyn-Purcell Sep 6
The cold days have passed
Winter will become so sweet
The wait is over
Starting the Spring freeverse now! ^-^
Lyn xxx
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