One foot over another, another after another
I could feel the coolness against my feet
Under my weight the grains compress
As I walk, following an unknown beat
A look behind caught sight of the wave
Erasing my tracks on the summer beach
Once, I left my mark on your heart
But I guess you’ve erased it when we part

I lay down on my back, breathing in the sea breeze
A heart empty, my mind drifting
Like a raft alone in the vast ocean
Drifting without an end in sight
It’s cool and calm, and I could hear the ocean speak

Like an autumn leaf falling to the ground
Reddish brown hues all around
If you didn’t look closely you wouldn’t know
Which leaf had last fallen
When I had disappeared into the crowd

I used to like falling, mindless falling into the arms of strangers
Dangling my heart for others to see, pouring my thoughts out of me
I guess the game was too easy
And now I keep the words in me

Pretty words for myself to read
A loneliness like a single fir tree
Withstanding winter alone in the falling snow
If you didn’t look closely you wouldn’t know
Where it was under the blanket of snow


Like the trees in autumn breeze
I want to shed my skin
gently how a mandarin is peeled.
Let it all go
leaf per leaf
and see what stays.

For when spring comes
I can rise from the ashes
and bloom with nature.

I like to think about it as self deconstruction instead of self destruction.
Garry 2d

Early spring morning
blue skies and flowers in bloom
Birdsong breaks the day

Spring frozen in time
Trees don’t grow, flowers don’t bloom
The world went silent.

benie 3d

The wooden floorboards no longer speak
Dust no longer resides in the air; a cleaner breath to breath
Though cracks still remain as a reminisce of the past
A past that no longer exists, not really
The old swing on the old front porch still sways
Where I used to sit and think alone

This isolated path of self discovery
It came to an end not too long ago
My house was rearranged
Books placed neatly on the shelves
Furniture were placed in an order peculiar to me

I’d call this feeling exhilarance
Or serendipity if you prefer

You moved into my hollowed walls
As if spring came for a second time
Everything is renewed, my dear
You made this house my home

old emotions for one who almost caused my death

As the flowers bloom
My heart does the same thing too
All because of you

like a spring flower, my heart blooms and longs for you

This morning the air outside remained still.
I shadowed over leaves, breaking their veins
under the weight of my foot.
The space around me is silent.
A scattered bunch of dots is seen in the distance,
and they are all wearing black.
I feel like we are mourning something and,
in a way, I guess we are.
But we often find ourselves in the darkness.
Maybe that’s why spring is considered
a new beginning.
Because we spend all winter finding out
exactly what that means.

Alex 5d

She makes small talk with the seasons.

She is spring and she blossoms into bluebells and anemones and her voice sounds like life and freshness and beauty.
Excitement burgeons off of her, flits across her skin. But it is timid. (She smiles and I've fallen into the floor and honey is dripping from her words and mixing with my skin.)

She is summer and she dances.
She is the flame of a campfire, gleaming in crimson and roseate sparks. She is walks on the beach and water fights and melodic laughter, nostalgic memories and the dismissal of presentiment. (She is the setting sun on the roof and just once I exist among the stars between her lips and the galaxies swimming through her veins.)

She is autumn and she burns.
Apricot and tangerine flickers dance among her hair and cinnamon drifts through her wake. She has a symphony hidden in her voice that creates music, poems, legends to tell over the calm twilights and serene dusks. She is graceful and moves on the breeze as a leaf off a tree.
(She is warmth and beside her, so am I.)

She is winter and she's strong. She has a fire burning inside but it won't melt the ice edging her tongue. She is warm and kind and tender, she is independent and stubborn and frosty when met with thorns.
(Her rime pierced my skin once but her tears were filled with sugar and stardust.)

- She is squeezing my heart and I think I'm gonna hurl

this is a mess of awkward teenage emotion

air smells lavender,
spring day turns rambunctious,
love breaks all the rules!

A Spring soul glows and knows firmly its purpose
Since it is anchored in the knowledge that its light is contagious, the soul floats, free of burdens to weigh it down
A Spring soul soars and ignores any harmful resistance, escaping the ill-tempered storm by learning to find refuge in the hearts of those who need its warm and comforting temperament.

A Summer soul radiates its emotions with an energetic power
The spark that accompanies this soul tells a riveting tale of adventurous elegance but does not use words
A Summer soul captures the playful prestige of the sun with glinting eyes that invite all those who gaze upon it to experience the blazing emotions with which it surrounds itself.

An Autumn soul wavers from shrill heights to profound depths
It is guided by the wind on which it rides, wondering if it is actually travelling or if it is always falling straight down
An Autumn soul convinces those who may think themselves strangers to become significant and familiar through the common goal they each carry to find shelter from the inevitable chill.

A Winter soul emanates an ethereal beauty, the frigid ice being capable of so much more disaster and destruction than it would appear upon fleeting inspection of the sparkling expanse.
A Winter soul intrigues any passerby to look beyond the apparent wasteland of snow and ice into the depths where it has found that it only desires to find another whose demons will dance well with theirs.

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