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it’s friday night and for once
i’m not slinging *****
no tickertape headaches
or low resolution bedtimes

purple cocktail and
a pink sky above
the bricks of a city that’s
turned blue in faded light

and it’s easier now
to be grateful
for what i have
for what i don’t

i don’t have
to relive the past
last year will never
come again

and things may
get darker than
ever someday but
for today i have
this moment
to hold onto

the seconds in which
the fog on my
glasses cleared
and the music in
my ears was coming
from above me
and i didn’t need
to run to my
destination just
walk with time to spare

minutes in which
normal can exist
after a lifetime of
trying to be different

those who know me
will say i’ve changed
and i have
you have to change
when you start feeling
like yourself

it’s not a
glimmering revolution
on a horizon of clarity
it’s when you can
set your own smile
free on your face
let yourself miss
what you’ve lost
but not so much
that you lose today

vulnerability is a
hard gift to give myself
but i don’t want to
live in a box anymore

life is not
a race or sprint
it’s just a walk
on a late spring evening
when flowers in planters
nod in reminder that
potbound plants can
find a way to thrive

growth is a
and i’m not
there yet

but for now
there’s air
in my lungs
a plan in my
future and
regrets behind me

and for now
that’s enough
copyright 6/4/21 by b. e. mccomb
deadhead Jun 3
frozen dew stands still
as if time had not since passed
from early morning
a late piece on spring :)
Ah, once more a day in vacant rays
A webbed window, cracked gently to let the breeze by.
a minute an hour,
a bee lands on a flower
succumbing to desire,
a move with a purpose
It’s assuredness I admit breaks a chunk from my confidence

What is what isn’t what could what couldn’t
Is of no concern to a bee, imagine how free that would be
A beetle crawling up the bark of a tree,
Oh, just for an instant
I wish I could see the life that you see!
Sachiko May 29
I think my life is in season.
As spring blooms beautifully,
it gives an accurate definition of new beginnings.
But along with it, there were a lot of baggages that I needed to let go.
I find myself losing a lot of relationships.
It breaks my heart how it drastically changed.
I made a lot of beautiful memories with them.
Those memories were comparable to cherry blossoms.
It was so bright and full of energy.
But just like spring, it has to end.
Because life must keep on going.
Some people aren’t meant to stay.
I stopped trying not because I didn’t care.
Instead, I’ve learned how to accept things.
I still do love them. I love hard.
But I believe that I can still love them from a far.
I can’t wait for another chapter of my life.
Opportunities are always welcome.
As well as meeting new people.
And just like spring, it is a beginning of growth.
Sanjali May 28
Spring has brought
flowers to you
it cares not who you are
it cares not what you do
the flowers bloom simply
and the spring
brings them to you
Ahmad Attr May 25
When late at night I kick my hot blanket
Off my feet, as I lay sweating profusely
After just surviving another devil choking me
I roll over to my side, I reach out for my phone
I go over your messages
Little binary codes over the crystal white glass
Showing a word ‘’love’’
That you sent to me without thinking what it meant
But for me it is enough
In person, a word you will never say
So love me but from far away

When I get bored sitting in damp garden nook
Surrounded by primroses and lavenders
In the feeble heat of freshly deceased spring
The phone resting on the wooden table rings
I go over your messages
Your languid greetings for something you need
I begin to sulk as I proceed, writing back
To taunt you, hiding my desperation to talk to you
I smile in this garden saturated with your scent
In person, You will never make feel that way
So love me but from far away
P.s The third line refers to my recurring Sleep Paralysis episodes
neth jones May 26
scentless winter over
snow melts            
evacuates into the soil                                      

-under Springs attention-

our strained eyes are relieved                          
       with the dismissal
                                              of the reflective precipitation

Springs arrival elevates mood      
        alleviates the heart halved by Winter

'thirsty things firstly' ;
from the groundswell and sponge
the air is steeped with earth

decay to life

alt version

melting winter evacuates into the earth
a swelling sponge
thirsty things firstly
saturation of decay
brings earth to our dry nostrils
our aching eyes are relieved of the reflective snow
as it is fully dismissed by springtime
kayzamo May 23
Your passion blooms yellow,
Like the smile of a rising sun.
The wind blows, and the daffodils bellow;
They echo a crescendo - their spring has begun.

Their song flows across the ground,
Blooming budding emotions in its wake.
The nectar dampening the soil mound
Has enough oxytocin to make a soul ache.

These daffodils grew over the snow in my lawn,
Melting the cold as their roots gripped the earth.
I kept warm among the blossoms as the hours rolled on.
My mind gradually defrosted - like a cerebral rebirth.

My winter has mostly ended, indicated by each perennial.
I have you to thank for planting the first bulb out there -
Double digging the stubborn dirt, yet remaining congenial,
Despite the unfit sod and icy air.

I owe it to you that I've recovered whatsoever:
My cognitive crime scene, solved with your empathetic luminol.
Perhaps young love is a foolish endeavor,
But if that's so, then I'm the most foolish fool of all.

So I'll unabashedly listen to your daffodil crescendo,
And resonate with the joy in your living rhythm.
I'll plant you some chrysanthemums to match in yellow,
So we can sit together with them.
Critiques welcomed!
Hawthorn breaks a smile in the hedgerow,
whispers a truth
that, easily forgotten, delights again
and the indoor pain is lifted a little

The green is almost angry
demanding attention like a fat toddler
or peacocking buffoon
that somehow still wins hearts

I cried yesterday
despite spring’s giving relief as backdrop
anticipating a warmth
that still evades my fingertips
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