km 9h

Flowers were in bloom that season
Left to right all you see
Roses, tulips, and daisies
Colors of the whole spectrum
Red to yellow to blue to purple
Smelling of nothing less than beautiful.
Yet there was no sunlight.
The mystery of the sunless bloom,
Had people in a panic.
Not once in their lifetime
Had a sunless sky
Produced such pretty things.
An old man bellowed
"Beautiful things still come from
The most unexpected of situations".

Hunters galloping
Through quivering leaves,
Consumed by springs ease.

Gazing about thick foliage;
A union between man and movement,

Cold rains have ended.
Evergreens and cherry blossoms,
How vibrant, how splendid.

Meadows with adolescent laughs,
They bellow across the headland
Until sunlight fades and sprouting
Flowers whisper.

O! Echoing beauty
I remember your music
Strong like hoofs atop stone,
Yet your petals calm even the coldest of hearts.

I woke up to this rainy April day.
Thought I'd hear the birds chirping, but all I hear is rain.

I try to roll out of bed, but I feel so drained.
Why oh why am I in so much pain.

My dogs barking at these men they are fixing our stove, but yet I still feel blank and kinda cold.

Today is just like any other day because of this dreary dark rain.

It keeps me in my depressive state.
When can I have a clean slate?

I'm laying on the couch not wanting to shower. The rain falls as time passes by the hour.

I make breakfast and decide to clean, but then something inside me stops me.

Could this rain not want me to break free? Could all this pain just be inside controlling me?

I'm losing my control of things I need something to change. But I can't do anything because of this lousy rain.

I finally get myself into the shower the rain pours and maybe just maybe will bring me May showers.

I do myself enjoy flowers, but as of now the rain falls and all my petals come off faster and faster by the hour.

While in the shower I feel the warmth cleanse me, but I do not feel all that clean.

The anxiety, depression and mood swings like to daunt me. Like a hopeless child everything seems to taunt me.

When when will I be fully happy?

This endless cycle like the rain in April you'd think would put one at ease. Oh unfortunately not for me.

Steadily I break and lose all my leaves like the giving tree.

But unlike the tree I have been given such grief. Will my chaotic mind ever set me free? Will it ever let me be me?

Will the depression disappear? Will this anxiety finally stop running through me like a tease? Fuck these god awful mood swings.

I need to find myself some inner peace. Maybe once the sun is near I'll light up, glow and cheer joyfully.

But will that actually make me satisfied and happy?

Will I get rid of the depression and anxiety? Will my mood swings tilt and shift or unravel inside of me? Will I ever be fulfilled and find happiness?

Will the pictures on the walls of my house look like art and less of a mess? These feelings have always found their way inside me controlling my stress.

Will these showers ever pass or when they eventually pass still have me feeling like this will always last?

I feel a breeze the rainy draft.
A gloomy April none the less.

When May comes will I still be feeling any of this?

But I guess for now as the rain falls down in April I wait for May to hopefully find myself again. Peaceful.

Depression Anxiety crummy weather
Sobriquet 1d

You disappeared like the last winter frost,
  and I despaired like Spring.

little thoughts.
Cassandra 2d

my feet feel like blocks of ice being dragged along the sidewalk
each and every step is a brick
weighing me down
winter strangles the land around me
tiny blades of grass shiver
in gusts of wind
A small ladybug once comfortably perched on leaf
lays dead beside me
Its wings glued together
with ice
A week ago the weather was perfect
the streets were booming with people
even ants seemed antsy to soak up
warm weather
squirrels had rolled out from hiding
and the creaks were overflowing with water
its supposed to be spring here you know
but the only thing that seems to have sprung
is debt and depression
sometimes I dream about pushing up flowers
I would have said daisies
but I hate specifics
People always tell me that I'm being selfish
but what if I always end up that one flower
that never gets picked
Is that still selfish?

Alone again, I close my eyes
Dream I am flying away
To some far off place
Maybe up in Canada
In the spring time
You said it was beautiful
This time of year
Maybe we could plant a garden
Of primrose and lilac poems
If the snow has thawed, by then
And you have forgiven me
For being so cold, by then
then maybe, we could be

©LadyofRavenhill 4/24/17

The flower girl sees
and views the world
with her daffodil eyes
and rosy red cheeks.

She is intrigued by
the succulent smell
of cherry blossoms
in the spring.

But there is a moment
when she is saddened.
It is when the white flowers
fall upon her lover’s grave.

originally written 1/19/17

Ya sacrifice
yo seat
with ardor
of heat
on beach
with noise
ya enjoy
from with
wind of
yo heart
that ya
watch sundown
and hew
yo bikini
in the
yard here
with me!

Josie 3d

I smell the earth coming back to life
Breathing in the cool air cleanses my soul
I feel whole
I pick up a flower from the ground
I breath in the sweet scent
Listening to love songs
On the audio
A perfect Sunday stroll

Happy Spring!

The spot where you fell now has the shadow of new you
beginning to start a reign,
autumn's decrepit form
this rise;
only for spring
are your eyes.

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