Spring  sprouted alive in his smile,
In the skies turned an iridescent blue,
In the winds that matted his hair with wild lilies,
In the early morning dew,
In the thin and transparent leaves
—The leaves exalted by the sea of air winter leaves behind—
In his laugh and In his smile:  two plants that grew together,
                                       our roots intertwined.

In him I found Winter:
The tender light and the windy climes
          —Is this where heaven lies?—
And all that’s best of dark and bright
       Meet in his hearth and mind.

In him I found Summer:
    The tumultuous ocean in his eyes,
his reflection on the sea
and his patience in my rhymes.
The sun bathes in them to a high degree
and feigns his gentleness
that welds us back to reality
and fills me with content.

His name resonates on Autumn
like little drops of rain,
perpetual overcast
the shades of red illuminate.
With traces of wood smoke and sweet coffee and him
Leaves fall like they were in love with the ground.
       Perhaps a love too deep.

                                                  So vast and so unending
  It brings us back to spring.

London 1d

Like Dahlias drifting in the sky, our love is delicate in Spring.
Within frost, our love is warm — it blossoms from fingertips to toes.

Beyond this moment of Winter, Spring sings,
“If the heavens are pale, our love is tender — Mother Nature awakening in the sun.”

In the water of evening the trees wander,  
the cold tide floats always to the flower.

If thunder billows, our love is tranquil.
It wildly falls between stars and cosmos’.

When flowers bloom, our love is bold, like salmon petals on Sakura trees.
When autumn leaves fall, our love is gold, shining bright like harvest petals.

She grabbed the moon as the stars screamed,
“From season to season, I’ll love you always! My one, my only, my sunshine.”

Leonila 3d

Emerald Dreams

Kaleidoscope showers of a new day
As psychedelic colors sweep the land
Flower buds unravel to welcome the sun
The birds chirping to the tune of a new song
The birth of a new season, it's spring time
And  the hope of a new day dawn that arises
Wildflowers  are we running through fields
Dancing like the wind amidst sunflowers
Emerald dreams are these bringing me back
To the childhood we had with golden memories
When tomorrow's rain of sorrow posed no fears

Delicious green leaves
Look yummy enough to eat
I love summer days

Love summer :)
nadine 5d

I walked on the streets
My favorite album on repeat
Hands inside my jean's front pocket
Eyes on the way ahead
But as cliche as it sounds
I bump into you
Holy shit!
Our eyes met
Our skin touched
The electricity, I'm sure you also felt?
Standing next to you
It's the right place, I knew
This spark will create countless "BOOM!" soon
Love as though flowers that will bloom
Ready to grow past the ceiling
Right now, this spring

this has been

My seasonal crushes
Are like the changing days,
Here to make my heart beat
While they come out to play.
My seasonal rushes
Always fade away,
I'll remember them
Even if they aren't here to stay.

I loved winter for so long
For his pure glow.
Looked like a blanket
But he was cold snow.
So much time thinking I belonged,
Still it never felt right
To keep something
As only a glittery sight.

Then came summer.
Felt good to melt my cold bones.
And what a stark difference
That I didn't feel so alone.
He was fiery motherfucker.
Gave me a sunburn to call a tan,
Got a heatstroke and realized
I needed a fan.

Autumn is beautiful leaves,
Like the ones he rolls and smokes.
Mellow and no extreme,
Easy personality to take and soak.
Autumn is beautiful but leaves,
Never sure where to expect him,
All I could know was that
I'd see him every now and then.

Spring, you are so sweet.
I never minded April showers
When you are so warm and clean,
So I could talk to you for hours.
You're really hard to beat.
You are a possibility.
My here and now,
A different probability.

It's crazy how much changes with time. Years give different destinations. Months are mile markers. Days set your sail. And seconds can have you stopped to smell the roses, or they can knock you miles away.

Butterflies emerge
On edge of winters cold lips
Fluttering a smile

Never mind the time of spring,
From which love comes a common thing,
Love comes rare as life may
Midwinter or a gloomy day

To life, love, happiness can only bring!
To live and love, what a beautiful thing!
Midst the solitude in which we born and die
—Love greets our lonely life, passing by

Donna Jones Jun 18

Sparrows sing sweet songs:
echoes of forgotten dreams
never truly die

love sparrows love there singing so sweet especially in mornings :)
morning glory Jun 18

And it was then that I noticed the flowers you gave me had all wilted,
Their petals drooped as if something was weighing them down –
Something I could not see. But I hoped this was all happening as a
Result of something better coming their way. Maybe the sun would
Shine on them again. I hoped that they would be able to breathe again.

it's you, my flower. something in me knows it's you.
and you'll be alright. you'll live again.
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