it's a perfect morning
sun flickering through spines of
bare trees onto grass and gravel
thick layers of frost covering the car

the perfect kind of morning
where if you shut your
eyes tightly and angle your
body towards the light
the world is so bright it leaks
right through your lids

and when you point your
face towards the sky to
let your hair blow back and
taste the deliciously cool air
it's impossible to decide
if it's april or october

but either option
is a good one

waking up
eyes puffy from
snatched sleep
and anxious
excitement drawing
your insides awake

jars of coffee
big smiles
bouncy feet
too much
nervous energy

things are different
things aren't ideal

but things
are still good
even when things
are bad

and how is that?
because i make
my own damn
rules now

and if i say things
are good
come hell or high water
things will be good
regardless of whether it's
april or october
copyright 4/22/18 b. e. mccomb
Bridgett 22h
The day is still -

The Sun is hot -

Finally, Spring fits into its slot.
My hands clasped as if in prayer
as I absorb the sights sounds
and smells of the early spring morning,
sun low in the bluest of skies
bringing in another day of life
I'm truly grateful for
donkeys march along
their well worn path
occasionally glancing across
at this viewer of their territory
losing myself in birdsong
removed from the urban cacophony
of humanity's unnatural ways
that stresses me; this soothes me
this is where I want to be
this is how I desire to live

The sun warms me now
my inner glow enhanced
by Vitamin D on my skin
at one with nature in its purest form
if this were my final bow
I'd grab it with both hands
in its stead I open and close my eyes
mentally recording these moments
to view later in my mind's eye
my soul nourished
my life reaffirmed
believe me there is beauty
I found it
Oh, gentle spring rain...
Softens what bitter winter pain.
Then summer again...
Tears tittered as anxiety falls 'way
But strikes freely as you recall the day
These cries weren’t like a gentle rain—but when you used to play
That lonely autumn roam on the playground with no home
In which to return.
On yourself you were so stern...
"Never let them in,"
Ascertained, “Love never will begin.”
But here it has begun, and your heart’s song once unsung,
So unsung,
Plays on the brittle harp among this young
Love to whom you’ve now arrived...
They’ve intruded through what fortress fortifies the lies
‘Round the eyes like skies
Once full of birds but now emptier than the glass you leave in the quiet nights.
Safe no more are you in the barbed wire wrapped right wrong over your ribs.
Place down that nimble nib so eloquent with the fib
Of that which you feed yourself in this wintry crib...
The gentle spring rain is the shedding of your skin.
You let love in,
Afraid your bones will break at the first touch,
Wondering which is the last such...

You let love in and your weeps weaken to whimpers
Because you are so tired...your soul is so tired.
And finally you let love in...and you surrender.
To the touch that is so, so tender.
And everything
Is okay.
Listen to Bach’s “Air on the G String” performed by The Voices of Music. It was the perfect feel I needed to write this. Hopefully my point got across but I realize I can be a bit cryptic.

This was very enjoyable to write. I borrowed the "Gentle spring rain" from another, immediately inspired to compare it to the shedding of tears when you are so relieved, yet afraid, as you fall in love.
The beech are shooting tendrils
Gauging heat and sensing light
The ash and oak are silent
It's their own internal fight

The Hawthorne saying come on guys
It's spring and time to grow
The blackthorn waves in the wind
Yeh but I don't know

Come one guys the bluebells bloom
The garlics going wild
The sun has come spring is here
There's no reason for us to hide

The birds are feeding round our buds
The bugs are set to strike
We've  survived this long cold winter
So we've got to time this right

Ok it's warmer , I will admit
And dawn comes sooner still
The  mice and voles are stirring
Perhaps the time is right

So all together guys
 lets show them what we mean
Spring is here it's time to breathe
Its time to make a scene

Well cover ground with colour
We'll fill the air with scent
Yes it's time and we are ready
So enjoy ,it's Life, it's nature.

So let's keeping going . ALL of us
It's late this year.
Old countryman saying over ash and oak who buds first.
My flipflops got so
happy when I put them on
They kept clapping me

I love my flipflops :)
thomas 2d
last year, everyday i would
go on a new adventure.
we would leave school and journey
forth into the world we called beautiful.

we would drive on the old, cracked
roads of our home. watching the trees
and towns roll by. the sun and the wind
i remember more clear than anything.

summer passed, the clouds gathered thicker,
and the colors of autumn sprang to the leaves.
it was a new world. i still went on adventures,
but less often. he wasn't there anymore.

then, something changed. this time,
i did the driving, with different smiles, and faces.
the sun and the wind felt warmer, even
in the cool afternoons of fall.

winter came, bringing the cold it always did;
freezing the lakes as well as the skies.
we didn't go on many adventures anymore. i never
saw the sun, and the wind grew sad and cold.

now, winter is ending. the skies are clear and blue,
and i can say hello to the sun again. the wind has
become a soft breeze, warming my cheeks and nose.
it is still chilly, but i know the days will warm.

just as they always do.
Honey, sweet fresh warm smooth

You're my bee and I'm your flower
I love you more with each passing hour
The bee to my bloom
The sun to my moon
The sound of your voice is my favorite tune

Buzzing with life
I warm to your touch
I need you to know I love you so much
There's never a morning or an end to a night
Where I don't think of you before I turn out the light

I love when you smile I love your big hugs
I love when you're thinking and I love your smirks and your shrugs
You give me a look and it gives my heart a tug

I know sometimes I seem only covered with thorns
But when I'm without you my heart is torn
When you hurt I hurt
If you push me away I'll always return

Our lives are heading in different directions
But you'll always hold my deepest affections
You can laugh at my stupid rhymes all you want
but I hope you read them to pass you the time when I'm gone

Don't ever feel lonely or scared or abandoned
Through the dark times I'll remain a close companion

I love you, peach
Wherever you are my love will always reach
No matter how far, or difficult the road
You'll always be my bee and I'll always be your rose
I woke this morning
To birds singing lovely songs
And it made me smile
Loving spring my fav season :)
Umi 3d
A dazzling sough,
The wind blows through, across the stunning white clouds, to Earth,
A dearness of the whistling, carrying a, warm breeze makes it worth
Worth but to say nothing less than; praise the new coming day!
Rustling the leafs, shaking them, letting them dance, then sway,
The wind is a transient traveler, rushing through this worldly life,
Gathering clouds together, a delicate drizzle is what they strive for,
Distorting, carrying, leading them towards the ground, wettening them in a scenery of a wonderous sight, fertilising the soil more,
Howling in a showering yet intimitating sense of the changing scene,
Blowing over each drop of pure water on the green coloured grass,
Spring is truly a season where dreams can sore,
It gives us the idea of something greater, something more,
Coming with ups, then downs, it gets carried away by the wind,
Until finally, the sunny days of summer are to come,
Sit down with me, listen to the sighing of the wind, don't be lonesome
By the sound it makes, the gentle song which blows through our ears
Can you hear it whispering ?

~ Umi
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