Dressed in quarterly different attires,
The earth revolves,
Tilts on its axis,
Spiced with equinoxes and solstices,
Days and nights,
And mixture of temperatures,
Heralding beautifil seasons,
With weather phenomena.
Here comes spring,
Showers of rain,
Wet with umbrellas up,
Flowers begin to bloom,
Bees and butterflies pollinate,
Goodbye chilly days,
New life, rebirth,
Birds return,
New songs in the air.
Summer is a canvas of blue skies,
Nature adorned  with emerald foliages,
Ablaze with sunshine,full of fun,
Carefree days, swimming,picnics in the parks,
Icy,cool juices, lollies and ice creams,
Hours spent fishing.
Autumn walks slowly by,
Leaves begin to fall,
Orange, red and yellow,
Season of harvesting,
The final scene,
Winter is white and aged
Naked trees draped in snowflakes,
Ice and snow brings magic,
Quiet time to contemplate,
When nature is in slumber.
Light breeze
blowing in my face.
The sun is the most beautiful orange
I have ever seen
It reaches my eyes
my soul.
The wind is caressing the leaves
And I hear nature obeying
to the wind's rhythm.
Just for a little while
Until my mind is flooded with
matters of this world.
I smell the air
I can't get enough of it
Only a breath
and then I dive back in
Sometimes I'm drowning
and then I have to find some oxygen
Before I sink back down
Maybe I'll get out.
Once and for all I'll reach the surface
Maybe not
But I can't stop dreaming
Smoke dissipating,
Through the city streets,
Into the noses of old humans,
Relics of hat they once were,
Hollowed husks,
Only knowing momentary pleasure,
Running from a life of suffering.

In some lost, moss covered grove, lifeless, she layed…
Then Green Venus tipped her basin, showering
streams of endless water thrashing and splashing
atop her bosom then rushing down her bronzen brae.
Flushed in feminine essence, she opened
her great shell to fill with sumptuous water
‘till it spilled and gushed the ribbed edges over
and onto the soil did Spring’s milk descend.
Drenched and dripping she bursts from dormancy
to embrace her first morning of animation
through misty flurries and fluid gyration
leaving slushy trails of puddles and pollen
and, through dew soaked skies, dawn’s first amber light
Illuminates Spring, fully wakened and alive.
In icy winds, the leaves rustle.
In whispers hoarse they lament
How the nights would soon be quiet;
They'd never again know spring's scent.
rob kistner Jul 6

soon fair summer will arrive
thank god my humor will survive

the winter rains held long this year
but now the sky begins to clear

seasons bow to this interlude
as if to hail my lifting mood

seeds push sprouts through rich warm earth
as nature cycles to this time of birth

buds pop forth through ready limb
streams run fast beyond their brim

bird songs lilt through greening trees
fragrant blooms waft soft the breeze

the hues and sounds of boisterous spring
my bursting heart begins to sing


rob kistner © 2018
Too often the procrastinator, this sat in draft since May.
But I like Spring, so thought I'd share it.
Desiree Jul 6
Flowing footsteps from skytrain to street
Trying to stay calm, but I'm so excited to meet
You, here, under the changing glow
Of signs, of places, hoping we slow our
Pace and enter. But we are in search
Of another establishment, on the whim
Of a word, a nudge in the right direction.
The winds blow us into the red glow
Of ambiance, of elegance, the right selection
Portobello perfection, Mezcal gin,
Beautiful soul sitting close with a grin,
We can't help but laugh "this is how you win!"

Foggy to recall the way that we went
Home on the bus, or the money we spent.
None of that matters much when you are lost
In the depth of another being, intriguing
To find kin where you are not used to seeing them.
Laughing up the stairs in the corridor,
Knowing in this moment, this is your life,
It is beautiful, you are not needing more.
Both of us feeling this as we reach the door,
"Welcome to Buzzer 2" let's see what's in store.

Waking up cuddling, always a delight.
So much accomplished already, but you might
Have to run out quickly and buy some beans
For the bullet coffee that will be our means
Of mobilization, into the street,
Rubber soles on our feet, ready to meet
The pavement outside which will guide
Our path from delicious morning smoothie
Over bridges, through the downtown core,
Both realizing we would make a great movie
If film could ever capture the way that we soar.

Hats tilted slightly sideways, we even get work done.
Painting quickly so we may continue our run,
Over the Granville bridge, lilac in the air.
And there is no hiding the way that you stare
At my ass, and the mountains, a beauty so fair.

Rangoli's is next, fine dining, the best chai!
Decadently treated to Portobello twice.
Sweaty in our running gear, we are here
Trying to avoid timestamped bills and clock chimes
But you give me your best guess, lately spot on!
I glance at the sun to figure how much day is gone.
Even though there are so many moments left
To unravel, I embody the feelings - being
Ever present to crystallize the memory of our travels.

We turn towards the sinking sun, and I run
My fingers through windblown lion-locks.
Basking in the energy we emanate, we stun
Onlookers with our badassery and good looks.

Granville island is next on the docket
Searching for elusive sumac, in the spice shop
It is tucked away on a shelf, among rarities.
You light up at the till, and guarantee
The next place we head to is going to be
The crown of the afternoon - The Distillery

In shorts and tanks we stroll in with class,
Walk up to the bar and order a glass
Of the finest and most signature gin,
But just a taste, not enough to make the head spin.
A nectar so pure, so incredibly smooth
We continue our stroll, we continue to lose
Sight of places you were expected to be,
Apparently easy to do when you hang out with me.

Crossing under the bridge, sunset rays shine
Through the city canopy, it is nearly time
For the moon to transition us into the night,
But I pull you aside for a moment, while its still light
And kiss you with passion, with fever, with might.
That gin in the afternoon has increased our delight.

And it's not over yet, we play for a while.
Horsing around at the bus stop, we smile
And pose on the blue wall, gangster-style.
Moments in snapshots, spirit of the child
Creating our reality, embracing our WILD.
Happiness it's a spring,
Happiness it's a Summer,
Happiness it's a Autumn,
Happiness it's a Winter.
All seasons are wonderful,
like everything in the world.
Everything it's a happiness.
Even sadness,
Even horror,
Even Death!
Because we can feel it,
And this is amazing!
And this is real happiness,
We can live,
We can feel.

Tsunami Jul 4
Sometimes when I miss someone
I feel it catch in my throat
Something between a whimper
More of a cough and a choke
Fireflies flutter in my pulmonary cavities
My ribs are the lantern
Caging my fatalities
As they burn from their expansions.
Igniting even the darkest of nights
They flicker off
One by one
i choke
Vexren4000 Jul 4
Rhyme and reason,
Something we glorify,
Put upon a pedestal,
So we may never touch it,
With our filthy human hands.

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