In summer I always long for Winter.
I want to wrap myself up into an indiscernible shape of scarves and shawls and pretend they aren’t just blankets that I’m wearing.
I want to sit inside while it rains and knit for hours.
I want to cuddle next to that specific man who will let me read and pour me more coffee when he gets up.
I dream of sugar plums and wooly tights.
But in the winter the novelty runs out quick. I get tired of wet socks and dry heated rooms.
In Winter I always long for Summer.
I want grass between my toes while I lay under a tree looking up at the changing negative space between branches.
I want to play in water under the sun with a paddle and a boat, in a current, on the sand as waves brush up to my manicured feet.
But summer looses its appeal as I overheat in the humidity.
In summer I always long for winter.

How big must my megaphone be
For you to hear me?

Vulpes 3d

Warm waters ripple underneath my feet,
Mist softly caresses my surroundings like a fuzzy blanket,
Nothing but a warm wrap on a deathbed.
I'm flying.
The sea beneath my feet freezes as I descend upon it.
A catwalk to my judging headsman.
I refuse to walk.
I fly.
Without destination.
Without meaning.
Until you touched my hand and I turned around.

you followed me
home last night
because i was
giving you something

little did you know
that i also wanted to
give you all
my love and
my heart along
with it

"Mother's are angels sent down from heaven."
"Which makes them rare; precious even..." treat accordingly."

crazy is
as crazy does
but money making here
now couz?


you want to know how things are?
or how we would like them to be?
what we would want more?


not bad
but okay
You see?

It's a bitter yet a better challenge to lose a client...
             , then (to) win said-back, in challenge!

The only way to resolve it,
being sure; is to kill EV-ER-Y-body.

To Wit,

Then, who is going to read...
...all these fucking books you Latins?

He cannot be a man,
until he has something to lose.

A boy must defend something,
in order to become a man.

The Mother, gets Father
to crush them when
they are babies.

Father always wanted too
crush them anyways,
While Momma, she...

Tamed him, Father; see?
By giving them over
to be crushed
some day.


...always defer to some other camp,
put it in VEGAS terms...
focus on and then to say,
Revolve your mind
turn around.

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