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k e i May 2
it’s just how it was.
and so things ended up the way they did.
we were quite a pair;
what with my impulsiveness and your rationality.
as i took a step back, each time i recognized the danger in your eyes, flickers unleashed.
this rendezvous meant meeting somewhere a little nearer than halfway,
not without leaving a breadcrumb trail of weariness.

see, we didn’t get around to the part of burning bridges-yellow and orange and blue flames standing tall. neither did we try dousing ourselves in gasoline just so it could stay alive, sparks like flirtatious moths attune to life.

all that we’ve resorted to was crossing the bridge and rightly so. for all we ever wanted was to learn the language the city lights spoke upon the ripples delving into atlantis’ reach. there wasn’t a need to get past the platform, plainly standing there already felt right.

this is what those weeks were all for. open-door kisses and treacherous things in the dark.
the laughing fits and slow dancing in your balcony at 2am, acoustics faint on your speakers were just ways we came up with in order to **** time.

things ended up the way they did.
your messages left unopened, my secrets i’ve bared onto your lips and your tongue was the ink you’ve etched yours with on my skin. for a while it meant more than that, we meant more than just a jet’s smoke trail of fleeting stars crash landing upon reality. we could only get to pretend for so long that the crash wouldn’t occur even as we’ve made an agreement that we’d still be alright and remain with an exchange of warm smiles and inviting eyes like the first encounter. but pretending could only sit so well in my chest but it can’t quite counteract this particular feeling rushing with intensity, an outrage that’s only worsened as those exchanges are kept.

so forgive me if i couldn’t keep contact, if all your calls go to voicemail-and i try not to listen to them but ultimately fail. the only compromise i aid to is to not reply.

that’s just how it was.
things ended up the way they did.
the passionate flames surrounded us keeping a close watch so they wouldn't engulf us
we were just bridge watchers content on not going beyond nor under

-“bridge watchers.”
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Havran Apr 26
"I am back in the house where I grew up in,
but every piece of me is homesick for You."
grace Apr 22
She no longer personified the young flower bud,
that she happened upon last summer,
sweet and delicate, swaying carefree in a field of wildflowers.

after all, she had endured heavy rain,
fierce storms, and unrelenting winds from the West.

She was bold in her quest for sunlight,
and had learnt to stand, unbending,
resistant, in the face of adversity;

No-one was more deserving of the petals
that blossomed for all to see.
hya Apr 21
habang naglalakad ako sa lupain ng mga sirang pangarap, mayroon akong pangitain sa napakaraming bagay. ang mga paghihinagpis tila baga'y tumutulong upang madagdagan ang aking pasan sa mundo. aking napagtanto na ang kaligayahan ay isang kalinlangan lamang. sa aking pagkalumbay at pakiramdam ng disorientasyon, buong buhay ko'y nabuhay sa takot. ang mundo'y pinamumunuan ng mga batas ng poot na matatagpuan sa iba't ibang dako. kaya naman ay ang mga nakararanas ng dalisay na kaligayahan ay isang hindi pangkaraniwang pangyayari.

sa bawat araw ng aking paghihirap, umaasang makakaahon sa ilang butil ng kasaklaman ngunit sa kaibuturan ko, wala akong ibang makikita kungdi ang kasuklaman ng buhay. patuloy akong naglalakad sa mga anino upang maghanap ng liwanag ngunit aking napagtanto'y malinaw kong nakikita na wala nang ibang paraan upang makalabas pa sa suliraning ito.

sa aking buong pagkabuhay, dala-dala ko ang mga basag na pag-asa't mga tipak na salamin. ang tanging sinag ng araw ang natitirang kislap ng aking mga masidhing lunggati sa rurok ng tagumpay. kung iyong titignan ang marikit na lilim ng gintong apoy na nagngangalit sa kanluran, ito ay ang aking mga minimithi na nakalilim sa puwang ng kalangitang asul. nais kong lumipad nang malaya tulad ng isang ibon sa kalawakan. sa mga kislap ng mga tala'y nakatingin, hinihiling na sana ang panagimpan ko'y dinggin. lahat ng iya'y hindi makakamtan sapagkat ako'y isang hamak na bata lamang na nangangarap ng imposible. pinapanood malunod ang aking sariling mundo mula sa aking bintana'y natatanto, mga pangarap ko'y dahan-dahang inaanod.
sa araw-araw na aking paglalakbay sa mga repleksyon ng kadiliman, isa lang ang aking katanungan, isang ilusyon lamang ba ang kapayapaang aking matagal nang inaasam?
may mga pangarap talaga tayong mahirap makamit at ito'y hanggang ilusyon na lamang.
Dave Legalisa Apr 14
was it love
or was it just the rain which caused him to run under my umbrella,
ground water soaked through his nike shoes and our eyes locked
“how are we supposed to go home this time?” asked he, in a voice with frustration in which i just shrugged

was it love
or he just longed for a talk. we were both on our screens facing each other through facetime and his cute naruto pajamas got me so jealous.
“i miss her.” said he, suddenly in a frigid voice in which i nodded, slightly twinged because i got jealous twice that night

was it love
or was he just bored that he kept picking me up last november, night after night, saying he missed not me but my shrill laughter and my ears which were always ready to listen about his girl.
“how do i tell her I like her?” asked he, in which i subtly groaned telling my inner self, i wish i was her

was it love
or was it just me who thought there was something behind those little things. little things which weren’t little at all.
we were walking to our favorite place on that starry saturday night of december when he blurted in discontent, “you’ve gone cold.”
i smiled with guilt for i learned that he’s a shapeshifter; suddenly changed from someone i yearned to hold until sunset into someone i wish i never met
Havran Apr 12
"Wherever you are
is where I call my home."
Havran Apr 12
"Far away,
but never truly apart."
Alex McQuate Apr 11
The Södenberg sisters sing to me tonight,
Their words sending me far from this slightly cold balcony,
To a realm of asphalt and dusty wind.

For my first 10 years there were no roads,
But a plethora of paths,
Criss crossing,
Winding to and fro,
Foot beaten little things in a great forest,
Filled with trees, creeks, waterfalls, and animals,
Birds singing beautiful songs as they sail through the trees,
Squirrels chattering from their perches amongst the great branches,
Whitetails observing my progress of the child .

As a young boy I'd sprint down these paths,
Unheeding of the odd roots that were placed along the paths,
So happy to just be moving forward,
To see what played around the next bend.

The next 10 years were simple things,
A two lane town road,
Buildings of my hometown on lined either side,
Their facades as they were,
Before the place of my forefathers got too big too fast,
Where all it's citizens knew my parents,
And by extention, me,
The birds and squirrels still there,
Although their number greatly diminished.

My pace was greatly diminished,
No longer some great sprint,
But a gentle jog,
Taking in the familiar sites,
But excited to leave this place,
Impatient for a change of scenery and anticipating some great adventure.

The next 3 were a treacherous yet exciting road,
A winding mountain pass,
Steep sloaped and lined with switchbacks,
Giving beautiful mountain vista views,
But with this new road also came the realization,
That the road could be a dangerous thing,
One slip could give way to a great fall,
The once gentle jog gave way to a cautious walk,
Wary of foot placement and step,
No birds here,
No squirrels,
But instead of the rumble of far off thunder,
And the howling of distant wolves.

Then came the next four,
The thunder no longer far off,
The wolf howls no longer distant,
The asphalt cracked and split,
Closed in on both sides by a thick and menacing wood,
And through the darkness of the nearly moonless night the darting shapes of beasts could be seen.

Rain slashing down,
Galing winds battering me,
My body worn down,
My walk but a limp,
Taking my broken self forward,
One dragging step after another,
A constant struggle to find the energy to make it one step further,
To find reason to keep going.

But like some great magic trick the wooding cleared,
The rain stopped,
And the wolves pulled back.

It was here that I found you next to me.

This new road is a bit cracked,
A bit disused,
The desert beautiful with Mesas to either side,
My pace quickened,
No longer a slogging trudging thing,
But also not a run,
A relaxing stride that feels good and steady,
Churning onward to the mountains in the distance.

I look to you and you smile,
You smile back,
And it is here that I see hawks up above,
A fox to the far right,
Observing these travelers passing through it's lands.

No longer an unlined face,
Bearded and festooned with a smattering of scars,
Earned through foolish fights and terrible tumbles,
But gladly won and worn all the same,
Sun kissed skin taking in the pleasant warm arid air.

I know not where this road leads,
But the excitement returns once more,
And that I no longer need to travel it alone,
That traveling is never meant to be done all on one's own,
That it's the company that makes the trip worth it.

With that the duo's song ends,
And I am transported back to this balcony,
The air still clung to with the slipping grasp of winter's last vestiges,
And it's begrudging release so close at hand,
Bring forward new beginnings,
And new roads to be traversed.
First aid kit-My silver linings
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