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Make sure to light a cigarette with a previously lit one. I’m a smoker, yes, but that doesn’t give me the right to be a waster- butane is a fine commodity!
rose May 21
Picking, lacy clouds from April skies
to make a bouquet of wildflowers,
I get tired of leaning and think of was

since when did I decide to
hide myself behind insincerity?  

Made, my wish come true
by writing one more poem on
dull riots of burning willows

twice-born within
seven days of this in a hotel
of days like a passing shadow

Pitied, myself for being so
for having such a weak
and childish heart  

Humm, in the marketplace  
I patiently pick out the perfect
moments from a basket of kiwis

Surprised, by ten years roamed
of letting days go idly by
while I stay perfectly still

compiling my work
of brushing grass and prose,
not caring anymore about fame

Mindless, my shutter snaps
another beautiful day that’s mine
and I quickly pin it on my wall

without a word,
I fall from April skies
Khoi-San May 19
hearts tipped inside out

pocket full of posies

prose Haiku rose
Romaisa Abbas May 17
Thank you for staying strong
Thank you for letting me be me
To self; Thank you afterall.
The haiku's for the sake of posting, my main concern lies here.

Could you share the title of your favorite book, or perhaps, your favorite author or poet?

I'm just looking for some interesting stuff to read!

And so, thank you to you too!😊
side bed
side by side
i like you beside me
you like me on you
isn't it
we play
we stay
we laugh
we stare
we kiss
we hug
i open my eyes
i close my eyes
i see your face
i feel your neck
so warm
so cool
i know you feel my heart
i know you feel how cold i am
you offer to warmth me
you hug me
you clingy to me
you and me
on loop

just let things flow
just let things grow
just let feelings show
don't mind if it's slow
it will surely glow
it will
it will
be big and small
it is never our call
just let it fall
you'll be
we'll be

who are ready
are we
are you
do i
do you
i can't even think of any
i just think
i just blink
and there you go
and there you throw
something good
something in my mood
brace ourselves
embrace our hearts
just savor it
just put it all in
timeless present

archana May 13
A rolling ocean, a plea of pain, watch me
In shades of purples, browns and indigo,
Within shades of azure, slate and arctic,
I grasp within the walls if inseparable grief,
A capsule of destruction
Clutched, sculpted and caressed

Ashes have come to me in colours
And you came to me in memories
Faded ones where I could dream of
Beach waters that kissed my toes
And roads in December, deep in snow.
Skies of blue, mulberry-

A scarlet coloured scar, crimson rivers and bricks
Contorted with pain, ****** with metals like
Bronze and gold to shine, smile, dazzled with a
Little of cherry wine.

Burnt parchments and withered ivory,
Years of snow later, chiffon laced mistake
that tasted like poison I stowed under
My tongue, whispers of dearth powders that
Screamed of betrayal and hurt,
All the people who loved me
With silver pepper and creamy salt,

I walk away from them and scream into a
Void, a word that spells like love
Something flies out like miserable-looking
butterflies and I watch the people who
Love me burn, all the while whispering
Just please, never return.
muse at night
are we alright
nothing much
love this so much
no drama
no tragic
just sweet nothings
turn into something

what effects
do you have on me
do you have for me
does it loop
does it reverb
or it distort
i bet it echoes
just like beats
of my heart
of my affection
don't delay
but we can replay
those sweet melodies
those sweet rhythm
of us
of me and you
silently echoing
got me
got you
press me
press you
light on
light down

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