SoZaka 1d
A stationary set for my 21st birthday
going the right way since I turned wrong
one other lover than the one I've got
my head and my heart have fought
like this before

a mistake to hit the gas off the cliff with a
soul made of glass
I fell out of my mind and right back in
no way to stop from going your direction
fly butterfly on a railroad cloud
through a one way sky
my train is on to your station
in just a moments time
addiction,  self love following your intuition and guidance self development growth transformation
Live now, live hard in passion, live now, as if
all eyes are on you to lead them, live as if forever exists
inside, let no mind be fraile and know fully-well,
death is around the corner, in all it’s conquering
glory, for death is definite. Live now, like if one
has destroyed both desire and anxiety. Live now,
as if you had discovered love. Live now, as if
your soulmate had just broke freely from the
mold of poetry and had demanded it from you.
Live now, as if your own fate is turn into a
burning Muse and in the transition into death,
your reward is be a martyr. For those are who
had lived when they had the chance.
we were lying in my bed - legs tangled together, his head on my chest. it had been a long day but all i felt was warmth in this cold winter night and all i could think about was him. there's this boy, looking up at me, holding me tight to his body. illuminated by the night light, he looks like an angel sent to earth just for me.
and at that moment, i could see a lifetime of this. a lifetime of cuddles after a hard day. a lifetime with him.
and suddenly i wasn't scared anymore.
Valerie 2d
the heat of your mouth
tastes like a thunderstorm
brewing from a distance away-
i'm so good at being careful but
i find myself getting caught in the storm
again and again and again.
SoZaka 4d
a translator for humanity
gives a powerful speech
condolences to innocents left behind
as above the clouds
so below the stars
temperatures rising
towards a future on Mars

an advocate for change
preaches a lesson on the past
sympathies to those who stay to the last
as within a dream
so without a vision
temperatures falling
towards a perilous decision
Global warming and the sad inevitability of Earths resources running dry
SoZaka 4d
love me because i'm different
rough on the outside yet sweet underneath
peel back my layers, enjoy fruits of discovery
  learn with me, grow with me
little kiwi tree
If everybody's a peach she's a different kind of fruit
Aishah 4d
people like me write
poems and prose
lyrics and stories
about people like you

even though you
don't deserve
to be
put down
in words
be remembered
in history
SoZaka 4d
place these lessons
on a silver spoon
made simple to swallow,
though hard to learn
give a gift,
that blossoms forever
a real chance,
at a new start
this love is a test,
I'm taking with an open mind
yet easy answers,
prove hard to find
Relationships love hardship hope fate soulmate
Maybe this is why God made us apart;
Seeking closure in distance.
I have to be alone in order to get to you.
Commanding still to my beating heart,
And as oblivion erases you, you will be brought again.
The cards say we will not part,
But we are two humans in two paths
— you are never my half.
You seek closure in journeys,
I seek closure in remembrance.
You see them in cities and hospitals,
I see you between the poets and foreseekers
— a wanderer you are,
Will always be the opposite of my stagnancy.
And no, I no longer hope in possibilities,
For I know how fate works,
Every finger grasping my spine,
As the tingles rip me all ten;
I long for you, but longing is the language of the hopeless.
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