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Ztef 1d
Oh darling when you catch it, you're never quite prepared
It draws you in
Like a summer breeze in mid May
First it was the hint of adventure in his eyes,
Then came that devastating smile
Oh sweet girl, you're falling
Catching feelings, higher than the sky

Try as you might, you can never get over
The feeling of him next to you,
walking slowly in the night time
"I want him to know. I don't want him to feel different",
You're torn between love and friendship,
and that's what hurts the most.
Love is funny, love knows no boundaries-
It flows freely from coast to coast.

So you take your time,
You don't tell him.
Years have passed, but oh! That devastating smile,
This time it gleams for another, as you hear him say,
"You know at some point, I always though it would be you.
But I thought about our friendship so thank God, you never felt the same way too"
And as you smile, you feel your heart break
That devastating smile, for years made you feel safe
Now it cradles another, and that's how you know
You caught it-
Heart break is a funny thing.
Heart break is intruding.
Heart break is a funny thing but take your time, heal your heart :)
Kenzica Sep 2018
If you had a pen and paper you could write a book
If you had some flour and eggs you could be a cook
If you had the chance to go and explore would you take a look
would you sit and sorrow whilst drowning in your tears
are you
too scared to look beyond the world because you have these fears
if I
told you now to get back up
falling down is not the plan
would you
hear me out in my words of speech
stay sat down cause you have no preach
Everlasting is no more
Forever is not a place in store
If you don’t do it now you never will
I’m not one to judge but it’s how I feel
don’t settle for less you only have one life
make everyday count cause you know that I’m right
You can do this. Believe in yourself :)
Tiana May 1
Looking for that thrilling chase,
Where knowledge is armour
And passion is sword,
Where bravery is known as 'explore'
when adventurous spirit runs through your veins
When things go south
When it doesn't all fit
When colours get dull
When monotony overflows

Because there is no use staying
You are a passenger
You have always been
Because you must one day go
So why not set out in your today too?
Because life is fleeting and time ain't still
Because as your soul grows weary
It needs freshness instilled !
Because there is no one good time to go
Because you can always get out and let it all flow
Travel my friend, don't waste quietly in thy hermit cove
For there is a great lot you aught still to see
And there is a great lot your soul daily does sought
.. needn't pack away, keep thy baggage at bay
For you are not leaving.. hands-full !
Nor your gold, neither valor shall you take back
Let the air of those gone-bys rinse through as you soak their yonder sighs;
Travel, as the sights of the bygone monumental leaves you mesmerized !
Don't despair, the show goes on without you dear,
Travel anyway .. and often. and you shall soon find thy home awfully near !
Ash Apr 12
You said you were the one
You said that  you were it
But you were wrong
You claimed I needed to be with you
So I clung to you
I needed you to simply be
Because i thought that you were me
I thought living was inside my head
I thought performance was winning
And equated with existence.
Every part of you is not me
Though I've grown with you
And traced you back to the age of three
You are not me but merely a distraction
From seeing the ethereal before me
From living out the plays inside my head
From conforming to the reality that attention is not needed
Recognition is not imperative
Success is not vital
To live extraordinarily.
You are just a distraction from who I need to be
And as I fall and trip and stumble back into the pleasure of your continuous movie reel
I see the world and I see me and I remember the presence of who I am supposed to be
All in the moments that you are not there
And still I struggle
But I know now that you are not who I was destined to be,
And maybe I’m not special
Or all i thought I’d be
But with you, I’ll never reach my dreams
And I’ll never reach me
Until I hit pause on the remote
And eject this fantasy DVD.
VibeActivist Apr 11
Nowadays I feel way too down for my age
Nowadays I feel deserted like I was left in a cage
I feel emotionless like I'm drowning in my past
I feel nothing regardless of my mental state
I'm used to eminent loneliness and hate
I don't mean to feel all these
I just really want know that bliss
Not a disney oriented love story that ends with a kiss
I'm just looking for somebody to rekindle the sparks
I'm just waiting for somebody to give me clarity
A love that's golden and sweet like it's charity
I want to find comfort in somebody's arms
I know love comes looking divine but set up for harms
I'm just a poet looking for hope in the hopeless cycl
VibeActivist Apr 11
I need nothing more
(for you are everything I seek, darling)

I fear no fate
(for you are my fate,my love)

whatever the world has installed
(you'll be mine, I will be yours)

whatever lies people author
(I'd trust you with my heart and nothing less)

trust your secrets and heartaches with me
(I'd still love you with every atom of my being)

trust I'll be there when you don't ask
(for isn't that the love we signed up for)

fear not about my love
(for I'd love you in numberless forms and numberless times)

fear not about commitments
(for I'd love you with my words and actions)

this my love and my feelings
(I carry in my heart where you reside)
we have so many ways to tell somebody will love what they mean to us this poem just expressed my way
What am I?
I do not know;
This thing inside
is beating, though.
© 16/03/2019
Farida Salem Apr 5
To look at a student and see an old friend.
To look at a teacher and know you’ll turn out to be just like them in the end.

To climb a mountain so fast and climb down so slow.
To never thinking you were gonna make it, right from the get-go.

To walk down an endless, empty road.
To eventually lay down in the middle of that same road and laugh about it with a friend over the phone.

To take a picture with another friend, with a background that fits your mood.
To stare at that picture for so long when you miss them and think about how happy they were, not you.

To hold a trophy and think this is the end.
To know full well that you will never be this happy again.

To lose an object that you never knew meant so much to you.
To find it a year later, bent and broken, but brought safely back to you.

To spend every midnight in a library with strangers for so long.
To the point that those strangers become familiar faces during the daytime - each face a nod.

To watch the sun set over by the sea.
To be in the company of those with whom you'd love to be.

To drive for hours just to sight see.
To ponder over a large building for hours. To later realize it's all covered by a beautiful tree.

To stand in the middle of a desert and remember the days you stood in the snow.
To think to yourself, "Man this *****!" in both scenarios,  wanting to stay in the sun but so desperately wanting to feel the cold.

To be in a room full of friends at a house party.
To realize everyone is here to have fun. A place and time where no one is being rude, unkind, or cocky.

To have brunch with a friend you just met who invited two of her friends, too.
To sit there and think to yourself, “How in the world did it take so long for me to meet this crew?”

To laugh uncontrollably at something so minuscule.
To later tell your friends about it as you run out of breath from laughing, and they still think you’re cool.

To pose for photos in the middle of a festival.
To cancel the noise of those who do not understand you. Who ever said anyway that their looks were welcome or acceptable?

To get lost several times in a big city for days and nights on end where you walk for so long.
To slowly start to realize that this is exactly where you belong.

To make friends at work and to work with friends.
To hope that this fun never ends.

To be silly and loud.
To get in fights amidst the crowds.

To then be fully yourself.
To step up and make amends.

To take a picture in the middle of a field where your heart belongs and where your destiny resides.
To understand that this is nothing but a dream. To know that only fate decides.

To befriend a preteen and understand how they think.
To sit down with their parents and have a drink.

To fill the mind of a six-year-old with hopes and dreams.
To be mindful of their process. To be patient. To raise their self-esteem.

To reluctantly go to the theatre to watch a friend’s show.
To end up sitting through the whole performance. To tear up. To feel your heart grow.

To trash talk and show off your skills to a new opponent.
To be humbled by what you don’t know. To be grateful for every moment.

To look danger in the eye and feel nothing but fear.
To hear your mother’s voice whispering in your ear.

To meet your best friend on a purely coincidental encounter.
To make the most of a spontaneous trip full of card games, cooking, late night stories, and endless laughter.

To have brunch on your own at your favourite restaurant where you like to hide.
To have coffee at a cafe and write while it rains outside.

To have a drink alone after your friend passed away.
To sit there by yourself and have nothing left to say.

To get a car and drive all across the beautiful scenery of the country.
To promise yourself to do this monthly.

To ignore a “Do Not Enter” sign. To proceed at your own risk.
To stand underneath a waterfall and feel so small, light and brisk.

To fall victim to circumstances but find a way to rise above.
To empower, inspire, and lift up those you love.

To lose sleep to be there for someone who needs you awake.
To sit silently next to them. To hold them together before they break.

To float without thought in an infinite body of sea, peacefully.
To worry about a meaningless argument you had with your roommate, equally.

To dance with someone who has a secret crush.
To later listen to their passionate confession. To stop and tell them you’re in no rush.

To make family out of strangers. To live with them for a week, maybe two.
To say goodbye forever and wonder how time flew.

To try on a costume in a museum that’s been worn by more than a few.
To know deep down that to be safe is to be dull, and to be silly is to be true.

To walk next to a teenager, arm around their shoulder.
To listen to their troubles. To reassure them that things will get better when they’re older.

To sit on a bench in a flower garden with a little girl.
To understand that this might be her most favourite place in the whole world.

To make coffee for an older coworker.
To befriend this beautiful human being over selfies and veggie burgers.

To meet someone and instantly feel like you’ve been friends in another world, at another time.
To find out they feel the same way about you. To be friends for a lifetime.

To get a tattoo of the things that remind you of you.
To write. To document. To reflect on all the emotions you go through.

To still not have a clue.

To sit on boat and wonder who, what, when, where, why, or how.
To be as calm and quiet as the sea and convince yourself instead to be here, now.

To think about all those times and hold a smile for as long as you possibly can.
To stand alone in an empty airport, hoping you will ever feel that same way again.
On traveling: the little things that make you feel alive.
Everyday I see the train
Inviting locals and foreigners
Smiles exchanged with deep talks
Feelings deepened between passengers

Where does the train go?
Where do the tracks end?
Everyday the train comes
Only to pass by me again

Fed up with my curiosity
I take one step aboard
I want my questions answered
Before I dare ask for more

I take in all the answers
By exploring every corner
As I look for somewhere vacant
I become even more unsure

My eyes locked in to another pair
As if they have found a home
Reconnecting to a piece of me
Deciphering what was unknown

I sit down across from him
He holds a familiar smile
We exchange some playful banter
So I agreed to stay awhile

I found my heart inching closer
I look down before I fall
If falling meant I could be with him
I didn't mind risking it all

Only to realize it was just me
Falling harder along the tracks
I looked at him with possibilities
Getting only half of my feelings back

I didn't know he had a stop in mind
Or maybe I was too blind to see
That loving look I adored in his eyes
Was from thinking of her and not me

His stop was coming up soon
And our time was running out
How do I persuade him to stay
Holding on to what I just found

My hesitation grew with every step
The closer he got to the door
Delaying our goodbyes just a bit
Hoping he had felt something more

The train moved on unlike me
As I stare at the empty space
Wondering of all the what ifs
What if I had asked him to wait?

I feel the train go higher
No longer depending on the tracks
I try to make up for what I saw in him
He was a reflection of what I lacked

My uncertainty about him
Made me certain of something else
Losing him did not lose me
Or take away what I had felt

So I sit on another side of the train
Causing my mind to shift
Wherever this train will take me
I am sure I'll make the most of it
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