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Heather 4d
And even though I don’t want to be hurt
I sunk my teeth into your flesh
Let your nectar fill my mouth and dribble down my chin.
Im hooked at first taste
Happy Pride
Ash May 28
Everything pales in comparison to the nomothetic voices of the past. We flail and grasp for the tugs in our hearts hoping to capture inspirations heavy hand for the long while. Meanwhile our other hand struggles to cling to the past while. We endeavor to create the perfect alchemy in discovering the ways in which we can use the euphoria of our past to create the prospects of our future. Our hands are torn apart. Time is short. We lose the world we encounter to every fleeting moment. We reminisce and reminisce and soon the moment blindly pattering on our insides is gone. And she becomes nostalgia too.  Stop trying to extract the contentment of the past and realize its fullest in front of you. Realize every moment. Be mesmerized by its Singular beauty.
Liddi-k May 13
We sing and dance in this empty apartment
Saying goodbye to the life we once lived
Bags packed for a one-way ticket
You and me, against the world.

City to city, many memories, many faces
I'm not home sick or lonely
I don't crave normality.

It doesn't matter where we go
Let's run and let's fly
Everything around us can change
Our love remains the same.

All I need is you and that guitar
Home is where you are.
Slowly wandering,
From near to far.
Slowing not stopping,
We all drift
All this talk of love is boogers dude
Its rude you think
But i just want fun and sugar

I wanna sit in mud
Lay on the grass
Sleep next to fire
And swim in an ocean

I wanna count the stars
Play with clouds
Read dorkishly aloud
And lick your foot
For laughs and giggles. Wow

To play games like tag
Hide and seek in a forest
Age and hormones drives us mad
It really makes us sad

We used to all be friends
What happened then
"Love" holding hands
A man and woman

They all just wanna settle down
While i still want to explore
Every nook and cranny
Beyond every space and door

Life is like a little prison box
When you see your bars
The fun stops.
I wish i had freedom and superpowers

A hundred girls. A thousand
Girl crazed. A fandom. Meh
Its a joke sometimes
Lets just have fun with rhymes

April 15 2019
I wanna go everywhere. Anywhere
I used to have so much thoughts
Of a brighter future on Amacrystia
A world i imagined. One of many
Many stories and adventures
Imagination is a true superpower
It is amazing

The 13 guardians of time
I don't know anymore
I lived my whole life in fantasy
In my bubble
Then it popped. And i fell into reality
Scraping by in my imagination
To hide from the nothing around me

Also i always dreamed of blerbbbrugbuhgh
Allesha Eman Apr 14
I desire to smell the flowers that grow in your allies
The ones that colour the streets even in the darkest light
And walk the trail of stars your people leave behind
When their wandering towards new wonders
As they turn new corners in their lives
I dream of floating in your scent, that dances in the wind
Carrying culture, history, and your nature in its wings
I’ll dance amongst your voices, and sway with their melodies
The laughter will carry me to your quiet little streets
And somewhere in the silence I’ll start to miss my home
Until your stars will start to wrap me in your ethereal glow
And from then on along your yellow brick roads
I’ll make your love my home
OpenWorldView Apr 13
It’s time to explore.
And leave footprints in the mud.
Don’t squander this life.
Monica Apr 12
You ******* my mind
Opening me up
Stroking my brain
Your words are divine
So much wisdom and knowledge
You come inside me
Explore the depths of my sea
You're a true visionary
Refusing to let go
As you dive within me
Thrusting those words
When I'm fully absorbed
You kiss me softly.
If anyone can't find
With open eyes

Tell them
To close

They will
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Acknowledge the inner bliss
Maria Etre Apr 9
My heart
left my ribcage empty
sick of self doubt
and feeble bones
it went exploring beyond
its comfort zone
leaving me
with just memories
filling a void of
what was once
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