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Nigdaw Nov 2022
I watch the rat boys
trip the light fantastic
across once well manicured floors
of forests of wood and panel
lined walls graffitied with
the signature **** and *****
language that would not
have been tolerated in such
hallowed halls, falls easily
from lips accented with Yorkshire drawl
appreciating architecture they can
(like the rest of us)
only dream could be their pad
their crib, their humble abode
with a taste for the gothic
or art nouveau
they are lookers, explorers
nosey little toads fuelled by
an unquenchable curiosity
to see what's behind that fence
that hedge or garden wall
if you find them in your house
you are a ghost, for they hunger
only for the derelict, the abandoned
time stopped in a moment preserved
About a group of urban explorers who I enjoy watching on You Tube.
Kevin Sep 2022
Life is the simple thing we neglect every day.
A day contains the time as we travel along our way.
Time is the thing we lack in our lives
As we yearn to find our way in this phenomenon called life.

We grow old in wisdom, yet are fragile in youth;
We cannot escape the perils that seek us with each move.
We can embrace the seconds that the clock has,
Or be the pawn forced by the master’s perilous hand.

Once we realize that three score and ten
Is the amount of time in which we have,
We will let misfortunes lie where they awake,
For life will not wait for us to simply engage.

Time must be the best of what we can make
As days are the things we can no longer waste.
For once they are gone like the birds in the sky,
They will never return, until death when we die.

So take heed from these words
That I must proclaim;

Live life to the fullest before the light fades.
Take one day at a time and never in dismay.
Travel the world to find what you sought in your dreams.
Climb the tallest mountains, quietly enjoy the scenes.
Walk among the people from sea to shining sea;
Hike along the rivers to live and be free.

For once three and ten spins dry,
Death is imminent, and life passed by.
Too often, we waste time analyzing every aspect of our lives. In the process, we forget to live, and the day of reckoning has come. It's time for us to stop overthinking the what if's and live life before it vanishes from our eyes. We have one life to live, and now's the time to start living. Not tomorrow, but today; you only have so much time allotted, don't waste one precious second.

> Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did. ~ Mark Twain
I S A A C Jan 2022
I brush your spine with my fingertips
I kiss the lines that lead to your treasure chest
I rest in the enigma, I rest in your charisma
Waiting to explore your oceans
Can't resist you, your gaze has me frozen
frozen in the moment, velvet kisses on your mind like a poet
lean into it, lean into the moment
Isaac Sep 2021
I'm grateful for my avatar
Functioning well, the odd scar
Often bored of my own skin
I visit worlds waiting within
Physical demands eventually disrupt
Noisy distractions persist, interrupt
When night falls they tend to refrain
Hours may pass, I still remain
Inside transcendental places
Meeting new n' familiar faces
My senses heightened
Existence enlivened
An economical holiday
Safe and far away
From all life's worries
And its incessant flurries
Experiencing new chapters
That my brain captures
Just like "actual" memories
Stored in my treasuries
I'm starting to realise
That each sunrise
Lights a world that I can
Explore as a man
Just as I do with glee
In Dreamland so free
The difference being
I'm no longer dreaming
Choices endure
So I like to ensure
My future gains
By this choice which remains
What choice do I mean?
The ever moving scene
The Present as they call it
You get to draw it
Your body the pencil
With so much potential
Constantly writing
Is the story exciting?
It's hard to know
But I'm keen to touch snow
Which I've done in Dreamland.
Just not in Queensland.
Nor any physical place.
I want to go to space.
Written 25 September 2021
Shea Sep 2021
I wanted you
To love
To care for
To show you
How it felt.
I wanted to feel it with you.
And as I stare at everyone else,
I remember you.
Spent too much time figuring out
What I did wrong,
I forgot to move on.
Zack Ripley Jul 2021
I could have said a million things
in a million different ways.
All of which would have made you stay
a million more days.
But when the time came,
I thought about the future,
and I could never say with confidence
that my feelings would stay the same.
In the end, I couldn't let my fears
break my heart or yours.
Not when there's a million other doors
to open and explore.
Brett Jun 2021
Earth is claustrophobic
Trapped on a spinning rock, doomed to never leave
Celestial dreams these human eyes will never see
Maybe home is the space between, the weight of gravity
And floating through the seams
Cut the tether
Drifting out passed the horizon of dead seas
Major Tom awaits to meet
The anxiety of external and internal exploration
Nina Apr 2021
I used to think that you were like me
I hoped that we'd plan a better future
but you chose death over me
and you broke my heart, my culture.

I hate that you broke my hopes,
you thought that you loved me
while you made everything worse
and left me with no reason.

If I was still a little kid
I would never be ashamed of myself
to be broken on the current time
and waited for hours for my man.

But my man broke the rules
and left me broken
with no hopes or future
even I love him. Old him.

And I still hope that it will change
him and his all mistakes
to make me feel in love again
like it is the first time we met.
I used to love you.
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