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deadhead Apr 28
Outside lies the vast world,
Containing all that is scared
Exploring the far and the wide
Ambitious souls do travel
Never losing their curiosity
Nina Apr 26
I used to think that you were like me
I hoped that we'd plan a better future
but you chose death over me
and you broke my heart, my culture.

I hate that you broke my hopes,
you thought that you loved me
while you made everything worse
and left me with no reason.

If I was still a little kid
I would never be ashamed of myself
to be broken on the current time
and waited for hours for my man.

But my man broke the rules
and left me broken
with no hopes or future
even I love him. Old him.

And I still hope that it will change
him and his all mistakes
to make me feel in love again
like it is the first time we met.
I used to love you.
Payton Feb 24
Loving you is all I want.
Laying on your       chest
with a shaky softness.
The way your electricity collides         with my skin.
Your hands,     gently    exploring.

Your breath comes across my back.
Lovely are     your words,
finding their way to                 my
Your body pressing against
Curving your shoulder,   slightly.

Your fingertips brushing            around my waist, like
waves       washing      over     me.
The feeling of your teeth      soft against       my neck
Tonight we're a sea,          your rocky rhythm       taking
       me down,

Arching my back to        meet your moves.
My     bare      skin singing for       your warmth.
And you savor my     thighs.
Gentle are intentions.
You               trace your tongue       along my hips,
               planting flowers with your

Gripping      cold silk,
your     breath comes
hot against          my neck.
My mind pulses with
the thrilling thought of you
      rolling   over in
sheets of
Skipping        a beat,
gives in.

Leaving       fingerprints       on our      skin
                 like              beestings, and
I have never known a love
as sweet
as this.
This poem was written in 2016.
I feel the pressure of your achievements weighing me down.

A boat cannot sail forward with its anchor in the sand.

I wish to cut the chain and let the anchor sink,

Because the ocean is to big to stay here forever.
dailythoughts Jan 20
your hands explore my body
like a paintbrush on the canvas

we stand here making melody
that might or might not last its hype
Dharatal Dec 2020
when I was at the
edge of my life,
I started finding myself
in the big world.
am I the star, or the sky,
the moon, or the sun .

which book holds my name ,
which fort belongs to me.
who am I ? and what not ?
where am I ? and where not ?  

I got no result but ,
yes, I learn something .
don't waste your time utilise it.
so you don't have to explore yourself, in the book of life it should be highlighted .

And you could alone make a small universe, which defines you ,
The universe in peoples heart.
We could not live forever,but we have time now  ,so let's do it
Nermine Marei Dec 2020

I will learn how to be alone..
I will explore like a new born..
A new life will start every dawn..
I will forget everything the wind has blown..
I won't worry about the unknown..
Everyday will be a milestone..
My determination will show how I've grown..

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