Whispering winds of solemn sorrow
In the mundane hours of the night,
Surmise the falsities of tomorrow,
Spreading dark throughout the light.

Preying upon the minds that dwell,
With woven lies, a web so foul...
Hark! The sounds of voices swell
As the whispers rise into a howl.

Soon settling the sorrow of the traveling fellow...
He never could find his way,
Strumming tomorrow like it were a cello,
Snapping the strings in dismay.

Who--alive for years, never did live,
As his angst and diffidence cumber.
Even the magnanimous can't forgive
Missing dreams of untried slumber.

Remnants of his tortured call
Were swept away in the breeze.
A feeble ripples arduous sprawl,
Replaced by the fray of the seas.

His idle mind tended to wander,
Through yesterday's--before tomorrow,
Distorted pasts of future's squander,
Finding days from which to borrow.
Amanda May 11
I swear I lose myself in those eyes
Wander within those walls built of "whys"
Lose track of which direction and turns I make
Finally let go of lingering ache.
Let it go
Furey May 1
Finally old enough
I spread my wings and leave
Walking, running, laughing
The world still beautiful
A gunshot echoes
The facade broken
A boy in a mask sprints
“Come on run!”
He shouts grabbing my arm
Adrenaline pumping I run
A new feeling I’m excited
So is he through
His smile shows in his eyes
We run until we get to an apartment
He leads me in a door
Panting he sits
“Vagabond, call me the Vagabond”
His voice small echoes through the room
I nod knowing that isn’t his name
I flinch
We’ve exchanged names now
Suit says I’m not supposed to do that
I’m supposed to say ‘Katherine’
“Inferi, I’ll call you Inferi”
His voice is crisp and sounds unused
I just nod in agreement
Now he is My Vagabond
And I’m still the little Inferi tagging behind
Still the small children we were in the beginning
Do you know where these spanned steps are heading?


Me too, neither anyone.

Maybe to a pale turquoise ocean with
breezy soft waves, chirping birds
from foggy dark green pines, or maybe...

                                 a pit to die

Just keep on walking
But if you fall

Have you ever learned to fly?
Rowan Apr 27
If it could happen.
If streets could turn into fancy parks.
If the night just stretched a bit longer.
If the sunset was a silent button to all the noise.
If it could happen.
If I got to roam in an vintage ,classic car.
Stopped by a bench with dim light.
On the top of the city,so far .
So high.
If i could swim among the stars.
I'll see the shiny pieces in my soul.
I'll drown in dreams.
And blame reality for waking me up.
If it could happen.
And i got to make dreams come true.
If the colors of the sky flew into my veins.
I could sing in the rain.
I could sing for the loved ones.
I could sing for the ones i miss so their memories become a soft sound frequency to be a melody for my song.
If i got to dance like the flowing way.
I hope the ground becomes clouds.
I hope the street lights follow my steps.
I hope the sun and the stars won't close the sky's curtains by a fog.
So i could feel the noise turn to humming birds.
I could feel my brain glow from the light I borrowed from the stars.
For my wandering soul to settle down.
And i could feel my feet touch the ground again.
Gently, thankful for every breath.
If only it could happen.
rd Apr 7
My soul wanders searching for thee..
When the day wears out
And the sun dims its glow
When the sky changes from a bright blue
to a sombre hue
My soul searches for you..

My soul wanders searching for thee...
When  shadows fade
and the clouds trade
white for shades of red
painting the heavens anew
My soul searches for you...

My soul wanders searching for thee...
When the atmosphere
changes its temperament
And calmness descends.
In moments of solitude
My soul  searches for you..
Ash Apr 22
I find you in the wind
I find you in the  sun
I find you right beside me gazing at the sky above
Dreams intertwined with memories
I find you in my roots
I find you in my home
The lost feeling; sun down, long winding road
My past aligns with my future and you’re caught inbetween
In wistful memories,  my yearning future, and memory-like dreams
KM Hanslik Apr 16
She mimics all of the warm things
she can wrap her hands around, like
life breathing through the floorboards of an old house, or a promise
made under summer blossoms -
time flies when you make nothing of it.
Can you remember the innocence that used to grab us and hold us in the air,
wild, like the rays of light dancing in the fields
we roamed together?
Do you remember a time when all of this was speculation, when reality
was made of starlight and fireflies?
I want the memories to dissolve me into
I want to wander back along paths I forgot
existed, I want the memories
burned into my skill to breathe -
take me home.
Lora H A Apr 13
In the silence of the night
translating is a skill.
That keeps you
aware of stranger´s rudeness.

When I ask,
Did I lost my home?
I mean,
Did I lost myself?

People´s looks,
feels like an island of winter sun.
That makes me dream
about the freedom of wander.

There is no place more lonely
than paradise.
I walked carefully
to avoid myself.

Roaming the world
has been my escape.
Millie Apr 9
wandering is beautiful
when rambled untroubled
I wandered into your arms
You anchored me with your love
reminded me of the need for a pursuit

You are beautiful
I lose myself in you
I open up my mind to you
I let my soul mate with yours
We are soulmates, its beautiful

I share my darkest thoughts and desires
This insight gives you the power I don't have
The power to love me for my flaws
a power I am yet to master
you are stronger

Now I run to you
To tell me how to feel
and interpret the jumbled mess
I can't comprehend in this head of mine
But there is only so much you can do

Now I am furious
irritated and hostile, cold to you
for not showing me the compassion
that I should have shown myself
in the first place
Raw thoughts after a heated argument with my boyfriend
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