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Poems and tragedies
Coexist with each other
Like a blissful night and a sorrowful day
Persephone May 6
She drowned herself in books
Exploring worlds that helped her breathe
Morgan Vail Apr 21
Some of the days seem so short
And some so dreadfully long
All depending on the time I spend
At night under an ill-begotten sun
Love, though deep, strangled at the hem
My life, my being ripe at the core
Completely sin, dyed, and then
Washed up on white marble shores
And while I find myself astray from the path
Walking the ragged mountainscape
I simply walk some more at last
I seem to have found my escape
Jay M Mar 25
Shining ever bright
Brighter than the stars
Glimmering in the sky, tonight

Twirling through every turn
Ever flowing strings
Surely with lessons to learn

Bumps may come along the road
Less so traveled and trodden
A message without a code
Lacking the need
If one should only read

Never knowing what one may find
When wandering along
Perhaps it was what was needed all along
Found in places most unexpected
All it took was to be redirected

Taken to an astounding view
Ever so near and new
A sky clear and endless blue
Fading to the dark
Let through the ethereal light
Of a wonderful night

- Jay M
March 24th, 2021
Kinda struggled to come up with a fitting title, but I got it.

Inspired by the song "The Sun Is In Your Eyes" by Jacob Collier.
Ken Pepiton Mar 19
Taking and giving
see once more the flaw in the flow
of knowledge,

weaponize a wall, ha,
who thought
a wall ever held a garden?
it was a poor fellow, outside the wall.
Yep, no lie, if once there were
a tree
that bhor good fruit, full of words to wise,
knowers, after one bite,
sublingual receptors ready, salivate,
no waiting lick the dew from the cortex,
slip the tasting probe deep into that
sulci, there
just over the left ear, there,
scratch that itch, gentle
scritchy scritch scritch

are you truly experienced, impressed upon
the truth you seem to think
we all see same as you,
same optics,
same alchemical ATP to ADP energy source,
comes softly through my window today,
I looked out after all,
saw you looking
through the old tear in the curtain.

Inside and outside are easily seen as unreal,
in certain pre-envisioned vessels

can't not, gotta say, must make, say do you see?
SEE, see me, see me, come see
the freak, come hear the mad man scream back
from the abyss,

don't come this way, getting out takes
all the time you ever realized
was wasted,
lying piled idle words that were high fashion,
back when
tore the prudent stitchery my princess stitched,
while waiting, in truth, in truth, waiting
for the soldier boy, returning as the man,
who kept the peace,
and painted the picket fence white, to prove
I dreamed the valid dream,
and swore my children's allegiance,

-- PTSD, circa 1950, it was secret,
what broken men did to broken wombed men,
who broke the children,
fit them to the harness, taught them manners,
and how to carry a tune,
in time with the marching band, hurah hurah
- little light right then - see
dark days during semper fi why why why
last call, … no soul sits, all rise
or I black your ****** eyes, rise up, o men o'gawds,
ye gads, meet this in m'gut,

here here, to the dead and gone, who rule
our hearts and minds 'cause we be left behind.
Thinking of friends, and foe, and folks I'll never know, but need not ... never did... need to know... lotsa stuff is good to know, and BTW knowing and doing are different in good and evil times/terms
Zack Ripley Mar 8
As you wander down this road
That we call life,
Nothing will come easy
Except the bad times
Payton Feb 24
"How did you know where to find me?" She whispered, her voice
cracking under her tears.

"I followed the maps you left in my heart, and I let my feet carry me to you, because I belong to you the way the stars belong in the sky." He said, holding her.

She nodded and more tears rolled off her chin.

"My darling, our stars, the very stars inside of us, go together like the sun and the moon. And I want nothing more than to be by your side, always."

In this moment, she knew she could never again wander away from his embrace.
This poem? prose? was written in 2016.
Dee Jan 25
Wandering aimlessly,
Down a narrow pathway,
Trees overhead cover me in shadow.
The wind whistles,
Howling with more strength with each step I take.

Then suddenly it stops.
My ears ring with the picture before me,
And suddenly the wind grows in volume.
The sea crashes against the rocks below me.
Salt caresses my skin,
Tears stream down my face.

I am no longer a wanderer.
I know my purpose.
Yachika Sharma Dec 2020
There are memories attached,
With each day, I keep re-living,
Years go by, it does not matter.
There are things I keep feeling,
Your absence does not bother.

I see the marks your feet leave,
You wander but not that farther,
Away from me, here is my plea,
That on days like these i miss,
A piece of myself taken from me.

I am stuck in this lapse of time.
Lyn-Purcell Dec 2020

Starlight on my palm
Peel back the light and you'll see
the scared soul beneath

Worthy of a shard
Of the greatness I've longed dreamed
A loose thread blown far

Pain tugs at my seams
As I am merely adrift
In one grand design

On vespertine days
I pick loose feathers to weave
Wings to fly so free

Annd I'm back!
This year really is something, I'll say that much.
Still feeling lost and out of place but slightly better.
I just wish I could fully calm the tempest of my mind, but one has to keep moving forward.

I hope everyone stays safe and well!
Have a wonderful Christmas Eve all, and a great Christmas!

Much love and airhugs,
Kind regards,

Lyn x
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