Perhaps if time could speak,
one would not feel so alone in
the depth of their mind.
For time is an endless sea
one that just ebbs and flows.
And we are never sure of the
course our lives will take.

So we lose ourselves in the Fields,
heart, soul and mind locked away
as we wander.
And wander.
And wander.

Time and tide are never still.
Time and tide will never wait.
And as time slips away,
it can never be found again.
But we wander.
And wander.
And wander.

Unrushed for those who wait,
Soaring for those who fear.
As we wander.
And wander .
and wander.

Lasting for those who grieve.
Binding for those who love.
And we wander.
And wander.
And wander.

I'm in somewhat of a grey mood. More and more these days.
Especially when I think about time.

I hold onto the hope that someday I will see them. Those lights drug across the sky by a goddess with her water colour brush. Greens and blues and pinks that dance a star's song into being while the sky stretches and wakes up and prepares to host this fit of brilliance. When people down below lift their eyes to the heavens. Irises are filled and reflect a dazzling champagne of pastels which God has created. He wants to say 'I love you' and could think of no better way than this expression. Where snow gives way to reflective ice and the shiny sparkles slide silently through the night. It is the visual of the heart when in love, and it lights up the night like the first beautiful moment of a stage being brought to life. The conductor lifts his hands and a radiant explosion surrounds the audience. Music is not needed and none will ever accurately describe it. Few will see this spectacularity because the auroras only reveal themselves to the minds that wander and the hands that reach towards heaven.

Lyn-Purcell Sep 6

Snow falls
Winds blows
Storms howls
Spring sings
Kids laugh
Girls dance
Flame grows
Meat cooks
Air smells
Men foul
Cars pass
Bus growls
Dogs bark
Cats yowl
Eyes close
Ears hears
Songs play
I sigh
I hold
I read

Based on what I've done today and what I seen on my walk around

And it was during the time of the burning rose that everything started falling.
Petal by petal, kingdoms fell, monarchies crumbled, power….
continuous loss,
grief and greed consuming the same people.
vulnerable and selfish, people looked desperately.
the search of the century, of their time.
it was pain.
a new time, they wished for a new time.
How soon?
rose, come back.
looking for ages. they looked for ages.
all they wanted was the rose.
burning rose.
they discovered
a burning rose.
petal by petal, hearts began to break, families came apart, love….
burning rose.
burning rose.
it destroyed their lives, loves.
burning rose.
come back rose.

Saint Titus Aug 28

Defying justice, I shout somewhere above me. Wholly empty
I can hear the laughter of the clouds

Deference is evil, Louder now, every breath leaving me shaking
As the heavens forge their thunder to rain down

God of malice, forgetting patience, as the words escape me
I can hear the whispers softly now
For the moment, I am searching, though there's nothing I am missing
Forge the moment's once endowed

I was born in this place, barely justified
And now that I am alive, it was never justified
I once basked in this grace, the wording so maligned
I was born in this way, only death will reconcile


This heart beats ever stronger


The drumbeat as I wander


Y tho...
Wasting wits Aug 28

I wait for that day,
when you say you don't need me.
When you say you don't care,
You decide that you'll leave me.

That day has come.

Now I sit here unsure,
I sit here alone.
Because I loved what we had,
but now it's gone.
You took it from me,
threw it away.
I hope you'll return,
I wait for the next day.

That day has come.

You never cared,
never came back.
Stayed long enough,
for my heart to crack.
You played my emotions,
tore them to pieces.
I should've let go,
my regret increases.

I still sit here unsure,
I sit here alone.
What we had is gone,
and I should've known.
I wonder where I'm going,
since now it's just me.
Now I wander,

That day has come.

The more you seek the more you know
Whether it be in an upstate penthouse
Or a levender tree surrounded bungalow
The mind, an unfathomable garden of planted scriptures, undefined.

The heart yelps, the voices blow  
Iniative galore of intriguing canvases follow
One does not see, one does not hear
But sense is beyond the limits of sorrow

I would like to see, I would like to hear
Albeit constant delusions of fear
Created to seek what's beyond the border
I rest in assurance, one day the tendency of denial won't wander

The Unknown Aug 16

Wonder fuels my desire for experience
Both good and bad
Never content
Living my way to death

The aching sighs of winter
Fill my head as I dream
I tried to swim
but dared not wander
Now frozen water
covers my feet

My heart takes refuge
inside my head
And there it starts to drift away
So I bite my tongue
of biting the darkened doorway

I feel my breath become too quiet
My footprints are a whisper now
I wish to give the ice my fire
But they say I'm not allowed

The sweet exhale of summer
The world begins to crave
Yet I feel so much colder
As the water drains away

Once again my friends, I must ask if there's any ideas as to what I might name this fabulous baby of mine. I'm not too good with titles, so anything you can think of would be both interesting and helpful. Thanks ;)
M Jul 28

Have you ever felt,
Longing for something?
Rather, someone,
You linger to be yours?

Felt the heat of the waves,
Of your undying shame.
Oh, you no-no wonder why,
She wasn't afraid?

Afraid of haunting you more,
Caressing, pretending.
She's yours and you're hers.
But there was "never an us?".

Us is a big word
Full of responsibilities and sincerity
That kept you from striving and crying.
Until your heart fade in despair.

Have you ever felt loved?
Because I, never felt her,


I was wondering about life. I love loving and giving. And I questioned God on why he created me like this ?

Please criticize the poem. I'll appreciate it
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