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Her restless feet,
take her somewhere;
where she can finally meet
the sky and the ocean.
For years she've been waiting;
barefoot wanderer longing for
sand and sea salt,
sunsets by the shore.
em Mar 12
here are the words i'll never say to you.
i love you, truly.
it's a soul crushing love,
one you can physically feel.
all i feel now
is my lost soul
itself with you.
when was the last time you saw an earthworm like genuinely I haven't seen one in a really long time and i'm so concerned for the earthworms
Leo Janowick Mar 4
Minds wander hours away to a place where we're connected...connected by miles of thoughts that reveal the truth of our senses...
smell (slowly breathing in the scent of hair, sun-kissed skin, excitement, and ***...create a heady bouquet of anticipated sin)
sight (eyes piercing the soul before we start a mental mind f@©k that teases, taunts & excites to the point of no return)
sound (breath in your ears causes soft moans, electric tingle & cries of pleasure, heartbeats combine...all in sync)
touch (mouthes start to devour, our bodies, both so in tune to the other, that, no words are needed only the feel of skin on skin that's on auto-pilot and every touch leads to pure indescribable ecstasy)
taste (the sweet honey essence of lips & tongues entwined, the taste of salt on skin, juices...all combine into the nector of the gods)
Falling exhausted after hours of independent sensual journey to paradise, that, we can slip away to, together, even when our minds are hours apart...
I wander like the mind of man,
Present not in the time or place in which he exists

I wander like the fallen leaf,
Sailing the river without resistance,
Bound to it’s eternal current

I wander in my sleep to the strangest of places,
Far beyond the extended arm of my imagination,
And no less so when I am awake

But no matter how far I wander,
I am still right here,
The only place I have ever been
Badshah Khan Feb 8
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 16

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Let me bloom, for you my eternal love.

Hence, you can gently kiss me unconditionally.

Rarely I bloom, so don’t miss the precise date.

As I am precisely a rare flower, and you are heartily my Beloved.

No matter, wherever you wander hopelessly.

For your own existence, as I gently hold the Key,

Of your noble heart, As my Beloved’ Forever!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan
©UT-BK 2018
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
In the street full of flowers,
I saw you again.
The sound of film can be heard,
Didn't care if what I captured was blurred.

You probably didn't know when you started hurting me.
I approached you and I want to be honest with you this night.
I still wonder, wonder, beautiful story.
I still wander, wander, next story.

You were hurting too,
Now promise me,
Don't throw yourself away.
You should be your light baby.

Like the other day,
Come in front of me baby.
I want you to be your night.
In this scenery full of flowers,
Interwine our pinkies,
I want to make you mine.
I really love 'Scenery' of BTS ' V and 'Promise' of BTS' Jimin. I was thinking of creating a separate poem of the two but why not combine?  So I tried but I think it's messy so I'm sorry.
Ruch Jan 31
I found the sky beneath my horizon
I flew to the plains majestic and vast
I rang the bells of the god in the mountains
I breathed the air of the valley enchanting
I saw the wanderers throught their quest and thirst
I saw the men fall for the valleys at dusk
Ive seen the love that grows beneath the trees
Like the shadowed cloud on a monsoon eve
I felt the drench and the drops so hard
And the mother river flowing very deep and far
I had no doubts And I also believed
I was still curious I was still keen
I had to wander I had to dream!!
Allen James Jan 30
Like the moment I first saw her,
Parched lips that tasted water,
Mother Nature's only daughter,
Living on the street,

In the open desert valley,
I feel her air around me,
Effortless and soundly,

One day we will meet.
Lorrin Feb 15
Lost in a sea of indifference,
my soul aches but my heart is numb.
Stumbling through waves of sorrow
my heart is numb.
My mind wanders, dreams, longs,
Something unknown, out of reach.
It wanders into black and wonders
                                     should it return?
Return to numb longing, reaching,
hoping, despairing.
Wandering ever into black.
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