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as the rest move in a herd in time, fixed and onward
some remain at a pace of their own
wallowing in crevices, an act of conscious apartheid
familiar with the shortage of influence, that is, separation.
wandering by will
vicariously living through a phobia of confusion
hence why lost souls remain lost
fear of false direction, fear of decision
uncertainty amongst hysteria
a deadly duo for the few
settlement has become still
and those lost are familiar with movement
2 steps forward, 12 steps scattered
here and there and it's unclear
up and down
its all around the dance to delusion goes to no sound
but illusion.
distress within the body whose mind follows curiosity
incessant pondering yields a detriment
to the thinker,
be about
your quest and breed your farewell to the
blissful life of ignorance
that now follows you
is there a solace to be found for these creatures?
has the point of no return passed?
the distance behind is immeasurable
for the path previously paved is dimly lit
to decipher the single instance is a feat of all men
does the lone wolf recall?
would love feedback on this one.
I wander through
I trudge ahead
I just keep going
Through the mud
Up the hills
Over the bumps
I fall I stand back up
I get knocked back
I roll down the hill
I brush myself off
I cry I scream
I begin again
I strut on by
I don't stop
I just keep on rolling on
I refuse to stop
I just stand tall and walk
I know there's something
I can't stop
I wander through
Till my rest is given
I then will stop
Till then
Wander , I do.
©Jennifer L DeLong 🦏 1/5/2023
Aimée Dec 2022
I think I'll go for a wander
Take a left or right,
whichever way takes longer

Down a road I've never seen
To an adventure I've never imagined
And become something I've never been

Doesn't matter where or when
As long as I come back different
Wanderers find all the best stories
among the skyscrapers my mind wander
how narrow my sight was
to only surmise what one might feel
realizing there are more to conquer
so i take a step back
revisiting another possible tracks i could take
J Mar 2022
wandering soul, be found
wandering soul, be content
wandering soul, have you had enough?
of questions that remain unanswered
or worse, unsaid?

wandering soul, are you alright?
wandering soul, are you tired?
wandering soul, take a rest
you've travelled the long road
you've done your best.

wandering soul, you are here.
wandering soul, you are found.
wandering soul, let go
your feet was always on the ground.
first poem in a very long while. so many untouched emotions. we are all wandering souls. i hope you've found your home.
Rainswood Sep 2021
Walnut trees release spent leaves
Shower me in summertime past.
Miles of unpaved roads-
Aimlessly wandering. Wondering
selina Aug 2021
it took me two years to get back
on a train to the lower east side
back to the starting ground

but when i arrived this morning
in our little corner of this place
it felt something like a ghost town

so many faces fluttered by
but not a single one i recognized
i felt like a stranger in my hometown

i left to chase my dreams of permanence
but now nostalgia and memories ring aloud
and all of our old apartments have been torn down

what is left for my wandering heart?
not you, not home, nothing else in this town so
i bought a ticket for the next train, and i'm leaving now
Hera Aug 2021
I did my best,
I can't even take a rest
Yet, every single person treats me like a pest,
I guess it's a curse, coz I'm the eldest.
Hi, managed to post a poem today. Indeed, I'm lost :(
AE Jul 2021
You soak your sun-dried dreams in rose water
And bead them onto strings of premature promises
You once made to your naïve self,
Despite your love for dreaming
The summer moon’s quick departure
Leaves you stranded at train stations
And you make your way back through fields
Of distant memories
Looking for ways to fall asleep
Mark Wanless May 2021
a drunken mind does
wander a bit don't mean ****
yet people do die
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