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Max Oct 6
As your love fills my woods,
Your heart beats like the heavy raindrops on the street.
Your hair like the movement of the leaves,
Your voice like a the whispering of the wind.,
Your eyes, so gray as the calming sky.
Your smell, the reminder of my favourite moment
Your body as a strong tree, so beautiful and magnificent.

You are my autumn,

You bring the most memorable times to me.
Still love you
samara lael Jul 10
the way you cross my mind like your swinging in time
to the sound of harmonies in tune with mine.

~ swing dancing.
annh Jun 1
...goodbye May,
hello June,
another dance,
a different tune...

'Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.'
- Al Bernstein
Mickey May 10
Sitting underneath a palmtree.
Its shadows creating a piece of art on the gloomy obscure grey street tiles in front of me.
As the wind flows the portrait of leaves is flowing with it in harmony.
It is dancing to its favorite tune.
A tune especially made for this moment. A tune of mother nature at its purest. A tune I can listen to forever.
Darryl M May 8
You’re like the clouds on a hot night.
Beautiful even in the mist of my misery.
Everly grabbing my attention away from the stars.

Like a cat, you’re feisty.
But that’s what you don’t reveal.
You have hidden claws,
You can be wild.
But cute, pretty and obviously stunning
Is what you hold with the covers.
Not as a pretence,
Just an inbuilt perfection.

Usually they say; I’ve got it bad.
But is it bad when I feel good with you?
Is it bad, when I feel good about you?
Don’t answer with words,
Let our Hearts Justify.
Having you is better than thinking about it.

Would you please stop jogging in my mind?
You’re confusing my thoughts.
It’s like watching a Movie Marathon.
I’m binging on you.
It’s like singing a Love song.
I’m always in-tune when it comes to you.
I fell eternally
When I saw you,
I heard you.

I didn’t know what to think
When I reached out,
And touched you.

I know you’re real.
You’re non-fiction.

I knew you long ago,
But I lost faith
I lost hope.

Forgot all our times
But you stayed here,
Beside me.

Now, although I’m grown,
I’ll never forget again.

I believe in you,
I believe in Fairy Tales,
And love.

I believe-
What took me so long
To see you.
Nimisha Yadav Mar 25
Do you feel it?
The rising sun,
The blooming lilies,
The chirping birds,
The cooling breeze.
Do you feel it?
Caress by a mother,
Soft hug by a brother,
A kiss by the lover,
Sweet time with a friend forever.
Do you feel it?
The favorite read,
The favorite tune,
My favorite play,
And, oh the full moon.
Now, do you feel it?
No, I don't.
I can't find the source.
Again, I asked myself,
What is it that you seek?
A meagre amount of pure
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