Once, I was your favorite song—
You could listen to me for hours on end,
But now, whenever I begin to play,
You skip over me in the prospects
Of something better.

Alec Jul 23

The world is moving
Watch as it speeds along
Singing it's favorite song
Rollerblading past
Houses, families, stores all fly by so fast
Spinning round and round
Whistling to the sound of the town
Down alleyways, past street signs, racing cars
Slipping between bars
Left, right, hop, spin, slide, repeat
Everyone else catching up with the beat
Dancing across the globe
Lights shining,
Illuminating the halls where everyone is gliding
Slip and sliding across the floor
Watch them all soar
Smiles dancing around faces
Nodding heads to the bases.
With another
With each other
With yourself
Ecstatic as an elf
Calm and cool
Or a dancing fool
Do the jig and the jag
Disco and tag
Sprinkler or twerking
Whatever you wanna be working
Cha cha cha down avenues and lanes
Who cares if you all look insane
Following the beat of the world
Rollerblading, biking, dancing, running, skating, walking, strolling along
Whistling the same old tune, humming to the comforting song
Wrapping yourselves up in love
Lost in the sea of doves
Holding hands,
Making plans
Watch what you can be and what you can do
Join us, you're already there, look at you already singing to the tune
Your own words in our intermingling song.
Mixing and changing syllables as you come along
Hear the music in your heart
Share your art, come play your part
Grab an outstretched hand
Wiggle your toes in the sand
Shop for hours
Climb up towers
Sing like a dove
Close your eyes fall in love
Dance wherever
Never say never
Read upside down
Sightsee in your own town
Follow your hearts desires
Until your body tires.
Then take a rest
And wake up to leave the nest
To be yourself
Better than anyone else.
Welcome to the tune
Come with us over seas and trees and dunes.
Don't just watch and wait
Join in on making fate.
Follow the tune
You'll make your fate soon
Come along
Sing a song
Moving and grooving
Dancing and prancing
Chasing after our dreams
No matter how silly it seems
Aha! There! See them flow?
C'mon, it's off we go!!

This was inspired by Someone In The Crowd from La La Land and Another Day Of Sun which is also from La La Land.
Jobira Jul 17

A broken heart is like
A broken record.
No matter how much you wanted to
Fix or stitch it together,
the play alway skips tunes,
By scratching the broken surfaces,
And the music won't sound as smooth as
Before it was broken into pieces
For it jumps your favorite line
Of all the love songs.

Pax Jul 1

there's a solemn tune in my core
that longs for warmth
- a melodic rhythm
that produces spring's blossom.

though my core is in
solemn mood
but the mind speaks
  - its a mess.

never have i asked
something great
like a grand
Autumn concerto
just wanting
his own
music sheet
playing the song
to the one
     who cares.

for how long
will I be
or where will
I ever find the sign
for the right
notes befitting
to my tunes?

asking questions
only time can tell.
I'll wait....

longing i knew so well...
Simon Soane May 26

I think,
at the moment
you could make up a song and i'd know it
inside out
you wouldn't have to spend time
teaching me the chorus
i'd know what to say
and more
with aplomb, it sings:
let's discuss how our impromtu is ace
and how we
may have found
a tad of place.

Nylee May 19

Right now I hear a tune
which makes me to write
the confusions ,
I invite

These words in my head
makes little to no sense
but they are well fed
don't give me much chance

They change their melody midway
and make me change my rhyme right away
But I still write , the words my brain supply
and like that , time passes by

Dawn breaks , as the night ends
And some power descends
I switch off the lights ,
The sun shines bright

Then the wind chimes ring
and I hear the birds sing
Stopping the process of thinking
I taste some peace this sound brings

Do Re Mi,
Life is as bad as it can be,
Do Re Mi,
What is wrong with me?
Do Re Mi,
Enough with this misery,
Do Re Mi,
The pain I don't want anyone to see,
Do Re Mi,
I've lost my rhythm,
Do Re Mi,
My songs fallen apart,
Do Re Mi,
I'm way off tune,
Do Re Mi,
Life is as bad as it can be.

Sleep sings a sweet lullaby,
whispering tender words
cushioning the erratic thoughts within my head.

Sleep sings a sweet lullaby,
resting a gentle hand on my thundering heart.
Be still my love.

Sleep sings a soft tune,
that coils itself around my fingertips
Gracing them with a numbing pain.

Sleep sings a soft tune,
that stills my heart until the beat becomes a
thud of the past.

Sleep is gentle and welcomes me to
The life thereafter.

Sleep is sweet, soft and gentle -
Waking up is not an option.

This is a poem taken from my Creative Writing portfolio ' Time is of the essence '

Your voice a salve to ears
allying all my doubts and fears
taking me everywhere
melodic here, and there

Moments that we spend
inspired here, now and then
tuning blissfully as we go
nothing more, for me to know

You play me like you know me
songs of love, and possibility
and hold me in your hands
in and out, of wondrous lands

Just call me your instrument, little lass
we'll play and strum, a sweet repast
and when the night is gone, repose
in dreams, where tunes and magic, flows

Music soothes the savage beast, and unravels the tangled mind.
Just another muse driven trip :D
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