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Lillian May Feb 18
when we're so close that our lungs share air
our lips touch and we sink
down into a rhythm
perfectly in time that pentameters weep
Kivanc Feb 7
I will dive into desolation before sundown,
If the weather gets darker, I will be lost before tasting
One who likes daylight in sweet sound of tune.

We have to look up to sky to see what's inside of it,
Temple of breath is shaken cause of the sadness,
And excuses disappear in sound of love.

I didn't realise when moment explained fact of separation,
Necessaries of love is appeared slowly with effects of sadness,
I have to lose you and me in sounds of instruments.
PoserPersona Feb 8
Like a cherry branch in the wind, you
dancing to the iridescent tune
of whichever direction it moves
Peter Balkus Feb 5
I wish I was a guitar,
how easier it would be
to express love living in me,
when my own tongue
helplessly tied.

I wish I was a guitar,
which softly weeps,
how joyous weeping this would be,
how sweet!

My six strings tune
whispered to my dearest's ear
she would adore!

She'd touch my board,
she'd hold me tight,
she'd kiss my neck,

she'd love me more!
Written while listening to Guitar Concerto in D major RV.93 (2) by Antonio Vivaldi
Angela Liyanto Dec 2018
Come, come, music,
While I kiss your melody
Not even I, can measure
how much love you hold

Hush, listen - the soft tiptoes
So gently, tenderly - sweet!
Your tune is so light
Pure bubbles meet

Schubert’s humming butterfly
Almost forgets the May bliss
She placed Music on a flower
Till her ripples lay in care

Come, come, sweet music
The moon may wink at you
And charm may sleep
Now those notes, she will bloom

Hush, lift the sleepy light
Well done Debussy – O dear
Roses shall dream of pulp’d verse
And music, she well knows what she hears.
Inspired by Keats, Schubert's Impromptu No.3 & Debussy
Daniel Long Dec 2018
The voice,
that dances amongst
the beating chambers
of your heart strings,

the harp’s tune;
now tickled,
notes reach
their staff to

Poem about a girl I dated who could sing.
My poetry/short story website:
juliet Nov 2018
the angel laughs
at my broken mask
i hide behind a boulder
so i can’t see the light of day
and if i can’t see you
you can’t see me
who is this girl i see
staring back, listening to
the tune of the song i sing
about losing everything
i can’t hold onto myself
when you trace my lips
and marinate them with the taste of strawberries
but tell me,
who can live without hope?
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
Let’s defy these scientific rules for a minute
And immobilize this systematic reality.
Lets make our own personal route
Towards a surreal land, just like fantasy

A place where i could stretch my arm and grab a star
A place where you could sit by my side, holding a jar.

Where we could put them in jar and keep it under the moon.
Then listen to their sweet, soothing and mellow tune.

Where we could make anything from their glowing dust.
Or use them to fullfil our wishes, if we must.

A place where we could be together for *****.
Only if we could defy scientific rules for once.
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