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Bhill Sep 2
the singer should have warned us about his out of tune song
it was so undeserving of our live ears
the melody was unpleasant and the tune horrific
how could there be devotees to such bad talent
it just shows you that some ears are deaf...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 241
Haley Jun 30
I’m going to push my boundaries,
And the deep walls I have buried within.
Because this song is about loving me,
And if I keep playing the same tune it’ll wear me thin.

So if I change it up,
Switch the beat and play myself up,
Maybe I can find a way to be tough,
And yet still be me.

It'll be hard but it’s worth the try,
If I can hold your hand and look into your eyes.
I’m willing to push my boundaries,
Just for you to love me.
~ I've been some writers block recently, so sorry for the inconsistent posts. I'll work harder to flex my emotions in the future. Stay safe!
Nathalie Jun 3
I whistled in tune with
the bluebird's song perched
outside my bedroom window
My eyes crinkled in a smile
as I watched the honey bees
drink their sweet elixir
from the fields of dandlelions
I glowed in the bright light
of day as the sun caressed
my face and I filled my
lungs with the sweet
scent of cresent rolls
baking in the oven

What a beautiful start
to a glorious day.

N Mar 5
I wrote a poem about her and
held it against my aching heart,
it sang to me a melancholic tune
Mamta Wathare Feb 14
Like a threadbare rug
weaved in only the colour of moon
I carried you in my soul
long before
we met

Being with you
is like watching snowflakes
for the first time
Ice melts
warmth fills my soul
and a folk tune plays
in the universe
Bryce Jan 8
The lime,
Shored up, spine cracked
And open paged
Is ridden with vine,
Rife with tree and green
A hidden lung
To which you inspired,
This rich tapestry of coral
From old looms of woven Word.

As time washes them to the sea
And their beached bones populate the beaches
I rest my feet on the shores of shores
The neap of these spires
The catch of your breath

And am left without any.

One of the minnows
Cast in the light
As blades of chaff in a summer plain
Flares, as a star in the dappled light
To become the murk of dancing sea.

As babel casts distance between our words
Flowers and plants we drink and burn
Our church is upon the water,
Where God writes his testament in the rock
And shows us Our image
Reflected on the sea

Where I come to understand
The path of all beneath
The current made
With every stroke
Guided and goaded
With rice and stick
With love and fear
I knew Him in me.

The deep holds Your waning disk
Twilight dyes the waters
I saw the wonder placed in us
Traced upon the fleeing skies

I have no words for your kindness
I found etched between the ancient grains
Only that I wish I could see them better
Written for more familiar shores.

As darkness blots the sky with ink
And the ocean fades into crashing waves
I am left with but the faintest warmth of day
Whispered 'long the breeze.
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