Nylee 3d

Right now I hear a tune
which makes me to write
the confusions ,
I invite

These words in my head
makes little to no sense
but they are well fed
don't give me much chance

They change their melody midway
and make me change my rhyme right away
But I still write , the words my brain supply
and like that , time passes by

Dawn breaks , as the night ends
And some power descends
I switch off the lights ,
The sun shines bright

Then the wind chimes ring
and I hear the birds sing
Stopping the process of thinking
I taste some peace this sound brings

Do Re Mi,
Life is as bad as it can be,
Do Re Mi,
What is wrong with me?
Do Re Mi,
Enough with this misery,
Do Re Mi,
The pain I don't want anyone to see,
Do Re Mi,
I've lost my rhythm,
Do Re Mi,
My songs fallen apart,
Do Re Mi,
I'm way off tune,
Do Re Mi,
Life is as bad as it can be.

Sleep sings a sweet lullaby,
whispering tender words
cushioning the erratic thoughts within my head.

Sleep sings a sweet lullaby,
resting a gentle hand on my thundering heart.
Be still my love.

Sleep sings a soft tune,
that coils itself around my fingertips
Gracing them with a numbing pain.

Sleep sings a soft tune,
that stills my heart until the beat becomes a
thud of the past.

Sleep is gentle and welcomes me to
The life thereafter.

Sleep is sweet, soft and gentle -
Waking up is not an option.

This is a poem taken from my Creative Writing portfolio ' Time is of the essence '

Your voice a salve to ears
allying all my doubts and fears
taking me everywhere
melodic here, and there

Moments that we spend
inspired here, now and then
tuning blissfully as we go
nothing more, for me to know

You play me like you know me
songs of love, and possibility
and hold me in your hands
in and out, of wondrous lands

Just call me your instrument, little lass
we'll play and strum, a sweet repast
and when the night is gone, repose
in dreams, where tunes and magic, flows

Music soothes the savage beast, and unravels the tangled mind.
Just another muse driven trip :D
Timothy hill Mar 27

A body of music chords and sturms not required.

The body here never will it retire.

Most will seek and listen to her for desire.

Multiplier, of logic into her music she will muse your health, and tickle your sprite.

Not simply drew into scene with graphite.

At camp sights she's the fire bringer circle form of souls.

To behold, her lessons and keys to Understand, life is music, and all shall remember there worth.

Adagio, listen and enjoy for you will discover your path of being.

Albino lips speak hush your rigid anger.

Let music cleanse your behavior and calm your conduction.

The man ask of seduction, your scale is fierce keep in my mind, your beauty is musical made into devine.

No body yet you, that is "who" the conducter

We are keys in your puzzle, made to seem the reason of all.

So the keys you are now surround me with your flaws.

Disburst and subtract resume as once was.

Go threw life scaling above basic moments.

Life made mysterious, with craters on soil.

Music made to be heard.

So why not grow some more herds.

For points not able yet to be reached.

She made a music melody, so advanced when you hear your mind, will unlock hiden potentials.

That are truly essential.

For a life as a magical condition.

It is a heart, that made life as art far away yet right at place .

So as pulse and rate are in harmony with soul.

You conclude, your self on a plane that your riding coach in luxury comforts.

Gas never needing refilled for your life force is all that it will appeal.

Music is our ears soother telling us to love more than hate.

For hate has only a slow un natural pace.

That we as keys should avoid at all times.

You my music, I commences to ease the world into your harmony and power.

And shake your favorite chrods at it so it may become untralved.

This a theory if music was life.

To comfort me the rain hums a tune
as if she could sense I was feeling down
I get buoyant by the soothing tone,
pick up the strands that once were broken

Drenched woods after the rain has gone,
with the wind,repeat it, but sounds like a moan,
it takes  much subtlety, to empathize, I learn
to evoke sublime feelings that touch and lift the soul.

M Harris Feb 23

The biochemical snow emanates bopping dejected the extended, short existences of winter,
Twisting and wandering in knee deep whiteouts that scream and moan,
The chemical spirit, at first light mildly falling in inverse star-shaped fragments,
Beseeches virtue before the wheezing shovels, the scraping ploughs,
The ghosts departed back to air in a crystal tune,
A triad stinging from the bare breach in grade school melodic period.

From the willowy walkway down the timbered trajectory,
Snowflake burdened branches combinate into a rhyme with the masked sun,
The raw, stripped light in overdue the hemlocks,
Stillness shattered only by the cracking cold.

The rivulet is icy over, yet liquid runs,
Underneath, under, deep in its veiled preserve,
Life, the anonymous shadow,
Scuttle’s from stone to stone,
Mingling up a smidgen of gravel from its silent inactivity.

if you delve deep into the fray
where the truly true musicians play
keeping their words and sighs intact
their hearts and tears and words impact
the tiny masses who search them out
to warm their souls and if you doubt
the world around you doesn't hear
your broken dreams
your quiet fear
look beyond the pompous trite
the subtle muddle that holds no light
there is a world though buried deep
once heard enfolds you while you sleep
close your eyes we will walk the moon
your heart and mine will sing in tune

dedicated to Angus & Julia Stone

there is good music out there - just look for it
Julia Aubrey Jan 23

The song we sing together is quite out of tune, yet as it's stuck in our minds we chose to sing along every moment our lips part.

It's a dreadful tune, like ring-around the rosie, we think it's something we can dance and laugh to even though it's a song of death and torture.

Please change the record.

- Julia Aubrey Rhodes -

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