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I am a thin sliver of doubt

floating upon a sea of devastating tranquility.

Yet I dream with the velocity

of exploding stars.


As planet Earth rotates at 1,000 miles per hour,

my mind twirls with dream-time possibilities;

like a ball on a string we simultaneously zoom

around a lemony sun at 66,000 miles per hour.


Even when I try to cease these clock-tick movements

the chemistry of life churns onward as heartbeat by heartbeat

my body rifles through space-time.

In the massive serenity of the moment

I sense the glacial churn of the Milky Way;

though our spiral arm spins at 483,000 miles per hour,

it still feels like swimming in molasses.


As I sink deeper into this cosmic mirror-land

I hear the faint rattle of a snake’s tail

as my perspective morphs again.

Relative to the Cosmic Background Radiation,

the Milky Way barrels through space-time

at 1.3 million miles per hour.


As my essence bathes in the faint

universal whispers of the big bang

I taste millimeter-sized wavelengths

bursting with the flavor of human epiphany,

for I suddenly know that,

since the formation of the Sun and Earth,

the quarks that compose my body

have spun around the Milky Way twenty times.


I am a thin sliver of doubt

floating upon a sea of devastating tranquility.

Yet I dream with the velocity

of exploding stars.
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Diya 4d
Whenever Humanity
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Riddles of the Universe,
My dear Cosmos,
Eccentric ways
Changes the whole Conundrum!
Enigma and Universe are friends forever!
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rk 4d
once i learned
that we only understand
4% of the known universe,
and our lives on earth
are but a grain of sand
born out of supernova
each of us made of stardust,
i understood
just how lucky then were we
to be birthed into existence.
to find and love each other
underneath the silver starlight.
maybe that's why,
i seen constellations
dancing in your eyes
each time they met mine.
rk 7d
endless times
you have called me
in and out of your orbit
sharing moments
of melancholy and madness
i'm drawn once more
to the violet light you emit
you stand beside me
and i feel it
f a m i l i a r i t y
you are the constellation
in my darkened sky
your hand in mine
a hushed whisper
during a forced goodbye
a forbidden confession
of an eternal craving

i wish i could hold our memories
tightly inside rose petals
despite the aching
despite the uncertainty
i know only this
if i am to live wholly
i can't do so without you
my fallen valentine
my immortal shadow
and so i'll wait for you
over the hills past saturn
underneath the burning sky
like a wilting flower
summoning the rains.
rk May 22
as darkness falls
i feel you
calling to me.
the starlight
screams your name
pulling me back
to silver nights
dressed in midnight,
with your kisses tasting
like strawberries
and fated promises.
Thomas Goss May 21
The Sound Of A Teardrop Distilled Into Alien Ears

the faultless sun
sure shot us
an indecipherable gaze
that day

we drifted to the
atmosphere’s edge

like an orchid blooming
against the defunct metal
of an orbiting satellite

we were left stranded
on the rooftop of the world

where regret pools
in wailing shadows

together we formed Pterodactyl wings
and flew away on thin sheets of skin,
the prehistoric wind brimming
with the fitful sleep of ancient matter

2. Her Superior Genetic Architecture

a black-skirted spaceship
hiding in the glare of the sun

stepping lightly down
from the clouds

the brightness of her face
swaying under the slow-churning skies

beneath her
doors creak open
in anticipation

the brightness of her face
swaying under the slow-churning skies

the world greedily swallows
her rings of ambrosia
in savory lumps

leaving nothing
for the scurrying insects below
aviisevil May 16
there's nobody out there
behind the voice

all there is
is this vacuum in void

filled with rotten
flowers and emptied sun

drifting around the
asteroid belt

where frequencies
are sung

filling sequenced days
from the last

in various ways
blooming into melancholic

alcoholic space
and in an unholy flask

sailing across the page
between the lines

not enough velocity to
to escape the mind

stuck forever in this
fallen place,

diseased and blind

isn't universe just
a cage that

no poet can rhyme;

nobody can hear you scream
on mars, nevermind.
I'm not sure if there's a cure for heaven, or hell. maybe all there is, is the lack of both.
Axxsh May 11
galactic eruption
interrupts a stroll down the memory lane
linear meta brain
meticulously performing the act of
self restraint
selfless worships
now, lesser in terms of quantitative hints
the never ending path
that circumvents the colourless
it contravenes the limitless scenes of a liberating regime
trust plummets into the hands of perceptive fiends
taken in
taken instead of countless numbered pills
a train of exaggerated kin
tracks back to those with highly assumed authorities
amidst the group of avid anti-socials
vividly varied in opinions
from a sword to a pin
essentially assembled to speak against the ancient ones
a neoteric synchronization
scaling screaming lexemes
the scathed silk screeches
soaked in acid  
flamed till the ashes can be smelled
but never seen
seemingly insignificant statements
covert and pristine
so in this lockdown perdiod....i've got a lot of time to brood...a lot of time to think about where i', headed....well that's the glass-half-full version of it...
i somehow induced a writer's block ....which is quite weird because i dont really consider myself as a proper just here to rant...i guess i am even having a difficulty in finding the right words to's a chaos's like a swarm of at least a million words soar through my mind when im about to put my chords to the work....i guess i'll write my way through it.
rk May 4
i have spent
many nights
gazing in wonder
at the night sky,
just as i have spent
many nights
loving you;
the universe dulls
in comparison.
Diya May 2
Million miles away....
The two gyrated
But to a melancholic melody.
Tides of afflictions lingered...
Never willing to subside!
The monstrous emptiness of space
Haunted them...
In the most frightening way!
They craved, to feel ,
The wonted vibrations,
Orchestrated in each other's nerves,
Just for one more time!
(Moon's POV)

Droplets of lunar pearls
Streamed down my eyes,
As I radiated solar light in her memory.
Those partial encounters
Never really pacified my heartbeats!

The fathomless universe gifted me
Billion stars
But their frequencies never match
To that of my Sun!
She is the light to my gloominess....
The warmth to my freezing heart.
[Sun's POV]

I love all the crevices and craters
That scarred his seraphic anatomy!
And those celestial whispers
Whose echoes still loiter...
In my ears.

I feel like burning hell
With the inferno of blazing plasma
Roaring within me!
Only his sublime lullabies
Could provide me solace
In this bewildering macrocosm!
"Don't they believe in miracles?"
The universe murmured!
It conspired to align
the starcrossed lovers
along a single line,
Connecting their thirsty hearts!

The alchemy of cosmos
United the two lost souls.
They gazed into each other's eyes
And kissed...
Until the shadow of the moon
Eclipsed the fiery sun ,
Painting a golden lining...
Or maybe a majestic ring of fire?
I wanted to try something new and in this process created a kind of cosmic love story...
Thanks for reading!
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