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Clearly now I see,
That my soul had a plan.
Laid out perfectly for me,
To endure and withstand.

No I wouldn't do it over,
But Id never give it up.
I just keep moving forward,
Through the lessons I pick up.

I hear it in my soul,
When it's time to make a move.
A pull I can't control,
Brings me to another truth.

A lesson meets me there,
But at first I'm blind to see it.
Repeat repeat - til I'm aware,
And then she will reveal it.

Soul decoding old ways,
Uploading what is new.
These stories of your earthly days,
Are the building blocks of you.

The source collecting energy,
From all your transformation.
With every ancestor redeemed,
She is raising her vibration.

So tune into your highest self,
And don't you ever doubt,
That you come from a higher realm,
Made of stardust all throughout.

You bring this all within you,
So watch carefully for signs.
Youll know just what to do,
When the universe aligns.

▪︎ mica light ▪︎
I, who is staring at the night sky,
Wondering if everything will be fine.
Beautiful stars made the evening bright,
Will never be the same without the light.

The beauty that caught my attention,
Feeling of emotional connection.
I wanted to give it my affection,
And relieving the ferocious corrosion.

Shining bright as the quasar,
Can be seen, even though it is so far.
Having the uniqueness of a pulsar,
No one will ever be on par.

Things that remained unknown.
The universe that which has grown.
More mysteries that are yet to be known,
Like the history of the pre-historic bones.

You, who are zooming like a shooting star,
Started the throbbing of my heart.
You are turning into a neutron star,
Pulling me closer like a magnetar.

The world that has no reverse.
Started changing after the converse.
One's known as the universe,
Has now split into a multiverse.
i read
an article
on self-realisation
about how
we are an echo
of the universe
and how
we can use
that awareness
to unlock
   our greatness

it stated that
an echo
is merely
a vibration
from point
   to point
across an expanse
it explained that
all objects
throughout the universe
   with energy
that all objects
are a manifestation
of energy;
we are
nothing more
than clusters
   of energy
through space
and time

over time
echoes weaken
and fade
into nothingness
returning to
the universe's preferred
state of equilibrium
that cosmic balance
between order
   and chaos
which existed
long before
our disturbance
and will surely
return again

the article
was meant to be
an aid for
   inner peace
but it seems
i may have
   the point
Cassius Moon May 15
I have faith in you, and I know you have faith in me, and solely that is  what perpetuates my life.

To my guides, I love you.
rk May 5
under the velvet darkness
of those summer nights
you held me close to you
like a sacred song

rumi once said
that lovers do not finally meet
somewhere along the way
they are inside each other
all along

is that why your name
reawakened a fire in my blood
the moments our lips touched?
your kisses sweet
like the first new moon in the sky

i drank the honey from your lips
and realised how blind i'd been
to ever look for love
when you had lived inside me
in every lifetime.
- i wonder when you gaze at the stars, do they still sing my name?
i am
buying tickets
to a lecture
on the cosmos
though my thoughts
have often
amongst the celestials
in one form
   or another
i know little
what was learnt
at school;
cursory details
when the vastness
of the universe
is considered

there is a desire
to understand
   from where we came
   of what made us
   how we came to be
   our chances
      for a future
there is
a radiance
and pageantry
to the stars;
an expanse
that should incite
   and wonder
this infinity
is a subject
dominated by
without much
pity left
the rest of us

if i do
to attend
i know that
i’ll be lost
to the magnificence
of the dwarfs
   and nebulas
at best
of all that
is proffered

to be honest
i’m not sure
its worth
the £50
plus postage
when i think
i can predict
how it will end;
will be given
and advice
there is
no guarantee
i will still
be listening
Literatim Jan 25
Deep in the void, where light is scarce,
devoid of life and sound
The remnants of a fallen star
fall to an endless ground.

Until they slowly form anew
by force of Newton's formula
Fantastic clouds of gas and dust
in green and red and pink and blue,
known to us as nebula.

Before our eyes, they grow in size,
take shape, and with elation
we're witnessing a cosmic birth –
The Pillars of Creation.

They tower over the abyss,
a glowing trinity
Amidst the universal mist
of darkness and infinity.

Until they finally collapse
and under heat and pressure form
A self-sustaining plasma core
and thus, anew, a star is born.
This poem is inspired by "The Pillars of Creation" (1995), a photograph taken by the Hubble Space Telescope depicting interstellar clouds and dust within the Serpens constellation of the Eagle Nebula.

Disclaimer: By no means do I claim or strive for scientific accuracy, however I did try my best to integrate the information that I could find into this amalgamation of art and science. Hope you enjoy (:
Tøast Jan 24
Start by writing your names in the stars
Scratch it deep into the cosmos. Deep into the black,
Build your dreams of connection upon what was almost.

One more swipe.
One more like.
One more swipe,
Running across falling cards,
Counting cards like calling cards.
I can’t feel my feet.
Tell me I’m beautiful
Dance with me through poems
And down the streetlights.
Talk to me with words whispered only in my language.
This anguish is killing me, but the shows only just begun.
We must vanquish the sin, and never run into the sun
I wish to know your dreams
Gatekeeper to imagination
at the doorway of consciousness
you hold the key
for so many years I have followed you
into the cosmos
to return enlightened
a better man
join me on this final journey
guide me to the other side
take my hand into forever
came to me in my dreams
Rama Krsna Jan 15
everywhere i look
your blood laced fingerprints.
everywhere i hear
those tintinnabulating anklets.
everywhere i smell,
the overpowering musky marigolds.

but where are you my black goddess?

when no one in the universe
can match your ravishing beauty,
have you chosen
this time
to hide inside pure dark matter?

© 2022
for the great goddess who is beyond time and space
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