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The Universe
an ink drop in water
a single point all at once billowing out in magnificent swirls

Cosmically, we are nothing
Individually, we are everything
supernovae exploding
destroying all that is near
leaving black holes in our wake to devour existence
without hesitation
without discrimination

But also
galaxies whirling and spinning with ultimately undying grace
filled with billions, trillions of thoughts all coalescing
birthing and dying

Careful now, do not let beauty make you a fool
We are the cosmos
grand scheme brimming with rage
harboring cataclysmic disaster
spectacular color contraster
born of ink in water
Everything, yet nothing, beneath The Alter
1 A halo of everything from the nothing.
2 Both seeds and grows space and cosmos.
3 Supernovas are but whimpers to the maker.
Arre Raj Nov 5
If the stars had all the time for thought,
if comets could pause to opine,
they’d wonder if they shone for naught,
if desolation was by design.
Would angst subdue their dissident light
as cosmic murk creeps by?
Unease would steadily stagger their flight;
they’d drown in the night sky.
Why then do stars spawn mighty beams
as darkness surrenders in haste?
Why do comets cut out such blazing seams
leaving gloom so wholly displaced?
Lonely suns burn brightly thus,
why else if not to inspire us?
An attempt at a sonnet. Burn brightly in solitude!
Christy Lei Oct 26
Afar in the forest, the silhouettes of
two humans are making fire—
a shaft drilled into a hole, starved of
Backlit by the sun, their skin
chafes against
the coarse ground; lips dry as
bark, grinding
hard instincts into dust.
A white flame soars up.
Millions of meteorites
racing to the fertile earth — the whole forest
is on fire.
Yet a prayer is sung by the black smoke, who
disguises as a cloud of incense
to appease
the rage of the cosmos.
Sindi Kay Oct 20
They say past lives don’t exist
They aren’t real
We just need to hear about ourselves
It’s how we cope, just how we deal

We only exist until we don’t
DNA is why we’re “unique”
Horoscopes and the cosmos are for a mind that’s meek
We romanticize as shortcuts to answers we seek

Yet we hear great songs with our hearts
Before our ears
And every time a baby is born
Or a person dies
We shed tears

The clock never stops
even after years
Nostalgia creeps in
worse than our fears

You don’t stop getting deja vu
No matter how many nights we see the moon
It still has power in engulfing you
So plump, so bright
A big flashlight for the dark of night
The light at the end of the tunnel
A reminder of the suns return
A reason to look into the sky
A lighthouse for the nocturnal voyages

They say dreams are fragments of memory
But my dreams have shared destiny
And my friends have found rest in me
Through the idea of divinity
I’ve found the best in me

In every empty room
The wails and moans of a ghost can be heard
The remnants of yourself
Or another
Will always hurt
Until the next rebirth
Arianna Oct 12
O Muse!
Celestial spectre from heaven descend
With star-lit lantern and guiding eyes
Of night to pierce
The insatiable Abyss
Where sleepless eyes lose all sight,
Where the soul knows not whether it passes the hours
Or whether 'tis the hours plodding stonily by.
"Prayers and Musings in the Temple of Fire, No. III"
shiv Oct 2
Every time you laugh i'm caught in the edges of an abyss,
like i'm drowning in the constant birth and death of a star.
and I cant help but wonder if this is all you’ve ever been.
The flesh and bones you inhabit now.
I can't help but wonder if you watched from the edges of the earth
and saw humanity love and die and wonder what it would be like,
to  live a life where you were something other than ash in the wind.
auhsoJHaynes Sep 28
I will die,
but what am I?

There are footprints in the dust
behind me,
for a breath of seconds,
the span of decades.
They fade to breeze,
like echoes of a nameless lullaby.

I gaze at my hands.
The veins shrivel,
muscles deteriorate,
bones crumble.
In the minute vastness,
I see a reflection,
distorted by mortal

I push forward.
Daunting truths
like hymnals.
My steps will,
one day,
cease leaving marks and
become part of
the dirt.

In a space of unlimited
light and sound,
What am I?

“Your existence is a burgeoning leaf,
growing and breathing
to change with the passing of seasons
and one day…
Let go.
Carried by the wind
to destinations unknown."

In a sea of vibrations and
what am I?

"Moonlight in a shadowed forest.
Tenacious wind, unfurling sails.
A bird building nests
through a storm.
Impassioned tears, of a lost love.
The distorted reflection
staring back
at you.”

Through all the screams
of arrogance
and shame,
An ethereal voice
continues to
What are we,
in a land of eternity?

"You are more and less than egos know.
Countless footprints
are left to dust,
but each one in the same.
Every step
and grain of sand is

What are we
in such a fragment of the
What are we,
in such fleeting of moments?

“I am everything.
You are everything.”

One day I will die
…but what am I?
The Non-Poet Oct 25
in the beginning
the sun met the moon
and she instantly fell in love

the story of the universe was yet uncertain
but their romance was written in the stars

he was quiet and cool
to her fire and passion
the perfect dichotomy
to the cosmos and beyond

but as it is said for anything
everything that can go wrong, will go wrong

and the sun and moon were ripped apart
only joined together
briefly during those moments
of dawn and dusk

but even that didn't stop them
from loving from afar
Daisy Marrow Sep 2013
I never dreamed of meeting someone like you.
You found me in the cold and gave me a home,
and now I
can't imagine my life without you.
You showed me the parts of the world
that no one has ever seen.
You helped me find the light
and now I
can survive these dark days because of you.

We danced with the stars
and lived off wishbones.
Swallowing stardust
and creating galaxies with our imagination.
Your love made my head spin faster than the planets.
Sweetheart, you have done so much
and now I
feel like one of the lucky ones.

Let us go fishing for stars
Let us swim with the cosmos
Lets everything

You drew an atlas on my hand
and connected the dots to the places where we plan to meet.
I love the shape of your lips
and how I can trace them so easily with mine
and now I
can finally feel comfortable when I say I love you
and mean it because I will love you until there is no till.
Until all the stars burst apart in front of us.
Until the universe stops spinning
Until the end.
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