Seductively awestruck.
Aligned colorful chakras.
A cosmic creation.
Third eye realizations.

Calm, collective, and cool.
Reveal the sensual parts of you.
Peace is the only thing I seek.
Protecting my many energies.

Sage the negativity away.
Seize the adventure in every day.
Accept that life can be messy and hard.
Embrace the beautiful soul that you are.
Amanda 5d
Come carry me on velvet wings
High above a crown of ancient trees
Want to reach a place where the angel sings
In a voice so sweet and pure, it brings me to my knees
Come sit me down on a feather cloud
As white tail doves and nightingales dance
To a musical harmony of golden trumpets, loud
See how I sway and twirl in a joyful trance
Come see how high I will fly
Stars twinkle in a celestial welcome
And I can feel the whole of the galaxy glorify
In this cosmos, what an amazing, heavenly kingdom
A glass of water,
Contemplates on cosmos;
Unawares, thirst spreads.
Euphie Dec 2018
Her face is like the cosmos,
and the star-like freckles
that decorate her face are the constellations.
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Every single day is partitioned fairly, I'd  think
amongst us denizens of this uncertain universe,
that makes no loss ever in its  unceasing transactions,
as every end is a new begining and also the reverse.

I wonder again on  the complex maths in play
and demands upon  each moment to accomplish it!
With a laugh I just let go the thread of that *****
thought on  processors and servors for a humanguous
operation needed for that to go on for ever and aye!

What nonsense! the human logic is hugely flawed
Cosmos has better manuels of operation never
needed to be written down, just like the affais of heart
of men and woemen that jostle in this planet ,driven
by urges prompted by mind, body and if you'd believe
without any qualms,the  spirit, but I wouldn't insist.

Dusk was falling, and I sat smugly on the sugary sands
of the bikiny beach, with a vengence on my face
(but not with the bitterness of one, just now short changed)
And with an adamence to get my fair share of that day's
catch, plucked fruits, harvest,hunted gold or whatever!
I didn't want anyone notice as my exchange was
happening in in silence, on cycles higher without any means
tangible, of communication of any meterial sort.

Then there was a  on sand behind me, I felt warmth,
the dog was snuggling closer and closer to me to comfort!
Her liquid eyes said, all that I wanted to hear
She was my solace for the day's battle wound, I reckoned
exuding warmth, she drained my pain like the bad blood
darkly stuck,let out through the cut I just had survived.....

Night was long and the moon anointed us with her balm
on the sand bed a man and a stray dog slept unstirred.
when i was younger, my uncle told me
no one could have heard
the big bang happening
because there was no sound in space.
i remember thinking
how sad it must have been
for the people
who lived before any of us,
how their stories were never heard
as the universe renewed itself;
how the love
and light
and beauty
in their lives had to die with them.
when i was younger
my uncle told me there was no way
to save a dying star.
he told me that even the stars
grew tired of our idiocy.
he said that when stars died
they took their galaxies with them.
they’d burst in a flash
of great vibrancy—
and then it was over.
when i was younger, my uncle told me
that the universe was as cruel
as it was beautiful.
he said it waited for no one.
he said it didn’t take into account
the people around it,
didn’t think about
the lives it killed,
the stories it erased,
the souls it took—
the universe was selfish.
it was cruel.
it was an abomination.
it took me years to understand
what my uncle was trying to say.
it took me years to realize
he wasn’t talking about the universe
or the stars— not really.
he was talking about us.
the people.
selfish and cruel
and abominations
to the world we call home.
we take and take and never give back,
we destroy everything we touch.
we were the universe—
unkind and unthinking,
incapable of looking beyond ourselves.
when i was older,
i wondered what it was like
for the people who lived on planets
with dying stars:
i wondered if they knew
they would cease to exist,
i wondered what they thought
as they saw that great flash of bright light—
but when i was older i saw that
the stars were the beautiful creatures
driven to the point where they thought
they never mattered
because we were selfish enough
that they never felt loved.
i saw that these stars chose to collapse,
chose to die,
because what good were they?
but i saw that these stars,
these flashes of bright light
were all it took for entire galaxies
to live,
to breathe,
and when they left,
they left in their wake
and darkness.
when i was older, i realized
that these galaxies were never dotted
on our night sky
they were the people around us
trying to live despite the fact
that their stars had chosen to die.
when i was older, my uncle told me
that new stars were born every minute,
because the big bang hadn’t stopped yet.
and i remember thinking
how unfortunate that something so beautiful
could be born in a time
of cruelty
of selfishness.
i remembered thinking
that despite everything—
that despite the inevitability
of stars dying—
i hope these stars
choose to shine instead.
OpenWorldView Oct 2018
A silver moon engulfs a thousand suns
and sheds blue silky light across the land.
The wind plays its howling symphony,
with trees and mountains as instruments.

A cold body awakens from rigid sleep
putting tendons and muscles into motion.
Slowly, but ever faster it moves along
until spirit and body merge – creating life.

Consuming all its resources around
the goal has become a distant dream.
Then a jolt runs through the martyred figure
and it searches in vain for a familiar point.

From the deepest black it is driven,
without its doing and stiff resistance.
It must leave this beloved place
in exchange for coldness and piercing light.

However, all he sees is a giant devouring his body
to the sounds of his first screams.

But instead of terrible pain,
he now looks at the infinite cosmos.
Not with the spirit of an ape,
but that of a ***, who experienced his birth, death and re-birth.
Joyce Joadiyce Dec 2018
A galaxy of world's
Stars to moons
Our cosmos

Copyright 2018 Joyce Joadiyce
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Night gathers billion big bangs ,
In the pitch dark naught.
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