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they ordered to tell a poetry
about tat beauty
who would come
i prepared and reminded

but i didn't tell
because the raw of poets
were so long

i sat out
i forgot the time
one sat beside

i looked toward
she said awful poet

all wanted me to admire
the love is emperor

it would be the governor
of every heart of lover

i laughed and took the poetry
i cut it it in small way

i said one word
if you were not admired

who could else be admired
i walked

no i ran
because, i was prison
by hers
one meets one, but can love creates
Sketcher Nov 2018
I ran like I said I would,
Something I never thought could,
Possibly happen to someone like me,
A depressed sailor that is lost at sea,
It's mid-day, but it's so cold,
Out in this dumb tale untold,
My mom has probably called the police,
And tried to put my sisters minds at ease,
By telling them some white lie,
So they don't worry and cry,
Probably tried calling all of my friends,
Which might just cause a reaction which sends,
Their parents out to find me,
This is realistically,
The current outcome of this sad, sad day,
Maybe I am also lost in my ways,
Just like my eldest sister,
Gives two *****, but I still missed her,
When she was at the mental hospital,
Doesn't have a way to cope, like riddles,
Poems, playing music or just listening,
Acts ******, but wants to grow up and sing,
Then there is the step-brother and father,
A couple ***** I try to not bother,
With even though I have to live with them,
Living is ******* bile, mucus, and phlegm,
All mixed into one "delicious" dessert,
Continue eating but it ******* hurts,
As I'm freezing in the cold and writing,
I think I realized the lie I'm fighting,
Maybe I'm trying to see who still cares,
Mainly the girl in all of my nightmares,
I dream of her at least once every night,
Nothing scary either, never a fright,
Dreams of fairly normal activities,
No matter what it is, puts me at ease,
Because her presence is what I care for,
That's how I know it's love deep in my core,
Boiling for someone who doesn't love me,
At least that is how I've come to perceive,
The relationship between me and her,
A lovely ***** that is obsessed with fur,
Sometimes I like to see how long I can,
Go on in a poem without the mention,
Of heartbreak or the heartbreaker, Heather,
As fierce as a lion, yet a feather,
Something delicate, couldn't hurt a soul,
But could tear a heart and let em' just roll,
On with life and never mention a thing,
Like there was nothing there, like it don't sting,
I guess I failed and I mentioned her name,
I am the only person that's to blame,
I might just attempt round two tomorrow,
Meanwhile, leave me to drown in my sorrow.
Wrote this during my first and last day of running away.
Anya Oct 2018
I had two options
I could have taken
The smart way out
Do something useful
I took the fool’s way out
I ran
Giving it my all
Feet pumping
Mind soaring with
A thousand hopes
And dreams
And I dove for those dreams
Getting down and *****
Even if it was,
A fool’s errand
In the end
A thought and mundane event woven into a poem.
Anya Sep 2018
When I was young enough to remember
my dad told be not to be one
an "also ran"

It was only when I was older
I understood
She is a swimmer who has been to state
I also swam
She's gotten second place in piano state
I also played
She's the varsity goalie and incredibly athletic
I'm also a goalie
He's our debate team co-head and one of our best
I also debate
She's amazing at writing poetry
I also write
Her squash team got second in the state
I also play squash
She was the lead of the musical
I was also in the musical
I could keep going
But I think you get the point
So what,
if I've tried everything
do everything
know everything?

I have to find
that one thing I'll be the best at
I can't always be an also ran
Anne Jul 2018
''I love you''
is just a facetious phrase
that gave me ways
and reasons why
not to stay
and just say goodbye
to the man
who lied
and ran,
and never even tried.
He just ran away and never go back........
ej Apr 2018
I regret the summer i ran away
The summer in the dark
Where i should have stayed with you

The time ran out, where were we

I regret the summer i was afraid
The summer night
Where i should have said my love

The time ran out for us

My love, i never confessed.
Amanda Mar 2018
I should have ran from
you before I fell too hard
to ever get up
About my ex. My emotions are ****** right now. I have an amazing thing going for me yet my head is stuck in the past, as per usual. Why?
Deep Sangani Feb 2018
I made you my religion
The definition of me
I saw you in my reflection
but you ran off with him.
those days I’d sit in front of
your picture
and pray for your arms around
I’d wrap myself around a cup of coffee
my imagination of your being.
//My thoughts are focused on you
a mired clan was shagreen
at such a mistrial as Ira
as jewelry admire him
that hawk a wave nearby Atlantis
but Solomon wake butterfly in Smithfield gland
that women own them with beer in-between ******
A place in Borneo
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