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mythie Nov 2020
The sole reason for my suffering.
I hate you.

To look into the darkness,
and only find you,
is disgusting.

Nothing has hurt me like you.
I'd create a war.
Just to get rid of you.

But as I look back,
you treated me kindly,
am I the one to blame?

For a person such as me.
To be given a second chance.

It must be a joke!
But I see now,
oh, so clearly.

I wasn't looking in,
I was looking out,
and he was looking in.

The darkness was I.
I love you.
another poem i wrote based off a ship haha
Erian Rose May 2020
frosty crystals clung to
light shows on windowsills
they ran faster than their hands
could touch
on the run from racing time
streams of comfort left
rainy roads bare
to them,
nothing on earth compared
Poetic T Feb 2020
What if I hadn't answered that
  Wrong number.
Heard your voice calling on
   The other end.  
Two people a worlds apart,
     But a once in a life time


I said wrong number,
   But my heart was wrapped
Around your voice that captured
In the moment between me

   Putting the phone down

                                  and redialing my destiny.

I paused and I said,

  Awkward silences lasts a lifetime,

Till you answered me,
                   "I said I heard you on the other end
and I just wanted to
    know who's voice could capture me

with so few words..

She said my name is,
        and I said my name was,
  we giggled and I wondered how far

could a destiny have called from.

And we realised that even though
our voices had connected

that we were just five floors apart
        for us to for so long ourselves
five years never meeting eyes,
            voices, not even a glance.

But I'd now found you,
       we rushed from our doorways,

down the stairways..

We reached the floors we were meant to
        reach, but you weren't there,
I wasn't with within your reach.

We stared out the opposite windows,
and found we were further apart than
we'd thought I saw you, seeing me.
            Waving at each other.

We didn't run we walked,
          down each flight of stairs.

Waiting so long for each other we walked
miles in tandem till we reached the

What are the odds to meet this near
  on a crossing of life.
We waited a moment till red turned green.
That was our moment
                             to collapse in to each other,

and it seemed like we kissed for our last two lifetimes.
Baazi-chan Apr 2019
Smiles all over.
All I ever wanted.
Was occurring.
Just got back.
From my dark days.
Life seemed clear.

Then You came.
Gave Your sweet words.
And it was on.
Slowly it become more.
And more.
I fell.
Like no other.
When reality struck.
It showed me flames.
My love for you.
Came unknowingly.
Decided to show You.
But all you gave.
Was tears.

I received a ticket.
I took it.
I ran.
You chased.
Silence took over.
I chased back.
You acknowledged.

But when it spilled.
You ran away.
And left me.
In the darkness.
Of my uncertainties.

You are the love I gained unknowingly.
The love I throw away knowingly.
For my sanity.
For B. The one I fell for unknowingly.
My love for you can't be erased.
Erian Rose Apr 2019
You don't remember
how I had ran
You don't remember
how I didn't say a word
You don't remember
the pain you gave me
You don't remember
how I left
You don't remember
the words I repeated
You don't remember
who I am
You don't remember
how I searched for you
You don't remember
all the denials...

You don't remember
how many times I've lied to you...
Because I still love you...
And you don't remember...
A poem of some memories..I'm willing to share...
We saw that
It is  so wide
But it seemed so clever

She kidnapped that meat
She ran and disappeared
They said, cat must do that
Or wild rat

We tried to chase
The question was
How did she know?
The wise boy said

Why did the meat    
Was not covered  
We did not answer

As it was not wise answer
now every right was lost, they put more worst
Irene J Mar 2019
We both ran from the reality we live in,
Wanting to be inside of our dream,
but it was impossible.

because we stuck between reality and our dream.
It looked near, but yet, it still far away.
Even if we close our eyes,
the distance will pull us away.
I just write what came out of my head.
they ordered to tell a poetry
about tat beauty
who would come
i prepared and reminded

but i didn't tell
because the raw of poets
were so long

i sat out
i forgot the time
one sat beside

i looked toward
she said awful poet

all wanted me to admire
the love is emperor

it would be the governor
of every heart of lover

i laughed and took the poetry
i cut it it in small way

i said one word
if you were not admired

who could else be admired
i walked

no i ran
because, i was prison
by hers
one meets one, but can love creates
Sketcher Nov 2018
I ran like I said I would,
Something I never thought could,
Possibly happen to someone like me,
A depressed sailor that is lost at sea,
It's mid-day, but it's so cold,
Out in this dumb tale untold,
My mom has probably called the police,
And tried to put my sisters minds at ease,
By telling them some white lie,
So they don't worry and cry,
Probably tried calling all of my friends,
Which might just cause a reaction which sends,
Their parents out to find me,
This is realistically,
The current outcome of this sad, sad day,
Maybe I am also lost in my ways,
Just like my eldest sister,
Gives two *****, but I still missed her,
When she was at the mental hospital,
Doesn't have a way to cope, like riddles,
Poems, playing music or just listening,
Acts ******, but wants to grow up and sing,
Then there is the step-brother and father,
A couple ***** I try to not bother,
With even though I have to live with them,
Living is ******* bile, mucus, and phlegm,
All mixed into one "delicious" dessert,
Continue eating but it ******* hurts,
As I'm freezing in the cold and writing,
I think I realized the lie I'm fighting,
Maybe I'm trying to see who still cares,
Mainly the girl in all of my nightmares,
I dream of her at least once every night,
Nothing scary either, never a fright,
Dreams of fairly normal activities,
No matter what it is, puts me at ease,
Because her presence is what I care for,
That's how I know it's love deep in my core,
Boiling for someone who doesn't love me,
At least that is how I've come to perceive,
The relationship between me and her,
A lovely ***** that is obsessed with fur,
Sometimes I like to see how long I can,
Go on in a poem without the mention,
Of heartbreak or the heartbreaker, Heather,
As fierce as a lion, yet a feather,
Something delicate, couldn't hurt a soul,
But could tear a heart and let em' just roll,
On with life and never mention a thing,
Like there was nothing there, like it don't sting,
I guess I failed and I mentioned her name,
I am the only person that's to blame,
I might just attempt round two tomorrow,
Meanwhile, leave me to drown in my sorrow.
Wrote this during my first and last day of running away.
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