Amanda Mar 10
I should have ran from
you before I fell too hard
to ever get up
About my ex. My emotions are stupid right now. I have an amazing thing going for me yet my head is stuck in the past, as per usual. Why?
Deep Sangani Feb 25
I made you my religion
The definition of me
I saw you in my reflection
but you ran off with him.
those days I’d sit in front of
your picture
and pray for your arms around
I’d wrap myself around a cup of coffee
my imagination of your being.
//My thoughts are focused on you
a mired clan was shagreen
at such a mistrial as Ira
as jewelry admire him
that hawk a wave nearby Atlantis
but Solomon wake butterfly in Smithfield gland
that women own them with beer in-between pisses
A place in Borneo
Fucking tired Aug 2017
last night
i came home late
to my mother yelling

i tried to reason
to no avail
she didn't believe any of my words

her hand on my arm
her voice high and loud
she tried to push me inside
she wouldn't listen

tired and angry
i walked away
she followed

then i ran
and ran
and ran
and ran

till i could no longer hear the flopping
of her shoes
behind me.

i had to return later
but the feeling of that run
of disobeying
of my heart beating fast
of my small lasted freedom
is still in my mind
causing me
to want to run once more
and never stop
till i'm so far away
even her in her sliver car
can't find me

i want to run
and run
and run
and run
and i don't wanna ever stop
There is lots of fear

of death.

Men are scared

of a black-hooded man.

And the ones

that already left us

thought away from death

they had ran.
Mae May 2016
You told me
You loved me
So I left            

You didn't know
How much burden it felt
The pressure of you loving me

I just don't think      
I could handle it
Since I fell for you too
I wish I had the courage to stay..
Ellie Geneve Mar 2016
We were uncertain
of each other's feelings
they would be as our own

When you said goodbye
for the last time
it moved my heart to the back of my throat
and and my tears to the back of my eyes

Every fiber within me was fighting for love
for you

Unaware, I ran
It felt as though my eyes were closed
and yet I still knew my destination,
It was you

Let me tell you one thing
before time alters this memory
Let me tell you that I love you
before you express your apologies and flattery


It embraces me,
the feeling I never want to forget;
when all nerves within me fired impulses
as you spoke "I love you too"
Summer Michelle Nov 2015
I'm in love with eyes
that can show me their soul
I'm in love with hands
that hold me tight but gently
enough to make me want more
I'm in love with the smiles
that show multiple emotions
I'm in love with that walk
the one that shows that
there was a chip on their shoulder
but they've brushed it off
I'm in love with that stand
The stand that shows
that they've tried so hard
and they've come so far
I'm in love with the perfectly imperfect
And that is where my heart will stay
In love with yours
I'm in love, but I've lost it
It ran from me
hurt and lost
It ran and
I'd do anything to have it run back
or to run into it again
moments and tales that kissed the world.
These Are My Words
they weave.
These Are My Words
fireflies flew.
These Are My Words
tried and wrapped my fist.
These Are My Words
face free.
These Are My Words
being brave I saw demonization
These Are My Words
bravery loved dance
These Are My Words
dignity denied darkness
These Are My Words
flying constant
These Are My Words
she likes treason
These Are My Words
busted mouth and bruised cheeks
These Are My Words
an old flower leaving
These Are My Words
wrong school
These Are My Words
here comes young weight
These Are My Words
a thing called justice
These Are My Words
blue skin and dirty air
These Are My Words
god in his infinite wisdome
These Are My Words
placed a heart here, now -
These Are My Words
breathe and seek consequence
These Are My Words
hide hands
These Are My Words
thank god for your deluded bliss
These Are My Words
but inside she wonders
These Are My Words
dark and bittersweet
These Are My Words
  moments that only meant deceit
These Are My Words
work through change as I clench teeth
These Are My Words
gnash and outlive those old memories
These Are My Words
she is a rude stringy blonde beauty
These Are My Words
looking, yes, looking
These Are My Words
years later
These Are My Words
she thinks faster and has out ran
These Are My Words
the villainous monsters make mistakes
These Are My Words
leaving her with her one and only gift
Dedicated to Caroline - your mom never regretted giving birth to you
This is the unintended sequel to "Fireflies" - Go and check that out! <3
Do not use or distribute without my explicit permission
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