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Solaces Feb 1
(Is there an emotion for mystical? I suppose it would be to be mystified. Perhaps awe is the word I am looking for.  I was in awe at the sight of him! I was beyond mystified!)

It started in the Yellow Wastelands.  Where life went to die.  As life dies there, they become a part of the Yellow Wasteland adding to his spread and growth becoming a sort of crystalline lattice.  All go willingly to the crystalline whisper. The whisper in recent theory emanates from the shining yellow crystals that grow among the Yellow Wasteland like blue bonnets in the Texas spring.  Once the Whisper is heard the victim willingly partakes in what we call The March. The March is a mindless saunter to The Yellow Wasteland where upon arrival they lay in the yellow dirt and slowly begin crystalizing. We have tried stopping The March. But have been unsuccessful for many years.  During the state of the march the victim gains a strange, extraordinary ability to control others as they see fit. If one or a group of people, try and prevent the march they will be controlled by the whisper to put the victim back on track.  The final equation that we cannot solve is why one hears the whisper.  There seems to be no pattern whatsoever.

On this day my daughter heard the whisper. We walked with her for hours on end.  My wife and son followed shortly behind whilst I walked beside her talking about memories and music.  My son then caught up and started to play his lute. He played song after song and sang beautiful lyrics that they wrote together.  My wife would then catch up to fix our daughters hair and clean her face as we walked and walked toward The Yellow Wasteland.  There were times where we would walk all together in a line and pray and pray.  

Over the Wolf's crossing trail was a hill. The hill was now called.
" The Last Ascend."    The Yellow Wasteland can be seen below.  We started the ascend up the last ascend.  Tears flooded all our eyes as we were powerless to stop The March.
Toward oblivion.
Rolling with the hunches
Safety in a tiger's eye
Has become a lucid scent, a possible unction
To the staring hour, we remember for denial...?

Saviors to break for it...
Sated pleas of untoward necessity...
Themselves, in the grasp of order and wit...
Speed of patience, to a wealth we knew should, politely...

The thunder we dote, was a marvel...?
Sent to merit for the ultimatum baring
Brief as loves boredom can be, the smile is actual
Where sincerity is from ear to ear, the want of caring

Do you remember me?
Like calling a kiss a sweet lightning
Come from the cloud, we devote to ourselves, see
The question of unity become our only hope, realizing...

A real tooth of repose and hindrance, that knows, you
Ready to chew nothing but the thought, of callous interim
Where we are, the tone of a silent voice to see the rue
Of compliment, are we that we are, a solution to anarchy's whim?

Sweet deliverance
Set to wishes only a courage's mind could blow
Forces and prowess to assure an imagination with seemly chance
Timid as we are, is a truth the only, when in the house to know?
Wasn't that a good piece of gum, or what, indiscretion?
Zywa Oct 2023
There's a thunderstorm,

lightning above me, rumbling --

deep beneath my feet.
"Begging to Be Black" (2009, Antjie Krog), in Lesotho on December 1st, 2008

Collection "Here &Now&"
Zywa Oct 2023
The lightning dances

yellowly on the ridges --

It's an event here.
"Desolation Angels" (1965, Jack Kerouac), chapter 1-1-27 (Jack Kerouac spends two months in de lookout shack on Desolation Peak, near Ross Lake in Washington)

Collection "MistI"
Zywa Oct 2023
Bright flashes of light,

the rigging and the heather --

screaming the loudest.
"Desolation Angels" (1965, Jack Kerouac), chapter 1-1-27 (Jack Kerouac spends two months in de lookout shack on Desolation Peak, near Ross Lake in Washington)

Collection "MistI"
ky Jul 2023
We wrote our names in the sand.

The gentle rain began to grace the
shores with its mysterious beauty
as its delicate droplets fell
from the heavens high above.

The sun's rays refracted
against the glistening waters,
and the rain dissipated
when it came in contact
with the smooth surface of the ocean blue.

Crystal clear streaming drops continued
making their way to the waves,
but soon their gentle graces grew
into pounding pours.

The lightning came without warning.
The sun hid behind the dark clouds.
The tides began to toss and turn,
and the waves crashed against the sand,
washing away our names
until all that was left was

the sand, the waves, the lightning
and the rain.
Savio Fonseca Jul 2023
I was standing under the Starry Sky,
admiring the Sparkling Stars.
Kept winking at the Silvery Moon
and blowing Kisses to the Shooting Stars.
I kept wishing upon the Wind,
hoping that My Wishes led to U.
The Night, was cold and lonely
and My Heart, was missing U.
Life is made up of Night and Day
and I chose for Me the Dark.
Hoping Lightning Bolts and Thunder.
Would ignite your passions to Spark.
Loneliness often turns bitter.
When it's left alone for too Long.
It hangs it's Hands around U,
playing the Lyrics of a sadful Song.
Man Jun 2023
What an email,
Can reveal!
Embedded within the message,
What simple words unravel;
From where, and whom, they have traveled!
How much one can extrapolate
From mere more than chatter,
It would be astounding if not frightening
That you can tap out so much
From just dry lightning.
Alexis D Cruz Aug 2022
from your eyes, springs forth juniper
carefree and warm like waves of summer
glittering rays of gold frolic through the blinds
highlighting you, every perfect curvature
eager, but steady, your lips invade my body with purpose
gentle, but sure, your hands explore my entire surface
as if I were created solely to satisfy your need for rapture
when you enter my world, time stills – thunderous and deliberate
yet, like lightning, you electrify my entire being
I sigh at the exhilaration, my fingers clutch the sheets beneath me
I yearn for them to travel to your favorite place within me
neth jones Jun 2022
while building static warmth
  unbiased night has nurtured strain
now! ;
  breaks akimbo in filling veins
  silver branches
  lipping open flare across the sky
stimulated charge raised
  through our earthed souls
  greeting heavens kindle above
Brevity Homework 2
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