he was the art

of deception

of deftly crafted artifice

of reading between the lines

he was the art

of speeding cars

of lightning

of roaring flames

but you

honey, you are the art

of a different kind

you are the art

of the first light of dawn

of the stars winking in the inky night

of the sun showers on saturday afternoon

you are the art

of drizzling rain

of cold coffee and creamer

of simplistic precision

i could marvel at you for days
Cece 3d
I fell for you like rain,
fell hard and fast.
It was constant
like raindrops hitting a roof;
I fell again and again.
I couldn't stop,
but the flowers would never
fall up to the clouds,
so I was left like rain,
stuck in a beautiful
but one-sided love.
I fell for you like thunder,
loud and hard to miss.
It startled even me,
but clouds would never react
to the noise,
so I was left like thunder,
shaking and bruised,
ignored or tuned out with music
by those scared of the noise.
You fell for her like lightning,
it was bright and quick.
Over barely after it started,
but for a moment I saw
the way your laughter in love
was so dazzling.
It was almost blinding,
but not quite,
instead it lit up my life
for a split second
before leaving me in an
even darker night.
i really love rain someone give me a thunderstorm pls
Nathalie Dec 2018
When you dial into
the truth, there is this
all emcompassing feeling
of warmth and love
It showers you with
this blissful peace...

It leaves no room for doubt
nor shame, nor guilt
nor logic, it simply
is pure and flowing
from the deepest part
of you ...

You don't ever question
truth, when it's real
It just is and you know it
It's like this bolt of lightning
that strikes deep into
your heart, you just know...

Srujanika Das Dec 2018
You tried to cool me down, but I was a wildfire burning down entire cities
You tried to tame me: A rebel without a case, with a relentless fighting spirit
You tried to steal my thunder,  but I was a feminine Zeus incarnate.
You were lightning in a dark tumultuous period
We were supposed to dance together in the rain and storm;
Not work against each other
Even after making it through the apocalypse;
In the end, you destroyed everything we ever built in a single flash.
Except for me.
You tore me down, but I’ve been rebuilt since then
I am still standing.

- srujanika
Written in July 2017. The only constant in life is you so stand strong.
BEK Dec 2018
A gentle smile to shroud this lightning
My face must never forebode
This pounding thunder within my soul
While my heart is lost in melancholy eyes
Rizna M Rameez Dec 2018
Allah lights up the skies
So the rain can see where it's falling
Do you think
Allah will not light up your life
So that you can see where you're heading?
Solaces Dec 2018
The lightning danced around all of my body...
Storm on my skin..
It was a beautiful feeling..
That came from with in..

It was a healing thunder bolt..
Without thunder..
It surged through me..
With such wonder..

I seemed to have done it in my sleep..
I thought it to be a dream..
I had an unknown terrible sickness..
And it was life threatening it seemed..

But through imagination..
And unbondless lucid dreams..
I activated a small evoultion..
Within my bloodstream..
A beautiful dream I had about healing lightning.. Strange. The pains I had in my body are all now gone..
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Can It possible for
love to strike twice
In a lifetime, could
It be possible to love
again when you've
won and
Can It possible
to win again and
win the heart of
another, would never replace that of your
first love
but to help
with the loss and the
pain Is It Possible
to love
Is It possible to love again after losing that of your first love can one be a winner again
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