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You are in the thunder and in the lightning
it seems at times You’re so very frightening.
And if sometimes by nature we get scared out of our wit
it’s a way You have to remind us by Thy grace to submit.
From "The Quatrains"  ongoing writings since the early '90's
It rained so hard tonight
A flood of water forming huge puddles on the ground
Lightning shot through the sky
Illuminating everything in a purple glow
People yelling and running
And you don't even know what this means

But I walked out into the rain with a purpose
And the drops caressed my pale skin
I was soaked in seconds
And I could've been struck by the bolts in the stormy sky
But the only thing I could think is
"Is the ocean touching me right now?"
Oscar 1d
it's wanting the storm to end,
while watching it through your kitchen window
and hoping that it keeps raining
because the world stops for a few seconds
when you see the lightning shine through the glass
and you hear the thunder above your head.
the gray clouds seem to light up,
the sky is much prettier
than when it's blue but then
it goes back to what it was before;
just water and a dark sky
it's all in my head
with fiery shades of wrath
woven into its shards
ripped the horizon,
dived into the ocean
to its depths of sedimented pretensions,
baptised it with drops of sulphurous fire,
to a cleansed conscience.

The ocean rose up in a high tide of exuberance,
escorted me to its depths
for the drop of sulphurous fire to baptise me,
to give my yearnings the shape of a flame
that puts my soul on fire.
Kit Scott Sep 14
Give me a storm

I want it

Give me a storm, I want it for myself
I want to hide it in my heart and let it push through my veins
I want a storm to rage through me, tear away all my doubt

Give me a storm, and help me keep it in my chest
catch it in my ribs and crush it against my lungs
until i cough blood and breathe lightning

give me a storm

give it to me

i want it to wash through me with its whirling tumbling rain
and fry all my nervendings
so i can feel again

give me a storm
help me hold it inside myself
until it bursts free free free

and i can run away with it

give me a storm

and ill love you

give me a storm

and ill never bother you again

(i want to choke on the taste of ozone in my mouth,
it feels, by far, the best way to go out)
i know im greedy, but it doesnt hurt you much (you just have to help me catch it in my hands)
Yuri Swallows Sep 13
The chilly wind brushed against my cheeks.
As the light left blinding streaks.
I realised we were both looking up at the same sky.
As we both let out a fascinated cry.
The dusty scent tickled my nose.
As the droplet landed on my wilting rose.
The crystal clear patterns blurred the outside.
Leaving me alone in silence with all my worries aside.
The dusty drops drowned the noisy city.
As if it was trying to leave me alone for a brief moment out of pity.
Drip drop
Seanathon Sep 13
When I see you

My eyes turn to the side
Just past the wrinkles

To the corners of the world
Where the greatest hope still resides
Besides that of eternity

And you, you…

You seem to me
Like a picture of a jubilee

As a lightning strike
Before my eyes
You change the way I view the night

And the days so short
Which pass us by

Though your heart of Autumn
Often beats
There is always summertime in me

And the will to be

Yes, the mere sight of you
And the mind I see

Always makes me feel
Alone but I'm glad you're not. With a wink and a smile. I strive endlessly.

Best when read to the tune of - https://youtu.be/Y-Es0N3yOjs
Rebecca Kay Sep 12
Can’t you hear the rain?
It’s loud in my bedroom, but I guess you are further from the walls.
You can’t hear the rain?
Thunder? See the flashes of lightning,
less than one- less than a mile away,
and you still can’t hear the rain?
I hope the corn fields outside our neighborhood don’t catch on fire.
Or any houses.
I’d be alright if the school did, though.
But it’s loud. Pouring, yet
you can’t hear the rain?
We were just talking about it, the unusualness,
the strange in our wet summer, when
everywhere else is so dry.
But you can’t hear the rain?
Work, at the pool, was canceled, and
don’t you see the lights have gone out?
Well, not see, I guess.
It’s dark. Hot, as the AC isn’t working.
The fridges are off, and the candles are gone, but
you can’t hear the rain?
Marsha A Sep 11
Lightning flashes
      and in a split second
I thought I saw you
      under the street lamp
      at the corner of Sixth Street..

      I thought I saw you
Or was that just the rain?
Ilion gray Sep 11
While we were lying in my living room

Naked on the blue couch, listening to lightning attacking

The stellar clouds
I learned,

how the hearts of men are only a piece of space
clutched by skin,
wading through darkness.

I Delve into time
and I watch, and
wonder, though I knew
that it would end,

Why I  couldn’t stop
loving you
will haunt everything you left in the house,

till nothing is forgotten.
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