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while building static warmth
  unbiased night has nurtured strain
now! ;
  breaks akimbo in filling veins
  silver branches
  lipping open flare across the sky
stimulated charge raised
  through our earthed souls
  greeting heavens kindle above
Brevity Homework 2
I first remembered years ago,
At twenty-something,
Speeding along in a 240Z
With my father.
Apropos of nothing,
I suddenly remembered it all,
The pain, fear, chases
And flights up stairs,
Only to have her catch me,
And feel the pummeling fists
Like a mad horse’s hooves,
Treading me down.
Back in the present,
My father was admiring trees
As we buzzed past them,
Unaware of the storm beside him.
She wore him down too
In a different way,
With constant denigration.
Over the years I watched
As he shrank way to
A painful, infested brain.
Unlike me, he had no defense,
Loving her as he still did.
It was as if he chose cancer
instead of anger or rebellion.
I had raged against her
And stood tall from childhood
To the now, when thunderheads
Rose from me above her.
Long ago, she had been
The random bolts from the blue,
Causing pain but not killing.
Now I am the storm,
Gathering over years,
Sweeping up heat and vapor
Sending and receiving energy.
The lightning bolts are truth
And their pain is admission,
Though never bringing remorse.
I am the storm warning her to run,
While knowing that she never will.

Edited October 2, 2021
Chris Saitta Oct 2021
Thrums the bee waggle-dance in a haunt of Indian horsepaths,
Or the shaking leaf one second past the strike of galloping rain
/ Parsimonious lightning, thrifty in its jagged stalks
Against this night of heavy-hearted oaks /
Then the hay-fringed bale of sleep, rolled into a valley of slowed breathing,
Through parting cloud-diabolique, poison-peers the wet toadback of Autumn,
Glowing moon-gristle in the bosky wolf’s beard with its wireframe of teeth.
Dell Sep 2021
I've never minded the cold
pitter patter or puddles
or purple skies
with lightning reaching out
to touch the earth,
even for just a second

and neither did you.

you embraced it
the smell
the sight of streams and streaks
and sounds subtle drumming from above

and took it with you.

now every rumble shakes my very being
every strike forces me to draw back

not knowing if I fear mother nature
or the memories
or what I don't know
or what could have been

but I do know that with every storm
everything becomes real
and I get my feet wet
again and again
hoping I can, someday

reclaim the rain.
Thomas Steyer Jul 2021
Love can strike at any time.
I'm afraid it might.
What do I do if I'm already in love?
It must be quite a plight.

Pull yourself together
and think of what you've got.
Lightning never strikes twice, my man,
or have you lost the plot?
A dialogue I had with myself a long time ago.
A flash of light blinds me
A loud sound disrupts the silence
A shiver runs through my spine
Sudden coldness engulfs me

The feeling reminds me of you
The warm embrace I once felt
The comforting whispers I once heard
The loving gaze I once felt

You're like the rain
So sudden, I wasn't ready
So comforting yet so frightening
And just like the rain, 
You vanished so suddenly
JKirin Jul 2021
Can you hear the buzz in the air—
the electric charge? See a flare
lighten up the roadway to your death?
Are you ready to take your last breath?
No? What a dull, boring affair...
Get out of the way, far from here!
about a demon coming across an unworthy opponent
Khoi Jun 2021
Yesterday's heroes
neoteric delinquents
the Grateful dead.
Merriam Webster's
word of the day challenge
esoteric / neoteric
annh Apr 2021
|small gee for god; big bee for byron|
Strikes a chord with you, does it?
This shambling poverty of thought,
Insta-rated and underwhelming;
Thank god for Byron.

|keats versus shelley|
Sparing no injury to his phthisicky frame,
Keats lies atop a make-believe of cherry trees
Searching among the clouds
For wealth, health and a Grecian urn,
While Shelley does Venice
And blows himself a hookah.

|o poesy! for thee I grasp my pen|
Panning the wayward sky for inspiration,
A hope, a word, a beginning;
A versification so ecstatic as to transfix the senses and pierce the heart,
A lightning phrase capable of uprooting all commonality,
As outrageous a miracle in the minds of men as crucified immortality.

Unlike the wilting rose which has no higher calling
Than to bloom and die upon the stem,
And having relinquished its last perfumed petal
Retreat from memory again,
I fear that I shall linger,
Tethered to this eternal moment
By shudd’ring will and breath combined,
A brighter shade of myself than what of me I have left behind.
An extremely weird mix of tone and content! Started out as one thing (a dig at the samey sameness of Instagram poetry) and ended up as something else (a celebration of Keats). Not to mention the “Bright Star” scene review somewhere in the middle. Never mind - better luck next time!!

‘When old age shall this generation waste,
Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe
Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou say'st,
“Beauty is truth, truth beauty, - that is all
Ye know on earth, and all he need to know.”’
- John Keats, “Ode on a Grecian Urn”
Philip Connett Apr 2021
Running Blind Madness
Eyes Wide Heart Pounding
Spirit Lifts Senses Live
Theres Thunder IN THE Atmosphere

This IS A Free Arena
A Gateless Auditorium
Open Fields
Open Wide
Forking Lightning ON THE Horizon

This Natural Inebriation
IN Dynamic Resonation
Anticipation OF THE

Hells Beasts Abound
Snarling Snouts Sounding
Heavy Hoofs Pounding
Crazed Dashing Hounding
IN THE Chaos That'S Surrounding

Hells Beasts Abound
Torso'S Writhing Flailing
Grit Bucking Flailing
Crimson Flow Tailing
THE Gore OF THE Impailing

I'M Knee Deep
IN A River OF Blood
Fleshen Heap
IN THE Reddening Flood

Sodden WET Flesh
Whip AND Turn
With THE Carnal Rain
With A Reddened

Sodden WET Flesh
Whip AND Turn
With THE Carnal Rain
With A Reddened

Sodden WET Earth
Besot With Death Mirth
Drown THE Earth
IN THE Afterbirth
Every Beast THE ****** Herse
DON'T RID ME OF THE ******* Curse

IN AN Ever Rising River OF Blood
Causing Chaos With NO Remorse
I AM Power IN Full Course
Wreaking Havoc

This Bloods LET BY MY Horn
I'M Sopping WET
MY ****** Horn
I Feel Like I'M NEW Born

Drumming Quakes Pounding
Shaking THE Foundation
Lifting Spirits IN THE AIR
I AM GOD Everywhere

Helter Skelter IN THE Chaos
This IS Pandemonium
Freedom Forms
Electric Flux Obliteration

Pure Intoxication
AS Evil Incarnation
This Revelation
IS Anihilation
As if lyrics of an unfinished song that I wrote when I was about 15 years old...  I dig the atmosphere!
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