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Khoi Jun 14
Slugs or lettuce
fur from flesh
ask any Vegan
they know best.
Inspired by nature's friends.

Footprints evanesce

Ocean spirits undulate

***** sidle amok
Nora Sayed Jun 2021
I fear that I’ve been blinded by your love
For once you weren’t there things became tough
I assumed my happiness was in your presence
So I made my perfume from your essence
Sprayed it everywhere so I’d feel you
It was dominant while your emotions weren’t true
All the lies you fed me left me in terror
False hope you gave me but I deserve better
Fortunately, I have my family and friends
Ones I can rely on while my wounds mend
They have always been there for me
And now the best version of myself I thrive to be
My experience with them taught me so many lessons
Some I wouldn’t have learned by myself I reckon
Many people who are in my life will eventually depart
But only true friends will leave a footprint in my heart.
We were footprints in the snow.
One after another, e r a s i n g each
other's soul.
iamgone Jan 2021
I remember it
like it was years ago
or maybe yesterday
snow falling around me
like the laughter
in my soul
my eyes finding refuge
in the fall upon my feet
tiny dancers
my reaction
or rather lack of
to the cold
i found myself
i found myself
and then i found
my eyes
wandering behind me
into the snow
finally taking notice
in the lack of footprints
that followed
my feet reaching nothing
but a shallow cry
and that's when I knew

the world would never see me again
Khoi Dec 2020
M♥️ther Earth
had a tangible spirit
without the circle
where will our heart sit
we even begin to remember

Footprints in the sand don’t last long

Clingy wet mud, lightly does one trudge
The footprints fudged

Fine grained mud, one walks slow, soon to dust the footprints turn

The paws that tread on the wet concrete, footprints one
too many...

the unknowns left
Leocardo Reis Oct 2020
I often find myself
In the naked snow.

For a while,
I ponder of
The person before me
And the places
They must go.
J J Jul 2020
Lift the crumb-sized bit to your lips,
Hesitate until it's too late for hesitation,

Fold to tongue and absorb those tasty, harmless
Spider footprints and germatic warzones.
I thought I'd already posted this.
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