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Joanna 2d
The quiet consumes like a hidden river of peace.

There's a strength and a purity
that gives release.

The sunsets and my spirit rises, knowing it's time
to stop asking why.

Daybreak arrives, and there is an array of colors,
as this journey becomes

an adventure like none other.
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Daybreak on the River

Daybreak rippled sounds
And silver morning flow,
Cool the ire of the beaten night.
Such beautiful disturbance,
A surface shimmer gleam.
The river greets the end of the greylight
And passes by colour streaked,
Endless and resurgent,
Under the firmament aglow.

An eventual sun
That breaks the horizon,
With teasing rays.
The best of times,
The dawn of days.
And let the water breath
Kiss the sallow mists.
A final caress.
Vanquished to daylight.

Whispering willows talk,
Shadow borne on dappled waters,
Bank bowed swaying dance.
Weep willow, weep now,
For the day has begun.
Joy sapped, seeping
From trunk and branch.
Where the breeze wakes
To stir the nest dwellers.

Safe haven for birdsong
That is carried
Upon each gentling ripple.
A new day! they sing
And the river ripples its applause
In the first swish of fishtail
And dragonfly sorties.
Oh glorious dawn,
The day begins!
Written as the sun rose over the River Avon, UK, in complete stillness and peace.
Star BG May 13
Open your heart to the mornings sun.
The dawn that holds unlimited possibilities.
It’s the gift that holds miracles,
inside breeze,
song of birds,
and the heartbeat of life.

Present your dreams to Saint Matin
The Sunup that wraps eyes in moments blanket.
It’s your thoughts that sow them into reality.
In yellow diamonds.
Pinks so luxurious,
and red-oranges a glowing.

Greet with gratitudes voice at first light  
The genesis that gleams with brilliance.
It’s the self being divinity in motion  
in the journey.
Awakening to spirit
and inside celebration of love.    

Just breath into the Canticle of morning
it is rhythm of love and harmony.
First poem of the day.
Erian May 6
Knotting my kite
I'd travel across cities
To be with you in twilight
'Cause whenever I'm with you
My worries fade
An echo from far away
Without you

I wake up every night
With the thought of you beside me
But that never is true
I miss you
From daybreak to daybreak
Without you

I love you
Louder than starry skies
And Blurry midnights
I'll always be there
To help you through
The times of endless fights
Without you

Without you
My strings unravel
Untying, untying
Breathing gone tight
Untying, untying
In diming sight
I can't take flight
Without you

I promise I won't be
Without you tonight
Without you tonight
Amoy Mar 14
Mystical cosmic brush strokes of sprinkles,
Pink marshmallows and blue cotton candy
Left streaks across the sky, so magnificent
Each puff of cloud glowed as if kissed by a unicorn
The sun simmers softly below the horizon
painting the sky pink
Star BG Jan 23
I take a breath at morning light,
moving in depths of heart
where gems of words pour
and emotions sprout.

Where light integrates dark
and dreams manifest.

I take a step at daybreak,
where baby day unfolds
and diamond words get worn
on sleeve to write thoughts.

Where steps of dance balance
and light expands.

I take a moment at night
where stars of twinkling words
center behind eyes as diamond verse
to be woven upon page.

Where hand follows heart,
and heart beats with gratitude.

I take a breath laying upon bed,
aligning with gift of sleep.
A sweet place where I dream,
scouting out places of grand mystery.

Where beating doorway of heart
and songs become words dear.
whispering with morning birds
to scribe a poem but again.
Inspired by Sobbingsoul. Thanks you are a gift
Dear sunrise, don’t fail to wake me.
Dear soul, don’t let Heaven take me.
I cannot miss this chance to rise,
To see the sparkle in your eyes.

Dear dreams, don’t preoccupy me.
Dear slumber, don’t lullaby me.
I cannot face this daily trial,
Without the beauty in your smile.

Dear eyesight, don’t fail to return.
Dear nightmares, don’t be my concern.
I cannot feel the Earth’s pleasance,
Without starting in your presence.

Dear morning, don’t fail to arrive.
Dear God, don’t forget I’m alive.
I cannot face this day anew,
Without a day that faces you.
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Leah Oviedo Oct 2018
When that sliver of daybreak tugs at your eyes
Wake up to unexplored possibilities
Stretch your body in gratitude
Embrace the gift of a new day
Open your heart to a compassionate view
Welcome the sun as she rises for you
Ground into this world and listen for what you need
There is work to be done
In the streets and in your own heart
Start from the root
This is the first poem in 'Start From The Root', my recently published book of illustrations and poetry.  After a year of polishing this book, I'm excited to have completed this goal. I have been writing poetry for most of my life, but only seriously in the past four years. After several people I loved died in just a few years, I began to write poetry as a way to heal. It has been some of the best medicine.
Arcassin B Oct 2018
by Arcassin Burnham

I was just another flame in the mist ready to be burned out.
I was just another past rekindling some spark with an old spouse.
I was just another homeless guy on the street asking for money.
I was just another bee pollenating
Looking around for some honey.

Something about a day to myself just makes it all worth while again,
To love and eat and pray just like a holy ritual where cruelty will never hurt you again.
When humans make up stupid accusations just
Pin something on you just turn the other cheek,
When people have the advantage to ruin what's inside your soul it leaves you in a space not to speak.

Their anger flourishes cause they know they're wrong in times where most of the time parents let society raise their kids while begging for money from the government making money off mental illnesses becoming what the child thought you'd never turn into, hope your heart is bullet proof,
crisis flooding to the roof, putting shame on my name, do better, speak the truth, why does everyone that lives and breaths searching for a better virtue, life isn't hard, follow the rabbit it'll guide you.
Something about a day to myself just makes it all worth while again,
To love and eat and pray just like a holy ritual where cruelty will never hurt you again.
When humans make up stupid accusations just to pin something on you just turn the other cheek,
When people have the advantage to ruin what's inside your soul it leaves you in a space not to speak.
Sunlight shining, rested soul arisen,
Knowing there will be one more day given,
A day, an hour, with love every minute,
There until nightfall, anxiously in it.

Sunlight shining, eyes adjust to the day,
Knowing there will be light showing the way,
Light, love and learning to nourish my soul,
There until nightfall, my faith in control.

Sunlight shining, my best dreams seem less real,
Knowing there will be soft kisses to feel,
Kisses from lips, red with color of hope,
There until nightfall, my kaleidoscope.

Sunlight shining, and days past now feel new,
Knowing there will be renewal with you,
Renewed with life your love is adorning,
There until nightfall, but now good morning.
Companion piece to last night's "Night Has Fallen...Good Night"
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