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rotting rose petals
dry and stiff, unsupple
breathless babies breath
pain so unheard and subtle
suffocated, all blue with disgrace

the rose sheds its skin
petals with a green tinge
they’re bent into seashell shapes
it could form the most
fragile and tender, delicate locket
yeah, i can see it, could sell it
cos who else would stock it?
i just hope “blue with disgrace” came across as a clear alternative to “blue in the face”
Reagan Lee Feb 11
Valentine's Day is here;
I hope he comes out of his shell.
The one and only Valentine;
Please be mine.

Common things like gummy bears
Fun Dips and Ring Pops galore.
The weirdest things like crystal *****.
Please drag me out the door.

Oh Sheldon, oh Sheldon,
Come out of your shell.
There you are!
Now as Valentines we dwell.
It's about a girl who wants her pet snail to come out of his shell, because he has been hidden  inside for a long time.
robin’s-egg blue walls
contain two empty shells—
one lamp on, one lamp off
four eyes open
both minds closed
Erian Rose Sep 2020
I'm still me
And we're distant now
I've gotten stronger
And growing loud
Sometimes I wonder
If you hadn't gone
Extending hands
Vast beyond the sea
Collecting deep-colored shells
For a heart severed-to-be
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
The Seashore Gathering
by Rabindranath Tagore
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

On the seashores of endless worlds, earth's children converge.
The infinite sky is motionless, the restless waters boisterous.
On the seashores of endless worlds earth's children gather to dance with joyous cries and pirouettes.
They build sand castles and play with hollow shells.
They weave boats out of withered leaves and laughingly float them out over the vast deep.
Earth's children play gaily on the seashores of endless worlds.
They do not know, yet, how to cast nets or swim.
Divers fish for pearls and merchants sail their ships, while earth's children skip, gather pebbles and scatter them again.
They are unaware of hidden treasures, nor do they know how to cast nets, yet.
The sea surges with laughter, smiling palely on the seashore.
Death-dealing waves sing the children meaningless songs, like a mother lullabying her baby's cradle.
The sea plays with the children, smiling palely on the seashore.
On the seashores of endless worlds earth's children meet.
Tempests roam pathless skies, ships lie wrecked in uncharted waters, death wanders abroad, and still the children play.
On the seashores of endless worlds there is a great gathering of earth's children.

Originally published by The Chained Muse. My translation is based on an untitled text in Bangla (Bengali) first published in 1912 and known as "60" due to its numerical placement. Tagore made history by becoming the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature the following year. Keywords/Tags: seashore, gathering, children, sky, sea, water, dance, sand castles, shells, boats, play, nets, swim, fish, pearls, ships, waves, songs, mother, lullaby, baby, cradle, tempests, death
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
by Michael R. Burch

for Richard Moore

Shrill gull,
how like my thoughts
you, struggling, rise
to distant bliss—
the weightless blue of skies
that are not blue
in any atmosphere,
but closest here ...

You seek an air
so clear,
so rarified
the effort leaves you famished;
earthly tides
soon call you back—
one long, descending glide ...

Disgruntledly you ***** dirt shores for orts
you pull like mucous ropes
from shells’ bright forts ...

You eye the teeming world
with nervous darts—
this way and that ...

Contentious, shrewd, you scan—
the sky, in hope,
the earth, distrusting man.

Published by Triplopia. Able Muse and The HyperTexts

Keywords/Tags: Gull, sky, blue, atmosphere, air, sea, tides, waves, shores, shells, flight, glide, man, world, trust, distrust
jack cariad leon Feb 2020
she ceased
seaside shell sales
seeing as she suffered
several severe seizures
sitting supposedly safely
by the seashore
inspired by a lyric in the pagan babies (band courtney love was in) song best sunday dress - "No more seizures by the sea"
John McCafferty Feb 2020
Tides and waves
Eroding groans from shells on stones
The tip from depths
A finite breath
Darker swells where stars dwell
Dwarfs or suns to midnight runs
Nothing is here to stay
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Dream Fisher Nov 2019
It's getting worse. Breath.
I don't want to speak. Breath.
They don't know and I can't say
My body is becoming weak. Breath.
It doesn't help to speak out,
No, keep calm, don't freak now.

In a second, my head goes light
In a minute, my insides go tight
Keep it chill like venom fangs
Don't run your brain into worst scenario
You're alright, you're going to be okay.
Swallow deep, throat walls inflamed.
Breathing but, barely though.
Get the steroids deployed.
Adrenaline gives time but doesn't destroy.

In case of emergency, call my contacts.
Where's my mom at? Benadryl 50 mgs on stat!
Heart racing, eyes dielating,
Mind orchestrating scenes of death waiting,
Body shaking, veins pulsating.
I'm alive ******. I made it.
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