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Like the waves,
Who ebb and flow,
Like the shells,
With colours galore,
Like the trees,
And where they grow.

There is one thing,
That you should know,
You are always,
Where you're meant to be,
Who you're meant to be,
Save yourself,
From the sorrow.
Myra Feb 25
Walking on egg shells
Does more damage than
Walking on glass
Glass quickly cuts the skin, and all heals
As time will pass
Egg shells build a climactic crunch
An eerie silence leading to-
I'd rather cut my feet on glass
Than break my heart again over you
Nettie Jan 29
vast, open, wide
not sure of what dangers it could hide
but also beneath the waves
there are treasures a person craves
the sand dollars, coral, and shells
and the captivating fish that lurk in the swells
but also the landscape and picturesque views
that wait for me and you
when we walk across that silky sand
and feel between out toes the feel of the land
how God made it, perfect without harm
but don't forget all his little charm
the seagulls that swoop over out heads
and the splashes that lull us when we lay in our beds
oh, to think how you, a tiny person,
could stand beside this vast ocean
This was also one of my first poems. I wrote this poem on the balcony of my family's condo when we were at Panama City Beach, FL. I love my annual trips with my family.
There casts a lilt of light
      out past horizon's reach
Standing ankles wet against eternity
Feet transfixed in dusky shells
      the souls of this pearl beach

She calls the faintest whispers
      above skin and wave and gull
Beyond a length of swim or tangle of kelp
Beyond a barge a ship
      or barnacled tanker's hull

I cast her back this ribbon of line
      and skip to her a stone
That sinks beneath my depths of breath
The salty wind that moves my will
     my feet my skin and my bone
Glistening in the sun,
Sand can be so much fun.

A towel on the ground,
My worries are now unwound.

Children always laughing,
All the while they are splashing.

Little Birds dart back and forth,
Eating mollusks they work to unearth.

Crisp, clear, blue water,
Always to be seen in this saltwater.

Shells upon shells.
From conch to cockleshells.

Hot sun always lead to ice cream,
To help let off some steam.

So many reasons different for each,
On why the beach is so fun to reach.
Just a fun poem, I wrote this because it was fun to try and rhyme and it was just sort of a test poem.
Sean Achilleos Oct 2018
Don't give up on Love
Just because a rogue crossed your life's path

Don't give up on Love
Because a snake came a sailing your way

Don't give up on Love
Just because you confused **** for Love

Don't give up on Love
Because you mistook thorny weeds for flowers

For there is a season for a tree to be pruned
As every boomerang cast at you
Has no other choice but to return to its sender

Don't give up on Love

Like shells
Beautiful to look at but hollow inside
To be crushed and transformed to sand
For you to walk on

Don't give up on Love
For your season to reap might be closer than you know

Never give up on Love
Written by Sean Achilleos 23 October 2018©
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Peter Balkus Oct 2018
I left my smile by the sea,
now sadness laughs at me.
My days - an orphan's grief,
I wish I wasn't here.

The sea is calling me,
its sirens kiss my ears,
my soul - a shipwreck's mourn,
a hungry seagull's squawk.

No place I want to go,
no place I'd rather be,
no joy, no life in me -
for I left my smile by the sea.
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
Seagulls are circling
above the sea.
Sea shells are sleeping,
being kissed by the wind.

The sea is standing high,
higher than me.
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
I like sea shells,
because they are not waiting
to be found.

They are fine on their own,
sleeping in the sand.
They don't need anything else
to smile.

The roar of the sea
and the whisper of the wind
is enough.
Written on 22.09.2018 after short visit to a seaside in Brighton, UK.
Mida Burtons Sep 2018
it feels as if i'm walking on egg shells
trying desperately to keep everyone happy
being careful not to upset anyone around me
i mustn't disturb the order
but i'm starting to lose my balance
and i'm worried it'll be me
who will end up broken
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