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Man Apr 9
his teeth were rotted out
but he left no time
for regret
for there is no regress
from the state he finds himself in

how it had come to this
boy, he didn't know
fervent drug use
frequenting their misuse
forget it
for tomorrow, is another day for worry

humbled by his lack of knowledge
beset, on knowing's acquisition
further than the last day
faster too
father lost himself to his ambition
Jennifer DeLong Nov 2020
Time ever flowing
Faster and faster
I age with each minute
Faster and faster
Its not slowing down
Its just going by faster and faster
Time ever flowing

© Jennifer L DeLong 10/31/2020
Erian Rose May 2020
frosty crystals clung to
light shows on windowsills
they ran faster than their hands
could touch
on the run from racing time
streams of comfort left
rainy roads bare
to them,
nothing on earth compared
These days I want the days to go slower,
So I can talk to you once again.
These days, I want to nights to go faster,
So I get the good morning text once again.

These days, I want the time to go faster,
So I can meet you once again.
That day I want the time to go slower,
So I can look into your eyes once again.

When I met you, I wanna hug you once again.
When you're leaving, I wanna say "I love you" once again.
When you're low, I'll hold you once again.
When you're happy, I wanna be there once again.
Written on April 25th.
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2020
And there's something that happens
When we talk
When we touch
As our buttons unfasten
Pour feelings into *** and such

Trying not to overthink each action
No matter how I try
Cannot avoid distraction
Sounds of ecstasy amplify

When our hot blood flows faster
Worlds halt breifly and stand still
Irresistible desire becomes my master
Leaves me desperate for your thrill
I don't write about *** much but if making love is not living breathing poetry than what is?
Masha Yurkevich Feb 2020

When you think
will leave you

when you think
is no more

is right there waiting.

Always ready
to hit the road.

Her headlights
call you,
the engine

Just press the
and she'll show you

She'll take your worries
far away
and nothing else will

As long as the arrow on the speedometer
as long as you go

The beautiful BMW.

She will never let you down


as long as you pay for gas

Ken Pepiton Feb 2020
As deep and fast as I imagine thought rrivers
riving my senses,

anon, another comma breather comes along
to spit me out,
too hot, too cold, too banal to avoid,

****. (****)
that's it.
We are all like those constipated tea drrinkkers,
from Back to Eden, nutritional gospel of the gay nineties,
and the entire Trump executive system,
is a biome transfusion,
that ...

is not what I was told. I was Told,
authoritative ly by the
most popular prophet Sid Roth is boosting,
that prophet shouts, GOD the Lord, we trust, the one on the money,
set Donald Trump at the peak of power.

I cough an ought and violently disagrree, see, as it appears
to me,
Donald Trump is a set-up, see
as they impeached him, behind the cameras

they gave him an arsenal capable of

you know,
Armegeddon or whatever end you harbour,
in the depths of you.
Where you hope.

Here's the point, the point Con-cep-tion, see

the idea, formless in one dimention, re
a grrowning word, I,
mmmmore tu, wham a slap touch bounce
catchit, we

be, time goes, okeh, and after all that

it's 2020 and we are netted on the right
side of the vessle shaped

into a torus wit a hot and cold, kinda

beauty, is a word I sup, offer up, pose
you agree, see, psi
ence science with (con, as in with meat)
conpsience is scorrnd,
as a word, meaning less if previous sci
ence of right sounds, sets
psi as
a shibboletharrgic gate, to filter lazy eyes
from evil eyes,
before filling them with visions

of grranduer for winning the war, not that
last battle,

where --nevermind, click Broca- off.

*******, walks on. I know the messenger.
We can trrust this meta-story,
ever after all we know
had to happen,
sooner or later. Why,

I said so.
Seek and ye shall find, I said is true.
Thus I found you.
one to take me at my words, and love me
to set me free to fill the vessels, not a few,
who built their shelters on the sands,
long since baked to stone,

mortal mind, listen, reading is your gift,
writing forms the vessle, we fill,
we living words you loosed,

when you pierced the Babbit wall, and
robbed the city of angels of its
stolen water,

per haps,
at the behest of some mourning mama
whale where the birthing harborr
poisons hopes whales give
the whole world, along
with the butterflies,
and bats, and dodo birds.
2020 vision day 42, deeper, faster, harder
she was princess
kneeling as slave
saying to him save

my heart from sinking
at deepest of thinking

the thief came
say to the police
you are under arrest
the police was jailed
as he had laziness

the boy chased the lion
the lion hided at gun
the boy shot the gun
the lion got over the sun
he printed his shape
over the face of the moon

the cold came as the spider
the man rushed the fire
the cold escaped faster

what a matter
he forgot his words
his role was a hero
at famous film
the important were the words
the succeeded over films
that film
the overlap judged everywhere, and the problems increase
Shiv Pratap Pal Dec 2019
You keep on travelling for years
Moving in one single direction
With your other two siblings
Who keep running faster than you

But what do I see?
After so many years of walking
You are still not much far from -
The point, you started your journey

The same situation applies to -
Both of your siblings also
Who are energetic than you
Even they are taller than you

But why it Happened this Way?
I Guess, It was because
A part of yours is tied together
With the Point of the Origin

O my hour-hand of the Clock
I know, you always showed
The correct hour of day and night
Since years and years rolling on

But do you know? You are cursed
To keep on walking and walking
Reaching almost nowhere
Even after travelling for so many years

Do you love this? I feel, You do not
I think, I really feel your pain
I keep on thinking why time is -
Measured in circular motion

Whether time really repeats itself
Or we just assume like that
Just for our own convenience
Who knows? Do You?
I accept my ignorance. What about you?
LC Oct 2019
my trust is like waves of the ocean.
they meet the sand at the shore,
then run away faster than ever.
if the waves are too strong,
will the sand vanish...
or will it be pulled by the waves?
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