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JKM 7d
You were my sun
As I was your moon

And ours was a rare eclipse of the midnight sun and the midday moon

At least
It used to be.
For the sun and the moon shared a love so strong that even destiny can't keep them apart for so long.

But even an eclipse has to end.
JKM Oct 9
It feels like I'm writing a story that is sure to have no happy ending.

And instead of being the one behind the pen, I'm the one being written.
JKM Oct 9
Why are you doing this to me?
Making me wait anxiously for your replies
Making me worry by telling me lies
Lies like you're fine, and you're okay
While your eye says otherwise

Why are you making things so complicated?
Making me question whether it's coincidence or fated
Making me wonder, are we really connected
Or are we just two lost souls longing to be accepted

You see, I don't even know what's happening to me
I don't know what we are and neither what we'll be
I myself am not even sure if there really is a 'we'
Or is it just a make-believe story I made in my fantasy
The consequences of your actions
Are a burden I suppose I asked for
When I agreed to belong to you
When I offered you sanctuary in my arms

Yet tonight they are so heavy
And I no longer wish to carry them
My legs are so tired darling
Please just admit that you were wrong

My legs are so tired darling
Break the generational chain that binds us to this nonsense.
Freezing water on my skin is unobserved while a warm breeze flows through my steady state of detached focus

Comfortable illusions embraced by the tribe, you look to me and see something of a demon, to be feared, yet respected

I stand tall as any man might, my gaze contains an eternal essence, an angel in this creature

A vessel of blood and bones, feels the emotion of an abandoned infant, the alienation of a wolf betrayed by its pack

Continued to climb with broken arms, walked with a shattered heart, intercepting the silence with bitter expressions of being

Once blindness had become so much better than seeing, watching brothers bend beauty to fit a God forsaken form

I look now upon your beaten face without pity, painfully acknowledging the choices you have made

The sounds of war replaced the quiet calmness of the child I used to be

Weeping without recognition, you scoffed at this agony

Now night after night I contemplate our complacency,
wondering when the rivers of blood may awaken the hearts sacred sense of urgency

A soul of the whole world. I watch the floods and flames engulf the stillness that once was, the peace that was taken for granted, now falling down, and heaven cries it's last goodbye
Minutes til I get to u
Spiral my visions into inspirations
I don’t get it
Why ppl keep telling me
Love is sweet and KIND
But doesn’t grow
Always in sunshine
Through the storm
I’ve groomed and grown
The whole time
I was not alone
Never will I be
A QUEEN helped me see
Tough love
An empty home
No voices
No children
No kisses til the crack of dawn
Just the sound of me
On my own
I’ve trained and prepared
To be everything
You see
You showed me
The greatest version of me
Tears and all
You cried
I cried
We felt our love
For each other
In our hearts
When I hear about
Our time apart
Not a word to speak
You described me
To the T
Trying to avoid the thoughts
Smiling at your voice
The softness of your touch
Even as I think
I feel your body
Against me
How can this be?
This **** chemistry
****, this **** FREQUENCY
I love you
Not to the moon and back
That I can’t say
My love for you
That we create our own GALAXY
I don’t care
What anyone says
I’m here
Step by step
Day by day
Prayer by prayer
I mediate with FULL FAITH
Our love continue to grow
Fine with age
Johnny walker Aug 18
In shadows of my past I walk for there's no path to future for me I'd rather live In the past memories rather trying to create new
I gain from Helen's memory than to try and start a new life with someone else just wouldn't work for
To strong Is our bond  as In life even more In death for I'll never let go her go keep her In mind every day and will be to the end of my
It's our night ...

yes sweetheart ...
it's the night which i always spend through you ...
its our night ...
as every night ...
still remember its event ...
still remember that night ...
our night ...
it's event still runs into my mind ...
as the river run with no stop ...
still live through that night ...
that night among our candles ...
which it lighted to each others the love ...
and burned it self jealousy to our love ...
from our breathe's flame ...
and our bodies' fires ...

yes sweetheart ...
still remember that night ...
our night ...
it's event still relate to that night ...
about the battle which run silent without any words ...
and on our bodies drew it details ...
and stamped an eternal picture to our memories ...
that never to be forgotten forever ...
and never to be end ,however the event gone ...

yes sweetheart ...
through those moments i still live ...
still enjoying ...
still get pleasure from ...
still feel your lips and it's saliva ...
those lips which drew on my shoulder and the whole of my body ...

yes sweetheart ...
its our night ...
our poetic battle ...
which we both got winners into that night ...
our night ...

sweetheart ...
would you share  again with me that night ...
our  night ...

hazem al...
Almost two years now has passed since my sweetheart left for Heaven but still feels like yesterday when I laid that first red rose
on upon her
The toughest thing
was to leave Helen laying there on that cold and dismal day then to turn and walk away lost of words to say twenty years Is a long
For In that time together we had never been apart and Its hard now that all has gone to yesterday and all those memories I hold so
Sometime wish that I could just disappear for the ground open and swollow me much easier than to try and face this world without
For Its the promise I made to her and to myself that will see me through what ever days that I have left writing
endless poems of my wife all the stories of our
Johnny walker Jul 24
What have we done to this  
world we were left In charge
of so much trust left In our hands how did we come to where we are now trying to save a dying
In but very few generations
we arrived at the point of near destruction at our own hands bought on global warming upon ourselves but maybe we're already to
And comes down to greed for wealth to many ambitious people Inventors who push through with there Ideas regardless of the long term affects they may
So again I have to ask are we to late In realising what we've really done the total destruction of our planet the very hands that were supposed to care
for our
accually we're destroying It with global warming this world should never have been Intrusted to us also we are responsible for declining
animal population all for money
We do not deserve this world
terrorist killing In the name of religion Inocent lives lost
through guns and bombs evil Idea's they call there victims
soft targets when In
they're just to cowardly to face anybody caperable of fighting back hiding behind
bombs we do not deserve this
planet In truth the only ones that do are the Inocent who have already passed
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