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We are traveling, caring for our soul inside,
As we search for, what we should be doing,
Our personal purpose, in this short life,
To help the soul get closer to perfection,
So, it can move on, at the end of this ride.
None of us will know if we discovered,
Our purpose, until after our body dies.
I never was a reader, never planned to write,
It was August 31, 2002, twenty years ago,
A friend called crying, a friend of his, died,
Some voice inside was saying write a poem or song,
To help my friend, relieve his sorrow inside.
I remember arguing with myself, I cannot write,
I tried, it only took me about two hours, to finish,
Jamie’s Song, it seemed easy, I was on my way,
Now, around 2,000 complete, hundreds, I started, let lay.
Often it seems so easy, they just appear in my mind,
All honest stories, messages, for the future, my purpose,
I will never know, till after my heartbeats, the last time.
The Original Tom Maxwell © 1/4/2022 AD 7:50 AM
dailythoughts Sep 2021
you played my song and made it ours
by dancing with me hand-in-hand
David P Carroll Mar 2021
So here we are again
The land of suffering
And we softly whisper PALESTINE
PALESTINE is forever in my heart
Beating with me and
We pray for you every day
I even lit a candle today
So try to be strong and please hang on
Help is on its way so try to
Smile today but there's no happiness
Or joy in PALESTINE today
It's just an other PALESTINIAN women
***** today but the world can truly
See this evil including me
And Lord Jesus Christ never
Forgets the suffering but Palestine is not free
And PALESTINE can never free
Without there freedom in life
And I promise you all
I'll love and pray for
Every Palestinian who's
Suffering every day.
Free Palestine 🌷🌷🌷🌷🥶
Ezinne Jan 2021
Anger and pain in an instant all washed away,
My guilt and shame still decided to stay.

I hear it and I know I wouldn't
It calls me and I know I shouldn't.

I played it and let it play me.
I broke it, but I was the one who needed fixing.

Love and spotlight all fell at my feet,
Glory and praise all thrown at it.

Beautiful and majestic it sounds.
But within its soul, anxiety and insecurity clouds.

Once you start to play, there's no turning back.
Don't lose your focus and remember to stay on track.

Give into its sounds but ignore its calls.
This day I mark before you all.

Play wisely....
Everyone has their own way of reliving stress. My own way is music, and writing. This as well is my favorable instrument, and I desperately want to understand it and play it.
David P Carroll Dec 2020
Here we go again
Coronavirus is back again
And it's so sad to see
Loved ones dying
Infront of me and the
Sadness never ends but
When will this virus
Every go away and I'm
Cocooning away to keep
To keep this killer virus away
And it's taken my happiness away
And it's no more hug's
Or cuddles anymore and I can't
Even hug my poor Auntie today
And it's sadness in her eyes
Watching my 100 year old Auntie cry
Her lifr has changed like never before and it's
No more happiness or joy for today and
Coronavirus is here and Coronavirus
Will never go away I'm Cocooning today
And I'm watching the little birds sing to me
It's so wonderful and magical it draws a smile
On my face as the birds fly away I'm Cocooning today
But I promised the Lord Jesus Christ
I'll love and pray for everyone
Who's suffering from coronavirus every day.
Coronavirus 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷
David P Carroll Dec 2020
You and me in true love
We'll be and
From now on
And forever until eternity.
We'll Be Forever ❣️❤️💖💓
David P Carroll Dec 2020
Husband and wife
You and me we'll be
Forever in love
And forever in life.
Lover's Forever ❤️❤️
David P Carroll Dec 2020
Every night I dream about you
It's sweet dreams of me and you
And every morning I wake and I
Realize I'm truly in love with you.
Our Love 😍💘🥰😻
hazem al jaber Dec 2020
Our coffee ...

coffee is ready ...
it's made by me ...
ready to be sipped ...
by lips ...
which it's ...
your's and mine ...
it waits ...
our lips ...
to give us ...
together ...
a wonderful morning ...
to start our day ...

let's start sweetheart ...
kissing ...
lips by lips ..
me and you ...
before we start ...
our coffee...
to made together ...
our day ...

sweetheart ...
let's start ...

hazem al ...
David P Carroll Dec 2020
Kiss me under
The mistletoe
And lets fall in love
And take my hands
And lets grow old
Together forever.
Together In Love 💖💖
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