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Faith Jul 2
I find
A rhythmic beat
To the pounding
Upon my rooftop
And as the thunder shakes my walls
My thoughts fade
Into the darkness
Of the clouds outside
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Andrew Jun 9
Give me the thick, dark clouds
that blanket the sky in grey.
Give me the fat, cold globules
of H2O,
falling from the firmament.
I would gladly gaze up,
and allow them to land
upon my head and my neck
and my shoulders,
sending a flutter down my spine—
straight through
to my fingertips.

Give me the cracklings of
those super-charged particles,
displacing the air
clearing the horizon
as it illuminates
just like Independence Day.
Give me the hot, sticky,
sweat-filled calm,
and let the tides roll in
to wash it away
on the back of the

A. I. Myles   o9 June, 2019
Raindrops will drop.
the beat in my chest
that had been gone for so long
had silently hummed in the background
waiting to be found.
now it echoes in my ears
while we both laugh
to nothing at all
and this simple little feeling
that I was so convinced
couldn't possibly exist -
I found it somewhere
in a parking lot
for hours
during a thunderstorm
or was it Tangled in your bedsheets?
or in a backyard with a crowd of people,
as we locked eyes
and pulled away
not knowing
a sensation
feigned for so long
was somewhere stuck in the middle
between the two of us
waiting to be found.
for C.
Kaity Mar 29
I am of the wild

I am thunder, and rain, and absolute chaos

I was raised to run with wolves

And I will not be rearranged by the hands of man

I am a butterfly flitting across your nose

Hair of vine, of wind, of water

Unbound by gravity, melting into the golds and greens of the forest

I tear down homes with my hurricane

I rage like wildfire

Bathing and dancing in the moonlight

I lift up my chin, calling out to the nature around me

I protect the things the rest of the world forgot

Snails and slugs and broken flowers

My eyes hold the moon and stars

They twinkle with madness

I am an oak tree

Branches and roots tangle between the feet of men

I am the wind slipping through the world

Undetected leaving my mark if you know where to look

I knew what I was doing when

I invited the wild in
Bohemian Feb 15
Weather isn't too good today
Seems like heaven's in tears
Not because I'm broken
Or it broke along watching me
Once again another being would metaphorize it with her grief
As I listen to the sounds
Where outside thunderstorms reign
Sounds like muffled cries from inside
I can't help but empathize with her pain
Aching to be acknowledged
The light from lightning does not stay
In hopes in that split second
Was enough to give it away
Endless tears stain my window
As I hear mother nature's cries
When the storm ends and it is quiet again
Remnants of pain are left behind
Wynn H Jan 9
I hear the rain
beating at my windowpane,
As the clouds thunder,

[I know you like

And suddenly,
The memories come flooding in…
But they don’t seem to escape.
They just seem to hang around
                                   like a ghost,
with unfinished business...

The pieces of my broken heart,
Line the insides of my soul…

It’s all too overwhelming,
At times

Some nites I’m fine
And some nites,
         I’m drowning

The rain,
Does’nt wash away

Sunny Sep 2018
The pitter-platter of the rain.
Seems to wash my thoughts away.
I think, my mind falling into limbo
As the tapping continues at my window

Lightning flashes across the sky
I feel a chill and wonder why
Thunder scares me more
As I curl up on the floor.

I cry and panic
It feels so pathetic
To be scared by something so frequent
Day after day, it comes, always sequent.

When I talk to you, I don’t feel shame
Because you remind me that others feel the same
I just wish I could be there with you
And I know, you feel the same way too.
nabi 나비 Aug 2018
i have always feared thunderstorms
i have no idea why but they terrify me down to my very core
the sound of thunder makes me want to curl up into a little ball and hide away from everything until it stops
thunderstorms make me feel so small and weak and i absolutely dread them
and the only way i can cope with my fear is if somebody hugs me and is there
but this isn't always attainable as people are people and aren't focused around me
it makes sense but it's absolutely miserable for me as thunder makes me curl up in my bed hiding under my blanket like a child
hopefully one day this fear will dissipate into nothing
but for now i am terrified of thunderstorms and am in dire need of somebody to sleep in my bed with me so i can sleep
because it is currently storming and i am shaking
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