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Anais Vionet Jul 2022
It’s thunderstorm country around here.
They roam the boiling, hot, southern skies
on legs of lightning, like dark, angry trolls.

My Chinese roommate is impressed with them
because as menacing and mountainous and electrical
as they seem, through the trees whip and the rain
lashes - like special effects - no real damage is done.

Love is like that, a circus briefly coming to town,
that scintillates, palpitates, irritates or validates
- a carney-call with the urgency of a sale.
“Run away and join the show,” it whispers.

Love is both less than it seems and more than it is.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: validate: to “recognize, establish, legitimacy
Mayah Seals Mar 2022
Exhaustion. Like a frieght train that rattles me to my core, as blistering as the tunnel it travels.
This wind whistles and chills my bones.
Who am I?
Elated and deflated. I shake and scorch the land with each footfall of a once great sun.
This fire now blazes and burns my veins.
Who am I?
A never ending search on the journey to who I wish to be.
Leaving petals in my wake. Most beautiful petals; with the most poisionous tears.
Who am I?
Peace and Tranquility. I seek it in and out as a drug to calm the raging storms behind my lost eyes.
Who am I?
Droplets and storms. Caressing my face and tending to the raging flames.
Their waves wash away the leaking poisons and catch the raging winds where gentle rivers float my spirit away.
Until one day I land upon
Who I am.
Beautiful cleansing rains
If loneliness is a memory that tastes like
cigarette smoke and *** soaked ash
I have lived it a thousand times.
If the endless nothingness of being lonely swallows me again and again,
like waves on a beach,
Leaving me to drown again and again-
Leaving me gasping for breath in a moment of mercy.
If loneliness tastes like getting caught in a thunderstorm in an unfamiliar place
And there is no one to comfort you,
Then I have been left in the cold for what feels like an eternity
Sun is now packing its bag,
Showing everyone its vacation's flag.
Taking a small leave from its harsh duty,
Just to give us a glimpse of beauty.

Now, the blue sky is dressing grey,
Cool breezes are blowing all through the way.
Everyone's having a charm on their face,
Also, carrying a strange happiness.

Today, the birds seems to be playing flute,
Even the voice of crow's sounding very cute.
Frogs are croaking like a guitar,
The wind is behaving as a rockstar.

The roaring clouds are clashing,
Thunderbolts in sky are flashing.
Every creature is feeling confident,
Lovely rain showers 're making the day pleasant.

Raindrops are making morning bright,
Thunderstorms are striking at night.
I'm enjoying a new life in the month of "JUNE",
Today, the great nature is welcoming "the sweet MONSOON". . .
MONSOON - A Short rainy season...
Alex Fontaine Jun 2021
Watching the lightning, listening to thunder
Did I do the wrong or right thing
It’s got to make you wonder
What tomorrow might bring
to tear it all asunder.

Splitting our limbs and bringing the pain
Leaving us torn
We wonder why it came
But the fiercest storms
still bring the rain.

We try to hold on to what we forgot
Not to grow up and throw it all away
But the storm has taught
That life finds a way
And branches heal like it or not.

I miss my fiends and I miss my youth
If I could go back I don’t know what I’d do
Branches bend and on time moves
All things end but the search for truth
It is a lost place
One thinks of sunny
Blue skies
And then thunderstorms

Of running through
Vast, vast, vast
Open grasslands

Of cooking on a fire,
Of looking out
Over the hills of our
Homeland, homeland, home -
Land, land, land
Isabella Sep 2020
Thunderstorms rage outside my window
Lightning blinks at it watches me cry
If I drowned in the rain, no one would know
Amidst the chaos nobody would notice me die
Rewrite of the last two lines from a poem I wrote a few years ago..
Rameen Aslam Aug 2020
I was Never afraid of thunderstorms
I walked right into them
I walked all over them
I guess I was lucky , “never been hit.”
Until I got my first strike and every bit
Of my beautiful mind and beguiling smiles
Turned into nothing but dust and ashes.
I guess I was wrong back then about the crashes
For Now I wish the storms shall pass
And hope the storms won’t last.
But who am I fooling ?
They shall surely last
And they shall never pass.
Anais Vionet Aug 2020
thunderstorming skies...
my tongue reaches to catch the
important raindrops

the lightning's flash
causes me to flinch in surprise
then an after boom!

A squeak of fear
static electricity
makes my hair rise up

maybe inside is a
a much better place to be
in a thunderstorm
daily thunderstorms sweep Georgia - I LOVE them
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