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Seanathon Sep 2018
Eyes upwards
Turning clouds
With rolling chin
And a smile to the sky forever
He grins
At the vantage point of where it begins
Skyward Glance
Ivyanna Jan 6
His eyes reminded me of sunshine
they warmed up my body delightfully
his one glance - and I felt divine
worshipped like a goddess, truly
Elah Naldo Dec 2018
it's ironic how love is a fleeble thing yet it feels so heavy when it comes to you. i love you in sighs heaving out on my lips. i love you in glances i take when you're out the door. i love you as i swallow lumps that form in my throat. i love you the most in the smallest gestures of your actions, when you absently thread your fingers between your hair, when your tongue ran over from one corner of your lips to the other, when you squint your eyes when you read details in small font. i love you silently. i love you with distance i will never know how to minimize. i love you in ways in which you don't pay attention, in moments when your thoughts wander as you stare into an empty space. maybe that's why even though you're close, you're still so far away because i keep saying that i love you in inaudible whispers until they form a love letter in the back of my mind, hoping you could read it someday.
Feggyr Citack Dec 2018
-on the spirit of passion

My life had ended, so I felt,
when your eyes found mine.
You dragged me up to heaven
- the heat caused my will to melt.

My reborn self drowned in your beaming eyes.
Your ardent face steamed away my flesh;
my spirit, pure and longing, stood *****
- only at your service now, only yours my ties.

Let me take the final step, I cried.
Unshackle my heart, unwrap my love,
undo the border between you and me
- our nova will disrupt all selfhood that we hide.

My love flamed high towards your feet above.
It burned itself and turned to ashes,
its sole remainder its humiliated, aching root
- and still a new twig grows from the stump of love.

How could I ignore your whispering song?
The voice of your leaves filled my head,
you took my hands, you bowed my knees -
a gardener's prayer makes a tender love grow strong.

A storm shook my spine and my sacrosanct place!
The more I pressed my face against your trunk,
the clearer I saw two radiating planets rise
- attracting me with liberating gaze.

It's you, and you, and you, my beloved friends,
it's the asking glance we see in each and all.
My life has ended with my questions now -
now that your responding eyes found mine.
Just another christmas carol
Thou hast given clefts in my heart
The glance doth me that impact .
Never knew how Cleopatra was beautiful
But could know how the goddess stare.
'tis come to knowledge which made me that impact.
O lady ! O darling ! Mend me
I'm burning bare.
I wish I were to thou in the gala and fair
Thou Could halt and nodus send me
Containing thy avow then and there.
Now in my lonesome I'm invoking thee.
O My paramour see , I'm on my knee
I'm on my knee.
The glance
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2018
Once in all of a sudden
catching a glimpse of someone
I felt one needs not to show up.
But can steal the entire show
just at first glance!
Nikos Kyriazis Nov 2018
Glorious clouds
You, who reign
in the vast plains
of the sky
You, who hide us
from the outside glance
You are God's eternal
brush for his canvas
His mood and sentiments
are dipicted upon
your ***** body
Dani Nov 2018
Your heart starts out strong
A break in the chain makes it all wrong
Starts with strength and will
Ends with being helplessly ill
The road block starts with a curious glance
Too soon are you following the dance
Showing the world where you went wrong
I thought you could have been so strong
You have the will and all the power
Take what is yours and build a tower
A wall between you and a curious glance
You can always be what you once were
Strong hearted and always absolutely sure
This battle is tough and only that
A fight to **** off using a loving bat
Show the world what you are worth
You start out strong from birth
Be what you were born to be
A bird that loves back and is free
Follow the correct dance
The one you knew at first glance
Listen to what is true
You know what to do
Written 2012
For a friend who just could not see he IS better than the drugs.
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