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No glory to find.
In the riches of the earth.
Look up and see some.
Nat Lipstadt Aug 9
(from the beautiful messages some of you send me, this my unintended answer, my thanks, my concerns, all brewed and blended, emerging in this the first second of this say, this day)

the day’s light is undecided. Alternating currents of cloudy
and peek-a-boo sunshine are reflecting outward from my insides onto the world exterior as personality is the best envisioning filter, making you and reality mirror each other, and there are no lines, no divisions.

you awake and instant watch water moving; the currency of
water are the surface wavelets, like wind blown hair.  So, what notions  I have going on is that the water wears wigs (shhhh!) just to keep its integral integrity of constant dishonesty, that being its
natural state.

recall nature is just your insides eking, leaking out in...wavelets
and wigs.

all this wonderful nonsense is my heart deeded  eking, leaking, in droplets, in constant motion, this water is never placid, never perfectly still, always moving, sometimes rumbling...and she and I talk about not having a child to take care of in the morning as a sad freedom to
pamper and experiment ourselves even as we co-exist in sweats and t-shirts which segues into a conversation how we moderns crave simplicity over the complexity of living in “modern” times, making us vulnerable to leaders who offer promises of draining, return to the good ole days, forgetting that in just forty years the world fought two wars that killed millions, destroyed the landscape, left billions in miserable existence, and yet shaped, still shapes, the world via today’s unraveling global structure...

so I return to the water, marveling at its life long deception...motion
constant, to the human eye, random and disorganized, yet balletically
organized with synchronicity and yet above and underneath is a whole world in random cooperation, but not necessarily peaceful coexistence...

a mobile, ever changing jigsaw puzzle where the pieces fit together
for just a second before devolving into a new puzzle and on and on...
the surface calm of our appearances, flecked with expressions, our body reshaping with every step is a testimony to the inconstancy of living and I think I could never write a good enough poem to explain how we each inside and outside coexist with engines of turmoil inside, churning, and the oceans and the rivers exist only to remind us that water comes in many colors, and when we dip even a finger in running flows, we  alter the course of history, humanity, eternity, and all words that end in Y, that are really big, the all encompassing ones;

every thought, every blink, every word, is so revealing and I rejoice, secure in that knowing, for it is the source of creating and here I am creating this one second’s summary and I must stop for here comes another second, another glance asking for love,

like a child climbing into your early morning bed, ear to ear grinning, announcing their presence as their gift to you and the world in general, and of course they are exactly right, like every fluid body of water...
poem by the the second

8:55AM Sun Aug 9 2020
It was early sunday morning
The sun was shining blazingly in the sky
As I saw you passing by
You gave me butterflies, I won’t lie
Your impeccable innate beauty and your courteous smile made me shy
After a while, by chance
We swapped a glance
I could neither think nor blink
But just wonder, how pretty you glimpsed in pink!
Aer Jul 16
the sun spilled upon her lashes,
her breaths long as she glanced above
by chance, catching wind of his russet hair
obscuring the view of his soft blue eyes.
unknown to him
she watched as he stepped his skateboard down,
noticed his worn black jeans
and colorful sneakers,
him rolling away
not knowing how he caught
the girl's starry eyes.
and their paths would never cross again.
Mrs Anybody Jun 20
the moon
kept me company
even whilst
the sun
was there

but maybe
she wanted
to catch more
just a glance
of him
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your spell is slowly wearing off
off my mind and soul
the ink you splashed all over my heart
is starting to leak

soon enough
the spirit of your fragrance
will vanish
in thin air

the curse lies in your return
please don’t look back
don’t call me
for one last glance
Imran Islam May 20
Only one loving glance of you
gives my heart joy like an ocean.
I have seen other beautiful ladies
and lovely women
But as for me you're the best one
and I still see your smile in my dreams.

Babe, your lovely black eyes
melt into shyness.
I feel so pleasure
with philophobia
when you get down in the water.
Yeah, you're still walking in my dreams.

Your eyes are full of language
of my little heart.
The moon that fills the sky
The flower that smells to attract love
Maybe they follow your shadow.
Love, I ask you to stay in my dream always.
Erian Rose Apr 27
his fingers fidgeted with the stars
comets flying like racing cars
when he glanced above, all he hoped
to sing a lullaby to the one
he loves the most
SelinaSharday Apr 15
Here I give ya This Mood.. Now take this mood...
This way I'll seize the moment.
With it I'll go on and choose.
MAKE MY MOOD, Into a Rose..
You have many levels its like viewing into your many windows.
Take My Glance.
Dance with this Chance,
Consider the gift of this chance.
Sparkles in my soul makes glitter in my eyes.
My Hopes they are gems ready to glow float and rise.
It may catch you by surprise, But to me it's no surprise.
The Gifts are filled in my heart such delicacies.
Oh@H.E.RSuch fine interwoven textures, such hard to reach levels, such a place of intricacy.
Yet so many more places of creativity, idealistically.
Such a wonder, lovable intricacies Eternally.
Who Is, S.H.E@R. Just a Glance
being invisible until when.. u get,,.
is it just me
why do you chose to see
is it meant to be
i want to have a we
in all those nights
i wish you could feel
this is so right
sleeping beside you
slipping glances on you
those neck
those skin
those sound
when you sleep
those hands
i know you want to hold
so tight
you want me
but i wish you are true
not just for show
not just for this flow
let's go together

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