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One glance
One look
Once smile
And she would fall for him
And she would love him forever
even if the smile wasent meant for her lol
One glance
One look
One smile
And he would fall for her
Ally Aug 17
I turn to look at you
just one glance
its not perfect
somewhat broken

I look at you
all of you
you look at me, but you don't really see me
im a little bent

and you
just ... love that
Let me look at you.
At the darkest night.
When a light from street.
Will be show your bleak.
Let me glance each piece.
Let me look at you.
While a sun still down.
We will covering, by the shame. Waking up at the morning sun.
That all I need is rest.
Because my day was so stressed.
That all I need is your sweet kisses on my cheeks.
Because my tension is exceed.
That all I need is glancing at your face.
Because I am so close to
blow up.
That all I need to hearing: Sweet dreams my love.
You see the flower.
What do you think about?
How beautiful it is?
One glance on it.
One glance just not enough.
And no one other.
One glance to covering.
What hidding in the inside?
What hidding there behind?
Such beautiful flower.
So sweet aroma of the life.
So soft like an angel.
One glance just not enough.
To see whole world inside.
Your glance enough.
The only trough your eyes.
Your love enough.
The only one more word: ,,I love you."
Your warm enough.
To warm up whole universe.
You are enough for me.
Fully and completely.
You are enough.
our eyes locked in an embrace
around my racing heart
Jaxey Jul 27
I yearn for the day
That I get butterflies
Not from liking you
but from knowing
that you like me back
I'm tired of the same old butterflies
vern Jul 15
how could I be so blind
to the stolen glances you gave me
was there always such a loving intent
within your gaze
how was I so oblivious
to miss your eyes on me
writer's block has been so rough
here's something until my writer's block goes away
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