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Shofi Ahmed Aug 2023
Just the least
      just a pinch
               is magic
stirs the seven seas!

Your pretty little
          beauty spot
            is big indeed!
Piques the waxing moon
            revealing new skin.
Ah therein the day
           at the end of the day
dips into the depth of the blue
            never sleeps
roams in starry dreams!

Neither Earth or sky
               is deep or high.
The first light drops
                upon the rose.
The secret is secret no more
              sings the nightingale
interpreting the dream
          down the whole lit up sky
yet a twilight comes on the way.

Just a glance of you
wraps the entire show away,
towards depths so profound
and heights so high
yet unseen by any eye!
Mrs Timetable Jan 2023
Are you someones moment in time?

Or their

Be both
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2022
A glance in the mirror
one step closer to the rose
On the face of the sun
a drop of snow.
Under the same cloud
sings a nightingale.
Close to you
not far at all
sea wide from the sky
blue lotus-fall!
Strying Jul 2022
my eyes still burn
from the last time we locked them
you and I are like
everyone and everything around us
trying to extinguish us
but our eyes
they meet and make a forest fire
they meet and planets explode
it's like there's nothing else
keeping me from moving on
except for the way our eyes
used to ignite at a mere glance.
a forced broken love story
inspiration was my life but also "I burn for you" from Bridgerton
LC Apr 2022
my first step cracked the ground like phyllo pastry / alarms pierced through dense air that struggled to reach my lungs / massive acrid pills fell from the darkening sky / inching closer to me with every second / as if the world was demanding for me to swallow them / my body absorbed lightning faster than it could ever charge through the sky / my heart seized with every glance / so I kept my eyes downcast / settling on a strong smooth obsidian / that rested below the ground / tremors overtook my hands / and I leaped onto the stone.
This is the poem I wrote for the first day of Escapril (created by Savannah Brown). The prompt is "when I opened my eyes," and this is my interpretation. I hope you enjoy it, and my poem for the second day will be posted later today!
Valya Nov 2021
Yesterday and today
You got me thinking about you
Your blank glances
Your small comments on my games
Never would've thought of you before
But here we are
I steal glances at you
And you lock eyes with me as I do
Raven Feels Sep 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, a happy is a happy?

a second at a second
eyes knew something of a golden weapon
a minute at a minute
a sunrise's glitch before you know it
an hour at an hour
dinner a feast desert sour
a day at a day
one sunny one rainy all different says
a week at a week
Mondays lazy Fridays a smiley cheak
a month at a month
nothing permanent each a season at once
a year at a year
every beginning to the ending you near
a glance at a glance
still dont know the hallways of a billion stance

CautiousRain Sep 2021
What did that look mean
when you glanced at me like that?

Yes, it was true,
another person's lips had grazed mine
when you left me the first time,
and now that you'd come back,
you seemed to know something I didn't.

I hadn't lied
when I told you that
your lips felt right against my own
and his smokey breath did not,
and then the secret you had held was revealed
only slightly, of course,
and I didn't even notice.

When I told you that
I had wished I was kissing you instead,
what I had first thought was a look of love
was actually your look of embarrassment and shame
and this was because, you too, were a man with a smokey breath,
leaving imprints of your lips on another's
long before we had parted ways.

So, it wasn't her who kissed you first;
you filthy little liar,
and you were starting to feel bad
about what you had done.

I was none the wiser,
and sympathized with you,
thinking you too had felt like me,
a big misunderstanding between two people
and that you'd come back to me
because you realized my lips were better than another's,
not that you liked the idea
of getting away with infidelity
and then rushing back into my arms.

I always missed these signs,
and it eats away at me now
when I think about how many
times I should have known.
I've decided to explore my flashbacks in poems just as a way to get them out of my head because I'm so sick and tired of them being there. There's a lot of these that I think I should have written about ages ago, but I just kept repressing the memories before I could think critically about them. Here's to taking my baby steps forward. 3 years and I'm still processing this.
Leocardo Reis Apr 2021
It takes but
a single glance
to win
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