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Zywa Apr 27
The sun is setting,

from the water there's darkness --

rising everywhere.
Story "Titaantjes" ("Teen Titans", 1915, Nescio), chapter 7

Collection "Rasping ants"
AE Feb 17
purple, yellow bruises
from playing outside
and picking up pebbles
to throw at tomorrow
and chase it away
the sky was never blue
as we never had enough strength
to look up past our little heads
engulfed in the wonders of chalk and road
when secrets were worth flower petals
and flew away with the wind
unlike the ones we hold today
with aching shoulders
and burning pains
from looking up and only up
and witnessing how fast
these colours change
terracotta, navy, to grey
as all these pebbles wash away
AE Feb 16
a world
of distant voices and glittering echoes
painted with a thousand sunsets
that I've poured into my eyes
to find some relief from this tiredness
Days walk beside me, years run ahead
I wish I could collect all the silences
between all that I've said
and fill them in with things
I've lost to time
Thank you notes spill from my hands to yours
The permanence of things begins to fade among dialogue once shared
There is a world I have spent building
With stories and reminders
you left for me
I hope you'll find in it
the transience of an anger
that ceases to be
Mark Wanless Feb 4
a person at peace
suffers the sunset to be
whatever it is
Nigdaw Feb 4
no sunset tonight
clouds cover the grand parade
of the dyeing of the light
today will end with a whisper
not a shout
we will not notice the passing
of a time we won't remember
to forget
no tears of sorrow or laughter
or regret
nothing exciting ever seems  
to happen on a Wednesday
keneth Feb 1
do you remember when
all that mattered was
holding his hand

and smelling the sun
on his sunburnt skin
laid on sun-set sand

do you remember when
the only song you knew
was his second name

and now the only dance
your feet understand
is a stance with his toes

can you take me back
the night i cried
like how lampposts died

asking myself why
your moon only shines
when you speak of his smiles

could you take me back to sun-screened streets
where all that mattered were
our touching feet
Sipping cerveza with
Beautiful bocce ***** bowling
Through Pacific sands
While the sun tracks into the horizon
Mrs Timetable Dec 2023
I saw a cloud
One lonely whispy cloud
In the very blue sky
The edge was on was blushed
I looked again...
I saw a cloud
On fire...for just a moment
The sun had kissed the cloud
Goodbye for the day
On the right edge of it lips
On the edge of its smile
The clouds smile
I looked away
And pretended not to notice
I've never seen that before. I did a double take.. It was a ray of sun on the edge of a cloud. Like a piece of rainbow. A friend said like when you bite a marshmellow and leave a smidge of lipstick.
hyun Dec 2023
I still hear the ocean
whenever I close my eyes.

"I love the beach," you said.
I looked at you then
with a grin on my face.
It wasn't intentional
but I used to make those
when you were near.
I guess it meant I'm happy,
or stupid enough to believe
what you say.

I still feel the sunset—
its glow, the overrated
orange skyline,
the melancholy it
wrapped us in.
A subtle reminder that the day
was about to die
and that it's so **** beautiful
when it does.
I told you this kept
my heart beating.
You were too quick
to agree.

Maybe that's why
you had to leave.

Maybe you liked
the sunrise more.
a rewrite from one of my pieces back in 2016.
Mrs Timetable Nov 2023
Something about the light of day
Going away
Makes me yearn for
Something more
Puzzled what it could be
Those minutes maybe?
Already missing the warmth
Your smile gives
Filling a heavenly void
I just saw you yesterday
But now you aren't here
Why do you break my
Fragile heart
Every day?
Please dont go
I wish for once
You would turn around
And see my sadness
There is a tense relationship between the warmth and a cold void- Comment contributed
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