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crimson gaze
Alice 2d
Rows of pastel houses lining the springy green grass
The soft sound of wind chimes is heard in the distance
Her long brown hair is swept up in the gentle breeze like waves looking up at an everlasting sunset
any feedback?
the sun takes its rest
as i turn back; the sound of
melodic wind chimes
a haiku
Kieran 6d
When my sister sits on the train
She loves people watching
And she watches the murals go by
Like sunsets and rises
Of new days
My sister does not dwell on the tracks
When we walk to the train.
They terrify her
She runs past them,
She is anxious and evening and morning.
The train is a path to the next day
I have never seen someone dwell
On the train tracks
Waiting for a train to come
To dissolve the path to the next day
And leave them dead
But I wonder
If that one who passed yesterday
Was once terrified of train tracks
And if they ever rode the train
Before there were murals
On a path to the next day.
Savanna 7d
The sky is on fire
It burns red hot and strikes a match to clear water
Everything’s up in flames but it’s calm,
Comfortable in the chaos
look at the way
the sun gleams across
the emerald sea,
how all the stars in the cosmic
shine for you

the way the clouds move across the sky
like earth is spreading its wings
the way the birds sing from their nests
in the middle of spring

and the way this music plays
on a record player
and how the sun sets
behind the hills

all of these things
are beautiful to life
but none of them compare
to how pretty you look
when you cry
life is beautiful, but you don’t have a clue
I watched the sun set by your side,
never knowing that your sunset eyes at night are drowning ocean in disguise.
The wind wrestles with my hair
And fills my cheeks with pink.
The thickness of the day surrenders to the coolness of the night.
Fleeting hues of violet and yellow
Set my heart on fire
A promise of warmth.
The world is still.
But the fire goes out and the shadows flood in
Unveiling the deepest depths of darkness
The stars scream out:
The sun will rise again,
The sun will rise again.
Sparrow Mar 15
The sunset by the sea
My feet *****, embedded
in the sand
As the waves greet me with ferocity

Punching back with clenched fists
Saltwater foam, elegant comb
through my hair
The ocean with all its depth condescending

All the colours of the universe in
a sky tainted, so gloriously painted
like a fresco
Of an olden cathedral I'd never seen

Sweat and salt and sand in my clothes
My eyes swollen, their whites stolen
Innocent are not the tears of the sea

Slow as the waves recede
with the retreating tide
So does the venom in my veins
and come loose the nails in my head
The shore sprayed with new hope
The night sky of a new moon arrives
Darkness heralds doubt
Yet I'm relieved to be
in the absence of the light
that seeked to
blind me last night
Went to my grandma's place by the sea.
Needed a little headspace, and a lot of grandma's cooking :)
I feel light after spending an afternoon at the beach, letting the waves hit me.
And all this without a single smoke!
Lee Mar 12
The perfect still portait that captures all beauty.

Is it the rising sun as it strokes the oceans creating a beautiful mirage of wonder?

Is it the night light sky where the moon and stars remain out of reach with the lone dancing star few see?

Is it the moment of two joining in love and putting the bands of eternity upon their finger?

None of these are the perfect still portait.

The perfect still portrait is the moment in time not captured by lense but by sight and mind.

The perfect still portrait is a feeling and memory at once that can never be described or forgotten.

My perfect still portrait is the moment you said you love me.
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