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shima 1d
soft and gentle
a cashmere sweater
dyed a deep sunset colour
wanting to face the sun, the good
the petals curl inward
still yearning for the light
"smile, my boy, it's almost
to the sunflower boy
I still hate how the sky bathes in a burning hue,
all shades of red on a canvas of blue,
I hate how it makes my stomach churn,
my eyes burn,
all the while reminding me of you.

-A poem to the guy who explored my body and killed my soul,
while I begged for him to let go,
on a sunset, I'll forever know.

( Just a moment #1 )

sun sits low over the horizon

dusk slowly advances

the breath of night begins to stir

all the daydreams are gone to bed

rob kistner © 2018
Just a moment.
You are my red, yellow, orange hue.
Strong and bright like my feelings too.
This is a heartbeat that I’ll whisper to the sky.
A love for my dearest Sun on a calm sunrise.
and when I miss you, I look at the Sun.
He reminds me so much of you.

You are my little sunshine, the sunbeam that tickles my cheek.

The blazing heat that warms my racing heartbeat.

The love that I tried to confess.

The secret in between my poetry.
I do always love sunsets,
like how I take in your flaws.

Like how the light shines in the middle of the fast-eating darkness.

You are the sunset.
Beautiful and promising.
Gentle and calm.

The little secret I keep. ♥️
He wanted to go to the mountains and breathe in peace with a cup of coffee to witness the beautiful sunrise.

She wanted to go far away and drown into the waters for she loved the sea. A place where she can relax and adore the sunset.
دema 5d
2:17 PM.
It hits me, I'm late.
2:17 PM - 2:18 PM.
My heart begins to ache.
2:19 PM .
I realize my life is over.
2:20 PM.
I gaze through the car's window into the sky.
2:20 PM.
I question my entire existence.
2:20 PM.
A tear escapes my eye.
2:20 PM.
Driver asks what's wrong.
2:20 PM.
"I'm late, again." I say out loud.
2:21 PM.
I realize I'm actually 3 hours and 39 minutes early.
2:22 PM.
My heart continues to ache; my life isn't over. Ugh.
Salty ocean breeze
Pleasing my nose's needs
Releasing dopamine
I feel its cool winds
Wrapping around me
At the beach, relaxing and unwinding.

the sun's bright today

warmes this place my loved ones dwell

warmes my fading heart

should I not make the sunset

you'll find me in the sunrise


rob kistner © 2018
I am sitting on my deck, warming in the western moving sun, looking out over Lake Washington, enjoying a wonderful Autumn day, happy to be alive!
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