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I have seen a lot of sunsets
From different cities and
Countries in the world but
None of them can compare with
The one I have watched with you because
You made it unique to my eyes and so far
The most beautiful one
I was watching the sunset
All of those different shades of orange
Made me want to
Have a whiskey
I fell in love in Sevilla

Sitting on your rooftop
Gazing at the pink sky
It takes my breath away
And so do your eyes
I fell in love in Sevilla.

Sipping wine all night
Getting lost in narrow alleys
Singing Ed Sheeran out loud
I can’t get over your smile
I fell in love in Sevilla.

We climbed the mountain top
Just to watch another sunset
Being with you feels like home
We’ve been talking for 10 hours
I fell in love in Sevilla.

Time has come for me to leave
I wanna stay with you forever
In this never ending summer
I fell in love in Sevilla.
But you-did-not
Valentin Oct 10
Less than five minutes was enough
For the sun to disappear in the sea
It let this orange color in the sky
After its tangerine and bright light
About to light off on our island
It made us feel dizzy and blind
Or maybe it was what we felt for each other
Bhill Oct 6
Walking along at sunset is wonderful end of the day
You contemplate and remember, just what was on display

You think about the good times and throw in some new thoughts you had
You look back on your day and calculate if the changes made you glad

You hope that your day was well spent, on things that made you feel right
If not, there is always tomorrow, where a new path just might be the light...

Brian Hill - 2019 #249
Take a sunset stroll and rethink your day...
Tara Oct 6
Sunlight’s amber coverage,
rippling in hand with the sea,
retreated beneath the shadow
of day’s rupture.

The swathes of darkness cast
across its golden bolt, swelled
outward with the sensation
of wine spilt from a chalice.

A thickened red,
seeping into deepened water,
expanded in punctuated

Night hovered, a ghostly spectre,
above the sun; water; day.
The sea, alighting in recognition,
burnt raw its tumbling waves,

casting orange flames in its
reflection- its essence to
the ashes of day- to
receive the ivory colouring

of bone upon bone.
The sun surrendered,
and in the darkness
a small sound rung forth.

Regret threaded its being
with the intensity of a storm’s approach.
‘Adieu,’  a voice called, clear before the
chalice of the sea. ‘Until tomorrow.’
Hi, this is my first poem on this beautiful corner of the internet. I hope you enjoy and can understand it. Any feedback is greaty appreciated :)
Lunar Oct 6
I'm always in a constant daze;
a haze of blues,
of sunset hues.

I'll keep dreaming for now;
of clouds in skies,
until I see the sunrise.
in a state of sleep, and only you can wake me up.

~ the saddest part is that sunsets won't last forever
and we'll forget how the pink skies
kissed our hearts goodnight ~
i haven't posted much anymore on hello poetry because i've been exploring myself and writing poetry in my native language (dutch), feel free to add me on instagram; diejongenvantoen

much love
Betty Sep 28
When strands of night become day

Deepest purple turns to lilac gold

Quietly chasing away the lingering white of the stars

When ragged day becomes night

A fiesta of reds and orange

Boiling into the heavens beyond the horizon

The gentle dawn and the evening carnival

Inviting humanity to stop and gaze across the ages

United in a simple act, the colour of wonder
Sunset a wonderful scene to unfold,
A sonnet given for it to be told,
The beauty that lavishes upon skies,
Hues and colors liveth as a surprise.

Mysteries, hidden, as it's life suffice,
Wonders and oddity might seem to rise,
Imagination does not limit nights,
But creates memories that will not fly.

As if a sonnet was meant to carry,
A message's prelude in a hurry,
Riddled with thoughts and terminologies,
Hidden, and cannot be seen by many.

Someday that sunset can set my soul free,
As it continues life's never ending journey.
a collection of thoughts in the middle of the sunset's midst.
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