Burn my corpse underneath the sunset
Sail my ashes down the river
Send my soul to all the colors of the wind
Set me free, set me free
Let my mind finally ease
Adrian 2d
and alone he sat
sparkling eyes and dusty red knees
that robbed the sunset of it's color
alone he sat
rusty in the twilight,
scarlet with blush
alone evermore,
the crimson boy of dawn
Amanda 3d
I love the pink sky
On summer days like this
Morning awakens softly
With sun's gentle kiss
Jon M 3d
A blazed copper sunset falls into the ocean,
Swallowed to the depths, taken by the deep,
The light, overwhelmed and smothered
In the cold and dark.

She looks over the rooftops, searching for meaning
Crying for purpose.
She looks to the street below.

All she sees is the ocean.
I've missed the adventures we always went on.
Exploring the woods and caves, the skies and the seas.

Old friend, you and me,
We're exploring the world.

I've missed the jokes we always made.
Laughing until sunset, until our bodies hurt.

Old friend, you and me,
We can do anything together.

I've missed the times we spent together.
It might not have been long, but it was worth something.

Old friend, you and me,
We give each other a place to be.

Even though,
You're just imaginary.
Sometimes your mind can be an escape. And there's nothing wrong with that.
Marloes 6d
Sometimes I see a brief glimpse of light.
It is shining on me like the sun in the evening
It is so beautiful, so gold and bright
I can't believe I am the one receiving

I realize that I am fortunate
To be the one to witness this stunning view
I never again want this door shut
And to be left in this dark room with nothing to do

If only I had the power to open this door
Just enough so that the wind won't close it again
I wish to watch this sunset a little more
I need a plan
Every once in a while (Mainly when I am manic) I feel positive about myself. I realize that this isn’t very often. Also usually when I am feeling like this and not manic, It’s a little bit of positivity. I want more. I want to feel positive about myself more without having to be manic for it.
my eyes at sunset,
a warmth snuggle to my back;
orphaned mongrel’s love!
Amanda May 18
You were my sunset.
Beautiful, but also sad,
For that meant goodbye.
Far more captivating than any sunset i have seen with my own two eyes
Jo Barber May 16
My favorite people
were met on a whim.
My favorite memories
were made on a whim.

The most splendid castles,
the most magnificent sunsets,
the sweetest kisses;
all were had and done and seen
on whims.

Don't tell me that I'm silly
for following my heart
and permitting my life
to blow along with the wind.

My life was made on a whim,
and it'll likely end the same way.
FreeMind May 13
Together we stood looking out onto the sunset,
The perfect mixture of purple, pink, and orange.
A sunset that seemed to last forever.

And thats what we had hoped for. The never ending sunset,
So we could cherish every second by each others side.

Lips locked and hands held tight we waited for the sun to disappear.
And when it finally vanished into the emptiness that surrounded us,
It did not feel too bad. Not bad at all.

But all I had to do was look up,
To realize that you were no longer by my side.
You disappeared with the sun; with the purple, pink, and orange.

I remained frozen. Absorbed by nothingness.
The love we shared was purifying and yet it was too good to last.
And although I want you back...
There was a price to pay for our happiness.
For joy and pleasure, who's deadline we thought we could surpass.
And so we had to pay for it all...

The Price of You and Me.
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