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Do you always wear your smile like this?
Have you tried it from the side, like this?
You’re the highlight of the show.
Let’s live tonight like we’re myths.
Do you always ride the vibe like this?
Have you ever felt the hype like this?
Be the highlights of the night.
Kiss me through your sunset tears.
I might,
Empty my conscious out,
Invite you to newer heights,
A modest view of the sprites,
I might.
Neelam Jun 3
A vision of future encircling

the canvas of the great Artist

Who designed boundaries of


Consciousness colliding with

the inert realm of the Inanimate,

the surreal timelessness enmeshed

with ethereal hues.

Indelible composition witnessing

the outer darkness ...
This poem is my perception of the sky, as how I decipher the surrealistic elements in it!
Estel May 30
We could sing songs
Under a sun kissed sky
Showered by red and violet
While you strum your guitar
A smooth varnished back
It still has that one crack
From being reckless and dumb
But it’s just a faded memory
Bouncing among the clouds
Of our own thoughts

Everything would seem perfect
But below the golden view
Is a sea of darkness
Hidden within my own soul
Does it show?
I don’t know...

It’s been growing so cold
And it’s getting so old
So if I let you in
To see something besides what you knew
Could you just hold me here
Softly with kindness
It would be everything I could ever want.
Brian Yule May 27
Six degrees below
Planetary motion shifts hues
Sunlight blues scattered
Splattering a blood halo haze
Across the swift darkening scene
Sy Lilang May 18

Like the wind,
Like the sand —
My heart is hopeful.
To witness Your undying beauty.

I took a picture of the mountains,
And then the oceans
And those people lingering their thoughts
While serving as the highlight of the background.

I can’t deny its raging beauty
But I search for more —
I search for the Sun each day
For what boasting I could have?

I’ve been to the beach so many times,
And in different seasons.
You take me to the shore
And I’m always in awe —
Not by the beauty itself
But by who You are.
Oh, how could I stop praising You?
deadhead May 10
the sun hides behind the trees
rogue rays beam dark red
they slowly give way for night
I climbed up the third nearest hill
to watch the sun set,
on the day that you said
you love me..
Alone before sundown with time to spare.

I hoped to catch it amber and full,
on a hungry mid-cycle race all the way up there -
where exactly, I did not seem to care.
You disarmed me.
And on trial I were.

Alas my time wasn't worth it.
The sun hid behind thick layers of cloud,
the wind picked up and I could sense the rain coming.
It kissed me.
A bypassing train covered all other sound.

And to think I quite longed to hear this,
as if I didn't already know.
The forces of nature felt like an omen.
A warning,
against a tempting last straw.

Not sure how long I ended up sat there,
but Venus rose up to wish me goodnight.
If this is a test,
I’m determined to pass it.
An omen at half-light always means no.
This emptiness,
This silence;
Will they ever go away?
Make it go away, I pray.

Is it okay to miss the chaos?
Is it okay to miss the uncontrollable thoughts?
Even the ones that I once badly fought.

Emptiness overcame me;
Mental shutdown was real,
It has made me numb;
where I cannot feel,
my breakdown.

My mind plays a series of images,
The moments we could've had,
The life we could've had.

The music I listen to
have been my only guide;
My therapist in need,
While I decide.

Where is home.
Jay M Apr 28
Headed straight for the exit
Got the key around my neck
Not waiting for what's next it
Really doesn't matter, heck
If I can just outrun it
Keep ahead long enough
Someday, I bet
Though incredibly rough
I'll see the sun set
Without running past
Sitting to enjoy it
At long last

-  Jay M
April 28th, 2021
Jump, climb over the stones and keep going on the path. Just keep going, until you reach the finish line.
Pia V Apr 23
The sun set behind brazen city towers
The gradient color scheme reminiscent
of candy chromatography in the third grade
It's one of the heaviest yet fleeting forms of memory
The kind that simmers at the bottom of your chest for an hour
But a deep breath and a purpose pushes it out
Nostalgic about nostalgia
Wishful for some sentimentality
No matter how trite, you'll feel it - you'll revel in it
Conquered by the thought of a past worth reliving
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