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The grass against our skin,
We look at the clouds, and feel the wind
Behind those clouds, just in our gaze
A Strawberry Sunset is set ablaze

As quick as the day began,
Mother nature has a different plan

The Strawberry red, turns to grey
As more clouds roll in, ruining the day
We look at eachother, racing down the hill
Was this date worth it, or was this God’s Will?

As the rain comes settling in,
We sit together, and you start to grin.

I apologize, for the weather outside.

But you say to have no worries, because I’m by your side.
hey here's a song I wrote! my friends and I are in a band, and this is the first song I wrote. honestly really enjoying writing music

The sun set right behind him
While he tried to match his steps
Busy, the last hours of the daylight has always brought him the best
His lens captured the shining moments
As the sun set

Fey Sep 14
I am a dream dancer.
My strings are taut
over the vaults of the sky so soft.
Like a quiet muse I hear
the silent night breaking in.
Like marble, strands of clouds shine brightly,
in shades of rosé and nacre here,
those anxious sounds are getting lost,
now blanching in rust  and debris near.

I am a dream dancer,
staggeringly floating in the sea of the world,
wobbling and falling on thin ropes,
spoiled in nothingness and oh so empty,
despicably holding the here in fear.

I am a dream dancer.
And I fall
As an eternal bliss truant
To the ground.

© fey (28/12/17)
My Emotions are close to nature
It listens to my laughter and feels the drips of my happy tears
And responds with warmth and light
Yet it also hears my gasping sobs
It listens closely and sometimes
Hears nothing
And even on those empty days
Where I give it nothing
It still gives me a sunset
With colors close to my heart
A gentle reminder that it is still there
I often write my poems to help me process emotions, today has been a bad day, and right now the weather outside reflects it, but I also know in a few hours there will be a beautiful sunset. and things will begin to feel a little better.
This rose gold splendor
Sinks into turbulent blue
Wrapped in cold chaos
This is a haiku about a sunset I experienced at the ocean. It was a special moment for me, and it inspired me to write this.
Shane Leigh Sep 8
The tale goes:
If you lose a loved one to the sea
It will be kind and carry a message.
Place the letter in a bottle
And upon Its currents place it.

Take heed, this message
Has but once a year to give.
By sunset love, by sunset,
The oldest rule – It won’t forgive.

The sea shall swallow, with the sun,
The letter, It will not forget.
And it shall be delivered so
On the very morn their fate was met.
I just did this as a writing assignment for class and I thought it was a fun write. I'm not sure what to title it lol
I hope you enjoy (:
© Shane Leigh
I watch as the sun is slowly pulled down to the horizon
The dusk sky stained with swatches of pink
Orange, yellow and blue mix together
The clouds ripple through colours like soft waves

By Anon Butterfly
Remember to be grateful for the little things in life sometimes.
LRF Sep 7
One so steady
and constant
as to guide and navigate
to be the source of sighs of relief
at the nightfall
it brings
and the day it
puts to sleep,
a signal to the wild
that it’s time is now,
and a glint of opportunity
to the many
who lay alone
to wish their loneliness away.

Yet, all the time,
a planet in her own right,
spinning and orbiting
in her own habit,
never knowing
how we gaze upon her
with a will
to make her our own.
September, 2020
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