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it’s been years, and I still scream
halfway through the night.

I still wake up drenched in sweat and tears,
feeling his grip around my wrist.

when I take a shower,  I find myself
still trying to scrub him off me.
I’m still trying to erase the
cigarette burn on my right hand,
the one he gave me when
he was drunk and angry.

sometimes, I scrub my skin until I bleed. not intentionally, of course.
I don’t want to hurt myself.
I’ve hurt myself enough over the years,
and I have the scars to prove it.

all I want is to scrub him off of me.
I want to feel clean again.

but no matter how raw I scrub myself,
the fingerprints and bruises still linger.
Meca 7d
I've been here before,
day and night, forevermore.

Carved every memory,
through every wall.

Hoping you'd read them all.
Listen, if you please.

Through this dying heartbeat,
I yearn for peace.

I've been here before,
in a memory once more.
I've always have been
a ghost to my own thoughts,
haunting myself
in endless circles

... it happened again
There the moon gliding its light to guide her slipping away — and the shadows in the tree stalked her soulless grumbling footsteps.

Cricket's music calmed her heart. The immense outcry of the branches woke the parallel of the Dead Tree amid the black forest. Even the wilderness turned cold when she steps afoot. Her sight gone and her heart is pretentious to the music of the lonely shadows. “Come here, dear, for you must set yourself free.”

It was from the parallel — the ones whom the living bodies buried and forgotten. The sandcastle was falling away. The shadows almost struck her red knitted dress and begging her to come. But she was finding her way — a princess lost in the deep. To fall away, to be shot by a bullet straight into her heart. To be gone, and to sing her last breath.

She murmurs to the shadows in the tree, even when she could not make out her way, she steps, and steps. Until she fell into the deep hole and woke up, she was in a coffin. The loud cries of the people surrounding her — while she was being buried alive. She sang her last breath, then, the shadows beneath her held her body.

Until they were in the sandcastle. The ones that fall away in endless sorrow and death. Maybe then, she belongs as a soulless spirit to never be content in the living dead.

There the moon gliding its light to guide her slipping away — and the shadows in the tree stalked her soulless grumbling footsteps.
I'm not confident in writing this. But I hope someone will appreciate this piece.

Have a goodnight/good day
Life is a blend of carvings and cravings...

Memories carved in eternal rocks under the witness of a forever sky...

Playing in puddles,dancing in the rain, running after dragonflies, eating berries, stealing cookies, believing in the moon chasing you, reading fairytales and waiting for Santa Claus!

While wishes remained in wandering search of fulfilling lands...

To fly like a bird, view the world atop a tree, build a rooftop library, become king or queen for a day, watch meteor showers, laugh and cry without anybody looking, sleep under the stars and escape into the woods!

To measure life as cravings and carvings thus...
Is to understand it's true essence which is
"Endless...! "
Thank you for reading this! ❣:)
phlwest Aug 17
backs against the roof
heads tilted, eye to eye
sun down, night skies
there's beauty in you
the endless kind
Jay M Aug 11
Running, running through my mind
Like cars down a highway
Too many words to say
Pick and choose to find
The perfect things to say

Which will come and go
Just gotta go with the flow
Rain drops rushing down
Crashing from the heavens
Some to meet once again
Welcomed into a cool embrace
Just like running a race
Of beauty and grace

Drop after drop
Soon a flowing river
Never to stop
A simple life giver
Can't let a good crop wither

Some return to the sea
From which they did flee
Only to once more plea
To visit the sky
But ever afraid to fall

Leaving and returning anew
Once more to bid the collective adieu
To remain, crash upon a shore,
Or to be taken into the sky

Don't ask why
For there isn't an answer
But the endless cycle.

- Jay M
August 10th, 2020
Inspiration struck while I was in the backseat of a car, listening to music on my way home.
Jack Jul 28
I feel like a puppet in suspension
Like I'm not really myself

I'm just watching this world from my lonely little self

I'm forced to see the same **** things go by
Every single morning and every single night

I don't have much to say in the matter of this plight
Even if I did I wouldn't try to fight

Because no what you do
Or what you say

It always repeats
Every single day
flying in my mind, i dream it
forever home, i feel it
soul, skin & bone
alive, never alone…
imma pick up my pen and show this book my meaning!
the pressure of ink
pressing on a page
the blankness can tell
it’s own hidden rage
a meaning from within
like a magical spell,
drawing ideas
of an ideal moment,
a perfect situation,
jumping on clouds
above civilization,
a beautiful game
no playstation,
aroused by your name &
much of that leaves me craving,
branching out to new places
with a beautiful tree
unlike what these four walls have seen,
with you on screen,
lighting up my soul
something i once thought dead
resurrected in my sleep,
your face gives me faith &
i want it in repeat,
flipping earth to reveal
this burning desire i harness,
perfection right now
in your smile like waw
haven’t felt my heart in a while
thought it was never again,
but your nature consumes all men,
i dance around your garden
to flirt back with your core design &
radiate your majestic face,
without your soul im not whole
but in your presence
we can serve god’s goal,
eternity i’ve dreamt about
long enough behind closed doors
til your face rose like petals
tenderness in a lovely frame,
cant help but go insane,
an ocean within my chest
of the brightest jewels
you’ll be impressed,
showing you how loud
my heart beats without sound,
in a vast universe you draw me &
nothing draws me to the image
like your paintbrush does,
adolescence all over again
with a secretive crush
a feeling you provide
beyond my knowing &
it keeps me going,
something in your face
just keeps on glowing,
see you laying on my heart
protected cos we built a nest,
colouring each other’s necks,
your passion’s by far the best,
far more worthy
than any other place,
loss of hope i’ve embodied
for long, i was wrong
funny how you give up seeking &
it all comes to you, speaking
on a silver platter
with purple grapes,
climb this silver ladder
for heaven’s sake,
almost feels like one
still without the other
maybe we should run
to our favourite hobby
catch me so obsessed
destroying the hotel lobby
if home is possesed
only you can draw me,
peace hero,
only one that saw me
so lemme save you,
from this lack of colour
it’s the least i can do
every time you call me,
a purpose with holy root,
no doubt in this route
serving each other’s fruit
lemme show you what i'm about…
to experience the deepest pleasures this life can offer,
the almighty things we do together,
but maybe for now
i’ll  keep cuddling up with the ghost of you,
when i walk into a building they all know who’s the coolest,
but i know im so lame for you,
cos i don’t care if i sound foolish…
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