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She surrenders her joys
A-line highway what ploys
Per- day 2 B or not to Be
  B for breakaway
Windy- seaway everyday
endless living
Stay to the right tossing skirt

Gossip throwing unwanted dirt
Smoky bear mountain no harm
  Losing one valuable gift charm
   His name in honor
   feeling complete
  Highway for justice and absolute
   The right way

    Aroma apple pie putting on
       Your husbands
      Graphic artist highway- tie
      How many people on the highway

       Never to confess and lie
      Highway doesn't have any privacy
True saint of shrubbery mountain tops
       curved figure highways
    Reckless cliffs skirt ruffles love
      feeling rammed
       Turn of the century traffic jammed
  Your skirt flew up like wild goose chase

  You rather of went Big- City marathon
    bike race
By- way time -may be- silent have
nothing to say?
Performance piano Steinway
Skirt highway waving flag winning everyday*
Your skirt drenched rooftop concerts

Nest of Blue Jays no highway
Serenity sky draw the deviant
But words can heal even on a highway
My lips are sealed?
Highway to the sky there is no limits what we can do  I love my birds we all have magical talent high up on a rooftop or below Highway you can determine the world is a show
Crow Dec 2022
wrapped in the tatters of my body
in this measureless place

I search for release
among the disconsolate boles
thin as hope
hard and dark

wearing pallid shrouds
of frozen lace
proudly displayed
in their alfresco mausoleum

an inexhaustible study
in the extremes
of leaden purity

their moribund limbs
and ice sheathed fingers
reach into me
pulling me on

tears of other lives
in frosted glory
cold upon my wintered face

always renewed
and living on
in fractal eternity
Ivy Chakma Aug 2022
I feel like the faded part of love;
it feels like the end even before it had a chance to begin.

I feel like the faded part of love;
An invisible longing from a lover,
unsettling and echoing in the dark.
A conastantaneous pain that slowly crawls into my body and engulfs the soul that seeks freedom from all the humanly attachments.

I feel like the faded part of love!
I feel like the faded part of love!
Expressing the feeling of what it's like to be in love with a man already taken and the longing and the understanding and the fight within oneself of never really having him completely to yourself. The feeling of knowing that he was never to be yours to begin with.
Alicia Moore Aug 2022
I do not know of halcyon days,
for the daily outlets of my extremes
are still too dominant in order
to appease the thirst and flames.
the world doesn’t change its harmful ways; my pessimistic tendencies therefore never falter. although the older I become, the more tiring the hatred feels.
Odd Odyssey Poet Dec 2021
In deeps of love
We're only drowning;
trying to swim to the end.
Mathieu Dec 2021
"To dream,
Is to erupt the endless roads and unlimited possibilities,
of the human soul".
Erian Rose Dec 2021
I listen to your heart
Beat in rhythm to the rain
Pouring out somber melodies.
The world drapes silent,
Where your eyes sing
Meteor shower wonders.
It feels too much to grasp,
Tied to an endless
Invisible string around my palm.
LC Nov 2021
sticks rub together in her brain,
forming bright, painful sparks
that unite to become flames -
vibrant, scorching, dark -
settling into every crevice
until the smoke washes over -
opaque, thick, endless -
and ashes close in on her.
FC Azaele May 2021
From the ashy ground
Lays the lovers that had fled
Both life gone, but together they still are one
Forever will they hold each other’s hands,
even as they had torn through death
Lovers buried but still their love remains together, never apart
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