Anaya c Jan 12

every corner of my mind
blooming sunflowers
every time
i think about you

exposing myself
Diána Bósa Dec 2017

Already accepted that he is the one of his kind;
he is never going to happen again, though,
he has shed and shared too much blood
for keeping himself alive -
always on the still
I am the cosmonaut of his existence;
the explorer of his oneness
for he is the macrocosm of my blooming.

sarah Dec 2017

while you were busy loving someone else
i took some time to fall in love with myself
i put up my hair and washed my face
wiping away any traces i had left of you
encrypted in the layer of grey you had
painted on my skin
sitting in front of the mirror i noticed
things about myself that i hadn’t before
little freckles traced my nose and the
tops of my cheeks, they’re like tiny constellations.
lashes so long and dark, I never needed mascara.
eyes like the night sky, black,
but calm, no wonder no one sees through them.
and that’s when i realized
the snow is gone.
it is time for me to bloom.

Larry Dixon Nov 2017

I wish I could ask that special question.
The one I would love her to answer.
To see that undescribable expression.
To finally get the amazing dance with her.

To see if true love really does thrive.
To see if it does hold true.
To see if in this world it can survive.
To see all the problems it can cut through.

To see the flowers blooming all around.
To see the roots of the trees burrow deep beneath.
Then look to see all the people we astound.
As long as you answer the question our love will never bequeath.

And if you look to your side I will always be beside you.
As long as you say I do.

Sun Child Nov 2017

As the flowers bloom
My heart does the same thing too
All because of you


like a spring flower, my heart blooms and longs for you
Henry Koskoff Nov 2017

alas, spring was a time of fakeness
and sally sneezed in sequences
everything swayed with breeze
on the brink of warm and cold were the colors
greens and yellows and ochres
that were pleasing those eyes
red, moist, sore
emblazoned by the dusty air
everything reproduced at a fast rate
au printemps, she remembered
bath absorbed
sally wandered
less direction now
her home near
too familiar now to be satisfying in any way
there she was
when she awoke at noon

Ceyhun Mâhî Oct 2017

The roses bloom upon the grounds of spring,
So fresh and fair they glow as fragrant faces,
So nice and neatly, never giving up
The hope who's fueled by the rays of the sun.

The beams are bright like a beautiful brow,
They did wait after rains upon the day,
Where clouds would leave the lovely sun alone,
And conquer then with little might again.

Playing around with sounds! Though it's not spring, I still wanted to express my love for it.

Spring! Spring! Blooming of flowers,
Wake from your slumber from which you revive!
Upon the green grass we dance through the hours.

Spring! Spring! Blooming of flowers,
Sprout from the ground in wonderful showers
Warmth of the sun to bring anything alive.

Spring! Spring! Blooming of flowers,
Wake from your slumber from which you revive!

lynnia hans Sep 2017

this poor, delicate flower
being carried away by the whispers of the wind
once blooming the the morning's basking glow
now immortalized as a lost soul

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