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Amanda Oct 27
Cactus blooming red,
matches the blood in my veins,
hauntingly precious.
Kristin Oct 25
A tall, proud 
reigns as an empress 
a trickle of a

She stands, thirsty
to live in

She is not 
because she is 

She is proud
she was determined,

She overcame concrete,
relying on sunlit 

She overcame man's
rules for her

She is blooming
regally, in season

She is a 
proud sunflower
Cox Sep 30
when you’re planting yourself in someone’s heart, make sure that there is enough sun to begin with, before you start.
Cox Sep 30
I love watching Spring bloom in the reflection of your eyes.
Kashish Sep 27
In a shell, I have been. My petals closed for long
Shattered since your departure, I haven't sung a song
In the breeze, standing tall, dancing to the rhythm
Amongst all the other blossoms, white; blue; and crimson

Bruised and blanched I might seem on the outside
On the inside, I know I am lowly wild
It's just me who thought the tears I cried
Washed away my colour, canary yellow and so bright

The scars I wear cannot obscure my grace
For I know, the clouds of these blemishes will be the ones stopping the chase
And when they do, I will be free from the shackles of my mind
I will bloom brighter than ever. Not for a moment, I will feel confined
M Cannon Aug 28
People always equate jealousy to
A little green monster who rides
Piggyback throughout your life.
They’re wrong though.

Jealousy is a tiny, beautiful, parasitic seed.
It plants itself in the newly formed
Fissures of your self worth.

It fights its way through your aching veins
Before finally laying roots in your broken heart.

As it grows, you’re veins are slowly replaced
by brilliant green foliage.  

Your heart begins to bloom
The petals so breathtaking that it lures in
Every inch of your soul until
The only thing left is an empty shell
Of who you once were.

Jealousy isn’t a monster.
It’s irresistible flora
That feeds on your inadequacy
In order to feed its opulence.
Cox Aug 21
Can I be yellow and full of large petals and sun like you???
Cox Aug 21
Imagine yourself in the soil... that’s where you start, where you’re born.
After you must grow, blossom and bloom, then wilt.
This is your life, each day something new. First you must learn to survive before you start.
I wrote this for you. Whether you need a reminder on how to fight, or where you need and want to be in your life...
Maria Mitea Aug 10
DESIRE:  ~ is Movement

The desire to change has to be greater than the desire to remain the same.

I desire ~ I move ~ change starts with movement ~ change happens ~ I move~ I desire ~ I move ~ change starts with movement ~ change happens ~ I move ~ I desire ~ ~ ~

~A flower has a greater desire for blooming then remaining in the bud.
~ A baby has a greater desire to grow than staying little.

Nature always has a greater desire for restoration and renaissance, then decay ...
Honour your Nature every day,
Find out what you want! (for real)
Move, Move, Move,  ...

Change doesn’t happen without movement!
From where  to start a change?
Ask what you truthfully want?
Cox Jul 18
You can be a small flower in life.
You may struggle to bloom.
To settle your roots.
To have the perfect position for the sunshine.
What you really need to do is **** your garden.
Your field.
Then, and only then, open your petals as wide and beautiful that they can go.
And just bloom.
Sometimes all we need is to empty those holding us back, only then in order to rise.
To rise to the sun.
Written: 6/6/20, 2:47AM.
A friendly reminder that weeding is important for growth.
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