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Keiya Tasire Sep 28
A pathway that gracefully winds
Into the heights of Heaven Most High?
I have heard what they call this place
Medebah, Medebah, Medebah
The seventh heaven of seven heavens.
Where the cherubim, unicorns
And all the Spirit Children, dance.
Around and round in the meadow
Where the flowers grow
Where the Eternal
Tree of Life Blooms.

Be still, the Dove whispers, be still.
You have a key!
It is the breath
She whispers to me.
"Follow your breath."

To where I wonder, to where?
Am I to breathe?
The intention of my mind
The intention of my heart
Bound by a Golden Ring
The breath circles, in
the breath circles out.

Did you feel it?
That moment of stillness.
After the in and before the out....
I smiled and nodded, yes.
Dear Dove, smiled and began to dance.
Celebrating brightly, "Yes!!" "Yes!!" "Yes!!"
Jessica Sep 8
My lips are full and red,
They part in numbness and sullen dread
from a winters’ cold
As I wander amongst the trees in a moonlit grove
I pass a fountain
With the porcelain sculpture of an angel
Whose body appears ivory and translucent
in this light blue film noir called midnight
We lock eyes
And the water whispers something secret
from a century ago
Above, a dove flies
And gingerly passes the blooming clouds of Jasmine scented incense
I imagine flying with him
To some other time suggested by the angel
Where my chest could be as light as his wings
And my mouth could sing some melodious  phrases of a heavenly past
To unhook the syringe of solitude
Perhaps with weightlessness of flight
In the rapture of yesterday’s moonlight
Inspired by a Keats Ode.
s a m Jul 27
Fake love,
felt just like a prisoned dove.
young woman Jun 24
why do you flee from me?
when i called you my dove,
i did not mean to give you wings to fly away
what will i do? how can i forbid you
your freedom

love is the wings clipped
because of the grounded lover
love is the willful descent of the high

and the exultation of the one lowly
wrote this a long time ago. i edited it a little so here it is now. still rings true to me
Savio Fonseca Jun 14
String Me your Feelings,
on a Chain with Love.
So I can wear it at Night
and sleep like a Dove.
Stitch Me Two Pillows,
in Colors of Blue.
So I can lie down on them
and Dream about U.
Knit Me a Sweater,
to keep Me Warm.
This Winter it's Cold
and I'm expecting a Storm.
Romance Me at Nights,
Once in a While.
As I make Love to U,
it will bring back your Smile.
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