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Toxic yeti Feb 18


Hail! To the jewel in the lotus.
Brynn S Dec 2018
Mind these words
I’ve listened before
But what if the music falls short?
The latter isn’t as pretty as the start
Nor is it as tempting to follow
To entice is to be quite precise
Strategy is key, whilst motives are to see

wait for it
The silence
Live in it, fall deep
You’ll hear humming soon after
Like a songbird or wind
But nothing outlasts the the chords
Those notes to mend
A hodgepodge of words and ideas. Later they will be placed into the proper formatting.
UA Oct 2018
I know that it *****.
I just compress this
Oh, I will blow up
A bomb rage consists
The forest fires are living calmer
Pleading for rest I'm living somber
I want to scream out
I need to release
The flames coming out
Insanity ceased.
Hopefully, I did it correctly.
Ahna Sep 2018
A hum that flies with the wind
Caresses my ears softly, roughly, sweetly
And ventures deep in to my soul
A hum so sweet it breaks my innocence
With all of the seven deadly sins
And with all of the seven virtues
Bringing together both my peace and chaos
A hum so ghostly it fires my adrenaline
So warm yet so intoxicating, beautiful
A soft hum, nothing more nothing Less
Yet a hum that makes up my world
A world of beauty and horror,
A sad yet honourd, a life worth living
And it is non other than the hum I hear
In my reality, my dream, my heaven and hell
A hum that passes through time unmistaken
Never fading, never existing, never heard
Yet it is a hum we all know,
A hum, the sweet harbinger of our death
girl gonzo Sep 2018
my spine was assembled clumsily and with an erratic precision of a hand that knows the premeditation of everything
the swarm came in the shape of an air conditioner
it's the characterizations of overgrown lawns and memory foam on the side of the curb
like going to the laundromat instead of church on Sunday
I've said this before, repetition lives inside the brain that continues to step over it's own feet
foot slowly inching towards my mouth
i could kiss you with my ankle if you would
the air conditioner buzzes all night like i did that night that i couldn't find the entrance in a place that i wanted to leave
take me home in a Chinese take-out box
i'll sit in the back of your fridge until you forget
i'll grow my own colony, mold malformation on the creases where the warmth should be
Sweaty container and you throw me out before Monday's pickup trash along with the expired mustard and mayonnaise
oh the missed opportunity, the dedication i could have gone to have given you a stomach ache that leaves you at three in the morning dry heaving your memories
that electric buzz stays until it's unwelcome and still it persists
so the bees have started to congregate, digress and drink the synthetic honeysuckle it spits
they take off, wings of woolly yellow into a breath that i consume by lungfuls
i don't know where they're going but that's okay because they keep coming back
and it's the permanence of something so flighty that calms the hum
Sharon Talbot Sep 2018
The very end of August
Brings a stillness in the night,
When the many trills of midsummer
Are silenced and the fireflies gone out!
Lying stilly and listening, I hear
A solemn drone, like an old contralto,
Trying to warble but instead
Radiating an insistent hum
That thrums athwart the arid air,
Long fingers scraping a humming tanpura.
Even the full moon is dry,
Gazing down, matter-of-fact,
Through the dust-like mist.
Summer has given up,
Letting leaves and vines dry up,
Tinged with red and shriveled bronze.
I could walk in the garden now,
And not worry about slugs on
The dried stalks of lilies.
The robust asters offer little
Temptation to garden  pests
And strapping thistles seem to stand guard.
Is the balance between my will
Over the garden and its desire
To overflow and bloom beyond me,
Now achieved yet unwanted?
Yes…I prefer the lushness that comes
After the rains, with an untamed riot
Of color and green, the celebration
That happens on its own, heedless
Of my wishes; yet I revel in it
Every time it wins
And will wait a year
For this to emerge again.
I originally titled this "Cricket's Song" but it didn't seem to match the mystery and majesty of their night songs. I hope the title doesn't seem too pretentious!
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