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ibkreator Jun 24
You hum above you
as you feel a hum below

You hum below you
as you feel a hum above
Ash C Apr 3
Can I sit and stare?
Can I just listen to the hums of appliances?
As if they were someone speaking and being ignored
How could they be ignored now that it's hushed around here?
The whole right side of my upper teeth hurt. Probably these braces.
K Balachandran Sep 2019
A swarm of bees hum?
Thrilled earth receives cumulonimbus sting ;
Mind is on a swing!
Toxic yeti Feb 2019


Hail! To the jewel in the lotus.
annh Jan 2019

Do you hear that sound?
The strains of distant music
Do you recognise the tune?
The way you used to sway to its rhythm
Do you know the words?
It’s an old favourite

And remember
‘So Hum’ - a yogic mantra which translates from the Sanskrit as ‘I am that’ and is used in contemplation meditation.
Brynn S Dec 2018
Mind these words
I’ve listened before
But what if the music falls short?
The latter isn’t as pretty as the start
Nor is it as tempting to follow
To entice is to be quite precise
Strategy is key, whilst motives are to see

wait for it
The silence
Live in it, fall deep
You’ll hear humming soon after
Like a songbird or wind
But nothing outlasts the the chords
Those notes to mend
A hodgepodge of words and ideas. Later they will be placed into the proper formatting.
EmperorMoth Oct 2018
I know that it *****.
I just compress this
Oh, I will blow up
A bomb rage consists
The forest fires are living calmer
Pleading for rest I'm living somber
I want to scream out
I need to release
The flames coming out
Insanity ceased.
Hopefully, I did it correctly.
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