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Mrs Timetable Mar 26
This rose has thorns
She let bees in
Needing to live
One sting from this
Can ****
That who pulls
The petal off a
Newborn rose
Before it blooms
Yes in sacrifice
In my garden
In keeping with the floral theme.
Mrs Timetable Jan 31
I want to go back
In time
Collect everyone
I've ever known
And loved
And as a child  
Put them in a box
And keep them
Protected forever
If only

Mrs Timetable Dec 2023
Standing in
Your shadow
Not able to see
Or feel
The light
It's not so easy
To just
Shelter Protect Shade... Conceal
Anastasia Sep 2023
if i could go back
and hold your little hands
and kiss your forehead
and watch over you
then nothing bad would have ever happened to you
if i could go back
and play games with you
and pick you up off ground
and scare them away
then you would never would have been afraid again
if i could go back
and kiss your bruises
and bare my teeth
and wind up my fist
then they never would have hurt you again
Mark Wanless Jul 2023
knock knock whos there bear
is here what you gonna do
little one protect
Malia Jul 2023
Your callused hands
Warm me up
Like s’mores on the fire
Like some fries in the fryer

Your callused hands
Protect me
My insurance against humanity
My sword against insanity.
My gf gave me two random words (callused and insurance) to include in a poem, so I did.
Everyone needs safe property
Yet our ownership may end
If we no longer wield the power
To protect and to defend

So let’s rejoice, and not lament
That we must work and spend
Some time and force and energy
To protect and to defend

Our homes, our life, our property
We need to comprehend
The crucial stark necessity
Of staying ready to defend

Bitcoin provides a new defense
A system we recommend
Without the loss of life or limb
Yet strong enough to defend

Securely checked, encrypted too
All attacks it will transcend
This resilient form of property
We’ll protect, and we’ll defend

Though we’ve got our Bitcoin plan
Strong and safe until the end
Let’s give thanks and honor those
Who protect and who defend
This is Bitcoin Poem 010 at and you can see it displayed on a background when you (copy and paste the link below).
Angela Rose Aug 2021
He isn't my type
He isn't what I would normally go after
but dear God, when we laugh until we cry together I swear nothing else in that moment matters

We aren't particularly similar
We aren't what I would normally work this hard to protect
but dear God, when he holds my hand as we drive home, I swear nothing could change what I feel

I am not who I thought I was all along
I am not sure what I am doing or why I am doing any of it
but dear God, when he is everything I can ever think about constantly, I swear I know this is real
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