I watch you from afar
my greatest love in argent-kissed armour
He who dreamed of being greater than
a mere fighter, stronger that a solider,
wiser than the Kings who pass and come
He who is born with an angel's allure,
he who unites all from all walks of life
I feel your vesper gaze upon me,
ambitious, charming, wise and poignant
With a charisma, a light that outshines the
very sun, a heart warmer than gold
and softer than cotton.
I pray you will succeed
That you will find your way
For no matter how far you wonder,
and how I think of you in yonder
I know in my heart,
You will return to me once more...  

Something a lil different.
I think I'm gonna take a short break from the Epulaeryus lol.
Don't worry! I got more coming, it's just I need to gather my thoughts!
My sweet tooth is strong and raging!
Lyn xxx
I fight
To protect her
But she was not in danger
She calls the enemies
And played with me

The real enemy
Was behind me
And hid under the mask
Oh man, what a mess.
7 2 2018

Tears are meant for drying the pain away
That life builds up over a time of decay
So many memories we dont want to face
Regretting our lifes foulest mistakes

The love of the lost we left behind
In our hearts they stay till the end of our time
We cherish the past that went on by
Hours and hours we could've cried

Our love is our candle
Inside of our hearts
Light it so bright
A firery part. Glistening into the nights so dark

Like worms to butterflies
In life through life by living
We change constantly into something new. so giving

If we so choose to do so
Who would you be
A moth. A worm
Or a butterfly flying away unchained and free

The rainbow of love coming from nature
Surrounding us in wealth bounty and favor
Its free to see. Free to keep
But we must provide for this world we share

Take care to do your part
Mother earth has a big big heart
So much love life and laughter
If we take care of her. We all get a happily ever after

Only time Will tell
We have to care for one another
For our mothers and fathers
Every one of us. Is living here all together

Protect the earth
And she takes care of all of us

We're all in this together
Nobody is anybodies ruler

We are peoples. Not vultures

L Aug 3
I have to remember. I have to remember
this. for as long as I can. for forever.
I have to.   I cant let this go.   I cant let this feeling

My eyes saw her
And my heart longed for her
And my lips wanted a taste
Of her seething venom
She was a cup
I didn’t want to pass
Without having a sip
That opened a flesh wound
Only she could nurse
Because it could never heal
And any one I’d kill
For her to be mine and mine alone.  

On the drags ov the black wine
Brood from African matured raw dark vines
Bitter sweet and sedating like ecstasy
She anesthetized me
Leaving me numb
To the wound she had inflicted
Upon my heart of flesh,
When I let my
Shield down
And left her sizzling arrow
Piercing my heart
Like a thorn for the holy one
Her arrow inoculated a venom
That enfeebled my trembling frame
As I bled love unafraid of bleeding to death!
I looked deeply Into Her dark eyes
My vision impaired,
High from the venom
And partial hemorrhage.
I said slowly
“What is love? Tell me please…”
She smiled and replied…

“I can’t tell you,
I can only show you
Cuz you have prayed.
Love is a tourniquet
To your heart a wound
I can nurse it for you
That’s why it hurts
If you are wounded
By someone without skill
Some wounds never heal
But fear not
For my love is not lethal
And leaving you might be fatal,
Words can never be love
Only actions can be
Thoughts are useless
If never said  or expressed
So don’t be afraid
I will nurse your wound
Because mine is deeper than yours”
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I love you at all times of the day.
At the dawning of light,
when the blue sky starts to turn orange and red,
and when the light goes to sleep and the stars start to shine.

But I must admit to being selfish;
for I do a have a favorite time.
Though It has it drawbacks
since I don’t get to see your eyes and smile.

But when you’re sleeping peacefully
and I get to wrap you up in my arms
and give you gentle kisses on your head.
That is my favorite time.

It doesn’t matter if I get any sleep
as long as your comfortable and sleeping sound.
However, I feel selfish for this time. It’s the only time
I feel you are undoubtedly mine.

You are so busy with all the things you do
but during this time you don’t have anywhere to be
You don’t have to answer your phone.
You just lie there sleeping like a beautiful prince in my arms.

I’m not sure if you even know but I’ll protect you
for as long as I can before you have to wake up
and go once again. I don’t expect for myself to ever
have you completely.
You’re too exotic to keep locked away.

So I’ll just enjoy the nights where I hold you
hoping that it won’t be the last.
If you haven't noticed I am undoubtedly in love. Oh well. I may get my heart broken. But I can't seem to help to fall in love with the most free-spirited type people. But anyway here is a poem of my thoughts of when I was holding this said person in my arms. Again sorry if I missed at punctuation and grammar errors my spell checker is down for the moment so I am flying blind lol.
Ollie Jul 23
I am left to admit that I am not the best sibling to those I am left with
Though I am trying
It is the little things
And a little girl named after her grandmother
Who died two months before she was born
As long as I live nothing will be made to happen to her that is not of the utmost benefit
oatt and aist
Silverflame Jul 17
The black ink curves over my
skin like a crouching tiger.
The pain is nothing compared to the open
wound that has settled in my heart.
My guardian angel with no wings
nor halo has given me the emptiness.
He sits on the silver-plated moon,
he keeps her company.

The ink has etched into my skin,
writing down his and my history.
Without him the Grim Reaper would
have harvested my life-flower long ago.

He held his hand over me when
I walked on broken glass.
He hummed lullabies when
the demons screamed their chants.
He wiped my tears away
when the mirror was distorted.
His presence played chess with
the ever oppressive solitude.

Now that he is gone, I am an easy
prey for the lions of the world.
I'm just a bunny,
my vegetables can scare nobody.
But he was also a bunny,
a bunny who fought to the last.
So the least I can do is fight so
he can see he did not fight in vain.

And if I ever feel lonely,
I'll just dive into the moonlight
where he resides.
Anne Jul 12
i stood in the fortress of your love
to guide and protect you
from being blue,
to keep you safe
from being strafed
by all the lines you have encountered
and at the end of the war
you stood far
with another girl
and never looked back
at the girl who wore black
who protected
and collected
all of your broken parts
and kept it inside her heart.
I present to you all Heart from the War
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