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Madison 7d
I love to write poetry
But I’m afraid
I’m afraid of what they’ll think
I’m afraid they’ll think my poetry will **** because of my age
But I’m most afraid of people I know reading my poems
Because then they might see through my walls
Into my broken
Crazy life
I don’t want anyone to worry about me
Or to try and protect me
Or fight my battles
Because that’s what I’m supposed to do for them
I’m suppose to worry about others
And shove my problems away
I’m supposed to protect others
And never worry about my pain
I’m supposed to help win their wars
Because I’m already losing my own
If I loose to myself, promise me this, you won’t mourn a day and you move onto someone else.
~Neon Gravestones-Trench-Twenty One Pilots
Christopher Oct 3
Raised in my pact
Though I can't go back.
She told them it was the last.
I drove Rose to a point I can't go.
So many time do I feel like a fool.
But still I come running back to hear her cry.

No matter what time at night,
I'll run to your howl or cry.
It's not a siren
It's more than a cry
But I'll don't best to get there by your side.

I swear these ears are trained
It makes my head go insane to think if it was ever delayed that I would he too late.
No way.

They never cared and to them it was a whine.
But they've never heard a child cry a night.
I'll do my best to be here for you.
With all my power.
It's because of you,
I spend hours and hours to make a better season for my pups.
But let me hear your howl at night,
I'll be there in a minute with my heart and a knife.
I'll be here till the day you lie.

I swear these ears are trained
It makes my head go insane to think if it was ever delayed that I would be too late.
No way.

Someday a pact
Cover me.
Don't ever think
Don't ever go back.
Maybe you'll come to my
Never give up.
Fight for them.
As I did for her.
I'm a bird and a wolf. I've got you my blood
Lilywhite Oct 1
What if I told you that...

my brother, well he's older than me
but he has a mental disability
he isn't like you and me
he learns, thinks, and acts differently
so at 23, he's a little brother to me

and growing up, a little brother he was . . .
always taking things without asking!
and there's no telling how he found it because by that age
I had him beat in hide and go seek like no bodies business
he turned the dryer on while me and my poodle, baby-girl, were still inside

but even that isn't as bad as the time
I CRIED AND I CRIED AND I CRIED AND I CRIED AND I CRIED  until there were tears no more


No more did I want to watch dragon ball z, no more
No more did I want to play another card game of yu-gi-oh, no more, not after that whole debockle, no!
I didn't want to play hide and go seek and I definitely did not want to go trick-or-treat

"You're too big to receive any candy" the neighbors would say as they shut the door in his face
and as he walked back, tears in his eyes, confused in his super hero disguise as to why he got denied

It was then that I realized I was growing older and even though he could be the biggest pain in my neck, he's my brother.

so, to me it was as if I had to protect him, from then on out,
to look after and defend him,
to guard against all the rude comments and hateful tauntings
the other kids would try to impress upon him

It was then I became the rubber that stuck to his shoes, that kept his feet placed firmly upon the ground
So he would know how to stand up for himself

because it was then I watched my mother tell that lady to try again
and when she came back, in one hand, she carried a bag of candy and in the other, a bag of apologies

oh and it was then that I knew
when she wasn't around, I would be
and that it was up to me to be his rock and not to roll
in and out of his life like everyone and everything else
that out grows him

February 17, 2015
Devin Ortiz Oct 1
Through silky darkness, with
Whispers of twilight tearing at
The fringes of a forsaken veil.
I kneeled before the crown,
With tainted adoration.

For once, I fought between the bleed.
Betraying the rot of time against flesh.
Drawn to a broken throne of dead gold.
Eyes awoken to the fabric of her majesty.

A curved sword, a jagged dagger,
Quick to slip, slit and seep.
Armed assassin, of her corrupted right hand.
The pleasure, mine for the taking.

Dearest Queen, sing of death most damning,
I'll abide, leaving none standing.
Drift onwards, lightless legions,
Abandon hope and all your reason.
Amanda Sep 12
You have been my closest friend from the day you were born
Back when you were just a tiny puppy
I promise to always protect and provide
As much love as you have given me
For my dog Mocha
Mary Frances Sep 8
I am afraid.
Afraid that the lightning
will strike me;
that I couldn't bear to listen
to its thunder.
Afraid that no matter how hard
I try to protect myself,
I'll still end up hurting.
Gemma Davies Sep 6
If I Could Press A Magic Button
And end all your woe and fears
Make every day of your life happy
And end any of your sad tears
I'd press that button in a second
I'd do everything that I could
To make your life wonderful
I promise you, I really would!
I want to protect you from sorrow
Making you happy is my quest
Love, laughter, health and joy
You're worthy of the very best!
But I know there's no magic button...
But at least you know I'm here.
I'm sure you knew this already...
But now I know I've made it clear!
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
Nyx Aug 29
Every time the rain comes down
Gently pattering on the rooftops
Cold and yet so peaceful
When everything just seems to stop

I'll be there on your doorstep
Ready to take your hand
To warm your broken heart
Allowing you to withstand

Every time the rain comes down
I'll be there by your side
Fluffy blankets and hot coco
I promise you will be safe and dry

I'll be the knight that guards your door
So you may sleep pleasantly at ease
I'll chase away the demons
At last you may have some peace

Every time the rain comes down
I promise I will be around
Don't worry for I'll protect you
This storm will simply pass through

It'll be okay
As it cant rain forever
Dark gloomy clouds will pass us by
After the rain things always get better
Idk, I hope this sorta makes sense
Wasn't actually sure where I was going with this one
Rose Aug 28
There is a flaw so big
that nothing dares to
An aching gap within
this soul.
I’m damaged goods;
who would want the
dented can at the store?
Theres rips and tears
upon my heart and mind.
You cannot walk to
me, for i’ve put
spikes to protect myself.
You cannot fly to
me, for the air you breath
is poisoned.
I’ve surrounded myself
on my own island.
Ashamed at what
others took from me.
Embarrassed that i’ve
been abused in the
worst way.
This secret is one we
hold close, “for who
could learn to love me?”
Thats not what i
ask. I ask; how can i
ever let someone
love me?
a real hard truth i've had to really took at about myself, things done to me are not my guilt, i should not be ashamed of them. to anyone who has felt the same way- know your worth.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 15

  I watch you from afar
my greatest love in argent-kissed armour
He who dreamed of being greater than
a mere fighter, stronger that a solider,
wiser than the Kings who pass and come
He who is born with an angel's allure,
he who unites all from all walks of life
I feel your vesper gaze upon me,
ambitious, charming, wise and poignant
With a charisma, a light that outshines the
very sun, a heart warmer than gold
and softer than cotton.
I pray you will succeed
That you will find your way
For no matter how far you wonder,
and how I think of you in yonder
I know in my heart,
You will return to me once more...  

Something a lil different.
I think I'm gonna take a short break from the Epulaeryus lol.
Don't worry! I got more coming, it's just I need to gather my thoughts!
My sweet tooth is strong and raging!
Lyn ***
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