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Everyone needs safe property
Yet our ownership may end
If we no longer wield the power
To protect and to defend

So let’s rejoice, and not lament
That we must work and spend
Some time and force and energy
To protect and to defend

Our homes, our life, our property
We need to comprehend
The crucial stark necessity
Of staying ready to defend

Bitcoin provides a new defense
A system we recommend
Without the loss of life or limb
Yet strong enough to defend

Securely checked, encrypted too
All attacks it will transcend
This resilient form of property
We’ll protect, and we’ll defend

Though we’ve got our Bitcoin plan
Strong and safe until the end
Let’s give thanks and honor those
Who protect and who defend
This is Bitcoin Poem 010 at and you can see it displayed on a background when you (copy and paste the link below).
Angela Rose Aug 2021
He isn't my type
He isn't what I would normally go after
but dear God, when we laugh until we cry together I swear nothing else in that moment matters

We aren't particularly similar
We aren't what I would normally work this hard to protect
but dear God, when he holds my hand as we drive home, I swear nothing could change what I feel

I am not who I thought I was all along
I am not sure what I am doing or why I am doing any of it
but dear God, when he is everything I can ever think about constantly, I swear I know this is real
Leah Carr Jul 2021
Hurt me
Hurt me instead

My children can't bear
the burning of the wounds
your words carve

They try to express
the depth
of the pain you're causing them

But they can't.


Hurt me
Hurt me instead

I'd say I can take it
But I can't
But nor can they

Oh my children
MY children
My children

Dear God, stop hurting my children


Hurt me
Hurt me instead

They can't cope, holding the
Your voice haunts their nightmares

They drew a portrait of you
half angel, half demon
Look what you're doing to them



Hurt me
Hurt me instead

They are just children
vulnerable children

I know their actions hurt you
Their words stung you
like yours now do us


Blame me
Blame me instead

Because dear God
I can heal from you blaming me
Hurting me

But I'll never ever forget the face
of someone
who hurt my children
I don't really remember writing this, it just sort of fell out of my fingers onto the keyboard. "~" separates each verse. Not written in anger, just desperation.
Svetoslav Mar 2021
When the moon starts to glow, we go to sleep.
As the sun begins to shine, we rise from slumber.
It is the cycle of life; one cannot cope without the other.

There are animals and plants in a forest that decrease in numbers, everything else is becoming objects and lumber.
Animals breathe what our nature exudes.
Plants feed from the rain and the sun.
All that lives is in balance and holiness
that defies imbalance and loneliness.

Some people don't think of what our nature eludes.
They are sticking to lack of emotions for a personal gain.
Their playing with guns goes on and on.
Fun ain't emotionless and it's no and no.

The very balance in our world depends on ourselves
for we should unite as one to withstand tyranny,
thus, the beast in his lair will cease to feast.
Infamies and felonies will turn to clarity and purity.

Come one, come two, it's up to you
and it is not something new we have to do.
Come three, come free.
It is destiny, can't you see?
Come four and come more.
Unite by the destiny's door.
Ode to the people protecting forests and wildlife
Erian Rose Jan 2021
Nature followed her footprints,
Planting seeds in the sand
With every forward land,
Blooming trees to the moon.

Wind would whistle between
The curls of her bronzite hair,
Setting a crown of flowers upon her head,
Hues of violets and blues.

No matter how much strength
She placed in the land,
There was only so much she could do
To brace the incoming doom.

Her eyes as forests
Would get torn down one by one,
Leaving nothing but rabbit holes
In the tracks that were left.

Generations would soon come to see,
The everlasting beauty of her earth.
In what was worth protecting.
What was left for recovering
before her last breath.
Kitt Jan 2021
a mouse under a rock
she peers out to see the world
green! blue! white!
a stream, winding down the hillside
a lush forest full of life and breath
clouds that drift overhead
but the shadow of a predator falls
and sends chills down her spine
the mouse retreats.

a mouse under a rock
peeks out once again
sunlight! grass! wind!
the cascading of a falls not too far
a swimming hole, perhaps
surrounded in trees and mud
but the predator is back,
so the mouse hides again.
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