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Numb, dead skin
Dumb, head in

Isolation withers you
Insecurity is idiotic

Find, yourself
Hiding, from health

Social interaction
Will give you traction

Swim, into
Dig, you fool

The undertow drowns you
Reincarnation awaits you

Lose, your shell
Binding, you in hell

Venture out of vacuum
And without presume

Shyness is repulsive

Enlightenment, awaits you
Selfless, and too true

Adhere, to the collective
Powerful, and perspective

Connect with others
Help without stutters

Samsara, is a chance
Not, a trance

So help each other
Venerate and gather

Moon, sits waiting
Her, confidant scintillating

She’ll tell her secrets
Without regrets

Only, if we conquer the three poisons
Tonic, clean, and pleasant, like soissons
Poetry Aug 31
I have work to do
I have people to see
My rooms a mess
My shows on TV

I have to leave
I have to leave

I'm just so sorry

Just breathe
Just breathe

Hold me a little tighter
Love me a little longer
Plan for me
Care for me
Protect me

Maybe then, I won't be so b-b-b...
Emily Aug 16
I should have noticed when I saw it.
You tore the pages out.
I saw the blood in the sink
And tear stains on the pillow.
I don't know what it means.
I stopped eating,
When I stopped very hungry.
I can't sleep,
Cause I'm too worried.
I saw the missing pages,
In that magazine.
And I know that it was you,
Cause I know it wasn't me.
When you didn't eat, I made you.
When you couldn't sleep, I helped you.
You mean so much to me.
I didn't let you see the breakdowns
That I hide away.
I covered up my feelings
Woo you were not scared.
I focused on you, like it would help me.
You are what I care about.
I'll help you till the end.
I'll help you get better.
I'll help see the path.
I'll help you love yourself.
Then afterwards, I might help me.

Anastasia Aug 15
Let me wipe your face
Stand up
And smile
Your pretty smile of grace
You will be alright
I will hold you closely
And tell you in stories at night
I promise I will love you
And I swear
On my life
I won't let anyone touch you
He's gone through some trauma
Kush Aug 15
Standing steady as the wind blows,
Holding back the storm,
Keeping the calm.

Unnoticed as it goes,
Fading away as the world beats upon its back,
Sheltering those unaware of its kindness.

The wall in the wind,
That slowly withers away.
Axel Jul 30
never find it funny
when my dad does it
but I pray to God that
he will never stop joking.
Cause by the time he's not here,
that jokes will mean everything.
Mr. Superman
Time Jul 28
The two hearts broke
before they could unite.

The two hands let go
before their bond could grow.

Their destinies cursed each other
before fate could knit their lives together.

Little did they know,
angles encircled them.
Hiding emotionally,
physically avoiding,
and verbally masking by lies.

We pretend that we are alright,
turning it all invisible
In the eyes of one other,  
so that we don’t let the worry flow,
so that we don’t let the disappointment brew.
But it flows into the ears of others.

Leaning on their shoulders for comfort,
where comfortability now thrives.
We now look in the eyes
of one another
with body containing secrets,
pretending to be alright
and happy.

I guess,
that’s where the trust started to wither
and comfortability started to fade,
for we found comfort on others shoulders.
Anastasia Jun 28
I should sleep
But I want to write about you
My dreams of glass
Are dreams of you
Shattering threats
You could fall apart
Any second
I'll protect your heart
It's getting late
But I kind
Because I'm staying up
With you on my mind
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