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Dearest mine
I love you
It's no crime
My love is divine
Small things
Make you whine
You're a slave of wine
Everything with you isn't fine
I am concerned
I love you
Wine doesn't
You must discern
You drink the nectar
Of my love
You would find it
A better stuff
More and more
I would love
It would protect you
Against misiles scud
All your sorrows
Fall with a thud
For my love is divine
One day you too
Would rhyme
Love, love
It's fine to love
For it's divine
Now I end this note
On an optimistic note
I am yours lovingly
What kind of animal
Ringing his death knell
Cuts 10 billion trees a year
Plants only the half
What kind of animal
Ringing his death knell
Sometimes, I wonder
What's kind about him
His fraternity mankind
Manbrute the dialectics
He uproots his greatest friends
Makes way for his enemies
What kind of animal
Ringing his death knell
Know thy friends' great qualities
O brute of mankind
One tree provides oxygen
For four of thy clan
For their survival on this planet
Breathes in carbon dioxide
Defending ozone layer's defence
Dust hesitates to rise
In air to suspend
Less by seventy percent
Near a row of trees
Noise reduces by fifty percent
Peace and peaceful is clime
A tree cools as if an  air conditioner in a big house
Stop ring thy death knell
O brute of mankind
Plant trees everywhere
Nourish as if thy child
Protect thy environment
If thou wish to survive
And lead a quality life
Svetoslav Mar 6
When the moon starts to glow, we go to sleep.
As the sun begins to shine, we rise from slumber.
It is the cycle of life; one cannot cope without the other.

There are animals and plants in a forest that decrease in numbers, everything else is becoming objects and lumber.
Animals breathe what our nature exudes.
Plants feed from the rain and the sun.
All that lives is in balance and holiness
that defies imbalance and loneliness.

Some people don't think of what our nature eludes.
They are sticking to lack of emotions for a personal gain.
Their playing with guns goes on and on.
Fun ain't emotionless and it's no and no.

The very balance in our world depends on ourselves
for we should unite as one to withstand tyranny,
thus, the beast in his lair will cease to feast.
Infamies and felonies will turn to clarity and purity.

Come one, come two, it's up to you
and it is not something new we have to do.
Come three, come free.
It is destiny, can't you see?
Come four and come more.
Unite by the destiny's door.
Ode to the people protecting forests and wildlife
Erian Rose Jan 29
Nature followed her footprints,
Planting seeds in the sand
With every forward land,
Blooming trees to the moon.

Wind would whistle between
The curls of her bronzite hair,
Setting a crown of flowers upon her head,
Hues of violets and blues.

No matter how much strength
She placed in the land,
There was only so much she could do
To brace the incoming doom.

Her eyes as forests
Would get torn down one by one,
Leaving nothing but rabbit holes
In the tracks that were left.

Generations would soon come to see,
The everlasting beauty of her earth.
In what was worth protecting.
What was left for recovering
before her last breath.
Kitt Jan 3
a mouse under a rock
she peers out to see the world
green! blue! white!
a stream, winding down the hillside
a lush forest full of life and breath
clouds that drift overhead
but the shadow of a predator falls
and sends chills down her spine
the mouse retreats.

a mouse under a rock
peeks out once again
sunlight! grass! wind!
the cascading of a falls not too far
a swimming hole, perhaps
surrounded in trees and mud
but the predator is back,
so the mouse hides again.
J Dec 2020
you say that you,
when something happens,
choose fight over flight.
yet. whenever I'm in trouble
or sad
or panicking
or numb
or angry
or bloodied
or bruised
you run, you freak out, you leave, you
you fly away, raven.
so perching myself on this boney finger
of Death's
I, the crow, will caw
until you return
"to protect."
u h h
At night time
that was when
she was truly
with herself
listening to her thoughts
drowning in her thoughts
at night time
no one was watching
no one was there
to protect her
from her thoughts
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