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Eleni Oct 3
So much can be read
from those graphite and inky
Furs which sweep
across the Velvet Doors.

Three hundred and sixty
perspectives of light
Enamoured by dying
crystals in the night.
I keep on searching
What it is I’m looking for.

I dance around in a circle
And make myself dizzy
Just to feel what my mind feels like.

I keep on walking
Towards a destination I do not know.

I lift myself up to the skies
Until I can feel myself choking
Just to feel what you have felt.

I keep on looking for purpose
But all I can do is write it myself.
Brianna Sep 9
The prettiest sunset I had ever seen was  during the largest fire we had had in a long time.
It was smoke covered reds and pinks and yellows.
It was hazy blues and darkening grays.
It was as if the sky was screaming for help while it was also fading away hoping sleep would clear the bad dreams.

And all the while I watched the sun set and the colors fade to night and I knew...
that even the worst of days can fade into something peaceful for even just one moment.

And I knew... that my bad day would burn out like the fire one day...
Mehek Sep 3
They say that beauty lies
lies in thy eyes
but yours is the one I don't need to see
for to me its the blue of the skies,
the depth of the sea
the skies that reel me in
the depth that I can drown myself in.
Seanathon Sep 1
We love the night
Because she holds no secret stars
Or fears no moonlit falling out
Open Skies - An honest series
delilah Aug 13
Whenever I hear it
It's you that comes on my mind
And my heart starts to beat

Whenever I read it
Your name appears on my mind
Again, heart starts to beat

Every time I look around
It's you that I look for
Wishing you be all round

It gives me tons of butterflies
Just by having a quick glance of you
Makes me feel like I'm up in the skies

I can't explain why
I don't even know how
Because I'm a bit shy

In my mind I can't believe it's true
Without any further reasons
In my heart the reality is you
be-no-one Jul 24
in the night lonely children cry
scorched by treachery
even angels weep
endlessly skies bleed black
tomorrow dies
have you a dream to cling to
i am listening
never mind your lack of faith
god hears your prayers
serve her well.
madameber Jul 13
i have lain here
for nights on end
trying to make sense of the stars

mama never did teach
me how to read
the patterns in the skies,
what reason did i have
to look up
when the fairy lights
we hung
were so pretty
if i wanted constellations
i could take a pen
and map out the spots
on my skin

mama never did teach
me how to dream,
what need could there be
when hers were already
big enough for
the both of us
to share
i could look up
and count the stars
in her night skies
and never worry about
my own

mama never did teach
me how to walk
tall, keep my back up
straight, with her chin
raised high she
looked right past
my crooked posture
and in to
her future,
i stood straight
in her visions,
it was all she needed
to see

i think she tried
i think she gave it
her best
i think she gave her
self better
and i’m still trying to make
sense of the stars
unsure of whose they are
Pineapple topped beach palms are tall in the clouds,
Echoes of bells tones trail in the sky so dark blue.
The sun is liquid honey, with a golden candy coating,
It is now that I look up and see my red balloon.

A song of harmonic laughter is full in the air,
Up it floats into adventurous magical territories,
Mythic beasts and sprites follow on clouds and stare,
Ticker-tape string trailing, windy chimed melodies.

The chalk of clouds are pillows filling the sky,
Darker and suspended in mid-animation, dimming.
The balloon floats still-ever higher in the light,
Lighter than ever, above the earth still spinning...
San-Pei Lee Jul 5
The sky flower
Awaits the hour
When the trees and clouds meet
And the skies and oceans collide
When all that was shrouded in mist
Will transform to a vernal dawn
By the winged wand
Of the enchantress of our
Dreaming Earth
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