Maria Etre Jul 18

The stars
grew heavy
from the wishes
that they carried

Until one starry night
they rained
on me
giving me
a sky of

Cné Jun 22

Third eye
Busy blurry skies
What have I done
To the you and I
To the me and you
That could never be
Drawn to these pleasures
Between these sheets
Smothering moonlight
Deep summer heat
Damping lust
Still no retreat
The flame burns
Even hotter
When You and I cheat

Take my hand
and come with me
to dreams of love and lust
Where....drifting down
the blurry skies
the eye need not adjust,
moonlight dances merrily
reflecting us unseen.
The smoldering heat
of our united union,  
except to you and me
No need to worry
the things that we do
between the sheets
of carnal pleasure
that draws me to you.  
Together we will reach our peak
as we share this glorious night.
Lie with me beneath the moon
and feel its timeless flight.

Hope you don't mind Trader Tim.

I lay alone, in a dark, deep path,
under misty black skies
pouring down its tears upon me.
Tears that were never meant to be
during a period full of sighs,
full of doubt. Sadness turned to wrath.

I saw two doors;
one of hope, another of despair.
Only one held the key, but to which?
I avoided this hitch.
He came in aid when I held up a flare.
I know where I want to be. Yours.

Now I will be the skies' shoulder to cry on.
Whom I gave my tears to, now smiles and cries.
Yet I stand alone, undecided
with no answer provided.
I look into your eyes.
You have the key, my future's holder.

Star BG Jun 16

My message from heart comes
behind the drum of sacred tune.
Whispering in ears to bring smiles to faces.

It radiates outward to carry feet in dance.
It swirls with energies that merge with suns rays.
It calls with delicate song to anoint all
to remember.
that everyone
has a precious song to share.

My message inside heartbeats
become the muse.
Echoing to spark with light a special hymn.

It stimulates fingers to move on keyboard gracefully.
It becomes words that catch wind to fly upon page.
It’s the melody that drifts inside minds to remember.
we are here to sing,
the song of love to bond.

StarBG © 2017

Inspired by communication with Aamadhi Verse
Em MacKenzie Jun 2

Our connection coincides with the moon,
and I know that sounds completely insane.
But in one stage you're there to make me swoon,
and the next change to cause me pain.
When the moon decides she is full,
and can not grow another inch,
we both feel this undeniable pull,
yet from gentle hands we still flinch.

Our connection coincides with the moon,
and I know it sounds completely mad.
You show up just to leave me in ruin,
but it's not always all that bad.
The moon gives the sky some light,
and you feed my heart some lies,
but Darling the moon doesn't shine half as bright,
as your warm and beautiful eyes.

Our connection coincides with the moon,
and I sense you know it too.
Cause even though our words are always skewed,
deep down I'm bound to you.
When the moon decides it's time for her to leave,
and the sky turns solid black,
You follow her and I'm left to grieve,
but I know you'll always come back.

Sadia May 19

You are far away, but always there, shining brightly in my world. Your soft light caresses my skin and comforts me: I am never really alone. As I close my eyes to sleep, you come to kiss my lips goodnight. You are my moon, shining bright in my dark skies.

pluviophile May 11

Trade me some beauty,
and I will give you silver skies.
Speckled with lusty gaze,
of stars,
like silver glitter spilled in a river,
yet in a world above,
it seems not tainted by life,
only a still galaxy
of perfection.

Trade me some beauty,
and I will give you silver skies,
so you can gaze into a different world,
and start your own dreams.

Ope Jide-Ojo May 9

Swallow your wishes

Like a swallow swallows the wind-

You have only just begun to walk

We heard these things one time too often

Almost like we never heard it at all

We spent the rest of the days thinking,

Deep in diverse musings,

Ears open for deep nothings,

Hopes for meaning dropping from the skies

Like the skies dropped answers as rain,

Like the skies dropped answers as rain

We danced, happy as the sun

Eyes open for all of its brilliance

We lost time; we were never in time

For the first time we had a taste of God

Forgotten moments, one stretched into many others,

Never ending continuum

Till we enveloped the universe,

Till we enveloped the universe:

We made many others

We lost all we came with

Crashing into one other plane-

Before we became gods, we slept

Sit at table with the ages,

Converse with the days, days on end

Days without end, sempiternal stretch

We believed what we believed

Making what we can into what we believed,

And all the rest were true

Like a swallow

We flew like falling stars

Piercing into the mind of wonder,

Truth variables and conflicting paradoxes-

The dead were asleep

While we walked the other sides:

The other sides of reason

Like a swallow

Ashes risen, fiery resurrections

Parallel worlds closing in on each other

It was the discovery of madness,

An awareness of the powers of the mortal mind

Twisting desires, twisted cravings:

They were all given to unnatural uses, one for the other

For want of propriety, inconvenient fates

Shed skins, like shed feathers

Like a swallow

In the end we disappeared

Out, out, out of time

We ceased existence

We believed what we made

Stuck in our own madness, we disappeared

As our wings opened to the sun

Our voices loud, ringing to eternity

Spirit soaring, rushing thunderclaps

Plummeting down earthward

Like a falling star

Like a swallow

Like a swallow swallows the wind

You have looked into the sun, and lived:

You have only just begun to walk

Falling star; now your spirit takes wing,


Like a swallow

today i woke up to see the sun rise
but her face came in front of my eyes

difficult it was to make myself realize
that her love was only her beautiful lies

she left me because of some reasons unknown
but her absence made me forever alone

don't know why im still in love with that girl
don't know why i still believe her as my pearl

my soul cries
my heart dies
when i see her in
my dream skies

i hate her
but i love her
as i can't love
my hate for her

I am not Atlas
I cannot bear
The weight
Of the skies
That I am

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