The black skies above opened up
and rain began to fall.

The rain drops hit me like
a stab in the back
and an unexpected attack.
I suddenly feel black.

I realize that I was only a shell
that pretended to be well.
I was a grown man in a boy
treating my own life like a toy.

The time has come for me to change.
The old me has gone
and a new me has come.

I was an empty shell with no reason of living.
Now, I'm a man seeking to make my own meaning.

I look up and see a clear sky.
It seems that my darkness has left without saying goodbye.

Mongi 6d

Love Everlasting

Have we not witnessed
How the midnight scary dark skies
Are lit up so carefully and timely
By a million humble, and yet enthusiastic, blazing stars
As we lay attentively beneath,
Swimming in our uniquely assigned portions of life
They smile, they shine upon us
Too brightly and yet so naturally gently
Haven't we witnessed?

Have we not noticed
How after the heartless destructive storm
A rainbow of multiple colors
Has laid itself so perfectly in position
Across the tired and idle blue eastern skies
As we stare from below, hopefully
Hoping zealously for a better tomorrow
She stretches, she beautifies effortlessly
And yet our hearts so sore and heavy from the storm
Our faces still light up with wide smiles
Haven't we noticed?

Now can one deliberately deny
The strong indisputable power that lies
Way up above what sight can tangibly comprehend
So much light, too much truth
So much evidence, so much reason
To trust, to believe undoubtedly
And mightily
To the mighty
Love everlasting

Mongi C. Nkabindze

Everlasting love is what the world has given to us way too long before anybody else gives love to us
Abdullah Ayyash Dec 2017

Throwing happiness away
Became addicted to sadness
I climbed and still climbing
I fought all kind of madness
There is no point to keep going
If you just pretend you're careless
I know you have something to say
After all the years of silence
I know the river can smile again
And skies can rain rightness
I know the sun can warm my heart
But only you can make it timeless

© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
December 26th, 2017
solfang Dec 2017

I never heard of
stories larger than skies,
but yours differ,
I want to explore
a galaxy made from
your broken boulevards
I boarded your ship,
and sadly realised
I wasn't your
ideal co-pilot

Wanted to fix your broken dreams but you had someone fixing it already
Skylar Musa Dec 2017

Looking back there are many mistakes
Should I have looked away?
Should I have shut up?

Should I have faked it
Should I have tried harder
Now I sit here
No purpose

Rain hits the glass
The glass casing of my soul
As it begs for me to stop
To turn off the light

Maybe I'll turn it off soon

Celeste Briefs Nov 2017

My eyes
Swim the sea
Of endless skies
Looking for light
In the deepest of nights

Fiery rain
Criss-crosses the dark
Never once kisses the plain
My heart is the spark
That sets it all ablaze

Treasure trove of wonders
Touchable spirits of this world
Nearly gone,
Yet one ponders
What they'll be when by heaven
Their secrets are unfurled,
Unlocked and unwoven

Sylkie Smoothie Nov 2017

Stars fall like angels
Unseeing Eyes drop crystaline tears
And they wonder of the cosmos,
What happed to hope?
It simply fell at their feet
And they walked all over it.

Akash Mandal Nov 2017

Take me away to a
Deep-wood cabin;
Hide me from these
Carbon skies.

Bring me back my
Paper boats;
Save me from these
Virtual highs.

Show me all the
Hippie trails;
Rid me of these
Dollar-sign eyes.

Help me recall my
Childhood laugh;
Make me forget these
Urban lies.

Akash Mandal Nov 2017

I found no oceans
in your eyes,
no windy storms
or starry skies.
Neither a pearl
nor an ember
I could see,
just the perfect
reflection of me.

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