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Savio Fonseca Jun 12
A lot of places in this world,
is patiently waiting for U.
Always keep your sails unfurled,
to sail when the Skies are Blue.
U will find a lot of friends,
supporting U thru your Strife.
But your success will finally depend,
On what U have achieved in Life.
Take what Life is offering U,
even if they are Handful or Few.
Inherit all the happiness, on Earth
and the World, will Smile at U.
If U keep a grudge in Mind,
U will lose a Million Hearts.
Hate is a Word that's never Kind,
It will aim your Name with Darts.
Kassan Jahmal Jun 10
To some she seems less appealing; by skins of shedding
away snakes. Liars in the world with venomous words,
But there's a city on fire,—in the burning eyes of
the bright future I see in her.

Clean streets; at least better than a capital,
chilled vibes, and no rush to the stresses we
all got to face. Faces of a bright smile; but of late
hidden under a surgical mask.

Sky's the limit in skies, but we're limited
by the resources we once had. "Salibonani mama/baba,"
greeting my elders out of respect.
A mix of black, white coloured, indian, and many more;
the dish of flavours going well with good fellowship at church.

Race barriers still exist; but maybe we ignore it
enough that it seems little. The writing is on the wall!

Many tribes, but my tribe is of great people.
Aren't we all, despite of upbringing or class,
status, hierarchy, or density highs or low.

I have love for you all, love for my Bulawayo.
Let me keep in secrecy the troubles that have befallen me. For if she sees the worries written upon me she's sure to make note and in turn ask me for my reasons of longing. My sudden unbelonging for it is not here I want to be, cast into shadows walking amongst the lost and forgotten treading on a muddy Valley floor whos paths were long worn and trotted with many a misery, and snare. Please let my feet not fail me nor my minds eyes bury me in fear. Let these tribulations befuddle me no more instead place my mind on beauty and lend me a message of hope and prosperity a figurative ladder to reach heights of lights gleaned with Emerald ethereal glow and plate colors pure as snow glown in strewn out rows across the skies like Aurora Borealis
Adhara Sygnus Feb 13
Dim moonlight
stars illuminating the dark skies
my hand in yours, sparkles in our eyes
can we lay like this, for hours straight?
Long nights under the skies>>>
Rama Krsna Jan 8
the monstrosities
of glass, concrete and steel,
i spy
an infinite expanse of Mediterranean blue sky,
transporting me to a spiritual high.

way up there,
a self absorbed lonely eagle
soars in ecstasy,
by the noise and suffering
going on down here.

© 2022
Just Grace Jan 6
First star channels
     a hymn from a hammock

Leave a trail for me
     in the new grass
     I will weave back around it
as I trace the code of our pasts

I will glide back through
Like two snakes

Each print of my feet
     a press on fresh cells
Merges me with you back
          seeping to the soils

Keep speaking to me through the fire through the clouds
through the first body of light in a quickly darkening sky

In that space, we deny
all that is fear from dying

From here, there’s only “feel”
And from everywhere,  is “Love”

If my heart pours out
If the rains turns to snow
Then my heart shall find rest
To the delight of the world

If a cry for blood burns like a fire
In the far land of kasheki, then the song of the heartland shall be sung by the hyena's

If the moon shodows it's beauty under the blue skies
A roar shall be heard in the sea deepth

To the voices of the earth
I just want to sing beneath the sun
beneath the clouds
If the words that we say sometimes mean less in this life of uncertainty then we ought to do better for the greater good.
am i ee Dec 2021
Lights too bright,
  End the night.

No more stars,
  No more planets,

No more dreams of
  Lands and creatures
Far far away,
  Far light years away.
am i ee Dec 2021
Stop mommies, stop daddies

I want to see the stars too,
And chase the lightening bugs like you.

Don’t **** the night,
With all of our lights.

Save it for me.
Don’t steal it with your new bought glee.

May we turn out our lights?
Maybe for just one night?

So that I can raise my eyes,
To the stars above,

And feel the magic and mystery,
The velvety black night brings,          

For now,
And for all of eternity.

Now may we turn down our lights,
And turn some off too,

So that I can grow,
Under this star filled sky

Free from  the glow,
For the rest of my life?

And my children’s
and their children’s too?
take a look at the International Dark Sky Association feel free to share this poem to raise awareness.  My heart breaks about how terrible this situation is evolving.  Fortunately I have had half a life without it being too bad... but I want everyone to be able to see the stars when they walk out their front, or back, door.  Will this be the last generation to be able to see stars?
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