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Marga Oct 23
you told me that we can try again,
amidst all these things we can't explain.
you told me we can still smile,
even if sadness is here for a while.

although we can't be physically near,
thank you for still holding me dear;
thank you for putting away my fear,
assuring me that sooner skies will be clear.
Jay M Aug 2019
Gazing at the sunset
Waiting for the moment to arrive
When I can bask in the moonlight
Laugh in the starlight
And nobody will tell me anything

Free to be who I'm meant to be
A bird in flight
Soaring beyond the clouds
Into the heights
Of beauty and wonder

Standing my ground
Proving my point
Living while I'm alive
My heart like a journal
Showing people
Letting them in
Trusting them not to tear it
And to accept what is within.

- Jay M
August 26th, 2019
ce-walalang Oct 17
i want to travel the world one color at a time

...see the color of the first sunrise
...sip black tea on London rain
...linger at the heart of the Big Apple
...gaze at the pink skies of California
...cliff dive into the Aegean blue sea
...marvel at the green grass of the African safari
...get lost in the land with the whitest snow
...witness the sunset in Rio in space and walk the gray surface of the moon

but i’d rather pull all the shades and wander the great indoors
where the color of comfort is...

my unmade bed
i'll travel the world with words instead
Frank DeRose Oct 12
What a grey, cloudy day
          It is.
Somber reflections of evanescent tidepools
          Flit by my mind’s eye.
“Be water”—
          Bruce Lee never saw a tsunami, it seems.
And in time ashy skies give way,
          And part their ethereal barriers such
          that Light might shine.
This ceaseless cycle of ourobouros
          Consumes each day.
And still I wander,
          Lonely as a cloud,
Betwixt the Earth and Sky.
          Forever beholden




tia Oct 9
emotions are good little things
pretty like stars in the skies
coloring the dark void
and giving meaning to our life
You and I, we always ran
To lounge on pearlescent grains of sand,
To stare at all the passerby,
Who in turn scorn you and I.

On our corner, we held up our signs
To warn of coming end times,
Soon to come for all of us
Perceived as superfluous.

We made up our own gods,
To even up the odds,
That we were stacked against
Being so incensed;

If you’re a light, then I’m a fuse
Depend on you for my abuse.
Push each other to our best-
Or our worst, **** all the rest.

Are you sick of it all yet?
Sick of all the cigarettes,
Sick of chasing little stars,
Of drowning in our little bars?

Are we losing it, our integrity?
Have we replaced sincerity?
Do we lie and stare at the skies
To think only of loss and lies?

I still recall that line you said
“To live we must forget the dead.”
I’m glad to see you haven’t lost your hope,
You and your little rope.

You’ll never be on the inside,
You were born to abide-
Some inherit repose,
We’re not them, and so it goes.

We have each other, though we fight and shout-
Love and hate, forget and blackout.
Inflict wounds that’ll never mend,
Wake up and do it all again.
Aron Oct 1
I’ve never thought that I’ll be content
With just your head on my chest
This feeling is heaven-sent,
True and genuine, that I can attest.

Safe from all harm
As I embrace you in one arm,
I’ll always be by your side,
As it is the safest place,

I see the universe in your eyes,
Clearer than the blue skies.
It is brighter than the flares of the sun,
A magnificent sight, you’re the one.

Eyes that are so wide and deep,
filled with oceans
Crashing and wild, turning over ships.
Filled with every emotion.
min Sep 18
the rumbling of the grey skies
and the world's biggest and dirtiest lies
had come again to my own senses
that i am indeed an irreparable mess

as the rain poured heavily,
my heart started to feel the pain
i was awakened from my reverie
and my tears blended with the rain

i thought of reconciling with the ache
but the rain was something i could not take
for when the skies rumble and cry
i remember your most painful goodbye

that day in summer, the rain appeared
stripes were drawn on my window pane
i could not protect you the way i feared
just like how i was not able to stop the rain

i despised the rain ever since you left
but ink the deepest corner of my heart, you were kept
and the rainfall could not silence my cries
for you remained in my battles even in disguise

as i stood here on this side of the road
without an umbrella but a life to hold
i looked on the other side and you were there
but all i could do is cry, stand still and stare

you took careful steps -- slow but sure
i suddenly felt relief as if discovering a disease's cure
the skies cried even more than before
but my eyes witnessed how you were so kind and pure

your umbrella may not have stopped the rain
but it lessened the hurt in my memory lane
now i know that when the skies cry
i will always find hope in your goodbye

in this dark and gloomy world of fools
life still exists -- like how the rain falls
just knowing that in our heads it pours from above
life is beautiful when i can live in your love.
for kim hanbin.
Cox Sep 10
Melodramatic sky you have a powder blue cry.
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