I wish the  stars                        c/u/t    like
ripping                                            op en  
s k i e s                                           I’ve never  
As we watched the sky fall
and the kids stopped kicking the ball
Just before the sky turns grey
And the kids stop their play
As the sky turns vibrant reds and yellows,
Everything turns very mellow
And the clouds turn of Ivory
While the blue skies turn fiery
Lies the perfect Painting
Leaving soft hearts feinting
Kate Dec 2018
I need to see the looming sky
A wide, gasping chasm of color and power
Cold and unfeeling
Hot and passionate
Black fading into red into blue

I need to feel the burning air
Arid and biting on my eyelids
******* the moisture from my skin
And the toxins from my heart
Engulfing me like the embrace of a captor

I need to see the silhouette of mountains
On the striking horizon, eclipsing the void
To gasp in the thin and desperate air
Cacti that claw at the dusty wind, and
Beg for nothing in the kingdom of bones
Elah Naldo Apr 2017
sunkissed skin and vibrant skies,
warm season was always the same
but when i met those summer dazed eyes,
i knew that trouble just came

he had lips that kissed wetter than the ocean
he had arms like waves that swallowed me
he filled my summer with cuddly flirtations
he filled thousands of sunflowers within me

but just like how summer came to an end,
he left and autumn arrived with tears to shed
and just like how abandoned flowers would be,
they slowly died inside together with me

that summer was more than fifty shades of love
but all turned into an endless waves of misery
just wishing upon the tangerine sky above
that tides will bring him back to me
an entry to a summer themed poem writing competition
Talis Ren Dec 2018
so laid two potions
side by side
blue and blue
to fall or fly

and with the snakes
around my wrists
I could not choose
to drown or swim
Fathur Abinaya Dec 2018
Deepest ocean know what I feel about you.
Skies know you are always make me happy.
Earth know that love doesnt have a clue.
Universe know how big the impact you gave to me.
And my heart know, that you are the one.
Keyan R Dec 2018
Is it me, or sometimes when we look up at the sky
It looks like the clouds have been painted
and the blue is just a hue
Just something new and unknown
Something that we see every single day
Even when the clouds are white or gray

Is it just me, or when the sunsets in the sky
The sun is smiling and the gray is turned bright
Is that what sunlight does to the night?
Lifting up heads that welcome the sight
My eyes see a sight which is odd tonight

The skies are blue, a purple view
Lately, I have been looking at the sky in the morning and it feels like everything has been painted.
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