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-elixir- Jul 10
The clouds of the skies
ripped open her agonies
As I patiently observed
her tremendous thunders go unheard
to all.
As she poured her tears
all into the soil's lairs,
once parched.
As the winds blew to soothe
her swollen eyes, in her blues
he stayed.
While she broke down binds
each thunder, the winds
blew through
Her hair as her tears dried
up and sunshine gleamed through
her smile.
He gleamed.
Erian Rose Jun 2
As the days grow long
And nights shrivel to hours
The feeling of little sunflowers
In the eversinking sunlight
Bloom softly among
Lonely, setting summer skies
Alena May 8
She's feeling so lonely this Monday night,
Wish someone could hold her so tight.
She's sitting in the darkness with the flashlight,
God wasn't right, she's tired of keeping fight.

She doesn't want to wake up tomorrow morning,
She doesn't want to go somewhere, she doesn't want to go,
It feels like your own soul is burning,
And you are sick of sinking in flow.

My dark queen,
My darlin',
Just lay yourself down,
Don't care about anything around,
Close your eyes and feel the skies,
You need to get some rest,
You know you did your best.
My dark queen,
My darlin'.

Even when the marble statues will come to life,
She won't want to go out her room to the light,
'Cause she was made to create strife,
She knows that and she is dead inside.
Raven Feels Apr 19
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, stuck in crowds makes me yearn for the invisible:)

such a shame to wish the invisible

anymore not compromising with the ****** gone inevitable

doubt the crowd

all hate all loud

sprinkling poison drops in sounds

unmerciful on my exquisite highs of skied clouds

last night would never come past this already nor around

selina Mar 24
the sky needs to stop bawling
the weather outside does not help
whatever's happening up in heaven
should have solved itself by now

the storms are lovely, but i am tired
of being alone in a house for four
and here in a bed for two
and the one left behind is always me

the walls are crumbling now
they have been worn down for centuries
rain soaks the earth beneath me
this on my face is rain, not tears, i swear

standing alone in an open field
i am one with the universe
so when the lightning strikes
take me with you
Alena Mar 21
You've always talked with lies,
But I really liked you a lot,
Already sinked in your blue eyes,
And your stale muscles, oh God.

Honey, let's walk down at the streets,
Watching at the cold sea which is just like my heart,
We can get as far as our feets
Can carry us, I don't mind to make our lives two work of art.

Look at these gloomy skies,
Let me know if you thought about me at least once,
'Cause when I look at the sun rise,
I clearly can see you in the smile of the sun rays dance.

I've fallen in love too much long,
And wrotten a lot of poems and songs,
But I still can't forget you,
No matter how hard I try to,
I can see you in the air,
I can hear you in the sound of my guitar.
I still love you a lot,
I still guess on a flower "do you love me or not?",
I really love you a lot,
And i just can't make it stop.
My soul feels alive
Wrapped in rays
From sunniest skies
Hanging there in
Your bright blue eyes

Tea Feb 8
Blue, orange, grey
Night, day

Clouds pass by
Birds fly

Stars show
Storms blow

So many sights
Dark with tiny lights

Smile for me
With the sun in the sea

Light and blue
Sky, I love you
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